Animations on the slide stuck regardless of the settings of the slides

I use Adobe Captivate 9 and I built several slides with animations that can be displayed properly when I play through the timeline of the project, but once I saw 5 slide, browser or publish to Adobe Captivate premium slide won't play not one of his animations. I'm tempted to activating / deactivating stocks drag between no action and continue without effect on this issue. Once I get to the slide, the first item to appear and nothing happen after about 1 second. Duration of the slide is set to 60 seconds on the entire project.

Is this a bug or is it a setting I'm missing?

You probably have a point of suspension to 1.5 sec. Play slide is NOT a method of preview, all designed for synchronization when editing, no published temporary file is not created at all. If you want to see the best overview, use the preview in browser or HTML preview, depending on the desired result.

Can you post a screenshot of the timeline? That will allow me to confirm my suspicions.

Tags: Adobe Captivate

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  • View seeks to create graphic animations in the videos, the FCPX is capable?

    Hello useful community! A two-part question.

    I'm just getting started on the video production and have some needs in mind. I hope you can let me know if FCPX can do that hopefully, if there is an obvious solution, I am missing, or some of you approach use.

    I'll be doing a few videos of interview style and will have several camera angles, with that I need to work. So if I understand correctly to work with iMovie, I'll have a main video timeline and then 'cut' in and out secondary structures for the other angles. But I must have a logo sitting in the corner as well. Is there still enough chronologies to cut in different camera angles while having a timeline showing the stationary chart? iMovie does not you have only your primary and another calendar cut in and out, but I hope that FCPX has the ability to overlay 2 more than at a time? Or maybe I'm going about this the wrong way need?

    The second part is linked, I want to be the logo/text animation because it is (as a brief introduction). Not throughout the entire video or something extremely complex, but to animate shapes and text sliding in such that the name of the speaker, the name of show graphics, etc... And I'm hoping to create my own custom animations, not the familiar "motions of text" located in iMovie. I feel like the examples I found online that all look like they have animations the same model and I hope for much more creative in this area occasionally, if that makes sense. In its most simple example I guess, the design and animation capabilities/techniques you can do in Keynote for graphics/text that can be market timed, fades, slides, etc.

    Is FCPX the right program to incorporate more complex forms of text animations as well? Or is it the work of another software?

    I hope that makes sense. Any help is appreciated, thanks!


    TYou can have an unlimited number of video layers.

    Yes, you can make custom animations. For more complex animations, you use Motion.

  • How you can group objects without deleting existing animations of the main object?

    I would like to know if its possible to avoid to remove animations when the grouping.

    For example, I have a group of objects that have animations, and I would like to add another object to this group without deleting the group entertainment.

    If you want a set of objects to animate separately, do not group together them. Instead block them;   (Arrange > Lock)

    You can add other objects to add and lock slide then those.

    Individual objects when grouped (Arrange > Group), become indeed a single object, unique objects have only an animation, all the individual objects that have animations will lose their when grouped together.

  • Spark melted on impact in the animation of the logo

    Dear community

    I am currently working on an animation of the logo.

    I use the line of behavior with the effect of the spark "magic powder". All the images in the scenario are ok. My problem: I want, that the 'magic dust' is still sparkling (slow fade out) at the end of each line so that all the lines are. Now, all the flickering effects disappear immediately, when the following line is written. It's like a fade in effect for each line, what I'm looking for. If I pull the block (timeline) in length, the animation speed change, too.

    It is difficult to explain, better that you look at the screenshots and video.

    Thanks a lot for your help!

    Kind regards


    For each instance of the magic powder on the last frame of the animation, set a keyframe on the birth rate. On the next framework defined on 0 birth rate. The sparks fade naturally in their 'life '.

  • HP 1000 - 1432TU: Animation of the fn on HP 1000 - 1432TU

    Hello Forums HP...
    I use HP 1000-1432TU laptop computer with Intel Celeron processor and just re install Windows Home Premium 64 - Bit.
    My keyboard works fine, also fn Key. I can adjust brightness and sound volume with the key, as Wifi switch.
    But I can not see the animation of the key, I press...

    Should which driver I download and install?
    I have install HP Support Assistant, but no updated driver available.

    Hi New Roman,

    Thanks for the clarification!

    To activate animations for your keyboard, I recommend you to re - install the software needed to view animations from the Fn key. This can be done by following this document on the use of the Recovery Manager to restore the software and drivers (Windows 7). Once all the drivers are re-installed, please update the software by using HP Support Assistant (Windows 7).

    Please re-post with the results of your troubleshooting, and I look forward to your response!


  • Loading screen is not animated, during the operation, but after

    Hi all!

    Here's my problem: I am display a gif animated using the class presented here.

    It is used in a specific class loader that perform an action, while the gif is displayed (the gif is a spinner). Only once the operation is completed, the LoadingScreen came out of the screen.

    Here's my class loader:

    public class LoadingScreen extends MainScreen {
         * The action to be processed during the loading.
        Runnable action = null;
        private AnimatedGIFField _image;
         * Default constructor.
         * @param action the action to manage.
        public LoadingScreen(Runnable action)
            this.action = action;
            if(this.action != null)
         * Display the animation during the loading process.
        private void displayAnimation()
            EncodedImage encImg =
            GIFEncodedImage img = (GIFEncodedImage) encImg;
            _image = new AnimatedGIFField(img);
            LabelField label = new LabelField("Connect..."){
                public void paint(Graphics g)
            HorizontalFieldManager containerSpin = new HorizontalFieldManager(FIELD_HCENTER);
            HorizontalFieldManager containerLabel = new HorizontalFieldManager(FIELD_HCENTER);
            containerSpin.setPadding(Display.getHeight()>>2, 0, 0, 0);
            KasualApplication.isLoading = true;

    The problem is that the gif is not animated, while the action runs. But if I have a popup appears at the end of the action to let the loading screen, I see that the gif is animated. As well as the animation starts when the action is complete.

    I think something is wrong in the clock of my son, but I don't see that.

    Could you please help me?

    Thanks in advance.

    It's ok, the solution is described here.

  • The animation of the thumbnail on the taskbar

    the animation of the taskbar thumbnail is just 'Skip' instead of drag when pointing to a task in the taskbar to another task in the to-do bar. He was fine before this.

    Do you know what has changed at the beginning of this problem?  There are many programs that disable your animations, including programs for meetings like GoToMeeting programs or assistance.  If you have installed or used any of these programs, it may be the culprit.

    You can try that set the parameters of your animation back this way:
    1. Effects of type in the search box of your Start menu, and then choose the search results 'change the appearance and performance of windows '.
    2. In the list, all the animations you want to activate, and then click OK to save.
    See if that turns your animations on.
  • Animations in the taskbar are lost after the installation of Windows 7 Service Pack 1!


    Today I installed Windows 7 Service Pack 1. After you install the service pack, all the animations in the taskbar are lost! I tried to restart the computer 2 times, always the same.
    Then, I uninstalled SP1. The animations are back! Now I tried to reinstall SP1, and the animations are lost again! I want to have the SP1 and animations.

    Help, please!

    Marko Calasan.


    ·         Are you referring to the Aero features in Windows 7?

    I suggest you run the aero Troubleshooter and check if that helps resolve the issue.

    See the link below to open utility troubleshooting Aero.

    Open the Aero Troubleshooter

    See also:

    Guided Help: Troubleshoot aero in Windows 7

  • Puppet animator of the character using the accessories


    I'm relatively new to the animation of the character æ and have been using it without too many problems. I wanted to take my puppets up a notch and include accessories to use. I'm in trouble because I have a scene in which a character is playing the guitar. The left hand meets the movable left spindle and move his own, but the law does not work; It moves just the entire torso.

    I think it has something to do with how the mesh is playback of the animation puppet character or how I'm labeling layers in Photoshop (see pictures attached). I have not met a forum on this particular problem though, so if anyone has answers, I would be grateful.

    Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 3.02.34 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-05-31 at 3.20.50 PM.png

    Thank you

    DN Ellis

    Looking at the mesh & layers, CH doesn't seem to understand that his right arm is distinct from the body - note that the left is not overlap of the body (just the guitar), where is your right.

    Right now, my recommendation would be to start in your PSD with your character arms away from the body (more than a pose A or T), add the draggables and sticks and then drag it from there for the animation. If you always use the chain issues, try what actually deform independent and using the stuff of style tie you're doing for the guitar.

    With the upcoming 4 excerpt, I'd say make the right arm independent Warp and use the basic tool to secure it to the shoulder. So little time, you will have a much easier workflow for this.

  • animation inside the symbol depends on the click counts


    for example, there is a hammer striking the rock

    If I clicked 1 time - cracked rock (animation inside the symbol)

    twice - destroyed semi

    Triple - completely destroyed

    I have tryied this but it plays all the animations at the same time:

    -Make stop() end of each animation

    -by clicking on the symbol:

    var i = 0

    i ++




    i ++




    and so on

    but he plays any animation

    where is the error? =)


    Here's a demo file: - Box

    I use a global variable. I put it with the Panel of compositionReady: sym.setVariable ("i", 0). You can also use the creationComplete Panel.

    Then I increment in a panel of the event (for example: click): sym.setVariable ('i', sym.getVariable ("i") + 1);

  • Can't see the animation of the symbol when it is placed on the timeline? Flash Pro CS6

    In Flash Profesional cs6 - I created a symbol (a MovieClip) with simple animation. It just grows. When I test the symbol I see that it works. But when I go to the timeline, put the symbol on frame one - add enough frames to account for the animation of the symbol - I can't see the animation happens. Can someone help me understand what I'm ins step sing? Thank you very much!

    BTW: If it's useful info: I am currently taking a simple picture of burst / star growing up – and you want to use 10 or so instances of that symbol to create fireworks in the sky.

    BTW 2: I don't see Flash Pro CC in the 'Community' dropdown - where should I post this?

    MovieClips defined in the timeline panel do not play when you scrub the timeline. You will need to use Test movie... to see the animation of the movieClip.

  • Can't open gif animated in the form of layers

    Hello, community.

    I try to open the gif animated in the form of layers and I get a message saying cannot open the file. I tried searching online and could not find answers, not answer the similar question on this forum as well. It is no longer possible?

    I was not using Photoshop for quite awhile, but I remember that I was able to do as import it in option layers in CS6. I remember that I have installed quicktime video. Here is the link to the gif, I've tried to import in the form of layers: .gif

    I use Photoshop 2015.

    Please notify.

    Thank you in advance.

    May I know you use - file > import > video image to layer.

    Click file > open and select the gif file.

    It will automatically open with layers

  • URL link opens just at the stage of the animation, not the whole window

    I've linked my movie adobe edge to a URL (actions panel > links > link in the same window), eager to open in the same window as the rest of the site. Ideally, I would have preferred direct hyperlink animation in Adobe Muse, but apparently this is not possible (and I don't want to have a trigger on the animation, animation is not on autoplay). The URL however opens in the selected area 'step' of the animation, not the entire page. How can I fix? I use a trial version of Adobe Edge animate 2015 CC.

    Thank you

    Try the target = "_parent".

  • How to create an animated inside the glass globe image

    1. I have managed to place an image inside a glass globe animated, kind of like the bouncing ball. I tried to enlarge the drawing area, but when I play it in my browser it says not enough memory. My little brother built me a new office, I'm picking up the next time I'm in town. If all goes well, that will take care of this issue.

    2. I am wanting to create a story where the camera stays put on the ball and the animation is the character of comics by itself (perhaps typing on glass to come out).

    3. I will try adding text to #1 above "Help".

    If I run the. GIF in my browser and copy the address, it's safe to stick online?


    For anyone to see, the file must be uploaded on a site. No one can see the file on your computer that your firewall protects your computer. If you allow access someone for a malicious purpose could adversely affect your computer.

    Have a character on the ball is considered to be advanced animation. It can be done using the deformation of the puppet, be aware that it may take time and practice to make look it good.

    Rather than increase the canvas use the zoom of the camera or closer to the camera at objects. Then this will not affect the memory as would change the canvas.

  • Export interactive PDF in indesign, with the animation of the edge to the SWF file?


    I have an interactive pdf in indesign with animation, works very well when they are exported to the swf file.

    I need to use more complex animations that Indesign has, so I created some new features of Adobe Edge animate, exported save them as a file .oam and then put them in the Indesign file.

    If I use the Preview on the animation tab I see indesign animations and the edge, but if I export it to a SWF file is - this only animation to indesign working, and if I export to epub file is only the edge animation work.

    Somehow it is possible to export so that the two works of animation types. and it is possible to do it in a SWF file.

    I have Creative Cloud 2014 for both programs

    Thank you!


  • How to make a scroll animation constantly fixed after scrolling? I want the animation at the beginning when I scroll down, but I don't want the animated thing to disappear when I scroll to the top again.

    How to make a scroll animation constantly fixed after scrolling? I want the animation at the beginning when I scroll down, but I don't want the animated thing to disappear when I scroll to the top again.

    I know how to start the animation by scrolling down, but I just want that he stay there after him. Could you help me please, guys?

    Hi Tom,

    There is no native function to Muse to achieve this goal.

    Kind regards


Maybe you are looking for