All kinds of questions


I really hope someone can help!

Here are the specs of my pc that is to have a variety of questions (or maybe the same problem?)

Windows 7 business

Intel Core Quad Q6600 @2. 40 GHz

8 GB of RAM (4 gb has, implemented to date a few weeks ago)

64 bit

Question 1: For the last two days, when I start my pc, it freezes on Windows startup. This has happened many times before, but intermittently and not on consecutive days.

I have to turn it off at the plug so that it could respond. This morning, it has been frozen for 40 minutes before I unplugged it. I've been through this twice, then the pc worked fine. I tried to start it in safe mode, according to the instructions on this forum, but it froze on reboot and pressing F8 did nothing. I had to turn off at the plug so that it can respond and now it works fine.

At startup it upward for the third time, he asked a restoration, that I let him.

Question 2: whenever I start, I have to press F1.

Question 3: After start-up who fail, my clock back to 2007 and I have to put in the date and time.

Question 4: a few days ago, the pc started crashing in the middle of fairly normal task (such as surf the web). I didn't have loads of tabs open or the programs that are running, only Firefox. He then started trying to load updates.

After losing, I'd start the pc again and 20 minutes later, he would break again. Then it would be fine.

I did a system restore after it has happened for the third time, and then it ran fine for a day.

I have not kept an accurate account of these questions, but here's what I recorded memory.

I had a look on the forum to see if there might be solutions. I could find those dating back to 2012, so I was wondering if there was more recent solutions.

Thanks for any help you can give. It is much appreciated!


Hi Benjamin,

Yes, questions, said in the original post have ceased for now.

I changed my CMOS battery and reset the defaults. The instructions here are for those who have the same problem:

I thought I'd give the pc a few days before coming here to comment that the problems have been resolved. For now everything works fine.

Thank you!


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    I suggest you to report any problems with windows live product in windows live support team.

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    Use the quick format unless you have a specific reason to use the full format.

    Tom Ferguson

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    I'm a longtime Firefox user (version a little older) on XP, up to a few days when I upgraded to Windows 7 (x 64) and new Mozilla. And with this switch came together questions I have not a quite experience earlier.

    • "Firefox is already running but is not responding" occurs quite often;
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    I can't say what causes these problems, but in general, this isn't even Mozilla ol ' I loved and is more difficult to use. In my opinion, noone ever necessary simplified things, especially if used for what they once were.

    Best regards

    I found the solution. It's called Google Chrome.
    I like Mozilla, but it doesn't like me.
    Good bye.

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    Although it will help you too much, this seems to be related to a bug in the sqlite software and there is a difficulty in a recent version of the sqlite software. This version of sqlite has been incorporated into the development versions that are used for the development of Firefox 4 (will be in Firefox 4 beta 5). I was not able to find and a kind calendar for when the new version of sqlite will be added to Firefox 3.6. * branch.

    I don't see an easy solution to your problem. What you might try is to create a new profile. Firefox stores user data in the profile folder, create a new profile will force Firefox to create new sqlite files to store your user data and this can help with your problem.

    First of all, you should back up your bookmarks and passwords, so you can import them into the new profile. I hope that you will be able to do so before Firefox crashes. For bookmarks, follow the procedure described in article restore bookmarks from a backup or move them to another computer to create a backup file. Passwords, you can use the password exporter add-on to create a backup file.

    Now, create the new profile, for details, see creating a new Firefox profile on Windows.

    You can import bookmarks by using the procedure in the article I linked at the earliest. To import passwords, add the add-on exporter of password and use it to import passwords that you exported earlier. It will be best to reset all other customizations yourself rather than trying to import them.

  • Since El CApitan, I have episodes when you sign in that the cursor becomes crazy and enters all kinds of letters.

    When connecting have had episodes where the password was caught by the repeated letters entered automatically, requires the computer to be closed and restarted. last night the computer began to make incredible noises as if a radio was playing. What is going on?

    There are several possible causes of this behavior. Please take each of the following steps that you have not already tried until it is resolved. Some may not apply in your case.

    1. follow the instructions provided in this support article, so this one, as appropriate. A damaged or defective power adapter could be the cause, even if it's the right kind.

    2 simultaneously press the four corners of the trackpad and release. If there is no effect, it is likely to be temporary, and in this case the device must be repaired or replaced.

    3. disconnect or turn off each Bluetooth or USB pointing device, one at a time, testing as you go. You may be able to identify one that is defective. By a pointing device "," I mean a device that moves the cursor, trackpad, mouse, trackball, or tablets. A regular keyboard isn't a pointing device. If you have a desktop without a built-in trackpad design, at least an external pointing device must be active at all times.

    4. If your model has an infrared receiver for use with an Apple Remote, turn off .

    5. start in safe mode and test, preferably without launching any third-party application. If you do not have the problem in safe mode, but it comes back when you restart as usual, stop here and post your results. Do the same if you cannot start in safe mode. If there is no difference in safe mode, continue to the next step.

    6 reset the system management controller.

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    10. There is also a report of movement erratic cursor caused by an external display that was plugged in but not turned on.

    11. If you use transfer, disable it in the general pane of system preferences.

    12. If the mirroring of airtime to a TV is turned on, turn it off.

    13. If none of the above apply, or if you have another reason to believe that your computer is remotely controlled, pull it out of the network by turning off Wi - Fi (or your Wi - Fi access point), disconnect a Bluetooth network connection, then unplug the Ethernet cable or a USB modem, whichever is applicable. If the movement of the cursor stops at the same time, you should suspect an intrusion.

    14. an appointment of 'Genius' in an Apple store to do the machine or the tested external trackpad.

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    You do not have any problems, or at least in detail where all permissions question arises, when you do what with what

  • How to remove all kinds extensios in search result

    Hi all,

    In "crawler.dat" of the file in the session 'exclusion file name default suffix list', I add other extensios:
    RX_BOUNDARY (?i:(?:\.jpg)|(?:\.jpeg) ... (?:\.css)|(?:\.js))$
    However, these files are shown in search result of SES. I would like to delete *.js files search results, for example.

    How would I do that?

    Kind regards

    No, they are going to get deleted. It uses a background task to do this, I believe, so it will take time before they are all deleted from the database.

  • Apply to all functions of question responses

    I am new to Adobe Captivate, and I have a question about the position of the answers.

    The project, I am working has a course with imported powerpoint slides followed by a quiz. The quiz has random questions from a pool of question with 'answers shuffle' turned on. Some answers are more than one line, so I have to replace the answers.

    The problem is that I can't use the 'apply to all' correctly, as all the answers, that is, from A to D, must be placed at the same position Y. I want all the answers A 190, 260, 330 C and D to 400 B. But when for example, I select C and click on 'apply to all', all responses are moving on the position of 330.

    Is it possible that answers a question to all the slides move separately? And B, C, etc. ? Or do I position myself every answer to every slide manually?

    I am using Captivate 5.

    Thank you.

    It is not possible to set the position Y all an answers on slides.

    However, you should not position each answer on each slide separately. You can select all the options response on a slide and distribute vertically in one only once, by clicking on the button split vertically on the alignment toolbar. This will ensure that the options are equidistant. You will need to repeat this task for each slide.


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