an audio monitor off the 70 d eos does

I'm considerng the EOS 70 d for some photo work and video. Can an audio monitor off the 70 d EOS while video recording?

Thank you.



Hi chuckcox!

Thanks for posting.

No, there is a port on the EOS 70 d allowing headphones to plug for audio monitoring.  However, the camera has an HDMI port, which carry an audio signal.  You can send the HDMI signal to an external monitor that allows you to connect headphones and monitor audio.

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  • How do I audition separate audio tracks in the source monitor Panel?

    I don't see anything about this in the help doc.

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    You listen to one; Premiere Pro is screwed in that regard. Audio monitoring in the Source monitor Panel is limited to one track at a time, either EQ or stereo.

    Switch to the Audio waveform display and then click the track selector. It is default to channel 1.

    Unfortunately, it remains active for the current clip. When you're done screaming and swearing, please file a feature request for more intelligent audio surveillance: Adobe feature request/Bug Report Form

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    You should ask your question at Popcap. you won't get help here.

    See what-

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    To turn off the heart rate monitor:

    -On your iPhone, in the application of Eve, go to: Watch My > privacy > Motion & Fitness > disable the heart rate.

  • monitor turns off turning off the kitchen light

    I know that sounds weird, but I have a problem for some time now. I have a trash can end 2013, Mac Pro and Eizo monitor connected by a miniDisplayPort to DisplayPort cable. When I turned off the light in my kitchen, the monitor lost the signal from the Mac for about 10 seconds, and then returned. It was an annoying problem, but I could live with it.

    Now, after the last update to OSX, the problem got worse. The screen loses the signal, but can't find again as before. Even if I unplug & plug the cable displayport, I can get the screen on again once. Only if I use a MiniDisplayPort to DVI, I can make it work with a bit of luck. Then, when I plug the miniDisplayPort to DisplayPort cable and unplug the DVI adapter, it finds its 'report once again... also with a bit of luck and after switching around between outputs 6.

    I have no idea how to solve this problem. And I can't use the DVI adapter because it does not support native of 27 "screen resolution (only until 1920 px I think).

    Any idea on what could be the cause of this problem is welcome!

    I would try to eat the Mac and the monitor by a UPS (uninterruptible power supply).

    Also try plugging the Mac and the monitor in the taken away from the light switch.

    Sounds like you have an electrical problem in the House

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    Please help me.

    Thank you.

    I don't know if it's possible, but you could try to go into display settings and set an external because it is main if possible display and then disable the laptop with Fn + F2 but idk if it will remain inactive if you portable computer power, then on again :/

    Update: how to do this, right-click on the screen area and select the screen resolution while having the connected external display then of you will find a drop down a 3rd or a 4th do not remember but inside, you'll find stuff like show desktop on the screen 1 or 2 to find out what your external display screen number is and apply it to this form then computer laptop screen should turn black as it is turned off and you will see desktop area is on external display so I hope that this has resolved your request.

    PS don't forget to press Bravo if it helped

  • Triggering off the coast of beginning of Pulse Audio in question DAQmx...

    Hi guys,.

    First of all, it is more a matter of software than hardware, so I didn't post this specific question in the multifunction DAQ card...

    So I'll try to trigger an acquisition finished off the start of a pulse audio, however I have audio sync issues, due to the fact that it can be started before my VI runs. As noted below, the audio is generated and pulsed for 500ms on and 500 ms off the coast, and between these periods, a digital pulse is generated this way (shown in red). I have a problem to stay synchronized, due to the fact that I samples finished for 1 second of a data value, and if the USE EEG is faster than me, I can catch the pulse audio at Midway, rather than at the beginning.

    I'm trigger analog outboard of a sound signal of 50mV and capturing two audio channels simultaneously and consistently captures 3 digital channels when they receive the trigger of the beginning of analog input trigger reference digital edge. If digital are slaves and audio is the master in this configuration. The point of this is to get a delta timed material at the time rather than use the timestamps of windows.

    As I said, I use an Analog Edge Trigger Start to start my purchase, what triggers the digital task Digital Edge Start Trigger to start as well. How can I make sure that I start at the BEGINNING of a new pulse audio if I get out of sync, I can't understand this logic... Analog edge goes off just when it goes to the specified level, but maybe it's at half way through the 500ms pulse, so this is my problem...

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    The variability in timing you see at points 2 and 4 somewhat dictate against the possibility to set up a re-triggering precisely timed by the hardware configuration.  I think that you need to abandon the idea of making repeated sampling finished back to back and switch volleys in a mode of continuous acquisition and treatment.

    To help with this, I aim to capture the moments of digital via meter rather than DIO pulses and be ready to give up the acquisition rate noise much (if necessary) given that you said that your main concern is to distinguish between ON and OFF.

    I must configure the counter to use the Digital pulse as a sample clock and use the sample clock signal HAVE the "time base", i.e. the signal which the edges will be counted and buffered in memory.  This will give you 2 samples per second instead of 5 M and the values of the counter at these sampling points is the index in your AI data which occurred impulses.  Pretty neat and clean.  Just be sure to start the task of counter in front of the task to HAVE it.

    -Kevin P

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    Hi all!

    We have a series of WES 610 thin, agent image 5.1.983, 4.5.3660.161180 version.

    We leave tour monitor forever in power with an administrator account management options. But when connected with the client user account shut down the monitor after 15 minutes (factory settings). With the user account, it is not possible to set power options and the system not inherit the settings of the administrator account. Any suggesttions to set never turn off the screen to also with the user account?

    TKS, Carmelo

    TKS for the tip!

    We have tried all your suggestions, but the second and third didn't work.

    Only the first seems to be applicable.

    We have copyed the powercfg on the client and then run the command window by using the credentials of the user, in this way, we were able to change the right key in the active power scheme.

  • Turn off the monitor and input block


    I am trying to create simple VI that will turn off the monitor (or screen saver turns on) and entrance to block mouse and keyboard - user so won't be able to see the screen and do any action. I use system32.dll for this.

    My problem is that when my VI turn off the monitor, user can enable it back by simply moving the mouse or using the keyboard, similarly as these devices are blocked (by the function BlockInput of System32.dll).

    How can I do the ultimate freeze?

    Attached VI is based on Danny_Funk 'disable the

    Dear bieneck,

    This is a very interesting problem you have there. I was snooping around Microsoft technical support for a bit, and the only reasonably simple method, I found was running powercfg.exe from an elevated line comand. You can query wake programmable devices with powercfg - devicequery wake_programmable poster theand disable using "Your device name" powercfg - devicedisablewake. Here you can find a more detailed documentation.

    Except that I have found no reliable method that will spare you excessive digging in the registry. Maybe some 3 rd party tool?

    One more thing: If your goal is to prevent the user from interacting with anything, it would be easier to make up a large modal window that does not workaround? At least, it seems to me that it is much simpler to use a native Windows function that is not provided for this purpose.

    Kind regards:

  • Turning the monitor off


    I use Lenovo U400 and I wonder if it is possible to turn off the monitor, only,

    Thank you.

    Hi CalciumKid,

    Lenovo U400 is not a hotkey to turn off the LCD, but as an alternative:

    If you are running Windows 7, press the F10 key and choose projector only. This will turn off the internal LCD monitor and switch to an external monitor (if you have not, it will simply turn the monitor off). To switch back, simply press the Enter key.

    If you are under Windows 8, press the F10 key and choose the second screen only. To switch back, simply press the Enter key.

    I hope this helps.

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    Windows Media Player play about half of the clip, then the picture cuts off, the screen goes black, but audio continues to play.  Just reinstalled MP 11, same problem.


    · What is the number and the model of the computer?

    · This occurs when you are working on any specific file format?

    · Were there any changes made on the computer?

    · You play the file in mode full screen?

    Change hardware acceleration

    a. you can try to change the hardware acceleration in the middle and check (you can try another level too.)

    b. right-click on a space empty on the desktop.

    c. go to the resolution of the screen.

    d. click Advanced settings, and then click the "troubleshooting."

    e. set hardware acceleration in the middle. (Here you'll get the only option your video card sound support).

    You can also check: you receive an error message of codec or audio plays video but does not play when you play media files in Windows Media Player 11:

  • Program opens off the screen in a multiple monitor on Windows XP configuration

    Original title: I URGENTLY need help with an XP several problem of monitor!

    Our company has recently migrated to a new office and I got stuck with the displacement of all the computer systems to the new office. To make a long story short, one of our employees use four 4 monitors. After many difficulties, I finally got the monitors working as a horizontal screen with scrolling smoothly from left to right.

    However, I have a BIG problem. One of the programs of this employee uses disappears (flies off the screen right most) when maximized. I can bring it by moving to the right screen, but I can't understand how to do that a permanent solution. ANYONE - your help would be appreciated. Is it a matter of swapping the screens? It was rather difficult to get properly prepared screens because it did not meet the order, I tried. Anyway, these people are rare flowers and get bent out of shape, if the program opens on the designated window. Is there a way to specify which window it can open on whether it can be remedied at all times?

    Thanks in advance

    Hi Petrovsky9000,

    Have you tried disabling 3 additional screens and then by testing the application? If you need help of deactivation and activation of the monitors, you can use the following as a guide:

    If you always lose the application when the window is maximized, try the following:

    1. With 1 active display, maximize the application.
    2. In the display properties window, set the resolution of the single screen for a step down from where it is now and apply the changes.
    3. Accept the new resolution, and now to see if your application is in the center of the screen.
    4. Now go ahead and set the resolution to what it was and and apply the changes.
    5. Make sure the application is always visible and maximized correctly. If so, go ahead and turn the other 3 views and see if everything works properly.
    Here are a few steps that solved the problem for my own systems in the past. I hope this helps!

    Cody C
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • How to: position on separate monitors video so that it is not off the screen

    Original title : Helping the repostioning window

    I play a game in windowed mode and use 2 monitors. Recently, second monitor should be put out but now when I open the game in the window mode that was on the 2nd monitor his postion is 1/4 of the monitor 1 and monitor 2 1/4 and the other half is off the screen. How can I reposition back so we remember location. Yes I know 'move' but that doesn't stay there when restart.


    1. what game are you talking about?

    2. This only happens with this game or all games?

    Please follow the steps below.

    Method 1:

    Follow the steps from the links below.

    Method 2:

    Try to update the display drivers and check if it works very well. ' t-work correctly

    Also check out the links below.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Back up a Mac with more users

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  • Pass Variables through case

    Hello! I'm writing a VI to control the material through a GPIB communication. The communication goes well. However, I would change that control vi is enabled for the user based on 'mode', the user selects. This mode is 1 in 3, and it would be determi

  • battery, ca

    My niece, I bought an Acer laptop a year ago or a little longer. Now, he tells her the battery must be replaced. I think she used on AC most if not all of the time. Could it kill the battery? If so, how to use it? Thanks in advance for any help that

  • When copying, Office Jet Pro 8600 unique Cyan vertical line

    My Office Jet Pro 8600 all-in-One has a single vertical line cyan, middle of page when copying, either directly or from memory. There is * no. * line when I "to clean the print head on the test page", but then the line returns when I copy. Help, plea