Anyone using Win2k on a Satellite Pro M70 or drivers will be used?

I just bought an M70. Needless to say that it comes with Windows XP.

The software that I use on my project specifically requires Win2k and a 1 GB of RAM.

I would like to know if
1. anyone who has tried to install Win2k on M70 and if so, of the problems they might have faced.
2. I'm looking desperately for the M70 Win2K drivers. Can someone help me with where I can find them?

Finally, if M70 is not the right book for me, anyone knows another piece which has 1 GB RAM / 100GB HDD combination and supports Win2k as a BONE.

Appreciate the answers of all the experts.

Thank you
Sanjeev malak
Muscat (Oman).



Well, the fact is that this laptop only comes with the WinXP.
I also checked the Toshiba site and there is no drivers for W2k.
If you also use the W2k on your laptop, you can try to install it on the second partition and use it as a dual OS notebook. But you will not be able to use special Toshiba and utility tools.

There are many models of Satellite Pro M70, but generally, it should be possible to upgrade the memory for max 2024 MB. In this case there is no problem with the upgrade.

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    I want to edit my home movies on my Satellite Pro M70 using WXP Pro (win dvd or movie maker). I want to capture video from my panasonic camcorder that has digital strips. What are the ports that I can use and what cables do I need? I'm desperate to edit my recent wedding video to put on DVD and mail it to my mom. The panasonic website has ignored me! Any advice anyone?

    Well, as far as I know this unit has only one S-video output port. In this case, you can connect the laptop to the TV and look at the photo of laptop to TV but it of not possible to receive all the signals of TV or any other device on your laptop.
    To receive the signals, you need a composite or a s-video port.

    However, if the camcorder has a firewire if port you can send digital files through the firewire connection. But this should only work with digital files that are saved on the camcorder.

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    My question is about the Satellite Pro M70 (PSM76) SD card reader. Can I use SD card 4 GB or more (SDHC)?

    All what I can say is: you can try to use it and I hope to be recognized correctly. I have Satellite M70, but I do not use SD cards and unfortunately can not test it on my laptop.

    Just test it. To be honest, I'm a bit skeptical about it.

  • Re: How to use Recovery Expert Mode in Satellite Pro M70-220 product recovery CD

    I would appreciate advice on the following points.

    My Satellite Pro M70-220 (PSM75E-00D008G3), portable computer has 4 partitions created by Acronis Disk Director costume v9:

    C: OS - Win XP Pro SP3
    D: programs
    E: data & downloads
    F: backups

    After you start the laptop in Win XP, I inserted the recovery CD Toshiba in the DVD - RAM drive
    and sailed to the BMP file, R:\G_INST\BMP, where I found the file "menu.bmp", which gives 2 recovery

    * 1. Retrieve entire hard drive *.
    Caveat. All data stored o your computer will be lost.
    Preinstalled software factory will be installed.

    * 2. Recovery expert Mode WARNING: *.
    This is for PC experts only.
    Preinstalled software factory can be installed on an existing partition.

    My questions are linked using the "Recovery Expert" Mode:
    -I'll be able to use the "recovery of the Expert Mode' the recovery CD to reinstall Win XP Pro (pre-installed software factory) on my C: partition, while affecting only not partitions D, E & F?
    -I'll be able to format the C: partition by using the "Expert recovery" Mode, without formatting of other partitions?
    -What is the exact procedure of "Expert Recovery Mode"?
    -where can I find more information on the procedure of "Expert Recovery Mode"?

    Thank you


    > I'll be able to use the "recovery of the Expert Mode' the recovery CD to reinstall Win XP Pro (pre-installed software factory) on my C: partition, while affecting only not partitions D, E & F

    Yes, this should be possible. Using the Expert Mode of recovery, you should get the ghost window where you can select the partition where the OS is to be installed. In this case only that partition would be formatted.

    > will it be possible to format the C: partition by using the "Expert recovery" Mode, without formatting of other partitions?

    Yes, theoretically it should be possible.

    > what is the exact procedure of "Expert Mode of recovery"?
    As I mentioned above, this mode allows you to restore the operating system on a partition of some and only this partition will be formatted.

    > where can I find more information on the procedure of "Expert Mode of recovery"?
    What looking here in the forum?
    I found this thread:ᲆ

  • Satellite Pro M70 freezes everytime when the USB port is used

    Satellite Pro M70 (SPM76) crashes every time when the USB port is used.
    The mouse works, but external HD/Extarnal card sound/Memory stick causing the laptop to freeze. All the drivers are installed right, they are the most recent and have no trouble with other users.

    The devices are all compatible. Service pack 2 is installed, and all the hardware drivers on the toshiba have been updated... again, same problem.
    The toshiba is about 2 months old and have had this problem since I got it. First I thought it was the drvers, but I cleared of all (?) other options but the USB ports.


    Believe me, that's not easy to say what the problem may be. It is important to see if the problem occurs because of hardware or software may be. I recommend you to backup all your data and reinstall the unit using rescue media. On this way the unit will be factory settings and will be clean preinstalled. Test your USB devices and see what happens.

    Try to use some standard like USB stick or external HARD disk parts, because in this case, you must not install any drivers please. If you use other devices like USB webcam with own software and drivers, it is possible that something goes wrong, but what. On this path, it is not possible to say.

  • Satellite Pro M70-137: can I use Memory Stick Pro Duo?

    I think to buy a new digital camera from Sony, witch uses Memory Stick Duo Pro. I'm not used to Sony memory cards, so I don't know if my Satellite Pro M70-137 of the 5-in-1 built in card reader can be used with Memory Stick Duo Pro. On Toshibas Web site, it says Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, but nothing on Memory Stick Duo Pro.

    Can we read/write Memory Stick Pro Duo with the build in the 5-in-1 card reader?


    I found the info you can use Memory Stick Pro 256 MB to 1 GB on your device. I put t really know if you can use a Memory Stick Pro Duo. Check it please in the user manuals.

    If this is not the case, there are solution called Memory stick duo adapter. The example that you can find on

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro M70: How to connect to the internet using a second computer

    I have a Toshiba laptop Satellite Pro M70 with a RTL8139/810 x Family Fast Ethernet NIC use this, the laptop was connected to a desktop PC, whereby it is connected to the internet via a modem ADSL (USB) on the desktop. The laptop runs XP Pro; the desktop has XP Home.

    My laptop has been a nasty virus. When removing it, he lost the ability to network. I tried "repair network", but he could not find an IP address. In the end, I had to manually set an IP address for the network to work again. You use IPCONFIG release and renew the IP addresses that failed - unable to connect to the DHCP server.

    He could now see the Office network and Exchange files across be it, but it could no longer contact internet.

    I decided to reinstall the OS on the laptop, but this does not solve the problem. I still have to manually set the IP on the laptop. I can connect two PCs, but does not see the internet from the laptop on the network.

    If I connect the laptop directly to the internet via the modem, it works fine. I can even access the internet from the computer on the network when this is the laptop that has the internet connection.

    The virus could have damaged the Ethernet controller, or she affected somehow?

    Is it possible to test?

    Have you advice?


    The virus was detected on the laptop you so maybe your PC has also been affected.
    Did you check if the laptop and the PC using the same workgroup?

    XP supports a help option. There, you might choose the Internet Connection Sharing Troubleshooter. "

    Maybe it helps

  • IE needs more load using Dynadock V10 on Satellite Pro M70


    When I use the Dynadock V10 on the satellite Pro M70 every time when a program has pictures in it, the need for long time to load, and for this time the mouse cursor is jumping. It appears in MS Internet Explorer as well as in MS Word.

    Is he maybe a bottleneck with all these different data to come take a simple USB cable?

    When I do not use the Dynadock, linking all the various cables directly with the satellite Pro error doesn't happen!
    Driver Grafik is on the most recent release and the operating system Windows XP SP3 and latest updates!
    I tried to uninstall the software Dynadoc, but the problem remains takes place.

    How can I solve the problem, because now the work is so bad, that the Dynadoc is not supposed!

    Thanks in advance!

    > When I use the Dynadock V10 on the satellite Pro M70 every time when a program has pictures in it, the need for long time to load, and for this time the mouse cursor is jumping. It appears in MS Internet Explorer as well as in MS Word.
    How to understand this?
    This happens on external monitor connected to the Dynadock or what?

  • Question about the temperature of the processor and the use of Vista on Satellite Pro M70


    I have Satellite Pro M70-113 and it has Intel mobile Pentium 1.86 GHz CPU.
    The problem is that its normal temperature is 80 degrees Celsius... while I use the browser and other common programs...
    and recently it automatically shut off twice and pressing the button works / stop won't turn on... when I unplugged, replugged the power cord so I could only turn it on...

    And while playing games, it would of course go above 100 degrees...

    So you know what is the max temp through which the CPU can go without stop or damage the CPU or surrounding a circuit?
    I know that when I bought this laptop about 2 years back... it was not warm this...

    And by the way this laptop came with WXP Pro preinstalled and doesn't show any vista capable logo (because at the time, there was no such promotion of Microsoft, as it was the year 2005, Nov).

    Now, I use vista and upgraded to 1 GB of RAM and I have no problem using the Vista pc.

    Secondly, I did not update my BIOS to version the most recent is available.

    Although I'd love to have updated the BIOS but I worry about the bad flashing and says BIOS driver update page that the version of the BIOS doesn't support vista - whatever that means? If I go back to Windows XP Home edition after installing the BIOS for vista, the pc will not be usable for WXP or what?

    Is there any link to the processor heats to the old version of the BIOS, I'm still using... will update BIOS facilitated the temperature?

    Please answer.

    Thank you.


    Wow, you have a lot of questions. :) If I was sort of a support guy to it all with such question much. ;)

    No, I'm kidding; with regard to your questions:

    First of all you must clean your CPU cooling with compressed air, because if the breakdown is clobbed with dust and then it s just logical that your processor is a little bit more 'hot' then 2 years before.

    The max temp is available on the website of intel. I think that the section is called "intel spec finder" or something similar.
    With Vista and bios: you need to update your bios, since then some improvements are making more compatible bios for vista.
    But don t worry, XP won´t be unusable if you update your bios, the bios-update brings improvements for vista, but does not degrade anything about XP.

    If the bios update will solve this temporary problem is not clearly, rather a cleaning as I told you will be better.

    Welcome them

  • Can I use Express Media Player on Satellite Pro M70 delivered without it?

    Hello world

    I have a portable Satellite Pro M70 which has not been installed with Express Media Player. In addition, my recovery CD too are not the Express Media Player software on it. Is there a way I can download this Express Media Player and even install on my laptop. If so can someone let me have this link download and any other procedure for doing the same thing.

    Thank you

    I put t agree with the user above.
    Microsoft Windows player is not the same as the Express Media Player, which is sometimes delivered with Toshiba laptops.
    As far as I know, this software cannot be downloaded and it s version an OEM if it s preinstalled on your laptop.
    In this forum, you will find some comments on this topic.
    To my knowledge, you cannot obtain and order the CD of Express Media Player if this application has not been delivered with your laptop.

    Unfortunately, nothing to do.

  • Satellite Pro M70 - stopped screen lights


    My Toshiba Satellite PRO M70 screen lights.
    I don't know why, but sometimes when the screen is broken and I put it up it turns on, but after a few seconds it stops.

    It started a few days without something strange in my pc like hitting or something like that.
    I tried to connect an external display and it works weell.

    Anyone know why it cant pass or how fix it?

    Thank you




    The Fn keys work?
    You can increase the display button narrowly by using the FN + F7 combination?

    Please also check the energy saving profile.
    Maybe the display brightness is set to a lower value in the power saver profile.

    But if you will not find anything unusual in the settings of the software, so I guess that the brightness display problem is related to the failure of inverter FL.
    The FL inverter controls the brightness of the screen, and this part needs to be replaced.

  • Satellite Pro M70: buttons for internet and cd/dvd

    I have a portable Satellite Pro M70 with XP and - I believe - service pack 3. I bought it there is a little more than four years (Dec. 2005).

    There is a series of six buttons to the right of the keyboard, just below the power button. The first button has been programmed to launch my internet browser to a key. The other buttons have been to launch the media player and control CD/DVD discs (play, pause, stop, forward, backward).

    These buttons were a convenience, but for some time, they have not worked. I have no idea why. Can anyone help? Can they be fixed easily?

    > These buttons were a convenience but for some time, they have not worked.
    What does that mean? They are broken and do not work or you cannot start defined applications?
    Have you tried to set them using Toshiba control.

    You can start this application from Toshiba Assist > Optimize.

  • Winamp and shortcut keys on Satellite Pro M70 - 109

    I just bought a Toshiba Satellite Pro M70-109 today.
    And I can't get my shortcut buttons (Play, Stop, next, previous) to work with winamp. And when I press the Play button, Windows Media Player will appear...

    Anyone know how I can fix the problem?

    This isn't a problem!
    It seems that everything is on your laptop.
    As I know the buttons has been configured to use Windows Media Player and WinDVD DVD media has been inserted

  • Satellite Pro M70 and chariging problems

    Hello everyone,

    I wonder if anyone can help me with my problem, my Satellite Pro M70 sometimes does not load when I put the charger into the socket, if I out of the power supply and leave it for 2 days I have costs for a period of time up to 20 hours, and then did the same thing.

    I tried to turn it on without the battery, to check whether the problem is with him, but he turns. So this led me to believe the problem isn t the battery.

    Can anyone help?

    > have tried to turn it on without the battery, to check if the problem is with him, but it won't turn
    You mean the power of t n for laptop up connected to the sector, but without battery plugged in?

    Hmmm, to me this looks like a bit of a problem with AC adapter or an electrical problem of power offers the Board of Directors. As you probably knew that, it is really difficult to provide suggestions without touching the laptop.

    First of all, you can check if the machine uses latest BIOS. If this isn't the case, update the BIOS.
    Check if the laptop would go also without battery and only connected to the network.

    If this does not work, then the adapter should be verified.
    If the AC adapter is ok, then, the motherboard must be verified

  • HDD upgrade for Satellite Pro M70

    Is anyone know the upgrades available to change the standard 60GB hard drive in the Satellite Pro M70 (PSM76E-00100KEN) with something bigger.

    The Toshiba Options site shows only optionally available external hard drives, but noticed that the newer models of the same family have between 80 and 100 GB discs, so I asked if any of these would correspond, for example:

    PSM75E-00P004EN uses a 100 GB drive
    PSM76E-00500KEN uses a 80 GB drive

    You can also all drives available from other sources that might be suitable - what spec should I look, speed, installation size, connections etc. and BIOS compatibility

    All the info appreciated, surprising how fast the disk fills up, and I would like to keep in-house, although I also use an external drive of 250 GB for home storage and backups etc.

    Thank you


    The Satellite Pro M70 series is great, but I think that every m70 must support a HARD drive with serial - ATA interface.
    Some units have been delivered with a 80 GB HARD drive. In my view, that a 100 GB HARD drive should also work.

    I found a few properties of the HARD drive:
    Rotating disk: 5400 RPM
    Buffer size: 8 MB
    Number of discs: 2
    Number of Heads: 4

Maybe you are looking for