All the driver for Compaq Presario with OS Windows XP Profesional

Hi admin and all,.

In this case, I am the new office. Where is the computer I use a desktop Compaq Presario CQ3138L with operating system Windows XP Professional PC brands. After the re - install all drivers are not available. After browsing the site HP Web is not available for Windows XP. I'm waiting for all his help. Thanks for the solution



What you expect and that you end up with, are two different things.

No HP PC consumer in the past 7 years has support for windows XP.

When you use a PC for work that you can buy a PC company that normally support for other windows operating systems.

You will need to find XP drivers individual available Web sites by the hardware manufacturer.

I'll try and help you find the drivers, but no guarantee of success.

First install the Intel chipset driver and restart.

Then try this graphics driver: * & DownloadType = drivers

Audio: Accept the contract, download and install the file 3rd on the list (first shown in green).

Network: Download and install the driver for the second on the list.

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