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Hello guys,.
I have a problem with my computer hp laptop 1 month ago, the problem is that while I am trying to remove an applications and programs of "uninstail or change a program". by mistake I removed AMD, and then I clicked on Cancel to not be deleted. From the date, I did this. My guard high heating tower, light up and down buttons do not work, and the USB on the left side not answered for a flash memory or plug my hamdsets.

any help please!



First of all, download and install the graphics driver amd and restart.

If usb3 ports don't work, download and install both of these drivers and restart.

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  • Pavilion dv6t - 6 c 00 Quad Edition AMD CTO chart question

    Good evening everyone, I have an issue with my laptop & I hope I can get help to get it resolved.

    I have a Pavillion dv6, and he had the Intel (R) Graphics, & an AMD family who does not appear in Device Manager more.

    The question that happened after I updated the Intel & AMD graphics driver, I updated the family of AMD & Intel Intel HD graphics 3000 to 7460 I think.

    After that graph switchable option disappeared, the AMD graphics card did not show in Device Manager & now, it only shows the family of Intel graphics. I did the system restore, which tried factory reset my laptop, but I think I did enough damage.

    I think that I should not have had updated the graphics driver, but I did and which continues today, any help will be appreciated.

    Genocide24 wrote:

    I apologize for the late reply and thanks for the recommendation & links to the drivers. I want to just set up that I did a factory reset my laptop & now I have the normal graphics driver it is came with, which are the Intel HD Graphics & AMD family too.

    Are there new drivers or updates that I can download without messing my system? The last time that it I screwed up, I've updated the Device Manager. I also ask because I go to Canyourun to see if my laptop can run a certain play, but he can't.

    Then, it just says: upgrade recommended on the graphic video card drivers or.

    Thank you thank you very much your help & answers, I appreciate it.

    The best way to update all of your drivers is to use the HP Support Assistant application.  It will scan your system and install missing drivers or updates.  You also need to install the HP Software Framework.  Here is a link to HP Support Assistant.

    I hope this helps.  Have a great day!

  • Finally saved enough money to buy the Alienware graphics amp and an AMD R290X but a Question?

    This card will fit into the amp of Alienware?

    I've already ordered two and didn't realize until after if this particular R290X would hold or not. Also, I noticed this card supports 2 x 8 pin connectors the PSU has it?

    Hi S7N,.

    Ideally, the amplifier is designed to adapt to any of amd or nvidia graphics card - except the AMD Radeon R9 295 x 2. This is confirmed by digital trends - you can learn more about this link -

    According to our marketing site - it includes the use of R9 290 x - check the link -

    And power connectors - you can find the relevant info - download and view the user guide -

    Let us know if you have any other questions.

  • HP envy 6 1202sa ultrabook - graphic dedicated question 8750 m AMD

    I bought this phone a little more than a week to help me in my studies together. One of the main reasons for this purchase was to ensure that I have the capabilities of game.

    I am not a computer expert but have a good knowledge of most of the bases.

    The laptop runs on Windows 8 (64-bit), it has an Intel i7-3517u processor. Is thin so it doesn't have a CD player, so the only option is to download steam for games. Basically, the downloads seem to happen. I can run the games, but no matter how modern / demanding, they are; the problems of stuttering and sound place. Is not necessarily the frame rate, but rather as random slowdowns, it is difficult to describe.

    The games I tried are GT Legends, race Injection, Raceroom racing experience and today Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge 2. They are difficult to more traditional games but especially for the rugby match recent compatibility should be high for Windows 8, still in defining graphics it recognizes more than 4000 Intel.

    I am aware of the pole switchable graphic catalyst and have put all these games to high performance and had my laptop connected running, but they remain on 4000 Intel graphics that are terrible. I initially update drivers and software catalyst, but it seemed so do features disappear. I could not right click and configure graphic elements so that all programs of ATI/AMD have been in random formats, then I did a system restore. I don't know about the BIOS but this seems risky, and I'm not sure how to access it. I've updated the graphics card driver directly via the Device Manager on the Panel as well.

    Whenever I have download and install the games it seems to leave my hard disk fragmented, it is 15% of fragmentation today so I constantly have to defragment a reason any. If download games causes this I don't know.

    Assistance would be greatly appreciated. I just never thought playing games could be so complicated.

    Games that select the graphics card before he started very probably will not work with AMD discrete graphics card.  If they are OpenGL games, it does not use the default AMD card.  Whether games use OpenGL or not can help identify what is the question.  If he is confirmed to use OpenGL, the cause has been identified.

    Overheating can cause performance problems.  The only recommendation I have at this point would be to use compressed air to clean the air openings.  Accumulation of dust may not appear in the vents, but using compressed air can clear an accumulation that is not visible.

  • Questions of HDCP with Hyper V and AMD video drivers


    I bought a legitimate copy of Windows 8 Pro and have acquired two films through video, I also have a Netflix Xbox account. Whenever I try to view purchased videos or play a movie through Netflix, I get the following error.

    After much research, I understand that it may be caused by a combination of different things.

    • AMD video drivers
    • Hyper V
    • Windows Media Player/Xbox Video bug
    • Bug in Windows 8

    Here's my computer specification

    As you can see I have the latest driver installed, I also tested video playback of these applications on all previous versions of the video driver. I need also Hyper V and Windows 8 (as what) for work so these things can not be compromised.  I also opened messages in the following forums so please do not try and direct me to someone else.


    Hyper V



    I had the problem as well. I solved it by uninstalling Hyper-v.  Not a great solution because it is the reason why I went to Windows 8 Pro.

    It's a big problem. Another work is about (I wrote this for WMC), but it applies to any other protected content.

    Of course, if you run these programs inside of a virtual machine, it does not help.


    MVP Windows Entertainment and connected home

    My Blog -

    Connected world Blog Reader Windows 8 App Barb-

    Windows and Surface drive Windows 8 App community

    Please mark as answer if that answers your question

  • Satellite L555 - 10 m - AMD Display Driver Question


    I have since 25.01.2012 12.1 amd drivers on my Satellite L555 - 10 m on it.
    I have an ati radeon hd 4650 in it, but in the version noted the following:
    The following books are not compatible with this version:
    Notebooks of Toshiba® (please contact the laptop OEM for support of the drivers for these laptops)

    what it means?

    I would appreciate help.
    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards

    Laptops are specific products with a specific design and cooling system. Because of this material, the activity is controlled by laptop manufacturer. All laptop manufacturers offer customized display driver to reduce the performance of the graphics card to a reasonable level.

    At top level on performance can produce more heat, overheating and even damage the hardware. This is the reason why it is recommended the use of Toshiba drivers only.

  • Hey, question on my new IdeaPad z50-75 (AMD fx-7500) - cpu not no clock to the top

    Hello everyone

    I just got two or three days old Lenovo IdeaPad z50-75, running on the FX-7500 AMD really happy about some things

    Firstly, I noticed just now that my CPU runs at 1.07 Ghz, before it was always more than 2 Ghz or so that was good... but maybe I've touched something somewhere in the settings powr or something and now it stays on 1.07 same when the cpu used well enough. I put the power plan to high performance and also Energy manager is configured using the high performance and Conservation mode is on... What is the holdup? why it is not itself clock upwards? I think it's slower than before... so any reference to what could cause this.

    Grateful for any advice or ideas.


    I do not have a similar unit like yours, but try not to use the mode of conservation in conservation mode and see if you now have what you expect.

  • Risks for adding memory to windows AMD Turion 64 / 32 bit operating system - 2 Questions

    Can I add memory to the system of memorization of the AMD Turion 64 / 32-bit operating system, without damage to the laptop computer through Microsoft?

    You can add memory and I suggest you to contact the manufacturer for assistance on this issue.
  • Getting NEW monitor for my system to APU AMD P6-2133W - a few Questions?

    Hi all

    Get a 20-inch 1600 x 900 HP and I was wondering if I'll have any lag in games, or whatever it is, ranging from a screen size 17 inch 1280 x 720?  I know it is a big jump, and when I bought this machine in June does not then check all monitors.

    Some of my friends say game will be terrible on this APU system and lag as possible with the new monitor, so a little scared now, monitor arrives tomorrow

    Here are the specifications of your desktop HP Pavilion p6-2133w. According to the specifications, this model uses a processor AMD 3620 A6 w / integrated graphics Radeon™ HD 6530 D. change the monitor will really affect the graphics or cause delay. The APU and its integrated graphics are where you can encounter a problem. The only way to overcome these potential problems is to install a more powerful APU (such as the A8-3850) or a discrete graphics card and power supply.

    Please send Bravo

  • Maybe a stupid question move VMs from Intel for servers based on AMD and Vice Versa as regards

    I saw wrescie of documentation related to the limitation of the fast vMotioning of VMs between host running different platforms CPU... but nothing (so far) that deal directly with the mobile (cold, firm VMs) VMs 1 host with one type of processor to another... again, while the guest virtual computer is stopped.

    Reason for the request is that we want to buy some cheap MicroServer for ESXi Lab Use AMD-based, but hopes to move virtual machines from / to them and of / to our production based on Intel Xeon platforms.  in this case, vMotion, isn't a matter of concern.

    RHEL 5 + have all the problems, but RHEL 4 may have some problems. Check out this KB: KB 1909.

    It really depends on if the distribution has any installation of the specificities for AMD or Intel. Nowadays, most are generic, unless you customize them.

  • CS3 usually open in Windows 7 - AMD processor question - HELP!

    After a lot of research I found there was a common problem with the processors AMD on Windows 7 and get CS3 to run correctly. Apparently a patch was created, which fixed the problem for users with similar issues. But the links to the patches are no longer valid.

    I have no phone right now, aint chat work - and I can email Adobe of course, someone please...

    Here is the forum that I found with these links and explanations:

    From there, this pretty much describes:

    "Just bought a HP Pavilion Elite with AMD processorand Windows 7 Home Premium.  Photoshop CS3 would install but cling when you access. Some forums suggest that Photoshop CS3 is not compatible with this processor AMD and Windows 7 (64-bit). I called HP and was told that the software is not compatible. I was about to return my computer when I found this forum. I downloaded and installed the patch. I then opened Photoshop (for the thousandth time) and voila - it FINALLY opens! »

    I also found many other isntances of this complaint with AMD processors - Photoshop Gets a window opens then goes in does not. All other applications will not open (but do not appear in my task manager). So, it isn't really a specific complaint of Photoshop, but I'm placing here.

    I've updated the graphics card, changed the classic desktop theme, not Aero, tried running the program in compatibility mode different, all to nothing does not.

    This patch that these guys MENTIONED has GOT to be it. Someone help me to get back to work!

    Thank you in advance.

    I do not know if this patch will solve your problem, but this could be

    what you are looking for:


  • Satellite L50-B-1F9 - question AMD GPU R7 260 m


    I bought this toshiba laptop with a double GPUT (Intel HD and R7 m260), but after a year of owning this notebook I stumled on this problem which I didn't know before.

    My R7 card seems to be broken or not active for some reason any. When I go to hardwaresettings and disable my card intel HD and try to start a game, I find myself with a 5 ~ 6 IPS. However if the Intel HD adapter is enabled and that the disabled R7 my fps skyrockets to 70 ~ 80 fps. I find it very strange due to the fact that A7 card must be much greater than my Intel HD.

    I searched for a solution on the internet but the only thing I tripped had other customers with exactly the same laptop and exactly the same problem. So I was hoping to find some help here

    Thank you in advance.

    As you say; the laptop supports the internal graphics (Intel HD Graphics 4400) card, which is part of the Intel CPU and ATI GPU Radeon R7 M260 externally which is much stronger than the Intel HD graphics card.

    It seems really strange to me that the external ATI GPU provides better performance.
    I think it's just a mistake or a misconfigured system.
    Please check this YouTube clip:

    It shows you how to switch to the ATI GPU and get better performance.
    Put all the video settings for the best performance and check the fps game while

  • HPE h8-1300z AMD (AG2) CTO: Question of BIOS

    I see this in the UEFI BIOS firmware updates but it's very vague on what it actually is about: -.

    I was able to find a more recent version than the f. 7.05 version you have currently installed.

    It is designed for the motherboard product nuimber M3970AM-HP you suupplied in your last post.

    See the following link for the version 7.16.

  • Questions-help needed please rendering of fonts

    Last week, a Google search on Firefox or Chrome (but not Opera) gives me results where the fonts look gappy. Sometimes there are extra points above the letters. I uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox from scratch in case an add-on was at fault, but even with a clean install, I still see the question. I checked my font settings and do not have any defined minimum font size. I allow pages to choose their own fonts ticked.

    I downloaded an image where I can see a few correctly rendered text and text to research Gauthier (not a Google search but a query of Mozilla). It also happens when the comments submitted online sometimes, as you type it will gappy but it will correctly show once. Ideas for a fix would be welcomed warmly and I can provide more examples if it would help. Even though it is not related to Firefox, I restore all default settings in Chrome and it does not solve the issue here either.

    I uninstalled the latest Windows Update since the problem is recent, but it changed nothing. I don't know if browsers would still look at my fonts for computers.

    Hi Auds77, it's probably caused by kb3013455 of update from microsoft that can cause problems of rendering fonts on vista:

    After you have installed the 3013455 security update, you may notice a degradation in quality of text in some scenarios. The problem occurs only on systems running Windows Vista SP2 or Windows Server 2003 SP2. Microsoft is researching this problem and will post more information in this article when the information becomes available.


    an option may be to tackle this particular update for now until there is a fix from microsoft or you could also look at if there is a graphics driver update available on the Web site of the seller (intel/amd/nvidia) which could also be solved this problem in some cases.

  • MBP 17 inch 2.5 GHz end 2011 video-questions

    Good day to you all.

    Confusion serious, for me anyway.

    There are and have had problems with the AMD Radeon HD 6750 M and HD 6770 M graphics cards. Suddenly distorted video, random reboots, odd shaped and colored stalls artefarcts etc., in the start of the end.

    I happen to have one of those affected Mbps, a late 2011 model, 17-inch core i7, 2.5 GHz, the model identifier MacBookPro8, 3, model number A1297, EMC 2564. It's still fully usable, nothing wrong, but who could, not necessarily expected or, will come to an abrupt end as many owners, some of my friends have known and display these columns.

    The site of Apple "MacBook Pro repair Extension program for video Issues" (, I learned:

    products concerned:

    • models of MacBook Pro 15 inch and 17 inch made in 2011.

    • MacBook Pro 15 inch with retina models made from mid-2012-beginning 2013

    I walked to my S/N MBP, it turns out that my MBP is no longer covered.

    MacTracker 7.5.5 I learn that the MBP A1297 introduced in October 2011 and abandoned by June 2012.

    Repair of Apple (for models non-retine) program talks about the models made in 2011.

    My question: how about the models made between January and June, 2012?

    Something has been changed or modified in order to get rid of the problems of graphics cards? Something like, say, update motherboard, graphics, a radiator, redesigned, more powerful fans?

    For me, it's quite confusing, via this link, I discovered that my MBP 17 inch out of the Assembly line the 5th week of 2012, factory C0, Quanta Computer China. I'm not the first buyer, I don't know who it was, or when it was first purchased.

    What I worry, in other words is my MBP 'off-the-hook '?

    Could someone shine some light in this?

    With sincere greetings from continental Europe

    Khalid Hoogenbos

    The original questions developed in some 2010 models with integrated graphics discrete AND who uses graphics switching. These have proved to finally have a DEFAULT MONSTER - a defect in the graphics chip itself. The problem was there from the moment when they were built, but itself has failed, until these Macs have been highlighted or installed the latest versions of Mac OS X.

    In order to determine what was causing the growing pile of bad mothers replaced the field, Apple has developed the video switching Test (VST).

    Trying to continue studying these issues, other issues appeared in some 2011 models. These were not the same hidden defects in the chips, but Apple has never revealed exactly what they were.

    Some users suggested that they might have been problems with the excessive heat generated or process, such as the exact used solder type, or the amount the technique with which it has been applied, or all of this and more. You must be certain that all relevant updates have been applied, (if any) that these may affect cooling fan control.

    When you see a reminder that is limited to a certain period of time, you can generally be assured that if your Mac does not fall within the time limits stipulated it is simply NOT submitted the issues addressed in the callback.

    To be eligible for the reminder, your Mac must strictly comply with ALL requirements. It is a very small subset of users whose MacBook Pro of the time period appropriate have additional problems and will not start. They are NOT eligible for the free motherboard replacement, because they can not run (and therefore may not) the VST test.

Maybe you are looking for