Anyway to connect a PCMCIA to a netbook NB100 module?


I have a few expensive modules PCMCIA I want to use it with my new netbook. For example, a decoder TV + video input which cost me about 100 euros. The NB100 has no PCMCIA slot, of course.

I wonder if I could get some kind of adapter PCMCIA slot SD or USB 2. Do you know of any?

Thank you...


Google is your friend :)

Search for «PCMCIA USB adapter»

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    I put up wireless a new Brother MFC-J265W printer to a desktop operations Dell Windows 7. It works fine, but I'm not working, how do I get my HP Netbook to be able to print to the printer.  I've implemented 'Sharing' of the printer. Trying to ADD printer for netbook, it finds the wireless printer, but it does not find 'pilot' say.  I have download the drivers to speific the site of Brother on the Netbook? So frustrating. Any ideas, please?

    Do you mean that you HAVE downloaded the driver from the Brother website or ask you if you have TO download the driver?

    Yes, you need to download the driver (because I assume that you don't have a CD for the Netbook player and so cannot use the CD that came with your printer).

    This printer is responsible for integrated wireless network, so it is unclear what you mean when you write that you set up wireless "for a desktop Dell Windows 7 operating."  Usually, we use a network printer is NOT connect directly to a computer, but to allow the printer to connect directly to the network, either through an Ethernet cable to the router, or a wireless connection to the router.

    If your printer works on the Windows 7 computer WITHOUT being connected using a USB cable, you have things correctly.  And, if the printer is not directly connected to the Win 7 computer, there is no need to configure sharing the printer on this computer, and you should not do.  'Sharing' in the sense of network Windows means sharing a resource that "belongs" to a computer, such as files on the hard disk of the computer, or a printer attached to the computer via USB or parallel port.

    Just download the software package for the Netbook and follow the instructions on the download page, linked above.

  • NetBook NB100: Black screen after Toshiba leading innovation

    It occurs something strange with my N-100 Netbook.

    It has always worked perfectly, but today, when I try to initiate, it appears on-screen typical 'Innovation leader Toshiba', but then the screen goes black, and do not appear "windows". I hear a sort of high-pitched noise inside your computer.

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    Did someone knows what can happen? I'm completely hopeless!

    now fix this = solve my life XD
    Thank you very much!


    Are you able to press F8 while the laptop is turned on?
    To do this and check if you can choose the option repair my computer, then the HARD drive recovery.

    You should also check the BIOS.
    Immediately after pressing the power button, press F2. This allows you to access the BIOS. You can then check if the HARD drive is recognized.

    Sorry mate but it of difficult to say what's wrong here

  • NetBook NB100 - where to find XP drivers?

    * Where you can download the Drivers of XP NB100 of? *

    Toshiba seems to have neglected to put them on it support web site.

    I want to install my own copy of Windows XP, so I can get around the limit of memory 1 GB - but I can't find the drivers.

    I think I'm going to return this laptop if I can't get hold of the drivers because it is useless for me with a limit of 1 GB...


    I doubt that you will find here a Toshiba. It s a user to user forum. You know?
    I assume that XP drivers are not available for this laptop at the moment because it s a new series. Maybe we need to wait until the drivers will be available. We'll see

  • Download Adobe Flashplayer on netbook NB100

    I'm unable to download/update Flash Player (so that I can acess Youtube) - it appears to download OK, but I get a message error "the download has failed the integrity check.


    I think that you need to download the flash player manually.
    For example from this page:

    This store on the HARD drive and close all applications that are running on your laptop.
    Then try to run the ex drop off again.

    I never had no problem with the installation of flash player.
    There may be something wrong with your operating system installed?  :|

    Try to clean the operating system and the registry using a 3rd party free tool called CCLeaner and then again try the flash player

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    Picture 2.png

    Hi Jordan,.

    Go to Admin > Site Manager > models Module > event Layouts > detail the layout and to remove "capacity: {tag_capacity} (reserved (e) {tag_percentfull})" "

    Kind regards


  • How to connect the card PCMCIA Type II to my Satellite A200?

    I have laptop Satellite A200 - 19L (NEW)

    could you guide me how to connect a (Type II PCMCIA) to my laptop

    I think that this dose of laptop does not support this card.

    Your quick response is needed



    If you think that the Satellite A200 does not support this card then, how do you connect this PCMCIA Type II card compatible location is not available?

    As far as I know this unit supports only the location Express Card and the slot PCMCIA not supported!


  • Dell scanner will not connect to netbook Toshiba Vista

    I have a dell printer/scanner/copier, which I tried to connect it to my toshiba netbook, but it doesn't connect. How can I solve this problem?

    scaneer problem

    Go to Dell and get the latest driver, firmware, or software for your device and compatible with your version of Vista.  Also get the user and technical manuals if they have available.  Uninstall what you already have installed and try again.  Don't forget to follow the directions on the order of events during installation (some want the connected device and power since the beginning and others only after that some other measures have been made - and it won't work unless you do it in the right order).  Contact Technical Support to Dell for assistance if necessary

    Are you sure that your device is compatible with Vista and your Toshiba?

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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  • Map Bluetooth PCMCIA (PA3053E) under Win XP

    How can I install my Bluetooth PCMCIA (PA3053E) card under Win XP?

    You have the latest Bluetooth driver? If this isn't the case, you will need to download it on the Toshiba site for your machine. After you download the driver, make sure that you install the Bluetooth battery before connecting your PCMCIA card. Once the installation process is finished, insert the Windows XP PC card will handle the rest, that is, it will install the PC card automatically.

  • How to get NB100-11R automatically connect to the WLan on logon

    I just bought a netbook NB100-11R.
    First time that I started it, I went into the network administration panel to set up a wifi access.
    She had detected my wireless network, so I entered the WPA password and it connected correctly. I saved these parameters such as a network location.

    Next time I started than I expected it would he remember these parameters and automatically connect, but I could not get web access.
    Looking at the network admin, this sill has my network listed as the wireless connection, but I had to unlock the Control Panel, select my site again and click on the button 'apply the location as the current configuration', before he would give me a web access, I have to do it every time I start, which will become irritating.

    Is it possible to get to connect automatically when I start?

    What operating system do you use?

    Have you updated the Firmware wireless access point?

  • Satellite L650-12 q connecting a firewire port

    Could someone please advice how I can connect a firewireport to my laptop. When I did a search, I've gathered that I can connect through the media slot. But there are two types (as far as I know), the card PCMCIA Firewire IEEE 1394 and CARD EXPRESS FIREWIRE.
    I don't know which is compatible with my model of laptop L650-12 q.
    Could someone please advice.
    Thanks for your help

    According to description mobile your mobile doesn t have express card slot, so it may be a little more complicated now.
    I don't really know where you want to connect the PCMCIA Firewire IEEE 1394 card and CARD EXPRESS FIREWIRE when appropriate port is not available.

    I assume that you have need of an external device, such as firewire/usb hub.
    Talk to your local dealer and check what options are available.

  • Satellite A30 - Wifi PCMCIA does not work

    Hello, please help.
    I connected a PCMCIA Wifi Netgear card for wireless access. Unfortunately, even if I get all the signs that I am connected, internet Explorer will not access the internet. I checked all firewall and antivirus, etc...
    Here, I get a sign that I'm connected, but it does not work. I even get an ip address, I'm confused.
    I connect with ethernet without problem.
    I have the same problem connecting with a USB Wifi adapter, it does not connect.
    It seems that something is blocking before connection to the network card.

    Help, please.
    Kind regards


    You have this problem just with IE or other applications like messengers?

  • Connections of VDI to AD


    I read view of the Planning Horizon ( architecture.  I wanted to confirm, do the virtual desktop (a.k.a Office remotely) VMs themselves need to connect to Microsoft AD and be part of a common domain?  I get the impression that they are not, and that the view connection server uses AD for authentication.  However, once view connection server authenticates the user, how this user automatically get connected account of windows remote desktop?  It seems that this remote desktop is the AD domain he knows nothing about the user see connection to the server has authenticated.

    Please specify.


    Depending on how you setup the base image, if the base image spits out a desktop computer and it must be added to the domain, then authentication user will make the advertising domain controller, otherwise be added to the domain, then it will be authenticated with the local users on the desktop. Anyway, view connection server authenticates the user against the announcement to assign the Office of a pool of offices, this has nothing to do with the actual authentication of the user trying to get into the office attributed to him or her.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you


  • Connect the printer usb to ESX 4.0 U1


    Y at - it anyway to connect a USB printer to ESX 4.0 U1 server and share between the virtual machine and to other servers/workstations on the network?

    Thank you!

    Yes, you can.   However, you cannot do it in native mode again.   You will need a device of anywhereusb.

    I suggest all circles have one of these for testing, in any case.   We use these for servers that require security USB dongles to access applications.   It is not really profitable for printers, because they run around $300.  But it depends on the importance of this solution is for you.

    In addition, this unit will work for a virtual server.   I personally would buy a NETWORK card in the printer and share it via TCP/IP.

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    or "useful."

    Wes Hinshaw

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