Anyone print a PDF-417 successfully police?

I've searched the forums on PDF 417, there was some relevant discussions but none responded with firmness with a positive result.

I am looking to buy a PDF-417 for use in a subvi whose façade has a light (set to use the PDF-417 font) that automatically prints with the barcode on a laser printer. Since there will be a lot of data encoded in it, I was wondering if there are problems of native graphics with resolution.

So, no matter which successfully done this before? Everything suggests sources such as where to buy? There seems to be a lot of "dubious" sources that I would avoid instead.

The policies cost only a few hundred dollars so if no one responds, I'll just buy one initially to test. Finally, there are 6 stations to fulfil this function.

Own thing with the camera focused on the scanners barcode, you can scan a bar code displayed on the monitor.

Thank you



Well, I have achieved success.

Downloaded a trial version of PDF417 Fontware of Monrovia, used a simple ActiveX interface in LabVIEW. Attached is the bar code generated by using the font of LWA PDF417XS by 3 points.

As I suspected, there was a problem. It looks great on the screen, but is a little pixelated in both axes, more noticeable horizontally. More pronounced on inkjet vs. laser printers. I'll experiment with other fonts and sizes in points.

It does not analyze properly. Time to buy a corporate liscence.


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    Web browser applications:

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    Is anyone else facing similar issues on Windows 10? I noticed another thread on a broken print in PDF format, but that one seems to be content to users of Windows 7.

    Any idea or advice would be much appreciated.

    I had the same problem. Using Procmon and found that install Acrobat was written to the registry entry to distill 11 but distill has been reading the registry entry for Distiller 10. Basically, I used regedit, exported HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Adobe\Acrobat Distiller\11.0, opens the file in Notepad, changed all 11 in the tens, then imported. Worked perfect after that.

  • Some policies appear in the PDF files after "Print" to PDF, but not after "save under" PDF

    FM9, Kozuka fonts and one of my custom symbols fonts show in a file PDF produced with "Print" and a PDF printer, but not when I do "save in" and select "Save as:" PDF. Kozuka characters out as boxes, and custom symbols are absent; Although if I highlight the place to be in the PDF, the font name shows. I use Acrobat 7 Pro.

    I tried to change the Asian fonts in the police combined with the "Pr6N" Kozuka provided with FM9 versions, but that did not work.

    I also tried to copy the fonts to "C:\Program Files\Adobe\FrameMaker9\fminit\fonts\adobe" and various other places, and of course, they are in the folder Fonts of Windows, nothing helps. My other custom symbols fonts work very well, and they are only in the Fonts to Windows folder.

    These fonts worked well in FM8. Any ideas?

    Thank you


    Hello Tami,

    try saving the PDF file once again, but this time - in the dialog box options PDF - select the check box 'convert CMYK to RGB colours. Fonts now appear correctly? If so, it's just another bug of the famous engine FM CMYK. When you convert the colors to RGB, you get the same result as when printing to PDF.


  • Y at - it an app that will "print" to PDF?

    Often when using my Mac, it's been really great select the option print and be able to select the "PDF" button and print a web page or other document to a PDF file.

    Is there a such app available for the iPad?  I searched the iTunes app store for "print to PDF" and there are a lot of apps, but all seem not to do exactly what I want.  They are apps to convert PDFs in Word, etc files or images in PDF format, or they are documents scanners that create PDF files from photos and many others.

    Can anyone recommend an application that can be added to the share button universal who will do a "Print to PDF" and save it or open with another application like purple or other Notes Organizer?

    Thank you


    Don't know exactly, but if you have Pages for iPad you can export a file as a PDF and then use it as you wish. That would help?

  • Print to PDF function was large now terrible with upgrade in OS and AW

    Earlier this year, my lamp iMac died and I could get a refurbished iMac 21 "iSeries.

    Data sheet:

    type of lamp iMac G4 (possessed and used 2013-2016)

    1 GHz power PC; 256 MB DDR SDRAM

    OS X 10.3.9

    iMac 21 "series (refurbished, new to me February 2016)

    3.06 dual-Core i3

    4 GB RAM, 500 GB HD

    OS X 10.6.8

    On the G4 lamp, I was running from AppleWorks 6.2 something (I think it was 6.2.7) (I didn't this document and now no easy way to check if I have a bunch of files that I created with it).

    Classic 9 OS installed, but ended up not using it because my document (manuscript 400 p begun in 2004) AW migrated perfectly to AW in OS X, I had (and also because the classic did not really work). Printing to PDF capability has been a huge bonus.

    On the iMac 21 ", I'm using AppleWorks 6.2.9. All my G4 AW files migrate successfully.

    In October 2014, the G4, I got a PDF file of most of my manuscript printed in a local printing - only 5 copies for binding to rings 3 on archives 100% cotton paper. I visited several local printers to check the image quality. It has been uniformly excellent. Due to the size of the file, pages with scanned images (JPEG format) inserted in the text have been saved/printed in separate PDF. There are also a number of line drawings I created for the project by using AW draw and then pasted directly into the main document.

    I spent the next 18 months, evidence of indexing and necessary to make a number of corrections. In February 2016, I've migrated to the 21 "iMac computer and started using AppleWorks 6.2.9. Everything was good. Then, in early July I demonstrated new PDFs... body text without images and separate PDF files with images exactly as before. The result was a disaster picture-wise. Resolution of PDF files for all images, including my line drawings, is unacceptable. Help! I need to get this monkey of years 12-1/2 of a project of my back.

    FOR INFO. I still have the lamp, "just in case" - even if it ceased to exist, the Loft of the computer in Boston has been able to save all my files.  They sold me and set me up with the iSeries 21 "iMac.

    FOR INFO. There was also a problem with some of the designs and a chart that should be revised. I ended up changing them in Pages on a MacBook, I (10.4.11) and then insert the result in my manuscript. I did previously the drawing Pages are different from that of the AW functions. No problem with PDFs of these in 2014. (FYI. I said the hard drive on this machine is unstable, but it was fine for 1-2 months time I use it. I have not AW on the MacBook).

    I've done a lot to look online and see no further discussions on the problems of making a PDF from AppleWorks, well from what I read, I learned that the PDF capability is linked to the operating system and not to the software application.

    No printing with AppleWorks, I need to be able to make good PDFs at home. What should I do? I plan to call the Loft computer tomorrow morning, but thought I should at least make an effort on my own first.

    I have not tried a test make a PDF with an image in Word format on the computer iMac 21 ". Should I do this?

    FOR INFO. The manuscript is now about 500p in two master files - text with annexes and a separate index. The document consists of approximately 30 sections with headings under execution-odd and footers start-of-chapter/annex drop folio. As I said with scanned images pages are in separate files (20 or more). The manuscript contains almost 1000 notes and numbers about 45 and 46 cards. Most of the images are photographic, to be mounted by hand, so those who just captions text box in the body of the text. I tried to move this project to several years (ca. 2007) Pages without success mainly because of the drawings I had made to the draw AW. At this point, I have to just make the final revisions, to print my PDF files and return to my local printing store.


    Hi Dorothea,

    At this point, I'd put AppleWorks 6.2.9 on your Macbook, completing the revisions and print PDF files there.

    Copy the AppleWorks folder (including all files it contains) in the Applications folder on the MacBook. AppleWorks will create other files, to it is executed.

    Work with a COPY of your current project. Back up frequently on an external drive.

    Kind regards


  • 28 Firefox crashes when I try to print to the printer, Acrobat PDF

    Hi all!

    I observed a problem when I try to print a Web page in Firefox v28 using the printer of PDF Acrobat (Acrobat Pro 9.5.5) installed on a Virtual Machine (VMware View 5.2) with Windows 7 64 bit. Print dialog box crashes (no response) after the pdf dialog box "Save as." Then I have to force Firefox to close, and subsequently an Acrobat PDF conversion dialog box appears with the progress bar has stopped in the middle. I must also close it afterwards.

    The other programs (Office, IE, Notepad...) are able to print through the PDF printer without problem. The problem appeared after the automatic update of Firefox v28, since when I downgrade to Firefox v26 the problem disappears.

    I checked a setup similar to a physical computer (W7 64 bit, Acrobat Pro 9.5.5, v28 of Firefox), and everything works fine, so I think it's a change that's happened in Firefox v28 who has a problem with the configuration of the VM. I also tried to change the Firefox profile, reset Firefox and reset the print settings and reinstall Acrobat. No luck.

    I would like to know if anyone knows some changes in Firefox v28 printing or related to any service or update that may have a problem in the virtual machine.

    Any help is welcome!

    Thank you!

    I just try with Firefox 29 in the same virtual machine, and it works perfectly, so I guess that is a bug in version 28.

  • HP Color Laserjet Pro M252 - not to print a PDF file

    Hey Adobe Forum,

    I have a problem with a M252 Pro of Laserjet of color HP which will not print all PDF documents. When you try to print a PDF file, the document is idling to "print...". ».

    Information about the current configuration:

    1. the customer is on a Windows 7, 64-bit workstation.

    2. the pilot is the last on the site - HP Color Laseret M252 PCL6. I tried the PCL5, PS and HP universal printer drivers.

    3. the printer has been added as a local printer TCP/IP ( and a shared printer from the server. The two did not work.

    4. the workstation has Adobe Reader X installed the latest updates. The upgrade of the revision to XI or higher version is not an option.

    5 other files can be printed such as images and Microsoft Word documents.

    6. I tried setting Adobe for 'Print As Image '; It did make a difference.

    If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

    Thank you


    It turns out that, the question not print was the result of an incompatibility of duplex on the switch port to which it was connected. I tried an administrator account that does not correct the problem. Print jobs were still sitting in the queue up to 5 minutes after selecting printing. A PDF file passes finally after minutes of waiting, but was cancelled by users after assuming it was the slightest error / stuck.

    When checking switch, there was a lot of duplex mismatch errors in newspapers. Double-sided printing has been on before auto however there may be problems with automatic duplex printing. I put the port 100 Mbit/s/full that if it is in offline mode. I put it at 10 Mbit/s/full and it came online and all problems solved.

    Thank you for your help.


  • Print to PDF does not work for Acrobat XI, 10 Windows


    I get the message "an error has occurred while printing" when I try to print to PDF from my Firefox browser.  When I try to browsers Chrome or Microsoft Edge, nothing happen period.

    I got this error since the update to Windows 10 in Windows 7.  All my browsers and Acrobat XI are up-to-date.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can fix this?  Thank you

    I uninstalled Acrobat XI and reinstalled and it works fine now.

  • Print to PDF quality settings does more (Photoshop CC 2015)


    For years I used print to PDF to get the PDF versions of my PSD files with markers printing on them. After a recent update, none of my pre-set parameters (high quality, print quality, oversized, etc.) seem to work at all. The same PSD files that I made a PDF of in the past now print to a PDF version blurred. Did someone else wrong with cela, and are there any suggestions to fix this?

    Thank you in advance.

    I'm working my okay.  This is a screenshot of a police tiny zoomed as much as possible with Acrobat Pro DC.  Same thing with a finely detailed vector graphic, I have included.  Exportred of high quality printing.  I'd be inclined to try a reset preference.

  • Cannot get adobe 9 to print in pdf format

    I recently installed Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro on my new computer and get an error message every time I try to print to PDF in any program.  I'm sure I've had this happen the last time I changed computers and to install a patch.  Anyone know where I can get it?

    Hi David,

    Please refer to this document KB printing problems. Update Acrobat 9.4.2

    Let me know if the problem persists.

    Kind regards



    Version of the APEX

    We try to print a PDF using Bipublisher for APEX. We have done this before when we used the APEX 3.1 and it worked. We also use bipublisher add for microsoft word. We do not have any success. We get the message that the pdf file is not a supported or corrupt file type. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    PAM wrote:
    Will be desk top Publisher be compatible with BIPUB 11.1.6.

    BI models RTF are compatible with BI 11.1.6.
    But the opposite is not true.
    That is to say, RTF fields created using BI 11.1.6 Desktop Publisher default will not work with BI

    However, BI 11.1.6 Desktop Publisher, there is an option to mark also backward compatible. Re-design of your RTF with this option checked then it will ONLY work with BI
    Please refer to the thread with jaouad khalifi mentioned in the post for more details.

    Thank you!

    Published by: P.Ranish on December 18, 2012 10:07

  • I can't print a PDF now

    In the past, I had no problem printing PDF files. For these last days, I have a problem. I have updated my software Adobe reader to the latest version, as well as my Epson Print software to the latest version without success.

    When I try to print a PDF - even the ones I have printed successfully before normal - printing window appears, the printer is correct, but when I press on print, a window pops up that wants to print to the file, and then select a file to save the program in.

    There is no files sent to the printer. I also checked the print spooler in Windows/system 32 / and delete the single file that was there, but after reboot still have the same problem

    Any suggestions?  I'm on windows 7, 64 bit

    Thank you

    You have printed to the checked file (Advanced on printing Panel button)?

  • ?  Print a PDF file to Adobe PDF messes up everything

    Here are three questions that can be related to each other.  I wanted to ask them for a long time but kept in the hope that they would somehow be solved.  Any advice would be appreciated.

    1 when I print a PDF file in Adobe PDF format as an image, the color black (even fonts) becomes grey and blurry.  The choice to print as image made in the press (in PDF) - Advanced Configuration of printing - Custom Settings / print as Image (600 dpi resolution, which is the highest available choice).  Regardless of what settings I choose in the press - properties (Standard, high quality printing, etc.).

    2. run OCR on occasion done something similar.  Letters become fuzzy and gray.  Everything is more difficult to read after OCR. It's as if Adobe chose to substitute the font or color to something blur.  It's strange.

    3. sometimes OCR makes it worse.  The quality deteriorates.  In this case, I wonder if the quality should really improve rather than stay as it is.  If a letter is recognized despite the fact that his image isn't perfect, shouldn't it be supplanted in the document by a perfectly solid letter without defects by using one of the common Adobe fonts?  A real police should be used instead of an image of the letter which has been recognized in the OCR?

    Are my settings wrong, or I'm doing something wrong?  I use Adobe Acrobat X Pro.

    Thanks in advance.

    Then, you have not used ClearScan and searchable Image. Indexable image makes the OCR text behind the image so that the two are related in a way. When you print, what is shown is usually what you would get (just a picture). It is unclear why you want to reprint the PDF document in this case--essentially a noone scenario never envisaged.

  • PrintPagesSilent using to print the PDF with double-sided printing and color

    The use of VBA with Acrobat 9.0 code library.

    I have an application that prints the PDF files that are stored on a network drive.

    I can print PDF files using PrintPagesSilent, which prints the file to the default Windows printer.

    However, I want to be able to specify in the VBA code if I want the file in duplex or printed in color.

    I can do this in access using the Printer.Duplex = '2' or Printer.Color = '2', but they do not change the windows default printer settings and therefore do not change how PrintPagesSilent prints.

    Can someone shed some light on how I can set these parameters to accomplish what I need.

    Or maybe another solution I didn't think.

    Figured out, or at least a work around.

    Found a VB code that can change Windows printer settings.

    All I had to do was create a module and then call SetPrinterDuplex before you print the pdf file, and then again to change it after.

    Here is a reference for anyone interested.

  • My print to PDF missing after updating to 9.5.3 on Windows XP

    Recently, I was invited there's an update available for Adobe Acrobat 9. As usual, I clicked to update to 9.5.3. After the update my printer Adobe PDF was missing in the list of printers. I tried to repair the installation, and which does not solve the problem. Does anyone have a solution?

    Uninstall, run the Acrobat tool cleaning, then re - install.

Maybe you are looking for