All my research are back in the search engine Yahoo finder without danger.

All my research are back in the search engine Yahoo finder without danger.  I ran the fixes suggested in other threads with the same problem, but I still get Yahoo search results.  Google is my selected search engine.

I noticed that the problem happens when I type my research in space on the search page itself.  This search page looks a bit like a page from Google, but there no links etc than Google does.  Instead, he has "SearchTech" downstairs (with Contact, privacy and terms). If I type my research topic in the menu bar the results come back in Google.

I confirmed that my favorite search engine is Google. Previously I ran LaunchAgents and LaunchDaemons and removed three files to those who had been loaded on my computer today.  I checked the extensions are that there is not.



Your search engine has been redirected due to malware or the downloading.

You can use the free Malwarebytes utility to remove it.

Click here >

Then click on download.

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  • Can you make a menu for the click Search right so that when I text matches and research, I can choose which search engine to use?

    If you text matches you can right click above to pull up a menu runs. One option is "x search engine search for"highlight text"" previously, the selected search engine would be any search engine was selected on bar search, Google or, etc.. Because you can't change this selection until you are looking for, the search engine has the default value. Was a gene before, but now, it's just an obstacle.

    Highly recommend the extension of research framework that will solve your problem


  • The search engine used to open the selections in a new tab. Is not doing that. How can I get that back?

    I prefer Yahoo search. In previous versions of Firefox, the search engine could pull the top of the list of possible sites. By clicking on the link would open this site in a new page. He is not doing that. There is no that opens the link forcing me to constantly go back to the place just to be able to close the new tab if it's not what I'm looking for. How can I get the old way to work again?

    Some added addons toolbar and anti-virus are known to cause
    Firefox issues. Disable all of them.

    Right-click on the link and select new open...

  • in firefox, I can't use the search engine as to order a product or research, it seems to be in the half top of the screen

    in firefox. Icannot use the search engine to the screen and I can't order anything as well. I get the arrow cursor instead of the I symbol... I reloaded even firefox too. Can help?

    Try Firefox Safe mode to see how it works there.

    A way of solving problems, which disables most of the modules.

    The problems of Firefox using Firefox SafeMode

    When in Safe Mode...

    • The State of plugins is not affected.
    • Custom preferences are not affected.
    • All extensions are disabled.
    • The default theme is used, without a character.
    • userChrome.css and userContent.css are ignored.
    • The layout of the default toolbar is used.
    • The JIT Javascript compiler is disabled.
    • Hardware acceleration is disabled.
    • You can open the mode without failure of Firefox 15.0 + by pressing the SHIFT key when you use the desktop Firefox or shortcut in the start menu.
    • Or use the Help menu option, click restart with the disabled... modules while Firefox is running.

    To exit safe mode of Firefox, simply close Firefox and wait a few seconds before using the shortcut of Firefox (without the Shift key) to open it again.

    If it's good in Firefox Safe mode, your problem is probably caused by an extension, and you need to understand that one.

    When find you what is causing that, please let us know. It might help others who have this problem.

  • all my emails are coming in the form of html documents

    all my emails are coming in the form of html documents

    Check under Tools | Options | Read and see if it is configured to read messages in plain text only.


  • Deleted files are located in the search

    I deleted files of documents to a certain location on my computer. Well, after a few days, I find the file deleted by name, and I have seen a miracle, the files are exist in my pc but I can't open those. who are only image. How can I delete a file or folder without images or shortcuts?

    This is probably because deleted files are still in the search Index - this is how it works under Vista.  Try to rebuild the search Index:  Wait until she finishes (it may take a while) and then try the search for files deleted - they will show no doubt is no longer.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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  • Help! I can't change the search engine for the Firefox widget on my home screen

    OK, so my engine failure to research on FF for Android is Duckduckgo. It is also the only one I have in my list of search engines in FF settings. I also use the search widget FF on my homescreen for quick search. It is and has always been, Duckduckgo. But, all of a sudden after the recent update (I use the FF, 36 beta something), for my search widget on my home screen, switched to Google search engine! I don't know why... I never use it. But this applies only to the search engine for the FF search on my home screen widget, not when I'm looking for something in FF itself. Does anyone else have this problem? Because I can't find a way to change the search engine in the FF widget... Looked everywhere in search widget settings and in FF itself. Thanks for the help of any body!

    I found a way to implement back to DuckDuckGo after a bit of fiddling with the default search engine in the browser.

    I think that the update should have overridden the setting somehow. What you need to do is to any other search engine default, then set DuckDuckGo returned as default. This will also update engine of the widget's default search.

    I hope this helps.

  • How can I change the name of the search engine in the search bar?

    I just added the Oxford Dictionary to my list of search engines in the search bar. Only problem is that it does not say Oxford Dictionary. It says ONO.

    How can I change the list of search engines, I can change the more evocative name?

    Are there not such somewhere or an XML file that contains these entries?

    Firefox gathers information about the plugins of research from two sources - the default searchplugins folder that is shared by all profiles Firefox (C:\Program Files (x 86) \Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins) and the folder searchplugins in your active profile. They are combined into a data file named search.json.

    I read a few threads on the net about the modification of these search plugins, and it seems to require some trial and error. Assume that the ONO plugin is in your profile.

    Under help > troubleshooting information, you can click the open folder containing (pre-Fx12) or folder (Fx12) Show to open your folder of the currently active profile. Snap searchplugins. Here are the XML files you can edit in your favorite text editor. If you break one, you can probably just download again, but if you're a cautious type, go ahead and make a backup.

    After the change the short name and save and close the file, change your probably not will immediately appear in Firefox because some trigger event may be necessary to update search.json. If the restart of Firefox is not enough, you can try to rename search.json before restarting, but this can cause you to lose the keywords that you have assigned through the dialog box handle the search engines.

    In any case, it's all improvised that have not tried-TI-me-even, then I suggest to do some additional research.

    (If there is an Add on very practical to do this, I don't find it.)

  • Can I get the Firefox search bar for not automatically, go to the site of the search engine I spend?

    The Firefox search bar seems to have changed since the last update. I understand that things are changing constantly and get used to them, but I wonder if it is possible to change the rear bar to the way it was, or at least understand why it changed.

    Basically, I used to be able to switch from search engines by choosing from the drop-down list, and would not put me right at the site of this search engine. He didn't actually bring me to the site once I hit the search button (or enter). It's quite annoying to have to remember to open a new tab before changing search engines in order to avoid sailing away from the tab that you are currently on, and it's also annoying that when you open a new tab and change the search engines, you are immediately taken to the site of this search engine. It feels like an extra step (ranging from 'the empty tab search engine page to search result' instead of 'empty tab to search result').

    I know it sounds like a minor complaint, no doubt, but I'm really really curious to know why it was changed. More important, I want to know if there is a way to customize the way it was.

    Thanks for any help!

    Many users have been raising this issue. I mentioned the same question in this post here:

    In summary, it seems that the Firefox team is not intend to bring back the ability to return to the old bar search, which was possible (but in a very biased way) in older versions of 42. For now, you can either:

    • Download module additional classic restaurateur theme to and then select the old search option
    • Go back to Firefox 42 and set the property in Subject: config. However, with older versions poses a risk to the security that you won't have bug fixes provided with version 43
  • Instructions to remove the search engine do not work, the "delete" button remains grayed out check marks independently. Is there another way that actually works?

    The Firefox Support instructions below do not work in version 36. The button 'delete' is never gray State asset once the unwanted/s search engine are checked for removal. I tried one at a time and in groups, it does everything just as they suggest below.

    Delete a search engine

    You can remove search engines, that you don't need by performing the following steps on the search bar in the toolbar or on the page tab.

       Click the search engine icon and select Manage Search Engines... to open the search engines manager.
       To remove a search engine, select it from the list, and click Remove.

    If you accidentally delete a default search engine, click on restore default values to recover the default search engines.

       If you accidentally delete a search engine that you installed, you must re-install it.

    I found the solution, the surprisingly simple. Thanks to everyone for trying, but against all the recommendations after a new analysis of malware, virus and upgrade to the latest version released on March 5, 2015... Here is the fix:

    Left click on the dropdown search button, then left click on the "change search settings." Ignore completely the checkboxes as suggested by Mozilla. The text of the search engine you want to delete to highlight in blue in the Middle, click on the grey Out button below should become active. The only function of the boxes by the search engine will make them visible or not when using the search box in Firefox. The solutions proposed by others seems logical, but I learned more than 4 decades as a technician in computer science, opt for the simple solution first. Thank you all for your suggestions, this fix works for versions 36 and 36.0.01on Windows 7. I guess it should work for other OS also.

  • How to prevent to arise after Google Identifiez_ google search you? I want to avoid that information additional poping up whatever the search engines.

    Regardless of the search engine: after research adding information associated with the search engine appears below the toolbar. Example: For searches on Google, I get a Google sign in and a button with an additional search bar apps.

    Hi ev2163, this is normal. This is the page of Google for Firefox. The results page is perhaps different chrome because of the intimate relationship of Google with himself.

    There are a lot of things to change the appearance of web pages, and if you really want to remove this upper area from the results page, you can use several techniques:

    (1) Add on versatile such as remove it permanently, allowing you to select areas of pages to hide

    (2) custom style rule (this can be saved in a file named userContent.css or can be applied using the Stylish extension)

    (3) personalized userscript (a script that runs in the Greasemonkey extension to edit selected pages)

    Maybe Google has an option somewhere to change? But I never saw one.

  • I downloaded an upgrade to my adobe reader today, and since my search engine yahoo has increased and will not change to google. I have a macbook pro, help please? Anyone know how I can change this back? I tried through my settings but it

    I downloaded an upgrade to my adobe reader today, and since my search engine yahoo has increased and will not change to google. I have a macbook pro, help please? Anyone know how I can change this back? I tried through my settings but it does not work

    Hi Iférouane,

    If you are using Safari as a web browser: -.

    • Open Safari, go to the Safari menu > Preferences > General and set Google as homepage. Then, choose Google as your default search engine.

    If you use Google Chrome as the web browser: -.

    • Open Google Chrome.
    • In the upper right corner of the page, click on the Chrome Chrome menu > settings.
    • In the 'Search' section, select Google from the menu drop down.

    Let me know if you are still having a problem.

    Kind regards


  • 1 - where is the search function to find the authors muse a list?

    1 - where is the search function to find the authors muse a list?


    Regarding your first question of the creation of a search box in your site from muse, please see this forum post:- Re: how to create a search box in MUSE?

    In addition, you can use different widgets available on Adobe Exchange .

    Now, regarding your second please can question of the creation of a bulleted in Muse, you these tutorials:

    Adobe help Muse | Bullets and numbers

    Bullets and lists numbers | Adobe Muse CC tutorials

    Now, it seems that the Muse version you are using is obsolete and it is possible that you might not find these features in it. I would ask update you your Muse to the latest version 2014.2 using the CC desktop application to take advantage of all these features. Please refer to this screenshot:-

    Hope this helps

    Kind regards

    Rohit Nair

  • RoboHelp Server 8 shows Blank Page when you go to the search engine

    Here's my problem.

    I have 6 projects between 2 regions on our RoboHelp Server 8.  I have

    never no problem posting to the server, our IT Department had no server, including configuration problem

    installation of Tomcat.  We have changed the port so it would go on the http default, 80 port.  Everything worked fine until this morning.  When you go to the link that is used to run in the search engine (i.e. name http://server/robohelp/serveur: ports? project prj = name & area = areaname), rather than the redirect page we get normally, get us a blank white page that shows in the status bar.  Our COMPUTER service attempted to restart the server, has not fixed the problem, they tried to restart the services (Tomcat and the RoboEngine), has not fixed the problem.  I tried to connect to the server via the RoboHelp development interface and get a connection to the server has no error. connection error.gif I checked the Webhelp Pro editing interface, which is what we use and all settings are correct. publish error.gif When I try to refresh the area get the impossible to get the list of the area of the server.  We can access projects as if what we use Webhelp.  We would use regular Webhelp but us isn't good because then there is no reporting functions because it is not executed in the search engine.

    When I'm well the Web administration Interface and you're trying to look at the section of the project that we get a server is refreshing to project data, try again later.  It's the same mistake that we received all day.  admin error.gif I'm now stuck and don't know what to do or try.  Between myself and my IT dept, we have tried everything we can think of.

    Just another treat so it can be excluded.  I applied the patch to my copy of RoboHelp 8.0.2 patch.  And since I am the only developer at this time, is not the issue.

    I have not tried to remove the shape of the server project, because

    has. I can't see them in the projects pane, so I can't delete them and

    b. I can not connect to the server of the re - publish.

    A Counsellor in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    Hi Ian,

    Did you change the property of "re-indexing" in your file that I suggested to you in the email that I sent you?

    You must change the property of "re-indexing' to 'false' in the file in the folder 'WEB - INF' in the RoboHelp Server installation folder, and then restart your server. I think that should solve your problem.




    Today, after the updates, I discover that the horrible search engine Yahoo has replaced Google. I have a link to the Google search engine, and I use it but REALLY? HOW, in simple English can I get rid of Yahoo and restore Google as my search engine? Thank you very much.

    Hello, ellzeena!

    From 34 of Firefox, you can use one of these methods to change you default search engine:

    Note: The following may not apply to localized versions of Firefox.

    • Click the menu button

      Select the Options under Windows or Preferences on Mac or Linux, and the parameters of Search Panel.

    • Click on the magnifying glass icon in the search bar, then click on change settings for search, as shown here:

    In the search settings panel that opens, select a different search provider menu drop-down (see the screenshot).

    For more information, see the article use the Firefox search bar.

    Let us know if this answers your questions. If you have any other questions, we are happy to help you.

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