Always taking during the filming of the video?

Hi all

I just joined the community because I intrestest jumping NEX platform. I have a question for the cameras.

Is there any NEX model that can take pictures while shooting video? I checked the model NEX5 has no function, and I wonder if 6 or 7 probably consumes? If so, would have interrupted video always pulling? (Like the Canon digital SLR, which get 2 second break in video whenver I always.)

Someone can asnwer it? I would be very happy.

Thank you!


NEX3N, 5R, 6 and 7 do not have the ability to capture still images for the video for the moment. No word on any updates.

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  • HP 2159 m monitor - problem is 'running ants' vertical lines about 1 mm interval during the video display.

    At the following problem troubleshooting steps:

    (1) monitor confirmed cable is properly attached to the monitor and CPU.

    (2) monitor reset to the default settings in the monitor menu.

    (3) installed the latest driver - HP 2159 m 2.0

    (4) installed the latest driver NVIDIA graphics - 285.62

    Described as "mobile dash", as vertical lines appear to be 1 pixel wide, several pixels long, black, separated by spaces of many pixels and move vertically (up/down) direction.  Lines are separated by 1 or 2 mm.  On rare occasions, the lines are horizontal rather than vertical.

    I see this effect during video playback.  Mobile dots are more pronounced with mid - grey tones.

    Rarely see a few stray clusters of white pixels on screen in any of the video areas.

    Would appreciate any suggestions to solve.


    This problem has been successfully resolved by HP nearly 12 months ago.  There is nothing wrong with my monitor is.

    It's a graphics card from Nvidia to the wrong address.  I was satisfiled with my HP and support products.

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    The videos that I watched come from and I also tried to solve this problem with disabling hardware acceleration in flash player menu and uninstall and reinstall and then restart the computer, which are both different attempts that did not solve the problem.

    Help solving this problem on site will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much

    Please try the solution described in the post below and let us know how it works for you.

    Thank you


  • EPA 10 - screen white in the monitor during the video game - but all is well in the CS6 APPro


    I have an Asus G75V, Windows 7 and Adobe Premiere Elements 10, as well as a subscription to Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 (with booster). All windows updates are up-to-date, also optionally (Bing, which I did not need to backup). I have the latest version of QuickTime (QT 7). Until today everything was fine, but now... Open a project in AP elements (so when I create a new) and get this message:

    We detected incompatible display driver. To get a better reading performance and faster, update your display driver. View the details of the driver: NVIDIA Corporation GEForce GTX 670 M/PCIe/SSE2 3.0.0

    By the way, I have the latest update of Nvidia installed, from their webpage (version 306.97). NVIDIA Web page after scanning my system says: GeForce GTX 670 M 306.97 your PC is currently the last driver for your GPU. No update driver is necessary at this time.

    Indeed, when I open the AP elements, in the monitor Panel, I see the image corresponding to the position of the cursor on the timeline, but when I press PLAY the image on the screen become white, I hear the sound of the film, but there is no picture color, just white. When I STOP the picture from the movie appears. The video is 1920 x 1080, 25 fps from a DSLR, Lagarith codec camera. The computer used to manage the size of the video without any problem.

    When I open another project in Adobe Premiere Pro or Encore CS6, CS6 alright, I see the picture and hear the sound.

    What I try to fix is the following: I reinstalled Adobe Premiere Elements; uninstalled the Nvidia driver; reinstalled the driver Nvidia, the latest version and also tried to revert to the previous version (306.23). Nothing helps.

    I found this: but this isn't for EPA 9.0, 10.0 - I do not have the BadDriver.txt file

    This who could I do, please help?

    Thanks for the help,


    Try what ishown in the link, then replace by 10.0 9.0: this folder name is the version number of the

    First Elements.

    To view the program data folder, you need to see the files hidden when using

    Windows Explorer. Then, you will be able to delete the file baddrivers.txt.

    Good luck.


  • Envy 14: HP Envy running very hot (slows down periodically during the video)


    I would like to get information on how to properly clean my HP Envy 14 laptop fans, number of product B4B14UA #ABA. I tried to use boxes of air through the ventilation openings, but I'm able to accomplish turns too fast the fans. I'm unable to remove dust. It is a laptop I've owned for about 2 years.

    I suspect that the fans/vents are blocked because the winds blow warm air and the base of the laptop is almost too painful to sit on my legs. The upper part of the keyboard runs hot along the strip of aluminum above the function keys.

    Although the use of the battery for several hours, now it takes an hour, running minimum settings due to the heat. In addition, while playing video, the computer will freeze and cause the video to stutter occasionally. I tried a computer laptop cooling pad, but it doesn't seem to be the problem.

    So, in summary, I would like to know whether or not to clean my laptop fans would void its warranty (if it still exists) and whether or not fans of cleaning would be possible for a layman.

    Thank you for your time.


    Hello and thanks for posting on the HP support forums.  Here is the link to your manual of maintenance and Service.

    HP ENVY 14 Notebook PC Maintenance and Service Guide

    This will show you how to access your motherboard and so on so that you can clean your system.  If your system is under warranty, but I would contact HP support for service options.

    Please use this link to contact HP support.

    Please let me know how things are going.  Thanks again for posting and have a great day.

  • How can I get the brands during the video connection to the video


    I don't know what happened with the cs6 first, I need to get my angles (marks) little linking the video to the video which means as the end point of the 1st video early in the second. For example when I drag video to another video, it allows to show me a few brands on the videos which shows they are related between them without losing the video images. I do not see the brands more and I really need them to not cut sequences. Now, since I do not have these angles I Zoom in each time to connect them properly. Help, please!

    Type "s" key to toggle the snap.


  • Lightroom freezes during the video intro [was: go crazy HELP!]

    Help! Just bought CC and Lightroom and I am desperate to use it but there is a video of 30 seconds that pop and will not play or won't go away even when I click x. I restarted my PC, etc. but I can't use Lightroom please help?


    Please press ESC or enter when the video opens.

    Incase it doesn't work, please uninstall and reinstall Lightroom.

    Please let us know if it helps.

    Kind regards


  • Re: Satellite L650-165 - blue screen during the video playback or games


    In October, I bought my L650-165. However, since then, I was faced with the blue screen of death. This happens when either video playback, streaming video or play Football Manager 2011 (video game).

    I think that my problems are all the graphics card related. However, I am really at a loss. I've always used Tosh laptop computers but this problem starts to grate. I keep coming back to my trusty 5 years Equium!

    I'm not that great with Windows 7, so I would appreciate any pointers or possible solutions.

    Thank you



    I had the same problem with my a500 due to a graphics card driver. Try to update:

  • Changes of Dell place 8 Pro camera resolution during the video conversation

    During Skype call for example... I make the call and see my video overview as in the illustration on the left, but when the remote side answers my call my video changes such as the illustration on the right and that's what sees the remote side. So I need to get out of myself for them to see me! Is there a reason for this? Or any workaround, solution? Or a driver issue _ you can experience the same thing with the Skype App Store. There are other Windows tablets that I use and none of them do. Thank you.

    For Hangouts, change the resolution of the HD to SD in order to solve this problem.

    For Skype desktop it doesn't seem to be an option to set up the webcam.

    For the modern Skype App (Metro) the web cam appears by default to the correct settings.

    From what I remember, the drivers work differently for native/legacy apps vs modern/metro apps.  Until an updated driver is available, or there is another (another Tablet with the same hardware) is what it is.

  • Satellite A100 falls down during the video capture in first 6

    I have Satelite A100-153 - PSAA9E (DuoCore T2300 with ATI X 1600) and I'm trying to capture video (Premiere 6.5 of DV camcorder via firewire).
    Whenever I get bluescreen reportng PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA
    ativvaxx.dll - address BFDOF9F9...

    Anyone know what could be wrong? It is quite new instalation original (from recovery DVDs) with only Adobe Premiere 6.5 installed.

    All the best,


    I don't know if it will help you, but I found a useful Toshiba document on similar problems.
    Please check this:
    "By running Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 laptop freeze or crash.

    Please post again if you have solved.

  • Compaq presario CQ57 - always overheated during the game

    My laptop is exactly 3 years. It is still too hot for some games and now she doing that I keep having to deal with. I have a fan from under (extra fan) and it helps a lot. What can I do in addition to the dust of use under the laptop to try to clean it up? Or is my laptop any crash just because he's old? I use windows 7, that's what came with it. I need to know if I can do anythiong home to solve this problem, or do I need to take repair? Or is it just too late? When this happens to my pc is a strange gurgling noise and turns black. So I have to wait and hope, he returned to return to windows, but as of late is no longer the fact, so I end up having close myself which is dangerous (or so I thought it was)?


    3 years without you fans of cleaning is too

    check out this video to see how to clean

    old OS with lots of unused files and small footprint can also make your hottest PC

    missing drivers can also make your hottest PC

    Finally if all this did not help

    I ask you to ask a professional to change the cream on vents

    You can do it yourself if you can when searching for a video disassembly of HP or a Guide for your model to know how to change

    * It is a difficult operation for someone with no experience in this area so if you feel that you can't, a professional will be much better than losing your laptop

    * do not forget what I said about changing the OS and drivers

    This answer solve your message or question?

    If Yes, then share the good news! Inform others that this response was helpful in accepting this solution.
    You can also show your appreciation by giving congratulations.

  • Game crashes during the video intro.

    Original title: salvation


    Here is my system configuration
    OS: windows 7 32 bit ultimate
    Processor: processor intel core 2 duo E7500 @2. 93 GHZ 2.20 GHZ
    the problem is the game freezes for the intro video, have downloaded the game via torrent... I have all tried, used crack, also used the fixer, but any help, please please me no help so that I can take advantage of all the great cars

    Hi sagar_1989,

    Have a look at the article and see if that helps.

  • During the video copy for editing area, the video was not exemplary.

    Hello from Adobe,

    My name is Chen, I work as a support at gluing in Israel (call: Seminar Hakibbutzim).

    Our computers contains the package Adobe CC 2014 with OS Windows 8.1.

    We have a problem with video editing on Adobe Premiere Version 8.2.0 (65) specified build.

    When we try to copy some track to edit video, it only shows the part of the track audio and not the full video (audio and video).

    In some of our computers, the problem does not exist and that they are working correctly when we try to copy the track.

    But there are several computers that they had this problem (all computers are identified with the same operating system and the hardware and software).

    For example, it is the real situation:


    The problem is the following:


    Please contact us at the e-mail address: [email protected]

    Please, help us in this regard.

    Kind regards


    You will need to patch the track source:

  • Update security KB972581 always default during the automatic update, can anyone help? Thanks__

    The updates do not each time automatically updates are installed.  KB972581-security update


    If everything in order, then maybe try manually download and install the update:

    TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2010 - Update Services

  • computer shutsdown during the video file conversion

    I'm trying to convert a file MKZ in AVI (or other type) and process each time the conversion of the computer shutsdown. I tried different programs, but they all do the same thing. any help would be appreciated.


    Method 1: I suggest you to convert an MKZ AVI file on another computer and see if the problem still occurs.

    Method 2: I suggest you to create the new user account and check if the problem persists.

    Create a user account

    I hope this helps!

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