ALL: Number of pages in HPConnected printer without ink instant

I have printers located in our offices throughout the country and want to be able to see the current page count, or get an automatic count of the pages report sent to our main office through HPConnected email without having to put every machine on the instant ink.

Is it possible to see a number of pages by HP connected without having instant ink turned on?


Hey @DelAssist,

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I understand that you wonder if it would be possible to check the page account using HP connected without registering in the instant the ink program. As communication page account is for tracking and billing, it is not possible to use this feature without being registered or handwritten no instant printers.

If you are wanting to remotely track the total page counter and have a VPN, you can enter the IP address of the printer to access the printer's built-in web server and check how many total pages there. You can also have a printer print a self-test report or State and will show total number of pages in the printer.

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    I want to store the total number of physical pages printed in a database table, how could retrieve the value of the total number of pages.

    I am using Oracle 6i report

    thnxxx in advance :)

    At the end of your report (i.e. After all the images from your data model), place a dummy field. You can get the page number with srw.get_page_num in the trigger of the format of this field. Since it is the last field of your report, it is also the last page number.

  • DeskJet 2050 all-in-One - J510: how to print without borders?

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    I print on Word, and my printer is HP Deskjet 2050 all-in-One - J510a.


    The deskjet 2050 printer does not support printing without margins, as you will find by notebook loads below:

    Without borders: No.

    This material allows to print only to a certain margin.

    The lower border is 0.57 ", the top border is 0.06 'and the left and right borders are 0.125. any impression beyond these margins is cut off due to the limitations of harware.

  • The number of page-based conditional printing

    Hi guys

    I have a report that prints in more than one page. I have a small requirement to print text such as "continued from page N (N is the number of the previous page) until the last page." How and with what triggers I could achieve this?

    Kind regards


    Hi InoL

    I had did, as a result of a blog post. The same copy here for others

    Create a placeholder in the user settings (type of character data, so that you can switch between characters and numeric fields)

    Now, switch to page layout view, to add a new field-> range of property-> source-> you new dummy parameter (example: p_dummy)

    Now click on the trigger of format

    -Trigger format sample as follows

    function F_1FormatTrigger return boolean is
    page_num NUMBER;
    begin   SRW.GET_PAGE_NUM(page_num);
    srw.set_field_num (0, page_num+3);
    --srw.set_field_char(0,'This works'); -- for character fields
    return (TRUE);

    That is, it must return the number of pages to the new field added with the layout!

    Kind regards


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  • DeskJet All in One F380: F380 can print without color cartridge

    I rarely ask output color then could I remove the color cartridge to stop the waste of ink on cleaning? If this is not the case, how to set preferences so it displays permanently using black catidge only. I think I should change this option, every time I turn on.

    Hi @john859uk,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I noticed that you wonder if you can print without a color with your HP Deskjet F380 cartridge. I am pleased to see that for you!

    Basically, if you remove the color cartridge, and it only gives you an option to continue, without it the printer must then both cartridges to work.

    You will want to start devices and printers (via your control panel) with access to your folder and right-click on your Officejet 6700 icon and select Printing Preferences. The window that opens will be similar to the display on the left of the screenshot below.

    On this screen you click the Advanced button, and then you will see a screen similar to the one on the right of the screenshot. There, you go the black ink only setting and press OK. Press and then apply on the previous screen before pressing OK again. The driver will now be on use black ink only.

    I hope that answers your question and I thank you for posting!

  • HP Officejet 4632: Number of pages in a snapshot of ink?

    I installed the instant ink cartridges. When I try to get the number of pages, it says that the printer is not connected. It's wireless and I can print form my HP and laptop.


    It looks that your wireless network is working, but you may have a problem of internet connection with the printer.  I suggest you call our Customer Service Department to help solve this problem.  I know that they will be able to determine the root cause and to help you.  Please contact 855-785-2777 and then answer and let us know if they have solved the problem.

    Thank you.

  • My Photosmart C6380 all-in-One is a liked print black ink.

    It prints color OK.  He is 3 years old and works fine.  I tried to replace the black cartridge with two different new.  I turned the printer market, print a test page, cleaned and aligned printheads without success.  Any ideas on what to try next?

    Thank you for your help.  I wanted to just inform you of what I ended up doing.  I called HP Total Care for the customer service.  They would not not more troubleshoot without perception of a tax, even with the purchase of the new print head.  After hearing the steps I took, they recommended to buy a new printer.  I took the new Printhead and put the old return while they were on a new printer information and return to the print head.  Once I bought a new printer through them, they informed me that I could not return the printhead bought.  The funny part is, once I put the old printhead, it has started printing black again.  Who knows for how much longer, since there is obviously a problem.  So I bought a new printer, but was not allowed to return the new print head, even if it was not working and was brand new.  Very pleased with your support... not so happy with HP Total Care.

  • Number of pages to query the printer?

    I would like to power read/control the news 'number of Total pages' of the printer (without having to print a test page). Is there a utility available for this?

    I am running Windows XP SP3, with a HP Photosmart 7280. (Great printer by the way!)

    Thank you


    OK, simultaneously press the print Photos and red eye removal button and release them. The display shows "enter special key Combo". Now press the red eye removal, print Photos and remove red-eye once more. No, he's going to say 'Support' and your firmware version. Press the right arrow button until you see the menu information and press OK. Continue pressing the right arrow button until you see 'Meters' and press OK. This will show you the total number of pages.

  • HP Officejet Pro 8610: How can I get a report with the total number of pages printed on my HP Officejet Pro 8610?

    The number of pages that print is so critical to a choice to use the "HP Instant ink Plan' or not, how can I find the total number of pages that I printed on my brand new (installed 2 days ago) 8610?  And if I can, there are a total of 'resettable' or working capital?  Don't see anything in the user guide and a search gives nothing usable on this blog.

    Wireless printer installed on an old PC with Windows XP SP3.  I also of course install with cable network but so far it works well on my home network without a network cable.  Is there any operating system, I also have a laptop Lenovo Vista on which I can install this printer.

    Please do not answer I can find total by counting the number of pieces of paper that I have.  Surely the inner workings of this beautiful machine must have the requested data as well as HP can say my consumption if I select the monthly plan of ink!

    This 8610 was a good buy (net $89,00 after the resumption of my six years, Deskjet J36xx) at Office Depot/Max who has of course influenced my decision to purchase.  So far, I am very happy with the print quality and speed, have not yet tried the scanner and will probably never use the fax machine since I have no land line phone.

    Thank you



    Article #2 of the report printer Ststus will tell you. Please try:

    Printer status report

    The printer status report to view current information about the printer and the status of the ink cartridges. Also use the report to State printer for you help to solve the problems associated with the printer.

    The printer status report contains also a log of recent events.

    If you need to call HP, it is often useful to print the printer status report before calling.

    To print the printer status report

    1. in the Control Panel printer display, press and drag your finger on the screen and then press Setup.

    2. press on printing reports and then tap Printer Status Report.

    Kind regards.

  • How to print double-sided in In Design when certain sections have an odd number of pages?

    I'm new to In Design and I'm doing something that seems pretty basic and the difficulty in finding ways to do it and I have not found anything in the Adobe Forum or online that responds to this situation.

    I'm working on a document that is divided into sections, with page numbering starts at Page 1 for each section.  I have mirror image layouts for odd pages and even masters - for example, the page number is on the left on even pages and to the right of the odd pages, as you would expect generally to see on a double-sided print, where in a workbook or a workbook, the even-numbered pages are on the left and odd pages are on the right.

    I print the document from my computer to a printer that supports double-sided printing.  I don't see any option in the file / print window to two face impression, so I put this option on the printer itself by using the [Setup...] button at the bottom of the window.  It works - I'm printing on both sides of sheets of paper.

    For the moment, the first section is 3 pages (two blocks spread with the first page, one with the other two).  The next starts of section by number 1 on the third page spread (one page) and continues then a two-page spread - as expected.

    That is the problem - the first page of the second section is printing on the back of the last sheet of the first section, rather than on a new sheet from the front - so when I put it in a binder, the odd pages are on the same pages on the right and the left.  Whenever I have reached the end of another section with an odd number of pages, she rotates on itself again.

    There is a workaround solution manual I found - browse the document and add a blank page at the end of each section that has an odd number of pages (and check "print blank Pages).  But I have to do every time I feel that I am adding new pages and add/remove blank pages the number at each change of sections.

    I can't believe that In Design does not provide a way to make this work correctly, I'm sure a lot of people have had this same situation, and I hope it is something simple that just, I have not been able to understand...

    Help! (Thanks!  B ^)

    Frankly, it's a feature of the years, I tried, and I expect a professional page layout application to have. Something on the order of "duplex respect page layout." It would be very useful when printing only part of a document that happens to start with a page of pairs.

    I do catalogs in the sections, and each section begins with a left page. When duplex printing a section given, I must print this page first separately and duplex then the rest. Kind of pain and should not be necessary.

  • Total number of Pages with the exception of the page

    Hi all

    Currently one have a form that requires a page number starting on the second page. I did it via the DAL script

    #PCOUNT += 1;

    Return (#PCOUNT);

    Now, the problem lies in the total number of pages. Is it possible for me to get the total number of pages in my form, without taking into account the first page? Thank you!

    The total number of pages does not know during the GENDATA. You may need to use a DAL with SetFld() reports to print (for total_pages only) page numbers.

    As discussed above, the value of PAGE NUM OF the FORM is not available until the GENPRINT

  • HP PSC 2410-how to find the number of pages

    I bought a PSC 2410 opportunity and would like to know the total number of pages. Any ideas?

    Hi @jay2769,

    Thank you for your super fast response. Please see these links and print a self test page and check if it displays the number of pages in the printer.

    Link 1:

    Link 2:

    Link 3:

    As part of the Toolbox (link 3) under one of the tabs, you may find the number of pages for the printer.

    Please let me know how it goes.  To simply say thank you, for my efforts to help, please click the "Thumbs Up" button. If you need more assistance let me know and I will gladly do whatever I can to help. If it helps, please mark it as "acceptable Solution" as well.

    Please take care and have a nice week ahead.

  • Printer all in one HP PSC 2175v prints the page number and the title of the document

    Printer all in one HP PSC 2175v prints the page number and the title of the document.

    This is the default value?  Can I disable this?  I would prefer to print only the document, without page numbers and the title.

    I was printing of either Wordpad specifications, using Windows XP.

    Using the front panel of the printer, I loaded the defaults of the printer, and that fixed the problem.

    Thank you

  • Total number of pages printed on printer e-all-in-one-hp officejet 6700 premium do not match

    Printer model: hp officejet 6700 premium e-all-in-one

    OS: windows xp, service pack 3

    Method of connection: network

    Description of the problem: number of page do not match

    If I double click on the "hp officejet 6700" icon on my desktop.

    Then click on "view the ink level.

    Then click on the reports of the device"" tab.

    Then click on "check printing.

    The report provides: Total number of printed Pages 8159

    If I double click on the "hp officejet 6700" icon on my desktop.

    Then click on "view the ink level.

    Then click on the "devices" tab

    Then click on "printer ews home page."

    Then click on the 'Tools' tab, I see:

    Total number of pages


    Difference = 8159-6725 = 1434

    Can someone tell me why these numbers are different? They represent different totals?

    MelanieHello and welcome to the Forums of HP, I hope you enjoy your experience!

    I see that you have questions about your number of pages.  I would like to help.

    The built-in web server does not account for pages printed not across the network.  The number of printer pages all the elements. 1434 pages were not printed through the network, therefore, not counted in the SAP.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks for posting on the HP Forums!

  • What is the average number of pages printed using cartridge 564XL in HP Photosmart 7510 e-all-in-one

    This printer seems to use a lot more than my previous HP Photosmart C7200 ink

    I installed 3 cartridges besides that which is provided, the last being 564XL black and I have printed only 1288 pages and scanned 197.

    When he missed with the 564XL ink he wasn't told me and continues to print blank pages. The only way to solve the problem was to change the cartridge after market power and out the cartridge and reinsert. Printing color worked OK.

    I just feel normally received and when plain text emails required Internet banking them two.

    I use WiFi connections from a laptop running Windows7


    You have a lot better than a lot of people. Here's their specifications:

    • HP 564 black ink cartridge (~ 250 pages)
    • HP 564 Photo ink cartridge (~ 130 pages of 4 x 6 inches)
    • HP 564 Cyan ink cartridge (~ 300 pages)
    • HP 564 Magenta Ink Cartridge (~ 300 pages)
    • HP 564 yellow ink cartridge (~ 300 pages)
    • HP 564XL black ink cartridge (~ 550 pages)
    • Photo HP 564XL ink cartridge (~ 290 pages 4 x 6 inches)
    • Ink cartridge Cyan HP 564XL (~ 750 pages)
    • Magenta HP 564XL ink cartridge (~ 750 pages)
    • HP 564XL yellow ink cartridge (~ 750 pages).


    I still have the original game, and probably I will not buy more because I only use the printer (also a 7510) for test.

    Kind regards.

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