All accounts blocked)

Hay all there, all my accounts for XP becomes disabled automatically.

I do a Windows repair and create a new user too but always error is it :(
can anyone help pls?

Hello Jazaib,

Thank you for your answer!  I guess you can connect using an administrator, log in.  Below, I added a URL that hopefully, will be useful in resolving this issue.

To disable or enable a user account:

Thank you


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    Thank you

    I have problems in questions here.

    1 menuOutils (alt + T) > account settings > server settings > advanced and endure check this server when getting new messages is checked.

    2 thunderbird collects mail on andf startup on a based calendar that you specify during the race. the need to 'get mail' for all accounts is actually a rare necessity because of these two things.

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    I use a program called Freeway Pro Web site. In order to add a feature not included in my version of the program, I downloaded a 30 day trial of a newer version. When the time was up, I could no longer access the Web site file because the site was made by the most recent version. So, I created a new user and placed files and a newly downloaded new version of the program in there. I could now open the site and work on it, but when I went to publish or download, I would get an error message saying that I "don't have access permissions. The file is located in the documents in my home user account. I went to look for info and all the permission modifications inside were ghosts. Is there a terminal command or another way for a universal setting for allow permissions on everything? Or a way to force change in permissions in particular programs? This a home, unique user's machine.

    Thank you


    For local files, in the Info window unlock you the lock for this folder edit rights?

    The online version is probably only read for the other user.

  • How to view all accounts

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    In the Menu bar select view-presentation-folder pane

    No Menu bar display? Press the ALT key .

  • my account blocked and why phone numbers

    my account blocked and why phone numbers

    Please contact Skype customer service


    I recommend that you always run the latest version of Skype: Windows & Mac

    If my advice helped to solve your problem, please mark it as a solution to help others.
    Please note that I usually do not respond to unsolicited private Messages. Thank you.

  • How to get a password for all accounts - I have the cloud, I adjust, Apple store

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    Use your Apple ID.

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    Is a way to talk to the man to fix my account blocked?


    Answers is a peer group supported and unfortunately has no real influence on Hotmail.

    HotMail has its own Forums, so you can ask your questions there.

    Windows Live Solution Center - HotMail - HotMail Forums Solutions

    Hotmail - Forums

    Hotmail - Solutions

    How to contact Windows Live Hotmail Support

    Windows Live Hotmail Top issues and Support information

    Compromised account - access unauthorized account - how to recover your account

    Hotmail hacked? Take these steps


    Maybe this initiative will also: (I don't know what are phone to Hotmail Support options)

    The hotmail customer service

    Call Service customer Microsoft direct-1-800-642-7676-heures 05:00 til time 9 PM PST (USA).

    Contact Microsoft Customer Service

    Microsoft support - contact us

    Microsoft - Microsoft Technical Support phone numbers

    Microsoft - email us

    Options chat or telephone of the solution - top-right - Windows 7 Center

    I hope this helps.

  • I got my Hotmail account blocked! and its been 3 days now and I have always had no. answer someone will never answer?

    I got my Hotmail account blocked! and its been 3 days now and I have always had no. answer someone will never answer?


    The question you have posted is related to Hotmail and would be better suited to the community of Windows live.

    Please visit the link below to find a community that will support what ask you:

  • I don't have adminastrator Annie even though my accont said I do I just cliked on the Start button have access to all accounts but no access to the c drive which is my hard drive

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    Try the provided troubleshooting steps below to resolve the issue with the access denied error.

    "Access denied" error message when you try to open a folder

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    I have 4 email accounts set up with my Windows Live mail for Windows 7. All account settings are the same, but I'm unable to send an email with an account.


    It seems that there is a configuration issue with the Windows Live Mail account. Given that only, you experience this problem with a specific account, we suggest that you remove and reconfigure the account on Windows Live Mail. To remove and add account on Windows Live Mail, please see this link.

    Let us know how it goes

  • How can I get rid 7994 emails, it shows at the bottom left of the page of all accounts

    Original title: live mail

    How can I get rid of 7994 e-mails that it says that I have at the bottom left of the page of all accounts

    I would like to point out all the emails with the checkbox, and then "mark as read".

  • Account blocked Hotmail cannot reset the password

    Hello, my son hotmail account has been locked as when he went to get it old, that he had been compromised and that it could not use its password to reset it. Unfortunately, he cannot answer enough information on the form to reset password to confirm the account is his, and so won't let him change it. He can't answer his question because he doesn't remember, it may not send a password recovery to another email that he used is a veteran of my friends that I have disabled now, it doesn't have an x - box live account and it is not send emails to it. Only emails he receives, if any are those of a very few specific games that he has downloaded to receive codes playable. Unfortunately, he cannot even do more. He has only to set up the account for the games.

    He wants to reset his password so that he can get the codes for downloads and playable content in the games there.

    I have so far chatted with after-sales service that recommended I have contact support using a climbing form. I did and they said they can't help that I had to fill out the password to reset (insult to my intelligence to think that I had not tried) and then contact an online forum since it was "established public moderators Microsoft Account can better address your concern! I read a few threads and yes there is a reference to contact online support so have that filled again, but y at - it other advice out there on how it can reset the password to access his account? Thanks in advance.

    There is nothing we can do here, we don't work for Microsoft and do not have access to all accounts and systems.

    If you have already tried the password reset functions and cannot verify your account, then the account cannot be unlocked.  It's a good idea to keep your phone number added to your accounts so that they can always check it out by calling you.  Unfortunately, if you have the lead, you're out of options.

  • Reconciliation of LDAP - do not reconcile all accounts


    I have a problem with the LDAP - IOM (ver. reconciliation is not read all the accounts of the connected application instance. There are 10,000 + our LDAP user, but during reconciliation 170 is read only in IOM (these are reconciled properly). I use the OID ( connector and the LDAP protocol is ODSEE. According to the docs of connector, it have two jobs for users of reconciliation (the system of target, not the reliable source view mode):

    • Search the LDAP reconciliation connector user - this should be the full reconciliation when used without ' last token and 'Filter' values - but reconciles the accounts as 170.»
    • Connector LDAP User Sync reconciliation - this forum works only when the Changelog plugin in ODSEE is enabled (I tried to do turn on, work performance and fineshed with success status, but the result was not the reconciliation of all accounts)

    I can't find any relevant info in the newspapers what could cause this behavior. Do you have any idea how to do this?

    Best regards



    I was able to determine what the problem is and I am tracking solution for future reference.

    This problem was caused by the configuration error in the value of the attribute "accountObjectClasses" (Lookup.LDAP.Configuration) - custom identifiers in the "accountObjectClasses" in the configuration of the IOM, which caused that accounts LDAP without all the object mentioned in the 'accountObjectClasses' value classes have been ignored by the reconciliation there.

  • Deleting all the blocks of text hidden unexpectedly removes blocks of text embedded (but visible). Why?

    I try to use the code below to remove all the blocks of text hidden in a document. It is works quite well, BUT for some reason, removes the visible anchor text blocks.

    (the argument currentTextFrame.length is to prevent it remove hidden text blocks if the content is threaded, in which case the text is redéroule then in blocks of text that is visible.) I need to find a solution to this, but it's tomorrow problem.)

    I have a similar function to allGraphics and does not remove the anchored frames.

    Can someone point me in the right direction? I can add a check to see if the text block is anchored, but I fear that I might get bored the biggest problem.

    var myDocument = app.activeDocument;
    var myTextFrames = myDocument.stories.everyItem().textContainers.reverse();
    var myTextFramesLength = myTextFrames.length;
    for ( i = 0; i < myTextFramesLength; i++ ){
         var currentTextFrame = myTextFrames[i];
         if ((!currentTextFrame.visable) && (currentTextFrame.length ===1)){


    Edit: What is happening in 2014.0 and 2015.1, OS x 10.10 CC

    Post edited by: Naomi Kennedy

    Hi Naomi,

    and there is an array of arrays with:


    Try this:

    var a = app.documents[0].stories.everyItem().textContainers;
    for(var n=0;n

    I suggest the following, which should work:

    var doc = app.documents[0];
    var myStoriesArray = doc.stories.everyItem().getElements();
    var storiesLength = myStoriesArray.length;
    var textContainersToRemoveIDs = [];
    for(var n=0;n


  • column of blocks of user_tables account blocks Sales?

    I guess it counts Sales blocks, otherwise it is impossible to calculate the unused space of sale for tables. What do you think?

    Note: I asked this question because one of the users in this forum says

    Blocks (dba_Segments) - Total number of blocks

    Blocks (dba_tables) - number of current used blocks. This does not count the blocks Sales.

    Empty_blocks - blocks ' NEVER USED ' . New blank blocks.

    So if you delete something from the table, these blocks will be marked Sales but will not count in 'blocks' of user_tables. But those also don't count in 'empty_blocks' because they are already served, and now they are dirty.

    Thanks in advance.

    NightWing wrote:

    Column of blocks in user_blocks therefore, count all the blocks used and dirty right?

    As a result, the guy who says that this column of blocks does not count the dirty block is just misleaded?

    Thank you

    After SQL & results which shows the number of blocks both clean & dirty.

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