Anchor text question

I am importing graph rooted in my InDesign document, but I can't seem to make the line of the top of my text hover over host the graph. Everything below the insertion point to grave in place, but refuses it high-end to move on any envelope text instructions that I put in. What I am doing wrong?


Probably nothing.

Text on anchored objects wrapping is not intuitive and not necessarily compatible with what you want to do. For inline and above line anchored objects skin affects all the text after the anchor point. For custom positioned anchored objects affects only lines after the line containing the anchor point.

You may need to move the anchor point upward one paragraph, but this is a problem at the top of a page.

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    I looked and looked, not only in Adobe help centers but also just in Google, and I can simply find an answer one way or another to my questions!

    I would like to do 2 things:

    1 use a variable to refer to that page more information can be found on a certain subject (i.e. for more information, please see page #.), even if the page number will no doubt change I have continue to work on this project and eventually build my book from the various documents that I created.  I can insert a kind of marker or anchor text or whatever it is I need the information that I am referencing, as long as it is not visible, of course.  I would just have a dynamic reference, so I don't have to go back through and try to check my page references are all correct.  The variable of the current Page will help me not in this case.

    2. I would also like to refer to numbered tables I have; they are currently configured as being numbered by a custom paragraph style which is mode number, 'continue previous number "; Another situation where the table numbers will change because I continue to work on this book and I want a dynamic solution.  If I need to insert a variable to calculate the numbers in the table, rather than using the paragraph numbering style, it is very good; I prefer to do a little more work now, so that I can be sure my references are accurate, when this is said and done!

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    Cross references.

  • Anchor text does not appear in the Panel "new hyperlink.

    I make an interactive PDF where I did text anchors to headings throughout the document. But when I try to create my shortcuts by plasing a hyperlink to them, the 'anchor text' field is empty.

    Skjermbilde 2016-07-13 kl. 12.51.47.pngSkjermbilde 2016-07-13 kl. 12.53.02.png

    The obvious errors?

    Make sure you create the anchor text in the hyperlink Panel > new hyperlink destination > type: anchor text

  • How to get an anchor text in history?

    Hi experts,

    is it possible to get the anchor text, like this:


    and get the text and then place it in the context of text, like this:


    Thank you

    respect of


    Hi John,.

    As I understand your problem, try this...

    myDocument var = app.activeDocument;

    app.findObjectPreferences = NothingEnum.nothing;

    app.changeObjectPreferences = NothingEnum.nothing;

    app.findObjectPreferences.anchoredPosition = AnchorPosition.ANCHORED;

    var t = myDocument.findObject ();

    for (var i = 0; i)< t.length="" ;="">


    var FO = t [i];

    If (TF.parent.constructor instanceof character)


    tf.texts.everyItem () .move (LocationOptions.BEFORE, tf.parent);

    TF.parent.contents = "\r";



    Thanks and greetings


  • Interactive PDF: creating forms and anchor text field

    Hi, I'm new to this and have an urgent job, so please help:

    I create an interactive PDF file, adding fields of text placed above the lines and wonder how I can:

    1 ANCHOR these fields for text, we use for photo boxes or anchor text... and

    2. place the text fields anchored above the lines that I typed in the space allocated for this text field.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

    You can use an anchored object. Place your cursor after the text and create an anchor, this will put an anchor point. Once the image is inserted, it can be converted into a text field. Use the 'Relative to anchor Marker' option, which will allow the anchor around if text is added.

  • How to copy/paste the text box anchor to its anchor text and remove all checkpoints empty?

    Hi all

    I have a document of a few pages, but a story. The right column is the area of main text and on many places, anchored text boxes are placed which appears on the left column, as shown below.

    I want the text of each text box anchor to cut of his place and sticking to its point of insertion/anchor and remove all of the empty boxes of anchored.

    I'm trying since this morning but I was able to get the anchor object reference. Any help on how to start with will be useful.

    Marie rosine


    OK, let's say you have a main text (not rooted) box and three text boxes that are anchored to the text it contains. One is anchored with text, the second is not anchored and the third argument is empty (I won't get into the anchor vs custom anchor line given that you mention in your message).

    Scroll us through the items on the page:

    function main(){
      var myDoc = app.activeDocument;
      var myPages = myDoc.pages.everyItem().getElements();
      for (var i = 0; i < myPages.length; i++){
        var myPage = myPages[i];
        //Checks that the page is valid, and that it is not a master page. If either is true, skips to the next page.
        if (myPage.isValid == false) continue;
        if (myPage.parent instanceof MasterSpread) continue;
        var myItems = myPage.allPageItems;
        for (var j = 0; j < myItems.length; j++){
          //Current item.
          var myItem = myItems[j];
          //If myItem doesn't have a Character parent, it is not anchored.
          //The first and third text frames would fail this test.
          if (!(myItem.parent instanceof Character)) continue;
          //We only care about text frames.
          if (!(myItem instanceof TextFrame)) continue;
          //I think the only way this would happen would be if you had an image or
          //something else unexpected within the frame. I check for it so no content
          //is inadvertently lost.
          else if (myItem.texts.length > 1) continue;
          //If we're still in this iteration of the loop, all qualifications are met.
          //Flatten the text frame.
          //I don't use layers that often so, to me, flatten makes sense. You may want
          //to use a different term if there's a chance for confusion.
    function flattenItem(funcItem)
         //Hold onto the anchor character.
        var myParent = funcItem.parent;
         //Duplicate the text from within the frame so that it appears right after the anchor.
         //There may be other methods, but this works for me. I try to avoid copy/paste
         //so as not to deal with any clipboard mishaps. I added a check in case of empties.
         if (funcItem.texts.length > 0){funcItem.texts[0].duplicate(LocationOptions.AFTER, myParent.insertionPoints[0]);}
         //Replace the anchor character itself with a space (or whatever) which also
         //deletes the text frame it was anchoring.
        myParent.contents = " ";

    I guess the takeaway is perhaps you aren't looking at the main text block and then check if anything it is anchored. You are watching each text block and find out if it is anchored. That's my approach, anyway.

  • anchor text of keyword in a button

    I have a rectangle of color style and the reversal of the States, which is a hyperlink to another page. The button has text keyword. Does the text in the number of button as for the purpose of SEO anchor text?


    Anchor text are considered purpose of SEO, but you need to plan a strategy for its use. If you try to manipulate links for better page rank, you might violate the policy of Google. Read the official article here

    Links - Webmaster help systems

    In addition, a useful post on anchor text can be found here

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  • CS5: Hyperlink to anchor text in the character style?

    Is it possible to script the following:

    A text has several occurrences of the same string, for example "A10". One is marked with a character style "Anchor" and others are marked by a character style "link." The idea is to create anchors text style "Anchor" then find all occurrences of the character 'Link' style and create a hyperlink to the corresponding anchor.

    I managed to find a script that creates a character style "Anchor" text anchors Can anyone offer suggestions on how to make script creating the links?

    Written by Kasyan Servetsky

    March 13, 2011


    / / e-mail: [email protected]

    //======================================================================================== =================================

    If (app.documents.length == 0) ErrorExit ("Please open a document and try again.");

    const gScriptName = "create anchor text."

    const gScriptVersion = "1.0";

    gDoc var = app.activeDocument;

    If (! gDoc.characterStyles.item("Anchor").isValid) ErrorExit ("Character style \"Anchor\"n'existe No.");


    //======================================================== FUNCTIONS  =====================================================

    function CreateDestinations() {}

    app.findGrepPreferences = app.changeGrepPreferences = NothingEnum.nothing;

    app.findGrepPreferences.findWhat = '. '. + » ;

    app.findGrepPreferences.appliedCharacterStyle = gDoc.characterStyles.item ("Anchor");

    var found = gDoc.findGrep ();

    var destCounter = 0;

    for (var j = finds.length - 1; j > = 0; j-) {}

    var found = found [j];

    try {}

    If (! gDoc.hyperlinkTextDestinations.itemByName (found.contents) .isValid) {}

    var hypTextDest = gDoc.hyperlinkTextDestinations.add (found); = found.contents;

    destCounter ++;



    {catch (e)}


    If (destCounter == 0) {}

    Alert ("no anchor text were created.", gScriptName + "-" + gScriptVersion);


    Else if (destCounter == 1) {}

    Alert ("a text anchor is created.", gScriptName + "-" + gScriptVersion);


    ElseIf (destCounter > 1) {}

    Alert (destCounter "text anchors have been created.", gScriptName + "-" + gScriptVersion);



    //---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------

    function ErrorExit (error, icon) {}

    warning (error, gScriptName + "-" + gScriptVersion, icon);



    //---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------


    The path is:

    create a hyperlinkTextDestination;

    create a hyperlinkTextSources;

    Create hyperlinks using a single destination and sources;


    // to create hyperlinks alike:    one destination==>many sources
    // destination is the 1st occurrence of text with charStyle "anchor" applied
    // sources are each occurrences of text with charStyle "link" applied
    var mDoc = app.activeDocument;
    app.findTextPreferences = app.changeTextPreferences = NothingEnum.nothing;
    app.findTextPreferences.appliedCharacterStyle = mDoc.characterStyles.item("anchor");
         mAnchor = mDoc.findText()[0],
    if (mAnchor) mDest = mDoc.hyperlinkTextDestinations.add(mAnchor,{name: mAnchor.words[0].contents});
    else {alert ("no anchor found"); exit(); }
    app.findTextPreferences.appliedCharacterStyle = mDoc.characterStyles.item("link");
         mSource = mDoc.findText(),
         len = mSource.length,
         currSource, currHyper;
    if (!len) {alert ("no link found"); exit(); }
    while (len-->0) {
         currSource = mDoc.hyperlinkTextSources.add(mSource[len],{name: "sourceLink_" + len});
         currHyper = mDoc.hyperlinks.add(currSource, mDest, {name: "mHyperlink_" + + "_" + len});
    app.findTextPreferences = app.changeTextPreferences = NothingEnum.nothing;


  • Jump to an anchor text to the DPS


    I believe that I correctly added an anchor of the text on a page in an article in my DPS folio. However, create a button to access this anchor text does not work when I test in Adobe Content Viewer. Any suggestion as to what I'm doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance.

    Text anchors are not supported in DPS.

  • out the anchor text block and copy its contents

    Hi all

    I have a script that will be able to anchor to InDesign text block and it works well. Now my problem is that I released that anchored text frames and then copy its contents the same position where the text block was at anchor.

    Here's what I do:

    1. find and block of text of a document (using the find object, anchored by its applied object style).

    2. release the anchored object found.

    3 copy its contents the same position where it was anchored.

    For 1 and 2 rep, I maybe able to do but point 3 I have no idea.

    Hope someone can lend me the time to solve this problem.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    then, instead of myFrame.releaseAnchoredObject (); use myFrame.remove ();

  • Anchor text - how to find? How to remove?

    I use anchors of text (via the dialog "Insert a new hyperlink") to cross the headings of table and the figure of reference and numbers in a list "table and figure" in a file book chapters page. Text rendered in text anchors looks clear blue colon entered when hidden characters are displayed.

    One of the chapters has a bunch of spurious text anchors in the pop-up ("Anchor text 14", etc.) which must have been inserted by mistake - maybe I'm asleep on the keyboard or something.

    So I wanted to find and remove these unnecessary anchor points. It is, in the documents where I made these anchors, none of them - even real - appear in the links Panel. There's nothing there. The only time where something appears in the preliminary pages file, where is the list "table and figure '-here, of course, cross references are listed.

    In addition, I went to the a real anchor elements, a character and the selected text. Then I poking around the menus for a long time, but still could not find a way to REMOVE the anchor point of the text, to unanchor, if you want.

    Appreciate any guidance!

    These anchors of text are called hyperlink Destinations. (You can have a URL, an anchor of the text, a page, etc. be destinations)

    In the hyperlinks Panel, choose Options of Destination of a hyperlink. You will see your destinations in the menu. You have the option to delete them individually or erase everything.

  • Cut and paste the text of the anchored text box?

    CS4, Mac G5, Leopard.

    I've recently been investigating scripts in InDesign and I have a problem to solve that exceeds my, base, understand.

    I used Rorohiko "Lightning Brain text exporter" to extract text (rtf) of a book.

    The text contains countless anchor text blocks. I would like to be able to select all the text in the block of text anchored, cut and paste it into the document where the anchor element is referenced, and then remove the anchor text (now empty) block.

    Any help would be accepted with gratitude

    Thanks Steve

    A full javascript (from the previous post on the forum):

    myDocument var = app.activeDocument;

    Inlines (myDocument);

    function inlines (doc) {}
    var doc.stories = St;
    for (var i = doc.stories.length - 1; I > - 1; i--) {}
    While (st [i].textFrames.length > 0) {}
    var ix = st [i] .textFrames [-1].parent.index;
    St [i] .textFrames [-1] .texts [0] .move (LocationOptions.after, st [i] .insertionPoints [ix]);
    St [i] .textFrames [-1] .locked = false;
    St [i] .textFrames [-1]. Remove();

  • Anchor text on an image


    I'm working on an application where I need to manage text and images. In a few words, I have several pictures on the background (swf files) and I write a few mx:text on them.

    For now, I have to clarify its position using the x and the values for each text there but it's doesn't look like a good solution. For example, if the user resizes their browser, the images are resized but the text are not. I am also currently the application on my screen (1280 * 1024), but it should work as well on other resolutions.

    So I would like to know if there is a simple way to Flex to anchor text on an image so that when the image is resized the stay of text in the same place?

    Thank you!

    PS: I'm looking for something easier to listen to a resize event that would recalculate all x and are coordinated.

  • create the frame anchor text online


    I am trying to create a text block anchored from the results of a search. If I create the framework anchored among a selection it works no problem, but when I do it according to the results of a grep I get error "the text can be moved to its current location. Do you have ideas about how to solve that?

    As a side question... when I create an object through script style, the text always block has a border... Why is this? (I created the style with another script)

    doc = app.activeDocument;
    app.findGrepPreferences = app.changeGrepPreferences = null;  
    app.findGrepPreferences.findWhat = "~6";  
    var myFinds = doc.findGrep();  
    for (i = myFinds.length; i > 0; i--){
    var os = doc.objectStyles.item ("Section");
    var new_note = myFinds[0].insertionPoints[0].textFrames.add ({appliedObjectStyle: os, label: 'Section'});
    var n = myFinds[0].texts[0].move (LocationOptions.atBeginning, new_note.insertionPoints[0]);
    n.applyParagraphStyle (os.appliedParagraphStyle, false) (FitOptions.frameToContent);

    Thank you!


    Once you insert the object anchored pointers towards the passage of the text. So, you will need to compensate for this. A bit like this:

    ip0 var = myFinds [0] .texts [0] .insertionPoints [0] .index + 1,.

    IP1 = myFinds [0] .texts [0] .insertionPoints [-1] .index + 1;



    var n = myFinds [0].parentStory.insertionPoints.itemByRange (ip0, ip1) .texts [0] .move (LocationOptions.atBeginning, new_note.insertionPoints [0]);

    Legal notice, sinppet code written without coffee, will very probably need tweaking.

    Second question,

    Make sure that the style of the object has enableStroke set to true and strokeWeight set to 0

  • You can lock anchor text characters or the cross-reference.


    I'm trying to set up a document that several people can edit and referrals has been a great tool for some things. However, I fear that many references will be broken as these other people edit the text.

    My Question: is it possible to lock the hidden like these characters so that they don't get accidentally deleted? I would like to know if this can be done for text anchors too!

    If this is not possible, please let me know!

    As far as I know, the answer would be no. If the text is editable, anchors or markers contained in the text are able to remove.

Maybe you are looking for

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