All of a sudden launch Airport utility

Lately when I wake my iMac Airport utility is in place.  Everything is green and works normally.  I know my wife WiFi worked very well all day.  When she was online every minute awake I would like to know a few seconds if there was a little problem with WiFi.  So why APU launches it self all of a sudden?


If the utility port air app is corrupt, the issue: click go > hold down the option key and don't release > library > Preferences > right click on and move it to the trash.

The apple logo reboot & empty trash.

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  • Airport utility cannot find the time Capsule, but wireless is fine

    All of a sudden my TC stopped taking backups but the wireless works fine.

    Airport utility stopped recognizing the TC suddenly...

    I think it started acting weird it's because last night, I unplugged the TC of the socket directly instead of turn off... This could be the problem.

    This is what, in my view, that the solution could be:

    (1) reboot Macbook

    (2) open Airport utility

    File 3)--> set up

    (4) now he would invite, address and password: especially it would be, but you get to the option + wifi

    (5) then just tweak a setting so that the update button is highlighted...

    6) click on update & the router restarts

    (7) Viola you should now see the airport in airport utility.

    I hope this helps. I tried to put that answer in another thread, but the forum has been locked for discussion... That's why this new post

    Thank you


    It is not so rosy, as you described!

    I can write in folders on Time Capsule, I use internet, but the utility does not see the drives, printer and Time Machine is no more support for MacBook...

    The only reason for this behavior is dynamic DNS change the LAN iP addresses... after the router has been reset by the network provider.

    Any advice, please?

  • Airport Utility/Airport Express

    I have an old Airport Extreme and an old Airport Express with the Express connected via powerline and as an access point and using the same SSID as the end.

    The system actually works very well, but my question relates to Airport utility, namely that the Express appears in THE time time, has a Mark Green beside him for awhile, then the exclamation mark in a yellow triangle telling me it "was" part of my network but it is is no longer accessible.

    This depends on the sound being defined as an access point, or is it just a quirk that I should live with?  Have a system that works, but is not able to check by the utility Airport is a minor and of course much better than the reverse drawback but I'm curious to know why this is happening.  Thank you

    AirPort Utility is based on both the mDNS (aka, Hello) and IPv6 IP protocols to find an AirPort base station. Don't forget that both of your AirPort base stations more iMac are configured for IPv6 link-local only.

    • For a Mac: System preferences > network > Wi - Fi or Ethernet > advanced > TCP/IP tab > configure IPv6: link-local only
    • For the AirPort Base Station:
      Note: You may temporarily connect your Mac or PC directly to the base by Ethernet station to access.
      • From a Mac: AirPort Utility > select the base station > change > Internet tab > Internet Options... > configure IPv6: link-local only
      • Since an iOS device: AirPort Utility > tap the base station > press Edit > tap Advanced > tap on IPv6 > change configure IPv6 to: link-local only > Tap actually

    For mDNS, it is a matter of "all or nothing" since OS X Mavericks. Unfortunately, there is no real settings, you can change this.

    Some references for more information:

  • Cannot find the Airport Express Airport utility


    I have a firmware running extreme Airport 7.6.7. 6.3.6 and one Airport utility Terminal Airport Express (model A1392). I have access to my system on a Macbook pro. Also have the app on my iPhone.

    My Airport Express and extreme talked to each other and have been broadcast on the Airport utility. However, I had to change my wifi password and the network password. After that, the Airport extreme restarted. After the reboot, my Express was no longer recognized by my network. The Express has a light orange and blinks repeatedly. I can't connect to the express to address the issue of amber light.

    I have read many posts on the forum. However, I still have to find a solution. How to connect the airport utility to the Airport express?

    Thanks for any help, you can make it,

    You have changed the password for WiFi on AirPort Extreme... but... the AirPort Express Terminal was previously programmed to connect by using your password in the "old".  The Express is lost, unable to find the network at all and doesn't know what to do.

    You can help the AirPort Express by doing a hard reset on the AirPort Express to clear the old network settings and passwords, and then configure the Express again to connect to your network 'nine' with the 'new' password.

    After the back if you don't know how to proceed.

  • Not find extreme airport in airport utility

    I can't find the logo of my Airport extreme in the airport utility application, in Mac OS and iOS.

    I have an airport express and Airport extreme, which linked together in the bridge. Airport extreme is the main router that connected from the internet with a modem. The Airport express from Airport extreme to my top floor. All internet works fine. However, I don't find the logo of my Airport extreme in the airport utility application, in both Mac OS and iOS.

    I need help from you.

    Thanks in advance.

    Waiting to meet you.

    Kind regards

    KIM Sam Oudum, bed, BMedSc

    MD, year 7

    LL. B, 4th year

    Turn about your Airport Extreme for 15 seconds and then power back on. As soon as you see the green light, you should be able to see him for a minute or two in the Airport utility. In the affirmative, and see if you have Back to My Mac active. If so, disable it by removing all the e-mail addresses of the back section of my Mac. Then update your Airport Extreme. Work quickly.

    Many have started having this problem within the last week, probably because Apple changed something in its servers CCMM. A real difficulty would come from Apple, but it should work if you currently have active CCMM.

  • Extreme drop airport utility but the network still doesn't work?


    I hope you can help and I don't know if I'm worried for nothing, but it began to annoy me now.

    First of all the details of my network are as follows:

    Cable modem connection cable-> Cat 6 to airport extreme (new model height) which acts as a router for any network-> Branches out of there at an old airport extreme (flat square one) and new height time capsule.

    Once the old extreme and time capsule are in Bridge mode to extend the network, because they are wired into the new AE.

    This morning was faltering then checked connection airport utility.  Two new AE and TC had the warning triangle and were asking to be "forgotten" to the network.

    Reset the new AE and airport utility picked up so I put up from scratch and has received the green light nice and everything was fine!

    Then implement the TC.  The minute that this was recorded on the network, even in Bridge mode, which suggested the airport utility, the new AE got the dreaded yellow triangle and asked to forget.

    I've done a few times now, step by step, update that I will and I can not all 3 on the network "green lit" as they used to be.  I used the app to radar network and it is smooth or duplicate IP addresses, but most annoying network works like a charm.  The only unit with the appropriate settings for access to the internet is the new AE - all the other boxes are simply fill these parameters therefore, even with the yellow triangle, it always seems to work.

    Am I worry for nothing, or is there something I should be concerned?  An idea is an update which was pushed caused some problems?

    I'm under El Capitan 10.11.6 and 6.3.6 airport utility.

    All iOS devices in the House, running the airport utility in a show the same problem too.

    Thank you


    There are many posts here lately related to this.

    A 'solution' refers to those who have set up their base stations for Back to My Mac. If you did, how to follow recommended action is temporarily remove or disable this option, as follows:

    • Run the AirPort Utility.
    • Select the base and then station, select change.
    • On the tab of the Base Station, go back to the section of my Mac at the bottom of the window.
    • If you have entries here, select it and click then the minus sign "-" button to remove it.
    • Click on update and allow the base station restart.
  • Airport Extreme appearing does not in Airport utility

    Airport Extreme is connected to the internet but will not be displayed in the Airport (see image below) utility.

    My home network consists of the following:

    Cable modem Comcast Arris TM722

    • Airport utility to view an IP from Comcast ending 1
    • Now, it displays 10.0.xx.1 and is connected to the internet, but the IP is really the same old Comcast ip address ending 1

    Airport Extreme Office worm 7.7.7 (primary - dhcp)-has an IP from Com

    • Airport utility to view an IP from Comcast ending with .xxx and internal ip address of 10.0.xx.1, but the ip address is really the same old Comcast ip address ending in .xxx internal ip address of 10.0.xx.1

    Airport Extreme lounge worm 7.7.7 (bridged)

    • Airport utility to view the internal IP ending par.2 (static)

    Airport Express Patio worm 7.7.6 (bridged)

    • Aport utility always displays an internal ip address, ending (3) (static)

    All computers are:

    MacOS worm 10.11.6

    Airport Utility ver 6.3.6

    Question: Neither Airport Extreme appears in Airport utility (both are gray with yellow triangle! icon), the Airport Express appears fine.  Everything worked as it should until yesterday, I haven't changed anything.  From time to time I run a vpn on one of my Mac client.

    I can access one of the ends using the option "Set up other" under the menu of Airport utility file.

    Wireless and internet work as it should, the usb drives attached to the 01 extremes are accessible.

    Things I've tried (based on the reading of the support articles that I found from 2013 to present):

    Electric bike on everything.

    • Does nothing.

    Soft reset everything.

    • Does nothing.

    Hard resetting everything.

    • Does nothing.

    Affecting the default extremes and reconfigure them.

    • Does nothing.

    Definition of 'Configure IPv6' to link-Local only on the two extremes.

    • Does nothing.

    Activation of the guest network

    • Makes the show of extremes, but only one at a time, not both.

    I am completely confused and looking for suggestions.

    Thanks in advance.

    This is because by turning back to my Mac on the extremes of the airport, so basically it comes a problem of iCloud.

    The fix in this thread of Mac rumors- - but.1987777 / #post-23234030

    In. short, turn off the back of my Mac on your Airport Extreme (or time capsule).

    We expect that Apple will fix this.

  • Clicked forget time capsule, now I can't get it to appear in AirPort Utility.  How can I get it back?

    Accidentally clicked forget Time Capsule, now I can't get it to appear in AirPort Utility.  How can I get it back?

    Turn off all devices on the network... in any order you want

    Wait a minute

    Turn on the modem and let it run for a few minutes by itself

    Switch on the device connected to the modem and let it turn a good minute

    Keep the devices one at a time, about a minute apart from starting until the entire network is back

    Check if Time Capsule has resurfaced

  • Airport utility main screen status...

    Setup Wan w/2 AirPort Extreme & work great! The devices displayed on the main screen of the airport utility, Internet-> airport-1 is the continuous line, connection from the airport-1 - > 2 - of the airport is dotted. What is this average, solid vs dotted line?

    Continuous line represents a wired Ethernet connection. Dotted line represents a wireless connection.

    If your airport extension connects wireless, then all is good. If the main airports and their extension to connect together using wired Ethernet wired, then something's wrong with your configuration.

  • Time capsule works bur airport utility cannot find it

    Hello world

    I have a weird problem with my Time Capsule (2 TB) 2015

    I have the TC connected by ethernet to a modem, and it is plugged into my mac mini (cable as well)

    The TC works very well, it is accessible from the Finder, Time Machine works fine and all my devices can browse the internet via the TC wifi network.

    Airport utility, that the TC is shown as connected with a green dot, however when I try to access the settings of TC, that the system requires a password and when I entered it nothing happens. If I click on the TC once again, I get a requirement pw again. Once I do this once or twice, the TC greys out on airport utility and I get the message "device not found" with the yellow triangle.

    Despite this, the TC is always accessible from the Finder, the wifi works and Time machine is ok.

    Tries to access the site of the iPad or the iPhone displays the same behavior, the utility will continue to ask for a password and it won't let me.

    I did a reset of the TC by pressing the reset button and it worked fine for 24 hours, after which the above problem happened again.

    So I did another reset and even once, he worked for a while, but now I'm at square one.

    Is that what is anyone able to help?

    Thank you


    AirPort Utility is based on both the mDNS (aka, Hello) and IPv6 IP protocols to find an AirPort base station.

    When access to the airport through the AirPort Utility, try the following, in order, accessibility with the utility check after each step:

    • Check the local connection. If you try to access the airport wireless, make sure that you are connected to its wireless network before running the AirPort Utility to administer it. If you are still unable to access it with the utility, temporarily connect your computer directly using an Ethernet cable to one of the base station's LAN ports.
    • Make sure that the base station and your computer are configured for IPv6 link-local only.
      • For a Mac: System preferences > network > Wi - Fi or Ethernet > advanced > TCP/IP tab > configure IPv6: link-local only
      • For the AirPort Base Station:
        • From a Mac: AirPort Utility > select the base station > change > Internet tab > Internet Options... > configure IPv6: link-local only
        • Since an iOS device: AirPort Utility > tap the base station > press Edit > tap Advanced > tap on IPv6 > change configure IPv6 to: link-local only > Tap actually
    • The base station power cycle. Remove the power branch of the socket adapter and then wait 15 seconds before plugging back in.
    • Perform a ' default ' reset on the base station.
  • Select the print with AirPort Utility

    When I launch the AirPort Utility on my Mac, I can choose to have the keychain remember my password, I would like to have a similar function on my iPad. I already use 1Password, is not a problem of memory, just more convenience. It seems that the fingerprint is the natural way to do it (I can open with a fingerprint 1Password), is it possible to configure the AirPort Utility - or maybe an airport specific - to accept a fingerprint authentication? Is there another solution of type "keychain" to do this on the iPad and iOS?

    -Thank you

    No, Airport utility does not support TouchID or it stores credentials.

  • HP Officejet 4500 G510n Scan via airport utility?

    How can I get my HP Officejet 4500 G510n to perform a SCAN using airport utility?

    Airport utility is not related to operating an MFP. It there is no scan via airport utility function or any what router airport. That is, the printer must be connected through its network and NO USB connection to the router. What is the Airport base station is the printer is simply a network client. No printer function any is active via the airport.

    You must install the drivers HP and the complete software for any OS that you are running on your computer. ele/3986394/document/c0...

    It's the HP drivers and software that will allow you to scan over network. Or if NOT, maybe... often scanning on network is problematic.

  • Airport utility: green points on the AirPort Extreme & Internet; Mini Mac does not connect to the internet.

    Airport utility shows green points on the AirPort Extreme and the Internet, but my my Mac mini does not connect to the internet. IPhones and 2 portable Windows connect very well, and see all the devices on the home network. The problem occurred after that PSI has swapped an ancient for a Comtrend CT5072T DSL modem. I tried to stop and things start back up as if the installation of the internet for the first time. No joy.

    The airport connects using DHCP in Bridge Mode

    The router address is

    Address IPv4 is

    DNS server is the same as the router, but grayed out

    Mac Mini IPv4 Address is

    IPv6 automatically configures

    Also updated the firmware of the airport; no change.

    ISP guy was friendly but puzzled. He started at the top floor level Tech, so I do not know when I hear back.

    Any ideas to fix?

    Thank you.

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    but my my Mac mini does not connect to the internet.

    The problem occurred after that PSI has swapped an ancient for a Comtrend CT5072T DSL modem.


    Network preferences may be damaged.

    Open the Finder. In the Finder menu bar, click go > go to folder

    Type or copy paste the following text:

    / Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration

    Click OK, and then move all files in the SystemConfiguration folder to the trash.

    Restart your Mac. See if that makes a difference.

    Your Mac will generate a new SystemConfiguration folder for you.

    Then open AirPort Utility located in HD > Applications > Utilitiies

    Make sure that both Internet and Extreme are green.

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