All PDFs are displayed as files iTunes

Not sure when he is exactly, but missed a update iTunes a while back on my Vista machine.  Eventually all existing PDFs and any future PDF is stored and assigned in the form of iTunes files (even when recording in .pdf file).  Double click on the file opens iTunes but not the specific PDF.

I have to in order to open the file, right click and open with adobe.  This is the case with attachments as well.  PDF attachments are considered types of iTunes files...

I can't find an answer to this anywhere... Please help!

Go to start / default of programs / associate a file or program with a Protocol and highlight the. Entry PDF.  He's probably listed as default program iTunes.  Click on edit, then select Adobe Reader (or any other program that you are using) to restore the proper file association.  If the appropriate program is not listed, click Browse and look for the software Adobe Reader (or another program) executable file to insert that, like the program by default.  As a helpful suggestion, click on start / all programs / Adobe Reader (or the other program) and right-click on the icon and click Properties and check the target path - which should help you know where to look for the file (and it should also give you the name of the file).

I hope this helps.

Good luck!

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    Every time, when I convert a .pdf Document file a Mail in Outlook all the images in the messages are displayed in the form of questionmarks.

    This happens thanks to the Outlook Add-In, and also when I use Adobe Acrobat directly.

    Anyone who knows the solution to this problem?

    Best regards.

    Down below is a screenshot showing the problem.


    Hi goekhane95112936,

    You may need to click on tab of Adobe PDF in Outlook and choose "change Conversion settings.

    Now, uncheck the box 'Download external content block' option on the settings tab and see if that helps.

    If this is the case, then remember to turn it back on again once you have finished.

    Let me know.

    Kind regards

    Ana Maria

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    This problem may be caused by the Anti-Keylogger in ZoneAlarm, so you can disable this function until ZoneAlarm has published an update.

  • When I start Firefox, it shows an empty white page. All toolbars are displayed/charge but in the Middle, NO page, no matter what I type the address.

    I downloaded the file: yahoo_firefox_4.0 - rc2_setup_us.exe from your site. After installing and starting of firefox, all the menus and toolbards here where he is in charge with the exception of the web page. What I'm trying to write the url address, it displays a blank white page. Previous versions of firefox used to work and I can connect to the internet using internet Explorer

    One possible cause is security software (firewall) that blocks or limits Firefox or plugin-container process without informing you, possibly after the detection of changes (update) for the Firefox program.

    Delete all rules for Firefox in the list of permissions in the firewall and leave your firewall again ask permission to get full unlimited access to the internet for Firefox and the plugin-container.


  • In my office all records are display icons word. How to fix.

    In my office, I was doing something to open a file with the option (OPEN WITH). Finally, all my desktop icons are replaced by Word. for example, Skype, lenova veriface, cyberlink power 2go, no matter what the records were in the office, it is replaced by the similar Word icon and all applications try to open in word.

    When enabled in the properties, the file type is in the LNK (.lnk) file.

    Pls advice how to fix this.

    Always start by clarifying what operating system you are using.

    Here is a tutorial for Vista and one for windows 7.
    Both deal with your specific question.

    Restore file types associations...

    For Windows 7:

    Scroll down to exe - executable application files.
    Click on the exe

    Follow the instructions from #1 to #6 in the upper part.

    Scroll to lnk - shortcut link (LNK) files.
    Click on lnk

    Follow the instructions from #1 to #6 in the upper part.

    For Vista:

    Scroll down to exe - executable application files.
    Click on the exe

    Follow the instructions in #1 à #7 at the top.

    Scroll to lnk - shortcut link (LNK) files.
    Click on lnk

    Follow the instructions in #1 à #7 at the top.

    If you have any questions, please transfer the performance and Maintenanceforum of room Win 7 or Vista.

  • Not all lines are displayed in the OBIEE answers


    When I include a dimension column (PRODUCT) with my column of fact (AMT SALES), I have only one line of PRODUCT displayed.

    If I select only the PRODUCT column without any column of FACT, I get the list of all PRODUCT(25 rows).

    I used the query generated by OBIEE and he ran into my database and I get all the lists of products and the amount of sales. (25 lines).

    I guess my problem is in my RPD. But where in my RPD should I look for to debug this problem?

    Thank you.

    Published by: ssk1974 on January 11, 2011 13:09

    It is probably correct behavior - you probably only have an existing product in your fact table? If you want to see all the lists of products as well as $0 for the facts, you will need to do an outer join between the dimension and the fact.

    Of course, if your fact table has other products, there are another problem - perhaps joined Sun on the wrong column name or something.

    Hope this helps,

  • No flash games load at all or are displayed.

    I had this problem with Firefox for the last couple months where no flash games load and appear as a blank screen. I tried update Javascript, Shockwave Flash and other things that I thought may be associated with the problem, but not good. I even tried turning off hardware exceleration and protected mode, AND using IE, but nothing helped. I think install Chrome, but I don't want to waste my time trying several solutions. Any help?
    I thought that it might help:

    • Adobe PDF plugin for Firefox and Netscape 10.1.14
    • Deploy Script NPRuntime plugin Library for Java (TM)
    • Next-generation Java plug-in 11.45.2 for Mozilla browsers
    • The plug-in allows you to open and edit files using Microsoft Office applications
    • Authorization plug-ins office for NPAPI browsers
    • Shockwave Flash 18.0 r0
    • Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in, version
    • 5.1.31211.0
    • NPWLPG
    • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) plugin for Mozilla browsers

    Firefox Version 39
    Operating system: Windows Vista

    TheRedWall said

    He started the day, I've updated my security suite

    You should always check the updates in time.
    Many programs can be automatically configured to "Phone Home".

    This threat is useless now! Yay!

    I think you want to say "the problem is solved," Yes?
    Good day and safe surfing.

  • The content of my emails are not displayed when I open in my usual Firefox. However, if I open in Explorer of all contents are displayed. I prefer Firefox and don't want to go back to explore. Can you please help me with this situation?

    I've always been able to open my emails and access their content using Firefox. Now, this morning, I can no longer access the content of my emails, but can still open.
    I called "virginmedia" that me told to try to use Solution Explorer, who has worked, and I was told that the problem was with Firefox.

    It is not ADP, is ABP = d lockB has Pread

    AdBlock Plus itself does not actually block anything it's the filters that are blocking. Changing to a subscription different could fix this, or just find out what filter blocks that you want to see or load.

    Each filter can be disabled in itself to eliminate the problems like this. In the preferences of the ABP, look at the column "Last shot" after loading reloading the page to see which filters have been used to block items listed on this page - date & time. Selectively disable the filters that were used at the end, to understand that we block you want to see. Uncheck Enabled to disable this filter.

    Then, contact the Manager of subscription lists and report filter that is causing your problem, which can be fixed for everyone using this subscription. Contact information is probably at the beginning of the filter list in the preferences.

    ! Please report any unblocked adverts or problems
    ! in the forums ( )
    ! or via e-mail ( [email protected] ).

    Here again, if anyone else has reported this problem will be fixed automatically the next time that your subscription is updated, the update frequency is 5 days for the most popular filter lists. You can do a manual update in the menu Filters > update all subscriptions in the preferences of the ABP.

  • Not all programs are displayed on the taskbar at the bottom, they use to?

    For some reason any I no longer get open programs along the bottom of the desktop on the taskbar.  I use to get them all so I could pick each individually.  When I need to get to one that is open I have to close all those that have been opened after that I want to use.  I use to be able to open 4 or 5 programs so I could monitor the need, but is that actually a lot more work having close and then go back.

    Hi skier Craig,.

    1. Did you the latest changes on the computer?
    2. When was the last time it was working fine?
    3. You have security software installed on the computer?

    Method 1

    Check if the problem persists in safe mode and post back with the results.

    A description of the options to start in Windows XP Mode

    Method 2

    If the problem does not persist in safe mode, then it is possible that some third-party programs installed on the computer is causing the problem.

    I suggest that you configure the computer in a clean boot state and check if it helps.

    To help resolve the error and other messages, you can start Windows XP by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This type of boot is known as a "clean boot". A clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.

    See section to learn more about how to clean boot.

    How to configure Windows XP to start in a "clean boot" State

    Reset the computer to start as usual

    When you are finished troubleshooting, follow these steps to reset the computer to start as usual:

    1. Click Start , and then click run.
    2. Type msconfig , and then click OK.
      The System Configuration utility dialog box appears.
    3. Click the general tab, click Normal Startup - load all device drivers and services , and then click OK.

    When you are prompted, click restart to restart the computer.

    Method 3

    If the steps above fail, then I suggest that you scan and remove any malware or computer virus infections and check if it helps. 

    You can also use Microsoft Security databases to scan your computer

    We would also like to view your desktop in order to better understand the issue.

    Please provide us with the screenshot of the office.

  • HP 8600 info in Win 7 has limited access, not all icons are displayed.

    Tonight, HP has delivered my new Officejet Pro 8600.  Win 7 Home Premium install went perfect, everything is set up fine on my wireless network.  Or so I thought.  I did some research and found that the Solutions Center HP that I used for a long time on my 5610xi is not applicable to the 8600.  Disappointment, but I can deal with it.  After installation, I click on the printer on the desktop icon and a new window opens showing the printer in albums then 4 options:

    1 HP Printer Wizard

    2. setting preferences

    3 see what's printing

    4. customize your printer

    My first problem started when I clicked several times the "HP printer Assistant" and nothing happens.  Never.  Then I got REALLY irritated when I made the same installation on my laptop ASUS son and when clicking on the printer icon, a whole bunch of additional options appears, as in the old Center of Solutions.  Well, after many cycles of uninstall/install, nothing has changed.

    So my questions are the following:

    1. why the installation on the laptop gives more options (the options I want)?

    2. why "The HP printer Assistant" does nothing?

    To be clear, the printer works great and I love it.  Just a little frustrated on these issues.

    FYI, I am running Win 7 64 - bit Home Prem on each computer and all PC updates are up-to-date.  The laptop is a brand new (3 months) and the office is about 1.5 years, but running a high end processor, 16 GB of RAM.  Installation 8600 has been made from the CD supplied with the printer.  I tried one online and he brought a window similar to the one showing on the laptop, but with even more options.  The problem with this one is that it took an ETERNITY every time what you clicked on it then I reinstalled from the CD.

    I'm not completely sure why he is slow. Your computer is not the issue. I have the exact same software installed on a much lower end machine running Windows 7 64 bit and it works fine for me. How long have you since you have run a clean and optimized your system? If it has been a while, you could try to do this. I use Advanced System Care 6 free IOBit edition to keep my system cleaned and operates at full power. You may have ink alerts defined "Always" and change the setting "only when I print.» I would add a link that guides you through to change that. The link is for XP, but the steps are pretty much the same on any Windows operating system. I'll see if there is anything else I can find that could be the cause of this. Let me know what happens.


  • I have my 2nd computer configured for synchronization, but it does not show the tabs/bookmarks from the first computer. I clicked 'Sync now' on the 2nd machine and this does not all tabs are displayed. Any thoughts?

    I created sync on my computer at home (desktop computer). I then put in place on my iPhone and it worked perfectly - showing me all open tabs, I had the computer at home.

    I just bought a MacBook Pro and want to get all my tabs/Favorites etc on the mac, computer at home. I put a synchronization on mac and coupled the unit and got the message saying that it is synchronized. However, none of my tabs or other data comes through to the mac.

    Does take a number of hours? (I waited all night). I clicked on "Synchronize now" on my mac hoping that would synchronize all of the computer to the main house, but who did not open the tabs either.

    Any thoughts?


    In order to view the tabs on other computers, that you have to go in 'History'-> 'tabs on other computers. Or type "subject: sync-tabs" in the address bar.

    In other words, the tabs that you have in a computer or phone will not show opened in the rest of your devices but they accessed through this menu option.

    I hope that clarifies the situation. I know that a lot of people expect the same behavior you describe, but when we tried it he finished is not not optimal.

  • When I create a new email in Windows Mail and start typing to display my contacts list, not all contacts are displayed.

    in windows vista mail when I create a new message and the character of the 1st type (TO, CC) to address in my contacts a menu drop-down Show menu addresses related, but not all contacts show
    in my address book, I have 20 contacts (R) drop-down menu character departures do not show all contacts 20

    original title: windows vista mail

    Windows Mail only remembers 32 addresses. You can delete any part and start over. I normally just click on the button to and add addresses from the list.
    How to remove an address from the list of AutoComplete in Windows Mail 
  • All pagelet are displayed on the PageletProducer connection

    Hi all

    I created 2 simple using the Pagelet Console, pagelets http://localhost:8889/pagelets/admin and now I need to add this pagelets on my JSF Page on my request for portal Webcenter, but when I created the connection to my PageletProducer using the URL http://localhost:8889 / pagelets , the connection does not appear any pagelet.


    It's the Pagelets ready on the administration console.



    I suggest you review the document below and check if you have made the statement.

    62.1 using Pagelets in Web Applications

    62.1.1 how to add a Pagelet to a JSF Page in Oracle JDeveloper



  • Spry Accordion edge why? How can I ensure that all panels are displayed by default to closed?

    I have attached a picture of what I receive in Safari and FireFox.

    I am creating a nav, but I'm unable to close all tabs in order to open them only when you click.


    For a more complete documentation is included in the standard dreamweaver help, click this link, ( and then select "Get the prerelease 1.6.1 of Spry now framework" of the downloads section, and it is included in the download.


  • A 'Local disk (d)' suddenly appeared in my computer with? on a red disk. I can't get rid of it and in proprties all values are displayed as 0. Any ideas?

    My computer laptop xp pro, was 'shaking' a bit.

    Hello Bill,

    Glad to know that the issue was resolved. If you have other problems with Windows, please report it to Microsoft Community. We would be happy to help you.

Maybe you are looking for

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  • Windows key + left and right arrows does not not with windows RemoteApp

    My office has deployed RemoteApps applications to replace some installed locally.  I and many of my colleagues, have 2-3 monitors and the windows + function "snap" left and right was a very convenient way of juggling several windows on multiple monit