AnyConnect SSL Premium license not stackable

Hi, first of all, thank you for reading my entry.

Recently I have activation of license SSL problem.

Customer purchase L-ASA-SSL-50 = and L-ASA-SSL-250 = for their ASA5540 in support of 300 peers.

I realize the two key PAK set separated by commas, but I get an activation code for 50 peers.

Answer license 250 TAC cannot be shown due to the system detect there are already 50 licenses.

That means 250 = and = 50 cannot be stacked together to reach 300.

I searched to find Cisco doc about this problem, but no luck.

Has anyone read this Cisco documentation somewhere?

Now, Cisco can add the 250 = license and remove 50 =.

But I do not know if this add 250 = can replace 50 = installed to ASA.

Someone at - it similar cases?


My source is a guarantee of training partner.

There is a small reference to this behavior in the following location:

I have not performed the upgrade right that you are talking about but, so general, licensed ASA is passed and implemented via an activation key that is generated by the internal system from Cisco and, when it is installed, it will result in the unit reflecting the level of license bought - assuming that it was purchased correctly of course.

Your dealer should be able to advise you on the right track.

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  • ASA 5505 SSL VPN license update

    Hi all.

    Our ASA 5505 with DATABASE default license allowing only 10 simultaneous vpn sessions (including 2 Anyconnect + IPsec). attached a TXT file with the license information. This Firewall is's use only for vpn access, and we less vpn tunnel vpn IPSec-L2L, anyconnect client SSL and IPSec client access configurations vpn to the top and race walk,.

    We are in terms of upgrading vpn license to archive IPSec 10 and 10 Anyconnect and 1 anyconect mobile VPN sessions in time. so my questions are;

    1. can I buy "ASA5500-SSL-10 =" accounting and to upgrade our ASA 5505 without having to buy "L-ASA5505-SEC-PL =" license of pus of security.

    2. asa use to upgrade only Anyconnect SSL vpn license while keeping 10 vpn IPSec comes with the base license.

    Thank you & you expects value comment

    Thank you


    1. Yes.


    If you want to keep Clientless SSL VPN you do not want to continue with the addition of the ASA5500-SSL-10 = part. If you can do without client (including the conversion the two existing ones), more economically, you can opt for Security Plus and AnyConnect Essentials licenses. (US$ 800 vs price $1250).

    In both cases, the Mobile requires the AnyConnect Mobile (ASA-AC-M-5505) license.

  • AnyConnect Mobile and Premium SSL free licenses


    I currently have a pair of ASA5510 HA, if I understand the 2 free premium licenses can be used by the mobile client, as long as the ASA has the license for mobile clients?

    Can someone confirm that my interpretation is correct, or I have to buy a separate license to the premium one long with the license mobile client to enable this feature?

    Thanks for your time.


    That's right! I did the same action on an ASA5505. In this case, you only need the anyconnect mobile license.

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    You can also try to download the demo version of the software through the page linked below and then use your current serial number to activate it.

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  • AnyConnect 4.0 license

    Hi Experts,

    Guide Anyconnect 4.0 licenses seems bit confusing.

    If you have a client with 1000 users and an ASA who takes care of 1000 concurrent connections, but you only have a license for 250 users, this means that you can not install AnyConnect on all machines in 1000 (as it has previously been supported) and that 250 machines must be enabled to use the VPN?

    In the past, you could install Anyconnect on all 1000 machines and have been limited by the number of concurrent connections on the SAA. The question also applies to SSL, SSL licensing limited approach user-based or is it based on the number of simultaneous connections to the ASA?


    Concurrent connections no role more with AC4. You need one license per user that uses the VPN. If you have 10000 users while only 5 of them using the VPN at the same time, you must therefore 10000 licenses.

    Fortunately, the licenses are pretty cheap compared to the Premium-price old. And you can use your licenses with gateways as much as you want. This could also sure money compared to the previous model of license.

  • ASA5500 - Essentials SSL and SSL Premium on the same platform?

    Hi all

    A make a BOM THAT and I just ask my self can we order on the platform of a single (for rxample 5510-SEC-BUN-K9)

    SSL Essentials license (the license is on the default platform we buy 250 ussers) and I need 50 user licenses them to be Premium.

    Can I purchase a license of thos two on the same platform and this will work?

    You cannot activate the essential SSL and SSL Premium on the same platform. You can't have that 1 or the other, not both.

    Essential SSL will give you that the maximum number of SSL VPN support on the platform, however, only for the complete tunnel mode AnyConnect.

    Premium SSL will give you the number of users purchased, however, it supports all flavors of VPN AnyConnect/SSL, IE: AnyConnect full tunnel mode, WebVPN (Clientless SSL VPN) and all the advanced functionality of SSL VPN.

    I hope this helps.

  • AnyConnect 4.0 license with ASA-5515-FPWR

    Hi all

    I have a small question, where I can't find a clear answer for:

    A customer wants to buy a new ASA for a showroom. He wants to connect 30 phones VPN and 60 VPN users, where only 10 of them are simultaneously connected. Then we would have two choices now

    -Either go with the 3.5 Anyconnect licensing, with a premium SSL 50 license and activation phones VPN and mobility AC licenses

    - Or go to AC 4.0 license, where we would have to license 100 users with MORE licenses.

    My questions are:

    -Can I any other / more license on the SAA (i.e. SSL)

    -Where to install the license

    -How is the number of users (i.e. of the ad groups, local accounts)

    Is there a documentation clearly indicating the answers

    Thank you all for your help.

    If you want that the phone itself to be the endpoint remote VPN access, then Yes - you need VPN phone license which requires in turn AnyConnect Premium (for 3.x installations)

    "Plus" AnyConnect (for 4.x) includes 'VPN functionality for PC and mobile platforms, including per-app VPN on mobile platforms and phone Cisco VPN' (referring to the January 2015 of the ordering Guide AnyConnect 4.0 version)

  • Phone IP VPN SSL - necessary licenses.


    Can someone confirm the necessary linceses for me to get this working. I understand that he needs to license "AnyConnect of Cisco VPN Phone" but what I also than anyconnec essentials? He is ASA 8.2 version and the license below news is for the ASA I hear delpoy it work on.

    Thank you

    The devices allowed for this platform:

    The maximum physical Interfaces: unlimited

    VLAN maximum: 250

    Internal hosts: unlimited

    Failover: Active/active

    VPN - A: enabled

    VPN-3DES-AES: enabled

    Security contexts: 2

    GTP/GPRS: disabled

    SSL VPN peers: 2

    Total of the VPN peers: 5000

    Sharing license: disabled

    AnyConnect for Mobile: disabled

    AnyConnect Cisco VPN phone: disabled

    AnyConnect Essentials: disabled

    Assessment of Advanced endpoint: disabled

    Proxy sessions for the UC phone: 2

    Total number of Sessions of Proxy UC: 2

    Botnet traffic filter: disabled

    This platform includes an ASA 5550 VPN Premium license.


    You need Anyconnect Premium license with Cisco Ip phone functionality enabled on ASA for the Cisco IP phone to use the anyconnect vpn functionality.

    You can find more details from the following link:

    Kind regards

    Bad Boy

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  • Cisco Anyconnect VPN vs IPSec AnyConnect SSL


    Can someone tell me what is the difference between the Anyconnect SSL VPN and Anyconnect VPN IPSec.

    When we use one and not the other?

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards.

    Hello Abdollah,

    AnyConnect based on the SSL protocol is called Anyconnect SSL VPN and if you deploy Anyconnect with the IPSec protocol, it is called IKev2.

    AnyConnect (via IKEv2 or SSLVPN) does not use a pre shared key to authenticate the user.  A certificate will be used to authenticate the user and the ASA of + pass and the certificate used to authenticate the user.  The XML profile is necessary just to use the Anyconnect IKEv2 client rather than the default of SSL when connecting to the ASA.

    Here is the doc announced some of the benefits of using Anyconnect with Ikev2 rather than SSL VPN.

    In essence, if you have a simple deployment, then you can go with the installation of SSL VPN and if you want to take advantage of additional features, you can use Anyconnect with IPSec.

    Kind regards
    Dinesh Moudgil

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  • Cisco ASA AnyConnect SSL VPN - certificates + token?


    I'm looking for an answer is it possible such configuration:

    The Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN service with two-factor - first method is the Microsoft CA certificate local and second method - a token solution Symantec VIP password?

    I don't know if two-factor authentication is user/password from Active Directory + OTP by Symantec VIP there is no problem, because you can send the user + pass with Radius, but with certificates I do not really understand who will check the validity of the certificate, which certificate, we will send you to the RADIUS for the validation server and how the configuration of the point of view of ASA will look like.

    Thank you very much for the help!

    Hi Alex,

    I don't see a problem with having certificate + token to connect to the VPN. Certificate authentication must be performed on the SAA, see an example below:

    Authentication token can be specified as primary/secondary (authentication SDI) on the SAA, an example below:

    It may be useful


  • ACL and anyconnect ssl vpn

    Hello world

    I was testing the few things at my lab at home.

    PC - running ssl vpn - sw - router - ISP - ASA (anyconnect ssl)

    AnyConnect ssl works very well and I am also able to access the internet.

    I use full tunnel

    I have ACLs on the external interface of the ASA

    1 True any     any   intellectual property Deny 0 By default   []

    I know that the ACL is used to traffic passing by ASA.

    I need to understand the flow of traffic for internet via ssl vpn access. ?



    As you correctly say, the ACL interface is not important for that because the VPN traffic is not inspected by the ACL. Of the at least not by default.

    You can control the traffic with a different ACL that is applied to the group policy with the command "vpn-filter". And of course you need a NAT rule that translates your traffic when running to the internet. This rule should work on the pair of interface (outside, outside).

  • Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN

    Hi guys,.

    I am currently ut setting for the first time on a Cisco ASA 5505 Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN.

    I enclose my topology.

    I ran the wizard of the ASDM on the ASA2 I want to use for my VPN connections.

    Everything works fine except that I can't access any internal computer servers on my network.

    I do a specific configuration because my servers have a different default gateway of the ASA that I use for my VPN?

    I have since the ASA2 the network.

    my remote ip address of the pool is

    config (I've included what, in my view, is necessary, please let me know if you need to see more):

    ASA 2.0000 Version 8

    Sysopt connection permit VPN

    tunnel of splitting allowed access list standard

    network of the NETWORK_OBJ_10.0.0.0 object subnet

    NAT (inside, outside) static source any any static destination NETWORK_OBJ_10.0.0.0 NETWORK_OBJ_10.0.0.0 non-proxy-arp-search to itinerary

    internal GroupPolicy_vpn group strategy

    attributes of Group Policy GroupPolicy_vpn

    value of WINS server

    value of server DNS

    client ssl-VPN-tunnel-Protocol ikev2

    Split-tunnel-policy tunnelspecified

    Split-tunnel-network-list value split tunnel

    domain.local value by default-field


    User PROFILE of value type profiles AnyConnect

    type tunnel-group tunnel_vpn remote access

    tunnel-group tunnel_vpn General-attributes

    address ra_vpn_pool pool

    Group Policy - by default-GroupPolicy_vpn

    tunnel-group tunnel_vpn webvpn-attributes

    activation of the Group tunnel_vpn alias


    Thanks in advance!


    The unit behind your ASAs on the internal LAN should really be a router switch or L3 and not a basic L2 switch.

    You now have an asymmetric routing on your network, and this is the reason why the connection of the VPN device will not work.

    The problem comes from the fact that internal devices use the ASA1 for the default gateway. When trying to connect to the VPN Client, the following happens

    • Client VPN armed sends TCP SYN that happens by the VPN with the ASA2
    • ASA2 passes the TCP SYN to the server
    • Server responds with TCP SYN ACK for the VPN Client and sends this information to the ASA1 as the destination host is in another network (vpn pool)
    • ASA1 sees the TCP SYN ACK, but never saw the TCP SYN so he abandoned the connection.

    To work around the problem, you need to essentially configure TCP State Bypass on the ASA1 although I wouldn't really say that, but rather to change the configuration of the network so that traffic makes this way to start.

    An option, even if not the best, would be to set the LAN of the ASA2 to ASA1 on some physical ports and set up a new network connection between them (not the same 192.168.10.x/yy). In this way the ASA1 would see the entire conversation between servers and VPN Clients and there are no problems with the flow of traffic.

    But as I said it probably still isn't the best solution, but in my opinion better than having recourse to special configurations ASA1.

    There could be a 'special' configuration on the ASA2 that you could use to make the Client VPN connections operate in their current configuration, without changing anything in the physical topology.

    You can change the NAT for VPN Clients configuration so that the VPN ALL users would actually PATed to IP address when they connect to your internal network. Given that the server would see the connection coming from the same network segment, they would know to forward traffic back with the ASA2 rather than ASA1 like her today.

    If this is not an ideal solution.

    No source (indoor, outdoor) nat static any any static destination NETWORK_OBJ_10.0.0.0 NETWORK_OBJ_10.0.0.0 non-proxy-arp-search to itinerary

    the object of the LAN network subnet

    NAT (exterior, Interior) 1 dynamic source NETWORK_OBJ_10.0.0.0 destination static LAN LAN interface

    Hope this helps


  • Moving from SSL VPN licenses to other ASA


    Be gentle, it's my first post.  We currently have an ASA 5520 with 25 remost SSL VPN licenses.  We have also some 5510's unused.  Anyone know if the SSL licenses are transferable to the 5510 unused to the 5520 to increase the amount that the 5520 has?

    Thank you


    Unfortunately the licenses are not transferable to one ASA to another.

    Here is the URL for your reference:

    second indent under the 'Guidelines and additional Limitations' section)

    Hope that answers your question.

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