Animated GIF selection does not appear in the menu "output" first Pro cc?

I watched an on-line tutorial of how to make GIFs using first Pro CC. When you select the exit, an animated gif choice appeared in the output drop-down list of the CC Pro first used in the tutorial. However, the menu of my CC out first place Pro does not have a selection of animated gif. How to make a selection of animated gif to appear in the menu of my CC Pro exit first?  I would like to create gifs with my CC Pro first.

It is possible that the Media Encoder has allowed this earlier, but now, you have to use Photoshop to make it work. Simply, it worked for me. (I'm on a Mac 10.10.5.)

  1. Via Media Encoder, export your movie or animation of Premiere Pro (or After Effects). For Format, choose JPEG. For the preset, choose a corresponding sequence setting. Choose a folder to export the sequence in so it is easy to isolate later.
  2. Open Photoshop, then choose open. Navigate to the folder where you saved the sequence and select the first image in the sequence. Click on the sequence of images at the bottom of the dialog box, and then click OK.
  3. Choose a frequency of images in the next dialog box, and then click OK. In Photoshop, which will open the movie as a film with a visible timeline at the bottom.
  4. Choose file > export > save for Web (Legacy). At the top right, select GIF. Bottom right, replace the Options setting in a loop once in Forever. Click the small play button to watch the animation loop. Click Save.
  5. Load the GIF saved in your browser and it should loop. See picture posted here.

Please post a reply if this procedure works for you. To avoid a few snags, that I met during an attempt to do this, I recommend having your game size and the duration of the film frame in Premiere Pro and not try to do any resizing later. When I resized it later, the loop never happened; He played only once.

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    (You can answer in french or English)

    Thank you Bob for you answers.

    My problem is solved.

    The advanced options menu is hidden on the new tablets Galaxy Note 10.1.

    To bring up this menu go to the menu "about the device" and press the number of the model 7 times.

    The advanced options menu appears. In this menu, you need to turn on USB debugging.


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    Hello modemjunkie.

    The Palm OS Launcher does not analyse applications of SD (.prc files) who live in the/Palm/launcher folder on an expansion card.  If you want the Launcher Palm OS stock for you to show the applications installed on the expansion card, you must press the Home button and select your card from the drop-down at the top of the screen.

    Alan G

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    < ul >

    < li > < a href = "#1" title = "Home" > home < /a > < /li >

    < li > < a href = "#2" title = "Hourly" > repository < /a > < /li >

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    Hi Paul,.

    If the elements that do not correctly appear on the master page, then please refer to this post: Re: new version of Muse certainly screwed things up

    Kind regards


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