allusion in the spider solitaire - can be disabled

When I try to move cards when playing the lonely spider it now make me click tip to move cards - how to turn off this option


You have made any changes to your computer recently?

You cannot disable the tips. The only way indicators is enable if you press the letter H when you play the game.

Create a new user and check if it helps.

Create a user account

If it works fine in the new account, then your account may be damaged.

Repair an account damaged, follow the steps in the link and check if that helps.

Difficulty of a corrupted user profile

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  • How to get the Spider solitaire on Windows Vista?

    Original title: Spider Solitaire

    How can I get lonely spider on my Vista system?

    Hi ItalianRabbit,

    1. what version of Vista are you using?

    2. were you able to play Spider solitaire before?

    You can visit the following links and check if it helps:

    What's new with Windows Vista Games?

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    Learn about Windows games

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
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  • Play the Spider Solitaire Vista using the keyboard

    Hi, I have recently acquired a new computer with windows vista. Also, my old computer has windows vista. I am a big fan of Spider :) solitaire However, I don't like that play SS with my keyboard... I hate using the mouse. On my old computer, I had no problem using only the keyboard. Now, with this new version of vista (?), I can only use the keyboard to show me the clues... Shortcut keys changed? or y at - it no hotkeys on this new version? Thanks for your help!

    Hello Darcrista.

    I don't think that Spider had functional changes between Windows Vista and Windows 7.  The arrow keys and enter still work here.

    Paul Smith - MVP for Windows desktop experience... I crawled off NNTP - for now. Detachment Aldershot, United Kingdom. On the internet at and Please post back to let us know what works and what does not. :-)

  • Complex itemRenderer (list in the list), how can I disable scrolling?

    Hey people,

    so im struggeling for a while with a scrolling problem now.

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    Thanks for your advice.

    I solved the problem in another and for me more easy way.

    What I did that I created a skin for the second list. In this skin, I just removed the scroller component. In addition to this, I had assigned the scrolling in the second for the parent of the list component.

    Works like a charm so far.

    Thank you


  • Can I set the Spider Solitaire game so that once I beat a game, it is not upward?

    Once I beat a game, I would not play again. Also, I saw that a computer was 32 000 different games Spider? How can I find out who I'm playing?

    I don't think that one of the people is possible, but the probability of play you again is pretty thin.

  • How do you get the spider solitaire, it disappeared some time ago and I don't notice it.

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    on windows xp family, how can I get lonely spider, it disappeared some time agoand I didn't notice it went until recently

    Hi Ron.J,

    I suggest you to follow the steps in the Microsoft Knowledge Base article and check.

    How do I add or remove games in Windows XP

    I hope this helps.

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    Yes, you can turn off a majority of keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop (Edit) > keyboard shortcuts.

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  • How can I reinstall Spider Solitaire on the computer Windows XP if I don't have Windows XP installation CD?

    Original title: Spider Solitaire on Windows XP has been removed. How can I reinstall? and I don't have the windows Xp CD.

    How can I get a spider solitaire I loved :((lealy

    Hi Patrice,

    1. how the Spider Solitaire game gets deleted from the computer?

    2. have you done any hardware changes or software on your computer before this problem?

    You can follow the steps in this link:

    How do I reinstall Spider Solitaire on a Windows XP machine after the match was gone?

    Hope the helps of information.

  • where can I find the download for windows vista Spider Solitaire

    where can I find the download for windows vista Spider Solitaire


    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft Community Forum, please be assured that we would do our best to help you.

    Windows like Spider solitaire games comes with Windows Vista. To install the Spider solitaire, you need a Windows Vista disc. To install lonely Spider see the following steps.

    a. to install solitaire spider, click on the Start button

    b. click Control Panel, click programs and then click turn on turn Windows features on or off.

    c. in the Windows features dialog box, select the Games check box, and then click OK. Note: If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    Read the following article which provides more clarity on the games in Windows Vista.

    Learn more about the games in Windows Vista

    If you have any questions do not hesitate to answer, we would be happy to help.

  • When I click on the ' icon of Spider solitaire I hear the game however now it loads behind my screen, rather that it front of the loading screen? Might still have the CD rom provided with Windows

    I've been plahying lonely spider offline for many years on this computer.  All of a sudden when I click the icon of the spider I can hear it loading but it loads behind the screen.      I can go to start program... Hearts... in offline mode and it appears normal for me to play.    Spider Solitaire is not scores by going to the start.  programs etcc.   I don't know how it appeared originally.  I hope someone can help... I am addicted and need a fix... Grandma


    -What operating system is installed on your computer?
    -Did you change on your computer before the show?

    Assuming you are using Windows 7, I suggest you to follow these steps and check if they help.

    Step 1:

    Make SFC scan and check if the problem persists.

    Step 2:

    Perform a System Restore to the point that it was working fine.

  • where can I download spider solitaire xp version

    where can I find the spider solitaire game and download

    If all you want is the executable for XP (spider.exe):

    I downloaded a copy of XP Pro SP3 file you need on my SkyDrive (everyone has a SkyDrive for file sharing).

    You can download it and when you do, place a copy of the file in these two folders (assuming that Windows is installed on your C drive):

    c:\Windows\System32\dllcache (this is where XP keeps backups of important files).

    Here is the link to my SkyDrive and you can get the file you need here:! 311

    When you see the files available for download, you will not see the extension of file (.exe, .dll, .cpl, .sys, etc), but when download you them they will have the right extension.

  • Zoom in & out while using the pointer - this function can be disabled?

    Hello all - I need help please. Most of the time when I use my new HP laptop, while I use the mouse Touchpad Square that moves the pointer on the screen, often, sometimes the screen zoom in or out. I found a function of zoom on the laptop, but I can't find anything that says "turn off the zoom feature. Do you know how or if the zoom feature can be disabled touch pad / mouse? It is very annoying to all means must adapt to my zoom, thanks-Tim

    Hi Tim,.

    Try the following.

    Open windows control panel and on the top right, next to the display by: select "large icons".  The new layout, select the mouse option, then the tab setting ClickPad (or device settings), and then click the settings button.

    The option you're looking for is called "Pinch Zoom" (see image below) - remove the check mark next to this entry, and then click apply and then click Ok to save the setting.

    Kind regards

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    Yes, you can disable the context menu on an audio clip - but also not, because you can't really tell someone who knows how to use the development tools of the browser to find and download the audio source file.

    However, to disable the right-click menu on your audio, add this code to your compositionReady stage manager:

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