anyseee30s2 more

I bought Anysee E30S2 more for the reception of satellite television. While trying to install the software and driver, I got a message from MS that this material does not have the logo "Designed for MS Windows XP". Anyone know if I can install this software safely or do I return to the provider and get them to fix this issue?

Hey Kees van der Toorren,

I suggest you to contact the manufacturer for more help and information.

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  • iPhone 7 more - IOS 10.2

    Recently, I just got my iPhone more than 7. Once I opened it started the update to iOS 10.0.2

    If after that it worked I checked the camera looking for the portrait fearure but he isn't here! How can I have?

    In addition, the device is slow and hanging out!

    Thank you

    Any comment yet!

  • Appeal iPhone issues 7 more

    I recently bought the new iPhone 7 more.  Not only am I having problems with the LTE service, bounce back between 3 G and no service I am now having problems with call connectivity.  When you try to make an outgoing call, I get an automatic response from my carrier (Verizon) "it's Verizon, we are unable to complete your call at this time, please turn off your phone and back and try again."

    It is a known issue with the iPhone 7 and Verizon. Supposed to be Apple and Verizon are seeking him. It has been a problem since the phone was released. Do a Google search or search here on the forums for a temporary solution but not a cure.  But basically to stop the LTE oice and data into data only in the settings.

  • Background app colors are more uniform

    Since the upgrade of the Sierra, web pages Chrome and the code editor backgrounds Atom are messy. For example, in the atom, it seems that I've highlighted throughout the text, part of the background is dark and some of it is lighter. In Chrome, bluish grey background of Facebook will be uniform and then become clearer on the sides abruptly. This sudden change happens on other colors, which actually look as if I chose the parts of the page with my cursor. Basically the uniform color of the origins on some Web pages or applications (Atom and Chrome) are more uniform.

    This substantive change only happens when I plug my HDMI cable on an external monitor. If I'm working on all of my macbook pro retina screen, everything seems fine. If I plug in my HDMI cable to an external monitor, the sets become non-uniform, even on the macbook pro (when mirroring) of the screen. I used the HDMI cable and the monitor with another computer and the problem does not exist, so I think it has something to do with macOS Sierra. Strangely enough, this problem only occurs with Atom and Chrome. Safari, for example, is absolutely perfect.

    I've included screenshots to show what I mean.

    Hi tedmcdo,

    Thanks for the upgrade to Mac OS Sierra! It seems like when you connect your external monitor to your Mac via HDMI, the Mac knows uniform color schemes. If this only happens when the external monitor is connected, you can try the reset NVRAM while it is disconnected from your Mac.

    What is NVRAM?

    A small amount of memory on your computer called "non-volatile random - access memory" or NVRAM, stores certain settings in a location that OS X can access quickly. Settings that are stored in NVRAM are dependent on the type of Mac you use and the types of devices on it.

    Information stored in the NVRAM may include:

    • The speaker volume
    • Screen resolution
    • Selection of boot drive
    • These latest panic the kernel, if applicable

    If you encounter problems with these features, you may need to reset the NVRAM on your computer. For example, if your Mac starts up from a bootdisk other than that specified in startup disk preferences, or a question mark icon appears briefly at the start of your Mac.

    How to reset the NVRAM on your Mac.

    After resetting the NVRAM, please connect the screen and check if the problem is resolved. Alternatively, you can try to boot your Mac in safe mode.

    What is safe mode?

    Safe mode (sometimes called secure boot) is a way to start up your Mac so that it performs certain checks and prevents certain software from loading automatically or opening. From your Mac in safe mode does the following:

    • Check your startup disk and attempts to fix problems if necessary directory
    • Loads needed kernel extensions only
    • Prevents elements start and the login items open automatically
    • Disables the user installed fonts
    • Delete font caches, hiding the kernel and other files of the system cache

    Together, these changes can help resolve or isolate issues related to your startup disk.

    Try safe mode if your Mac does not end commissioning

    Please use the Apple Support communities to post your question. These procedures should have your Mac showing its vibrant colors on the Retina display as expected. Good day.

  • iPhone 6s more 'Phone noise cancelling' setting Grayed Out

    I have a 6 more than 128 GB iPhone running iOS 10.0.2. I can't activate the 'Phone noise cancelling' setting in settings > general > accessibility > telephone noise cancelling because it is grayed out. I have attached a screenshot for reference.

    I've tried hard restart my iPhone (Home + Power button) without success. Any help is very appreciated! Thank you.

    Hey there, Stephen Bond,.

    Thank you for using communities of support from Apple! I see from your post that your iPhone more 6s on iOS 10.0.2 does not work as expected because the cancellation of noise from phone toggle is grayed out. I'll be happy to help you.

    First check to see if the hearing aid Mode is enabled in settings > general > accessibility > hearing aids. If this option is enabled, then telephone noise cancelling will be grayed out as you describe. If this isn't the case and that the option is grayed out, please continue.

    How to back up your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - please backup your iPhone to ensure that your personal information is safe.

    Use iTunes on your Mac or PC to restore the iPhone, iPad or iPod to factory settings - this process will completely erase the iPhone to allow a new copy of the iOS to install. The first time, select "set up as a new iPhone. Once your iPhone is back to the home screen, check the setting of the new. If everything works as it should, use the "restore from backup" link in the section «Get help» If it is not, under the same article, "Contact Apple Support".

    Take care and have a great day!

  • iPhone 7 more telephoto camera does not

    Is anyone having problems with iPhone 7 more telephoto does not activate. I'll go to the camera application and press the 2 x zoom feature, but it appears to be not to activate the camera of 56mm at the front. I cover the lens with my finger, the camera on the right side and the iPhone always displays an image despite me concealing one of the cameras teo. I can't activate the second camera. It seems to only be zooming digitally. I'll do this outside and he'll only digitally zoom when I hide the second lens.

    Im having this same problem. I heard from someone that he could not work until the next software update... but I have no idea and have not found anything in the online help. If someone else gets to know how.

  • "Sit less, move more.

    The new IOS 10.0.2 has modified the application of health by adding a video called "sit less, move more" section of health data. Although I agree with the feeling and I'm even happy to be preached about this TIME, he began to grate. Can I remove or ignore?

    Do not watch the video.  Scroll the screen to see your activity data.

  • is it possible to buy the iPhone 7 more unlocked and without a subscription which will work in Russia

    My friend is going to go to New York for the holidays of the maintains 21 October to 31 October. And I really want to buy the iPhone 7 more 128Gb it. I know that I need a free sim card or without a contract. I asked best buy about this and they said they don't sell iPhones with contracrs. Is this possible?

    Thank you.

    Apple has not announced when they will start to sell the iPhone Unlocked 7.

  • IPhone 6 more flashing screen

    After updating my iphone 6 more with ios10, the start flickering from the top screen and the buttons does not. stil phonse looking again, does not fall and there is not a single crash. It has already expired the warrently, I understand that there are a lot of people the same proplem faceing. We can hangout or Exchange the phone to Apple.


    First consider trying the following steps:

    If the problem persists (or if you prefer to skip this step), contact Apple support (mail service may be available) or make a Genius Bar reservation in order to have your iPhone verified and, if recommended by Apple, served:

  • more secure e-mail provider

    Who offers the safer more secure messaging service on the internet?

    I would definitely say iCloud email provider is the most sure/more secure.

  • iPhone 6s more does not accept the password for the first time

    All of a sudden my iphone 6 s more, will not recognize and accept my password.

    First screen says: "enter code". "Touch ID requires your access code when you restart the Iphone."

    Question... is equivalent to a 'code' a 'password'?

    Why she would accept my password and then 30 minutes later he rejects?

    Any ideas would be very appreciated.


    Maybe nobody over there wants to take this question!

  • Iphone6 more

    Iphone6 more, unable to save pictures from emails.  Save image button disappeared

    Hi david18421,

    Looks like you are having some problems with saving image attachments in your emails. Please follow the steps below to save a photo or video of an attachment in Mail.

    Save a picture or video to Photos. Tap the photo or video, then press look. Press on , then click on Save Image.

    Spare - part iPhone

    Please use the Apple Support communities to post your question. This should help you get these saved attachments. Good day.

  • How can I update my iPhone more than 8.4 of iOS iOS 9.3.5 6?

    How can I update my iPhone more than 8.4 of iOS iOS 9.3.5 6?

    You do not have. You can only upgrade to the current version which is 10.0.2

  • Alarm brings more sound after updating iOS 10

    The alarm makes more no noise. I updated my phone a few days ago and initially, it worked, but now when the alarm "goes off" there is no sound. The volume is on and more strong, the phone rings when someone calls and other notifications make noise, but not alarm. Even when you choose a different alarm, no sound (usually, you hear a sample of the alarm). That I am I doing wrong or what happened?

    Same problem, restart a phone help but only for a few days...

  • Having more than one user affect the speed of my MacBook Pro?

    I have a MacBook Pro, which is now painfully slow 2011.

    I have three users each journal entry/exit in the required form.

    Having more than one user affect the speed of the Mac or not?

    Thank you

    If you open a session there should be no impact.

    You can view a report of etrecheck for more Analytisis

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