always past secence appeal


I work with TestStand 2012 in my actual project to test a device (design test).

If I call a sequence on "call of sequence" (Adpater: sequence, type: SequenceCall) I always get a result spent.

'ignore errors' is defined in this testsystem, because the tests run several days, also during the night and weekends without user.

The screw that I call in the indicator of success/failure to deliver tests for TestStand to 'Step.Result.PassFail '. In case of error or omission in a VI opportunity call, TestStand works well and make the error handling configured (leave this step or test or something else).

Just the result appears bad... error or failure--> "success".

I changed the Type of the card 'Action' and ' Pass/fail Test', but I can't find the correct expression. If I used the ' pass/fail Test', I have received every time that a "failure" instead of "past".

Can someone tell me the right expression that works?




This question is essentially the same as this one?

If so, please indicate this thread as resolved as well.

Thank you


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    Sorry, a single file persdict.dat is authorized or used by Firefox user profile. You can create additional profiles to have unique "personal dictionaries.

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    Help, please...

    How I fixed it, was that my microphone was not completely connected. Make sure any mic you use for Skype is completely plugged

  • Management of VLANS on switches PowerConnect 28XX

    I had already tried the PowerConnect 27XX switches (mainly the 2708), and while it worked very well, he had a very, very frustrating feature: the IP address of management was always assigned to VLAN 1 - there is no way to change this.  I wonder if someone who has the (2708 or 2716) 28XX series could tell me if they have added a way to change the management VLAN, or if the management VLAN is always pasted to the VLAN1?  It is a decisive feature - I can't lose a port on VLAN1 on the switch just to be able to manage, as our current environment uses a VLAN for management.

    Thank you


    management of VLANs is always vlan 1 on 28xx switches.

    An option is outwardly loop back one vlan 1 coelio to an access port vlan XX.   This will allow you to manage the switch on any vlan.  Of course, it burns 2 ports, not just 1.  But these switches are inexpensive, so you can have a hard time to find a solution less expensive just to avoid to manage on the vlan 1 or using the hack of the outer loop.

    Note: 28xx executes a single PLEASE, so you will need to disable the STP Protocol on the loop back ports if you go with this hack.

  • SSL VPN problems with Internet Explorer

    Well, first of all, you need 64-bit to run Internet Explorer web based VPN devices in the SA500 series (we use SA540). After that we thought that out, we cannot always past SSL VPN Client install on client computers. It keeps reloading the Web page or simply nothing at all. Any ideas?

    In addition, that the CA guys do you use SSL VPN? GoDaddy certificates are not compatible, as I just discovered the hard way.

    Hi Qasim,

    The question seems to be more localized with windows blocks everything. I actually spent much time working on this yesterday to finally make it work with a 64 bit vista and a window 7 64 bit machines.

    The few details that I did have some success;

    Tools-> Internet Options-> security-> trust Sites

    • Move down
    • Disable protected mode
    • Click sites, and then add the SSL VPN page to become a member of trust
    • When adding the trusted site, uncheck 'require a server secure for all sites in this zone.

    Tools-> Internet Options-> Advanced-> Security section

    • Select "Allow downloads to run or install even if the signature is not valid"

    In addition, you must download Microsoft Visual C++ Distribution 2010 and ensure that you are running the latest version of Java.

    These are the things I had to do to allow Windows to allow me to connect. I hope it has some help for you.


  • How does whitespace or null values or characters set effect set in the query?

    Hi all

    I have a question about client side Oracle database tools. I have Oracle 11g installed on the server and I use PL/SQL developer tool to retrieve information from the server and then I copy paste this query in PL SQL Developer my company built in box of function of the application that executes the same query as client tools and the results.

    When I write the request by spaces of the Tools client-side IE the PL/SQL developer tool and copy paste at my request of builtin company gives slow down me execution, but if I remove the white of the query space by copying the application of PL/SQL developer(client side tool) to Notepad first and then copy back at my request and gives me a faster execution.

    For example:

    Original Request: with whitespace





    Ask without spaces faster tracks:

    Select * twice;

    I want to the reason behind this slow execution and also if you could explain in detail would be great that I am no expert oracle.

    Also, I wanted to know that character set parameters from the client side tools slow running query? As I copy the request of PL/SQL developer tool

    Thank you


    HP, I have has been suggest you determine if the difference in performance is due to how the application prepares and processes SQL or if the difference is in Oracle.  If you can duplicate the issue in Oracle using SQLPLus then you can use the Oracle tools such as autotrace, SQL, trace etc... to determine how Oracle handles each request.  On the other hand if the time of execution in SQLPLus is the same then you know that the problem lies in the application.  Depending on whether you have access to the source you can or will not be able to track down the issue and resolve it.  Otherwise always paste the capture into the plan text and edit it to remove the unnecessary lines before copying them the text into your application tool.

    - -

    HTH - Mark D Powell.

  • Setting Focus when the Page is loaded

    Apex 3.2

    Theme 15


    I'm trying to focus on the loading of the page with javascript

    OnLoad = "$f_First_field ('P10_BMI_EXTKEY')" "

    Now users have asked for this field a dynamic default value (always 4 characters),

    for example, DEM -.

    I'll put this using one before the header is calculated.

    How can I set the focus when loading for the fifth character in my field, that is to say, after DEM -.

    Thanks in advance



    It's true. SelectionRange works only when the focus is actually on the ground. Indeed, so you will first need to focus on the issue and then run the code selectionrange. Take care of property: the post SO talking about a 'problem' of synchronization, where the focus is always past before execution of the selection range. Try it, you need it. Basically, with the polyfill in place you will be able to use the code in the linked thread stackoverflow. To keep your manageable onload tag, you can move the focus + selection code in a function.

  • Place pictures (screenshots) to legends - best practices?

    Illustrator CS6, Windows 7

    I am placing screenshots (screenshots of the software) in the files of my work to add captions and create illustrations for a user manual.

    The machine I'm capture has a screen resolution at 1920 x 1080 (required for software). I am using Snagit and capture screens, saving files, then place in Illustrator. I am using minimum 300 dpi and never upsizing images in Illustrator. I still think that my results could not be better.

    In the past, I used .jpg as my export filetype for placement in Illustrator. But these recent readings of messages in this community lead me to believe that my practice might be defective.

    Question: What is considered best practice to place the screenshot images (or any source) in Illustrator? What kind of capture file will get the results of the lighter and more adaptable?

    My color mode of Illustrator file is CMYK and my other art and legends supporting the perforated Cap work very well.

    I am creating the work for import into Framemaker and create a PDF file for print and online.

    I want to say is; What is the user looking at, and what you are training on?

    For example, if the application includes part of your documents and medical imaging covers something like the assessment of medical images in the application, it would probably be a scenario much more color-critical application in which the user just displays and manipulates the data.

    Generally, you don't need something like 300 PPI for screen captures in documentation of the software. The whole intention is to the image of resemble the screen you document, which is something like 72 or 96 DPI at full size. You can reduce a screenshot as much less 50%, but at this size, the drive shows the text of the application (including the menus, etc.) to half of such size as displayed in the app, which is supposed to be sized for comfortable reading. The sharpness is good. You don't want the images to fade in the pursuit of pointless "resolution."

    Also in General, screenshots of the software are not usually colour-critical. Implementation (same sticky of SnagIt) directly in the page layout application is usually very good. PostScript knows how to separate RGB images. These things have been done for a long time before anyone who sweated blood on "color management." Assuming that the interface of your application uses Garish colors (which would be the poor interface design; it's tiring), I dare say that the conversion of RGB to CMYK screenshots to the imagesetter or press would be nice.

    How to print manual? Unless you're talking about a large prints of the press, today the software (subject to frequent updates) documentation is often printed on presses on demand (think glorified digital color, photocopiers) presses not leaves. With the documentation of the software, you're talking about aren't usually the collection of coffee table books. (The exception would be something like a book on the color in Photoshop correction; so my first question.)

    I always paste screenshots of SnagIt directly into InDesign pages to document software applications and add captions in InDesign. Only when I need some special graphics (plunging arrows, etc.) Assemble the captions for the screenshots in Illustrator; and even when I do that I have usually also paste the SnagIt capture directly to HAVE.

    Keep your native legends for better page layout program facilitates language translation, when you need to outsource that.


  • Need help with Dreamweaver and ebay

    I use Dreamweaver MX 2004 to my ebay templates. However, my images are hosted on a third party site, and I was always paste in front of the photos for the img src one.

    I have a lot of entries to make and I would like to eliminate this step, as the url of the source is always the same, only the name of the image is different.

    I tried to create a site, but that doesn't seem to work if the page is in the same directory as the images.

    (It would be as well if I could see the images in design mode, after they have been source / related, the way I do now, they are the gray boxes for broken links since the CBC is not part of a site).

    Is that what I can do about it? I'm a fairly novice user, if it is already not easy.

    Thank you!


    Wow, it is not in mine either. It's weird.

    In any case, to be as accurate as possible, so you do not replace things in your Web site that you do not have intention, I would find as much of the back-end code as possible about the images that you want to change. Provided that the image at the end of the URL match exactly namse.


    If your tag looks something like this...

    Do a search of code for the entire site for...

    And replace with...

    This will replace all images on each page (as long as you make a complete site search source code) which are derived from the pictures folder. Say so you won't have a few uploaded images that are your own isn't on the Web site. My suggestion would be to put these images in the images folder and create a (unique) different folder name for images that will be eventually drawn from your Web site. (as: pass, something easily recognizable and little likely to be used elsewhere)

  • ORA-03113: end of file on communication channel: delivered Oracle SQL

    We have a SQL comes in an application engine that throws the below error:

    6 ELG. GPDE_DV_SV_CODE <>' 0000' AND ELG. GPDE_DV_ACTIVE IN ('2 ', ' 3') AND
    14 ('09', '31', '32,' 33', 34') AND TRIG. GPDE_DV_EVT_EFFDT < = ABS1. ABS_END_DT AND
    20 (1)) > = ELG. GPDE_AL_BGN_DT AND ((ABS1. EFFDT) (1)) > (SELECT MIN (E3. PRD_END_DT)
    22 * E3. EMPL_RCD = ELG. EMPL_RCD AND E3. CAL_RUN_ID = "FM_CG_0811")
    SQL > /.
    ERROR on line 1:
    ORA-03113: end of file on communication channel

    above sql is passed a statement selection-insert inline, however, as we see, the select query has a problem.

    The interesting part is that if I change AND TRIG. GPDE_DV_EVT_TYPE IN ('09', '31', '32', '33', 34')
    to AND TRIG. GPDE_DV_EVT_TYPE = '31'

    so, it works!

    Suggestions please!

    Thank you

    According to the Metalink3 #654658.1, is not always past in, which means that it happens.
    The Oracle suggested patch is #5128368 or a workaround is to cut the SQL into small pieces to avoid in.

    You could also start an SR to your Oracle support (no support Peoplesoft) to use them for the patch and/or workaround solution to apply.

    Finally and not at least, it seems that Peopletools 8.49 are not supported on Oracle (obligatorily or


  • I just reinstalled Debian 6 and Icedove. I copied the profile in my previous installation and update of profiles.ini who has always worked in the past.

    I wonder now to create a new account. Once I have a workaround to default imap and use pop3 I can't open Icedove. I get an error message that Thunderbird is already underway, and I need to shut it down or restart. I can't shut it down because it is not running. pstree and top do not show it so there is no pid to kill. Given zero annoys me to create a new account and the same problem.

    I have never had any problems in the past. Copy the old profile at .icedove and by changing the profiles.ini always gave me my address list and my old emails. Import, said book mail and address were imported, but it didn't.

    I like Thunderbird and hesitate to throw. I don't like Evolution, but I use it maybe and try to recreate my address book. What a waste of time!


    I was not able to find a lock file. However I deleted profiles.ini and it copied from the backup and that seems to work. The lock was probably hidden somewhere in the .default file.

  • I'm afraid to do the last update because in the past when I update, I always lose something. The last time it was my tabs "pinned". What is the solution?

    I'm afraid to install the last update, because in the past when I update, I always lose something. The last time it was my tabs "pinned". What is the solution?

    No, they are not the same. You really need to put more emphasis on messages displayed by editors / moderators / Admins who have extensive validation "under their belt.

  • When I paste into a new document, it always of impressions with a gray back to Earth. How can I get rid of him?

    I'm a new Mac user with a Mac Book Pro (OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 very.)

    When I paste the text in the Pages, it always prints with a light gray background behind the text. I've never had this problem with Windows. How can I get rid of the gay background?

    The source of the text that you copied also has a light gray background? The light gray background occurs if you use the paste or paste and Style of Match?

  • I want to copy a picture of the paint and paste it into an email. System always told me that it records to the Clipboard.

    original title: Clipboard

    I want to copy a picture of the paint and paste it into an email.  System always told me that it records to the Clipboard.  Where can I get this Clipboard so that I can paste the photo?   Thank you.


    CTRL + C copies to the Clipboard.

    CTRL + V paste it from the Clipboard.

    These FREE utilities will help in the use of the Clipboard.

    InsideClipBoard - free - whenever you have something to copy to the Clipboard to paste in another
    application, the copied data is saved in several formats. The main application of Windows Clipboard
    only display the basic Clipboard, like text and bitmaps formats, but only displays the list of all formats
    which are stored in the Clipboard. InsideClipboard is a small utility that displays the binary content of all
    formats that are currently stored in the Clipboard and allow to save the content of specific format
    in a binary file.

    Another useful utility free allowing you to clear the Clipboard.

    ClipBoard Viewer - free - look inside your Windows Clipboard. See what your favorite
    ask, in four different (TXT, BMP, WMF and DIB) data format. This handy tool can also
    Clears the Clipboard. New version 2.0: now go to the Windows system tray!

    I hope this helps and happy holidays!

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

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