Alphabetical order of the music on the new iphone ios10

I just downloaded the 10 for iphone ios and my downloaded music is now alphabetically by artist when I click on the songs. Is there a way I can fix this so that it is in alphabetical order by the name of the song instead?

Thanks for any help.

Go to settings > music > songs of sorting & Albums and select by title.

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    A hug, Murilo.

    I believe you are referring to the rectangles of tile as visitors on the page? not exactly customer database?

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    Thank you


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    Hi, Dinyross.

    Please visit Apple support communities.

    I understand that your contacts are not in alphabetical order.  Depending on whether you want to view by the first or last name, make sure that sort and order of two display show all first, last or last, first.

    Contacts settings

    Go to settings > Mail, Contacts, calendars, where you can:

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    • Change how long names are abbreviated in the lists

    • Choose to display favorite and recent contacts in the form of multitasking

    • Define a default account for new contacts

    • Set your My Info card

    • Set if the updates and new contacts are automatically derived from mail you receive

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    See you soon

  • iTunes (Windows) playlists don't are more order in alphabetical order in the playlist files.

    Since the update is more in Windows 10 iTunes playlists, order by alphabetical order in the playlist files in the view window under "Playlists" on the left. The last view playlist is moved to the end of the playlist of this folder and in the mess? Each subsequent playlist in this folder that is seen is leaving at the end of this list. Is it possible to rearrange playlists alphabetically again? I tried to change the options at the top right, but they do not seem to change anything other than in the viewed folder or playlist in the main window?

    Seems to be a bug in this version.  The order of the playlist is corrected if you exit and then restart iTunes - not that it is really a 'solution '.

  • Restrictions does not not after ISO put 10.0.1 update with the new iPhone 7

    Restrictions does not after ISO put 10.0.1 update with the new iPhone 7 any which option of ranking app I don't choose no changes are made.  All the patches?

    Thank you

    Hello Launcher,

    Thank you for bringing your question about Restrictions here in Apple Support communities. My understanding of your question is that you change the Restrictions, but no change is noticed. I tried the same on my iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 10 and noticed a similar situation. Please allow me the opportunity to explain how the Restrictions is designed to work. First, I put my limitations for applications, do not allow Apps and together 4 +, which basically means everything beyond 4 + will be blocked from buying. Then I went to the App Store and the first app that caught my attention was NCIS: hidden crimes. This app is rated 12 + and is definitely an application I would not want my toddler to help. It is that Restrictions come into play. When I type on NCIS: hidden Crimes, the Get option is grayed out. Restrictions does remove all apps, songs, books, etc. from view, but it will prevent the purchase, download, and install all applications rated above the setting you choose when you set up restrictions. It's the help article that discusses the Restrictions and prevent purchases: Use Restrictions in order to avoid buying on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

    I checked on the restrictions help articles, and I understand where it can be a bit confusing. In the help article Use Restrictions on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, it says "You can use Restrictions, also known as parental control, to block or limit specific applications and features on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch." This means in fact that apps, features or services (rated above that helped you, or if you have turned off completely) can he no longer appears on the device if the restriction is activated and starts blocking them. I also tested this by activating Restrictions and turned the cursor for Safari to off. When I went back to the home screen, Safari doesn't show any more and I could no longer use it.

    I hope this helps to clarify how the Restrictions. If my understanding of the issue was not accurate to the issue that you are experiencing, I will be happy to pursue this issue with you. Please indicate exactly what you took measures, and what expectations you had or the some restrictions, applications, features, or services you are restricted. Thanks again and have a great rest of your day!

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  • Download the new iphone songs


    any advice on how to download music on the new iphone. It has been synchronized icloud all apps photos etc are there outside the music that gives me an error message when I try to download again them. all the music is gray for starting up the music app.

    Thank you


    If the iPhone is running iOS 9.3.3 as indicated in your profile, install the 9.3.4 update.

    Tap Settings > general > software update

    Then try to synchronize your iCloud data.

    Also, when re download music, you must use the same Apple ID, music was purchased with.

    Check the settings > iTunes and App Store > Apple ID

  • I bought the new iphone 6 s more and I have not configured, I just opened the phone and charged, but after some time it stop by itself, is this normal or I have a problem with my phone?

    I bought the new iphone 6 s more and I have not configured, I just opened the phone and charged, but after some time it stop by itself, is this normal or I have a problem with my phone?

    You need to activate the phone. There is nothing that the phone can not be activated.

  • How to synchronize the notes locked in old iphone to the new iphone?

    I recently bought the Iphone 6s and have logged on using my Icloud account. I think that everything except my LOCKED app Notes notes do not have syncked. They normally will sync on my ipad and the mac, but they are not on my phone. Someone knows how to fix this?

    You entered your password for the notes on the new iPhone?

    Secure your notes with password-protection - Apple Support

  • Apple changed the iphone 4 with the new iphone?

    I have a question about changing my old iphone with the new iphone 4
    I heard that apple change old iphone with the new one i want to know is it true? How can I change? How is it? and it is also possible in Germany?
    Thank you

    Visit your Apple store and ask the representatives of Apple.

    Also, take a look at this:

  • I can exchange my iPhone 5 c for the new iPhone SE

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    If you use Apple trade in the program, you will get the choice of whether you want to pay the $12 months, or simply to get a gift card with the value of your iPhone, you can use for the purchase of a new.

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    A protective case for an iPhone 5 c will fit the new iPhone SE?  In the products section, there are cases that say they will fit the iPhone 5, 5 s and SE.  They would hold a 5 c as well?

    No - the 5 c is slightly different. The volume buttons on the 5 c are long and thin, but they are circles on the 5/5 s / SE.

  • The new iPhone may use the iPhone accessories 5s as case and battery materials?

    I currently use an iPhone 5, but I plan to move to the new iPhone, however, but to many fans of Apple, I already made an investment in all kinds of accessories.

    I would like to know if I can use cases and boxes of 5s with the new iPhone iPhone battery SE.

    Thank you!

    The specifications indicate that they have the same size. If there is a small difference in the placement of ports and controls that interfere with some cases probably will definitely be confirmed until the launch.

  • does anyone know if the new iPhone is more smaller, larger or the same size as thye 5s?

    does anyone know if the new iPhone is the same size as the 5s?

    As stated on the website of Apple, which is at your disposal, it is the same.

  • I have the new iphone

    Right now im having iphone 5s, will I get a new iphone by exchanging this iphone 5s? will I get a discount for the Exchange... ? do I have to pay extra for the new iphone?

    Please give me some details on this exchange of plans... any advice.

    Yes, you can get a new phone by exchanging your iPhone 5 iPhone through trade in the program! You can use the store credit, we give you for your old device to pay for your new device. They offer $ 200 in store credit for children 5 years as long as it is in very good condition.

    Check the link out below if you want to read more about the iPhone trade program!

    Hope that helps!

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