AM deleting / changing music / work

I'm sure this has been posted dozens of times, but the internet is a minefield of misinformation and nonsense and I have not been able to find a definitive answer.

I got a subscription to the music of Apple and wanted to listen to music offline. As I turned on that I had to activate, files / albums / bands sound that I had in iTunes on my Mac and sync on my iPhone and iPad have changed, and some have even disappeared. They are still in iTunes on a Mac with the correct work and tracks, but they won't sync to the phone and tablet. They are all the albums and I myself added files rather than buying / streaming of Apple. Other albums that I myself added have had their work completely changed (I listen to much music soundtracks and added the soundtrack to "Spend spend spend" in my years since the original CD iTunes.) Since activation Apple music half of the titles have been removed and the work was changed to that of "Miss Saigon"!). Other albums that I added the CD had the titles changed in different versions (i.e. the CD version by the suite for a live version), or even artists completely different versions! And I can't get the versions I have in iTunes to go back on the phone / pad.

I'm doing something wrong? Is there something I need to do to stop what is happening / fix this? As I said, if this has been asked / answered already, I'm sorry but I couldn't find anything definitive to solve the problem. Thanks in advance.


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  • Cannot delete the music due to the error of the Admin

    Hi all, I recently met a mistake with my administrator account. Whenever I try to delete a file or a folder in 'My music', I get a message saying "you need to provide the staff privileges to perform this action." I am the only admin on my laptop, but it told me I must ask permission to administrator with the administrator. He also mentioned the name of my admin profile (S117/mozman). I tried to take possession of the file, to see that I have already. Change permissions does not work and the possibility to apply the change to all folders and containers in the folder is grayed out permanently. I'm out of space fast hard drive and so far have not allowed to delete anything music, photos, videos or any other media besides file. Any assistance or solutions would be greatly popular. Thank you =)

    Well, I tried this and I've had some success. I stopped getting the message "you need administrator permission", and instead he traded in the ' cannot delete files: access is denied "or something like that. In all cases, I did all my permissions and other things, it turns out that some malicious software must have gotten past my windows firewall and established a camp in my music folder. A scan quick rootkit well fixed. Thank you very much for your contribution :)

  • Sansa e260 deleted my music files

    I deleted my file containing all my music. The music is always on the piece. I can play and there is no problem with my drive, but I can't see the music files, once I have plug into my PC. I just drag-and - déposer edit my songs. can it be fixed?

    Is the 4G 2 = e260

    Well, if you have deleted the music folder, why you expect to see the files?

    Try changing the USB Mode in the settings. There are 3 modes, PSG, MSC and Auto. Do not use Auto. Manually select the MTP or MSC. Search for your files. So always invisible, switch to the other mode, they should be visible now. Your computer can only see the files when you are connected in the same mode in which they were transferred in, not the other.

    Another little thing... on the e200, the music folder series (and others) are "hidden". You must set Windows to "Show the hidden files and folders" to see them.

  • Why is it when I delete a music file in media player that it won't disappear

    Why is it when I delete some music files on windows media player that they won't go away?

    Hello billyvidrine,
    Thank you for the question!

    It is disheartening to know that have problems you with Windows Media Player. As I understand it, you are not able to remove Windows Media Player music files.

    I need to ask you some questions to help you best.

    1. do you get an error message when you try to delete the music files?

    2. were there any changes (hardware or software) to the computer before the show?

    This problem occurs if the Windows Media Player library database is corrupted. Try these steps and check the result.

    Method 1: Clear the Windows Media Player database
    has. click on Start > type run > click run > Type %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Media Playerand then click OK.
    b. Select all files in the folder and then click on Delete on the file menu.

    Note: You don't have to remove the folders that are in this folder.

    c. restart Windows Media Player.

    Note: Windows Media Player automatically rebuilds the database.
    Method 2: If the problem persists, delete the Windows Media Player database cache files

    a. click on Start > type run > click Run > type % LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft , and then click OK.
    b. Select the folder Media Playerand then click on Delete on the file menu.
    c. restart Windows Media Player.
    Note: Windows Media Player automatically rebuilds the database.

    d. check if the problem persists.

    Meet us if you encounter problems with Windows Media Player or any other problem of Windows, and I'd be happy to help you again and try to correct the problem as soon as possible.

    Good day!

    Hope this information helps.
  • Impossible to change the working directory

    I'm trying to change the working of a computer virtual directory so that snapshots are stored in a different data store.

    I used the following two articles for instruction:

    "Create snapshots in a different virtual directory default location" & docType = kc & docTypeID = DT_KB_1_1 & externalId = 1002929

    "Record or adding a virtual machine to inventory". & cmd = displayKC & externalId = 1006160

    I recorded my VM.  I added the following line to my .vmx:

    workingDir = "/ vmfs/volumes/4cb6d8b0-45f1b122-3a3a-d48564535eca/vm-snapshots.

    This has been copied directly from management.  The only thing I changed was the part of the path that identifies my data store.

    Note: I also tried to use 'vmsnapshots' to ensure that the hyphen was not my problem, but I got the same error message.

    I recorded my VM.  I have no problem adding the .vmx inventory.  When I right click on my VM and go change the settings > Options, the workplace of VM looks OK.  4cb6d8b0-45f1b122-3a3a-d48564535eca translated correctly to the identifier for the data store (it looks like this: [DL360G7DS1] vm-snapshots /).  I turned on my virtual computer.  I get the following error message:

    "This virtual machine cannot be turned on because its working directory is invalid. Use the configuration editor to define a valid working directory and then try again. »

    I didn't know if the "vm-pictures" directory would be created automatically or if I have to create it, so I tried both ways.  There is no space in my path name or a folder.  I had not changed anything else in my .vmx and when I remove the line workingDir, VM powers on without problem.

    There is a good chance I'm missing something simple here.  The path seems to be accepted and pointing in the right direction.  I don't know what I have to do to "vm-shots" to make it valid.  The instructions didn't about the requirements for this directory.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Please let me know if I does not provide enough information or if the rest of my .vmx file should be displayed.

    I would just put the hard in the home folder of the new virtual machine after I have it create?

    From what I understand so far, there is not enough free disk space on the data store "2MB" to host the virtual machine! If there is enough free space on the disk so you can just migrate the virtual machine in this data store using vCenter Server. If there is not enough disk space, you can create a new virtual machine on the data store "2MB" and leave the virtual disks on the data store '1 MB' for now. Just make sure that you document it (for example in the annotations of the virtual machine) If you don't accidentally delete the old folder with the the.vmdk file.


  • Apple music works on Kindle Fire?

    I just got the free trial of 3 months of Apple's music. I own an iPad, only iTunes on my HP computer and own 2 Kindle. I was not able to load the application on the Kindle, Apple music works even on a Kindle?

    Apple music works on my Amazon Kindle Fire HDX without any problem.

  • How to recover 'delete my music '.

    I accidentally hit "Delete my music." Although I can still see the music purchased on iTunes store, it gives me opportunity to re - download or read the full version of the song.

    How can I undo 'remove my music?

    Thank you!

    If it is not displayed in the tab purchased in the app Store in iTunes on the iPad for redownloading then check iTunes from your computer to see if you have hidden it from the Cloud: mask and unmask purchases iTunes or iBooks on your Mac or PC - Apple support

  • Change the working directory of the MathScript node in the working directory of the VI in which the node is added


    I want to automatically change the working directory of the node Mathscript in a VI in the working directory of the VI, while I don't have to specify every time where is my file ".m", as most likely, it will be in the same folder as the VI.

    Thank you

    Walid F. van

    Hi Wade,

    The following picture illustrates how to add the directory to your VI to MathScript search paths.

  • I have music in a cd rw. How can I delete the music file.

    I have music in a cd rw. How can I delete the music file.

    Open the disk, click with the button straight on delete?

  • When you press a key, it causes a change in working capital in the theme color. How do undo you this?

    ORIGINAL TITLE: Keyboard is disabled for a specific user only.

    When you press a key, it causes a change in working capital in the theme color.  This was done deliberately.  How do undo you this?  It is a roaming user on our network profile.

    Hi Koosharem219,

    If you still experience the issue, pressing any key changes the color of the theme, please create a new thread in the Windows XP IT Pro forum. The experts in this forum are better able to help you configure this user account.

  • Accidentally deleted the music file

    So, I accidentally deleted my music file while trying to back up my photos and music. And it's gone missing. The record little colored which used to be he went there. Nothing else that this white page, that Microsoft uses when there is nothing there is left. And now I can not playany MP3 files on my computer because he repeats to me that music has disappeared. Can someone tell me how to recover the file?


    As I understand it in your post, it seems you deleted your music folder located in your user folder. If this is incorrect, please specify.

    If you simply move your file to the trash by clicking on delete, then you can restore it:

    If you were holding SHIFT when you deleted then you have made a permanent removal where you can try a restore from snapshot Service. For more details, see the following article:

    Let us know your results so that we can help you. Thank you.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • I can delete, change and move all other profiles wireless network but one that reappears immediately after that I erase it.

    I have exactly the same problem in Windows Vista Ultimate Edition.  I can delete, change and move all other profiles wireless network but one that reappears immediately after that I erase it.

    I see that you asked initially that this issue in 2010.  Has there every been a resolution?

    My Eureka has been using netsh, explains «How to completely remove a wireless network from Vista» Everything I found on the Microsoft site doesn't give any examples on how to find profiles (netsh wlan name) or the statement appropriate to remove this profile (netsh wlan dlete name = "the name exactly as shown, case-sensitive quotes". That he solved it for me.

  • Somehow, I deleted the Task Manager. Pressing on Ctrl.Alt.Delete no longer works.

    Original title: remove the Task Manager.

    Somehow, I deleted the Task Manager and now when something stops responding and I have to turn on and back! Pressing on Ctrl.Alt.Delete no longer works! How can I get it back?


    This should help you.

    "The problems of Task Manager.

    See you soon.

  • Cipher.exe to overwrite the data deleted in Windows works with Windows Vista?

    Cipher.exe to overwrite the data deleted in Windows works with Windows Vista? He worked under Windows 2000, but not sure about Vista!  Otherwise Vista contains a command to clean free space HDD?


    you need 3 of third party programs to clean free hard drive space

    For your question:

    always check the compatibility of vista programs on the link below

    If a program is compatible with vista you can try right click on the setup.exe, and then selecting run as administrator

    It is not compatible with vista, you can try running it in a previous operating system mode

    This does not work for all programs

    read the information below

  • My crlt + alt + delete does not work, I have a vista 34

    When you try to exit a window program that no longer meets the crlt + alt + delete does not work?

    Hi, Debra,

    What antivirus do you use?

    It worked before?

    Start > right click on my computer

    Click on manage

    Click on Device Manager

    Click on the + sign next to keyboards

    Right-click on the keyboard and select uninstall

    Close the Device Manager

    Reboot and Windows will reinstall the driver.

    Try Ctrl + Alt + Delete

    You have switched the user accounts?  When Ctrl + Alt + Delete fast user switching will not work until you disconnect and then reconnect.

    Right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager


    1. Press CTRL + SHIFT (dry wait)-ESC on the keyboard to bring up the Windows Task Manager.
    2. Click on the "Applications" tab
    3. Under the column 'Task', click on the program, which is "not responding" and you want to close. (The "Status" column should show 'Does not' next program).
    4. Click the "end task".
    5. A "End program" box appears which says "this program is not responding. If you choose to end the program immediately, you will lose all unsaved data. To stop the program now, click End Now. »
    6. Save all data in all programs that are currently open and running.
    7. When you're ready, click "end".
    8. This will stop the program "not responding".

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