All hacked with Ransomware on Safari?

On March 4, I got a blue screen telling me to call the representative of Microsoft listed immediately to unlock my Mac Mini I was on Safari but all locked except the blue screen.  Then a record came through my speakers explaining that I have a serious problem and that he should not try to do anything about it until I called the number on the blue screen.  I was unable to do anything on Safari, but was able to open another browser through Firefox.  From there on, I was able to delete all backups time machine current and restored in early March 3.  Everything seems to work ok now, but today I saw an article by Palo Alto Networks, there may be a dormant malware that can resurface three days AFTER infection.  PAN also said that this attack tries to enter backups time machine to prevent which, in my view, that I did to restore control.  I'm not an expert by any means, but I have critical information that I can't afford to lose.  I heard that some have paid a ransom for similar problems.  I thought I was safe with Apple and my small business documents.  I doubt that this question was exclusive to me.  Any information on this topic or how to prevent it from repeating would be greatly appreciated.


The recent ransomware was limited to a certain version of the show, a torrent app. The developer has since published a clean version of their application. It would have shut up together on your computer, not just Safari.

You have encountered a website, appearing usually if you're in a shady site that locks Safari. All you had to do was Force Quit Safari and not visiting sites subject to this kind of popup advertising in the future.

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