All of a sudden, the page to 'save' occupies all of my screen and I can't find a way to reduce its size - this has never happened before, which is very annoying

When I click on 'save' the resulting dialog box fills the entire screen. I'm unable to reduce its size with the mouse to shoot within the borders of the dialog box, and I can't find another way to reduce it. This problem appeared spontaneously. He did not begin immediately after installing a new plug-in or a new version of Firefox - it just happened one day. I have used Firefox for years and never had this embarrassing problem before.

This is the dialog box that appears to save the Page under? Like other windows, it could be maximized/restored by double-clicking the title bar. Does make a difference?

Otherwise, it might be necessary to rename or delete the localstore.rdf file, which stores the positions of windows and related settings...

Tags: Firefox

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