An another CS6 disable help stupid question... Sorry! ;-)

Hi guys, I spilled a cup of tea (surprisingly not alcohol) on my keyboard from laptop to the new year then smoke and a dead motherboard, unfortunately no time to disable my Photoshop CS6Extended of this machine installed 2013. I understand that I must contact customer support to disable so I can install on my new laptop but can't communicate, just going round in circles here... masse I should I communicate with UK or US concerning opening hours, or is it simply a busy 24 hours help? :-(

Thanks, Mike



You will need to contact support by calling/chat for this request.

Contact the customer service

* Be sure to stay connected with your Adobe ID before accessing the link above *.

Kind regards


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  • Stupid question, I know, but after years of use of Firefox, on this one I can not find the icon of reloading the Page? Help, please.

    In the past, when I refresh a page, I just went to page reload icon in the toolbar. On the new version, I can't have the icon charge. Sorry I know this is a very stupid question, but I can't find that reload icon. The toolbar is very different from previous versions, but I don't know tht pesky icon should be here somewhere!

    Firefox 4 and later versions use a combined Stop/Reload/Go button that is placed at the right end of the address bar.

    During the process of loading page it shows as a stop button and once the charging button is replaced by a reload button.

    If you type in the address bar this button would then become a button go.

    Click the Reload button to duplicate the current tab in a new tab.

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    Stupid question CS6. How can I get rid of my experience after using the quick selection tool?

    The best way would be to make sure that your layer is not a background layer: click the lock icon in this case. Then click the icon at the bottom of the layer panel layer mask. This will create a mask that you can refine and not be destructive.

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    With the application of CC open, select the gear icon in the upper right, and then choose Preferences.  In the preferences of the screen select creative cloud and then look for the drop-down list installation location

  • Is. MOV compressed video format? (sorry if this is a stupid question)

    Is. MOV (with a cannon EOS Rebel T2i ) a compressed video format? I apoligize if cela a stupid question with an obvious answer.

    As well as the prejudice RAID RAID, or not, this ARTICLE could be very useful for defining an auxiliary system appropriate IO for you and the best spend your $.

    I agree with Colin, that a RAID probably isn't going to help that bang a lot and more for the $ would be with a correctly adjusted upwards and allocated I/O.

    Good luck


  • BlackBerry Smartphones has BB for less than 24 hours... some (stupid) questions!

    Hi all

    I looked through some tips and read the summary instructions (at best) that came with my BB and now have a few questions, if that's ok:

    1. I downloaded the "favorite" of Facebook, but I don't know where that is?  I thought this would be an icon, I could then add to the home screen?  If it IS, then how can I find and to do this?

    2. is it possible to add my iTunes Catalog, or a part of it, to my BB - are compatible somehow?

    3. how to choose something other than the horrible Vodafone home page, to be my homepage on the internet?

    5. What is the difference between "browser" icon and the icon "WAP"?  Am I meant to go through one preference to another, because in the end, they both make the same thing?

    6 represents the number of pins only to give BB 'friends', so we can chat on messenger, or there are homonyms?

    Again, sorry for the stupid question; I'm really proud of the implementation so far without any help from the husband, but having my llimitations, lol - it's a world apart form the Nokias I've owned exclusively for the past 13 years... but I think I love her!

    Thank you

    L x

    1. I don't know about a 'bookmark', unless you try to bookmark a place in your web browser? You can download and install the Facebook for BlackBerry application.

    Use the browser of your BlackBerry to access

    2. Yes, use of BlackBerry MediaSync software...

    iTunes with DRM will not transfer, DRM coding should be removed first of all files.

    3. open the browser to the page that you are going to choose as your home page, and then press the Menu key > Options > browser Configuration > scroll down > address Home Page > use current Page

    5. I would like to use the browser icon. WAP icon uses the data of your service provider's WAP service.

    6. the PIN identifies your device to the network and is, so to speak, "Digital ID" in your devide.

    And Yes, your use of the primary AXIS will invite friends with BlackBerrys chatter on BBMessenger.

    You would benefit from reading and practice of 9700 (very similar) my friend Mr. Stinsonddog PIL.
    Look at this link for them, download and print the PDF file and practice the tips using your device. You will be amazed at all the cool things that your BlackBerry can do.

  • Stupid question: is there a way to align the grids online Adobe?

    While I'm able to line up on the bumper of the drawn objects, this behavior does not appear to be translated to the grids. Is there an additional parameter which must be running in order to align the grids on the canvas? I'm sorry if this is a stupid question and thanks in advance.

    Hi there crwinchester!

    Thanks for reaching out and I'm sorry for the very late reply. While you can't snap to grid itself, you can use the slide or the sovereign built into Illustrator Draw drawing and vector design app | Download Adobe Illustrator to draw to align specific or arbitrary angles angles.

    Let me know if that helps!


  • Align text merchandise a Flash animation [was: Stupid Question?]

    Bear with me, im pretty new to dreamweaver and web design.

    I'm workin on a site and I need to know in the maincontent

    How can I get content to sit next to each other.

    I have a flash movie and I want to put the text beside him,

    by default, the text is located beside it, but instead of starting at the top of the page

    on the same line where is the top of the video, the text begins downstairs next door

    the video, so there is a large white space between the top of the site and the beginning of the text.

    I use floats so that it can align correctly or is there another way?

    Sorry if I've explained very well

    Thanks in advance

    [Is not a stupid question, but a subject line empty - edited by Moderator]


    First thing to do is to place your text inside the relevant tag)



    ). Then join this in a div in the main content div and float right, application of margin, padding, etc., depending on the needs.


  • Yes, that was a stupid question

    Yes. It was a stupid question. Serial number written on the bottom of the computor. Yes. I have it. DOH!

    Although it would be useful for Apple to include this info in the topic How to find section...?

    Still unresolved problem but it seems to be a non-accessible boot drive.

    Reserved it in for bypass surgery, so we're getting there.

    Apple has done an article on how to find a serial number:

    Fighting yourself.  You're not the first and won't be the last to have such a problem.

    If yo chooses to provide more details about the difficulties with your MBP, maybe others can help you solve them.


  • Stupid question: why tinytots (and other similar fonts) will not work in Firefox?

    I am a user of Tumblr, if of course if I had to work on a theme, I would like to see the fonts that I have chosen to serve. In Chrome, everything seems as it should usually (relative to the fonts). In Firefox, I respond specifically to these two browsers so my theme seems not completely horrible. In my opinion, only a browsing experience more could be made if Firefox showed fonts such as tinytots for more than just me, but for someone else who is perhaps not brave enough to post about it. This brings me to another question: I'm just ranting or is it possible I can see these fonts and not know about it?

    This isn't a stupid question.

    Google Chrome has its own library of fonts.

    Mozilla Firefox runs Windows fonts library.

    To run on Firefox fonts, they must be installed on Windows and then Firefox must be restarted.

    Sometimes, Web sites do not use the correct font name and the police is found, even if it is installed.

    A good website designer would design a Web site with backup for users to load fonts if they do not have the installed font.

  • REALLY stupid question about virtual machines and disks of cancellations.

    I'm a bit hesitant to ask this question because it might make me look stupid, but...

    When I'm done using Virtual PC and a virtual machine running Windows XP Pro with Vista 64 Home Premium because the host os, often I did not any significant changes to the hard disk of the virtual machine.

    What I save gets saved to a network share on my server for files and printing from Win98 and saved on a flash drive.

    Assuming that I do no configuration changes or anything else I want to keep, is there a reason barely stopping properly when I 'cancellations discs' enabled?

    Any reason, I can not save time by pressing the 'X' button and choose 'disable and remove changes '?

    I am aware of patches, but took me to inform me of the patches, and I can get patches when it's convenient for me and I always validate changes when I install the patches. I'm not using it for anything other than my classes of the school of the evening for the time being, so it is not much of a value of protection on the virtual machine, and I used to write papers on the host operating system. I just use the virtual machine to play with the admin tools in an environment where I can easily fix it a massive screw-up without spending hours to reinstall Windows.

    Hey SlickRCBD,.

    Not a stupid question at all! :)

    It's very well hit the X when you have activated the disks of cancellations. And corruption or problems with the active virtual machine will be resolved when using the drive to cancel it.

    Cody C
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • stupid question about UAC

    OK, it's a REALLY stupid question about UAC.

    I have several icons on my desktop. Some of them are games that must be run as administrator in XP compatibility mode.

    I rarely accidentally tried to open the icon, particularly if you use the keyboard to choose what I want.

    Is there a reason if I accidentally open a game that pushes me in height DO NOT hit 'Cancel' if I didn't intend to play the game at the moment, but trying to open something else? Something like a process being left in suspense, memory leaks, or any other reason why I can't Abort to launch the application to the UAC prompt?

    Hey, Slick,

    Clicking Cancel will prevent the running total process if you do not have to worry about the still ongoing services for memory leaks or game, etc..
    I hope this helps.
  • Digital networks... Maybe a stupid Question

    I have three updated servers in place currently in my lab. One is 3.3.4 Call Manager called EV. I have two other servers, the two 4.0.3/EX2000 unity. One is called AA and the other is called EVVOIP which is connected to the EV Call Manager. Two unity servers are in the same domain/AD Forest, but different Exchange servers. I configured the search options, options for addressing etc.. I have also configured a dial in EVVOIP area, and there have been replicated to AA, so I could select it. I did the reg also hack. When I use a telephone connected to the CM and go in the EVVOIP unit, I hit the ' * ' key to access the main menu. I select '4' to join the fate of directory name. I can get the names of the local server on EVVOIP, but when I try to retrieve the names of AA, it returns nothing.

    Here is the stupid question. Do I need to have an another call manager to the top and connected also to the AA unity server running? I'm not trying to transfer a call, just try to search for names. I can't join the names from the store of the AA unit.

    Thank you.

    Yes, it is certainly a factor.

    The choice of name list manager will never offer a username to a caller outside that does not have a name of the recorded voice. For subscribers addressing messages, these users are, of course, available, but they are checked with their extension number (no doubt if an external caller knew their extension number they would have composed it).

    If you need to record the names of a few votes for users before they will appear in the list manager of choice of name for external callers.

  • Very stupid question of blackBerry Smartphones A

    I'm sorry to bother you with what I am certain is a very stupid question.  I promise you that I am in fact quite irritable, but this very simple thing has running me around in circles for more than an hour now.  I went through all the videos of tech support that I can find and I can't find one online anywhere to solve what is surely a simple problem.

    I bought a Curve 8310 this morning and is to sign up through Straight Talk.

    Unfortunately, the #& * ^ @ thing won't let me accept the contract of Blackberry Solution license.  No matter what I do, it keeps taking me back to the agreement.  I tried:

    1. enter everything right.

    2 prescription until "I agree" is in white (leaving "I do not accept" in blue)

    3 space limitation until the "I agree" is blue (leaving "I do not accept" white)

    4 space requirement until the two "I agree" and "I do not accept" are white.

    In these four cases, when I lorsque je tape hit enter, it brings back me to the license agreement. There is no other options given.

    It's obviously culture of the box, because I couldn't any changes made to the settings if I wanted to. How to proceed?

    Try doing a battery pull. Let it reboot and see if the problem is still their. If the problem is still their after restarting, I think you should try to get a replacement.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones first timer question (sorry!)

    Hey all,.

    I am a newbie to the BB but love until now.  I have a quick and probably stupid question on the calendar - when put in meetings/appointments seem to let me just plan on time. How can I change the start time of something other than time?

    Thank you very much

    Welcme to Frums!

    This isn't a stupid stupid question!  When you go to the calendar application, then click on the menu and NEW, (make sure you are on the desired date) skip to BEGINNING that will show your day and the date and time (which is in hours). You can scroll through the minutes and change the time.

    Enjoy this blackberry!


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