an iPhone 5s cable charger can be used on an iPhone 4S

I used a my iPhone 4S cable charger on someone of another iPhone 5s.  Now my charger cable does not work.  It's probably too bad?  Stores are closed tomorrow because it's a day holiday here and my phone is low in the battery.

IPhone 5 s charger cable allows charge and iPhone 4S?

When the shops are open on Tuesday I go to solve the problem.



Your original question answered on the use of the iPhone cable.  iPhone 4S cable charger can be used on an iPhone 5 s  IPhone 5 s is a lightning cable, and iPhone 4S uses a 30 connector pins. To use for each other, an adapter must be used. While it would be rather strange that he stop work could lead to the use of the cable with other devices, everything is possible. You can make an appointment on the Apple Store to have the cable looked at, and if it is under 1 year and found damaged and not corrupted user, Apple should replace it.

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