AOL support said I need to change my IP address to connect

I had many problems to connect to AOL broadband. The latest is that I again lost the connection to my laptop Equium A110. Although my AOL signal remains strong for my modem Netgear wireless, I can't find a connection to AOL using the ethernet cable and changing the router settings in IE (the standard response of AOL). Support _AOL insist that my IP (illustrated by ipconfig) has changed and that it will not work with the Netgear modem and should be replaced with 192.168.0. (a different number of 1) to resume the service. _ they told me to contact a technical specialist and AOL could not help.

Are correct AOL, and if so, how can I change my IP address 192.168.0. (any other number 1)?

I found this web page that suggested a possible solution:


I guess that the solution posted on this site has helped you.

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    Run the wizard from the front panel wireless configuration, then set it to DHCP Auto IP printer.

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    I have included a link here on how to set up Google cloud print.

  • need to change ip address on the PSUS4

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    I have reset for 10 seconds, 15 and 30. No luck so far. I disconnected after the reset. Same chance.

    In the meantime, I'll unplug the unit overnight and see if it changes in the morning.

    Thank you very much! He has changed.

  • I need to change our address IP VirtualCenter

    We are currently under going a revamp of our IP addressing scheme.

    The server is currently at I need to change this IP address to The ESX hosts themselves will not change their IP addresses.

    I tried to simply change the IP address to the Virtual Center Server, but that did not work. I lost any communication to our cluster and ESX farm.  I don't know if it's just because I did not have enough time for the ESX servers look at the updates to the DNS server or what. I'm fairly certain that most of the configuration should be using DNS. Y at - it everywhere especially in Virtual Center I should look to see if there are IP addresses hard?

    Thank you!

    See the bottom of this KB, , it may be useful

  • Service does not start after change of IP address on the server of SRM

    Here is the log.  The IP address has been changed, but I don't know how to take the side of MRS.?

    Journal of VMware Site Recovery Manager, pid = 4064, version = version 1.0.1 build-128004 =, = release, section = 2 option

    Cannot create the writer console

    Value flush dir "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\VMware\VMware Site Recovery Manager\DumpFiles"

    The initialization of the DBManager

    Current working directory: C:\Program VMware Site Recovery Manager\bin

    TaskMax = 10, IoMin = 1, IoMax = 21

    Try DrExternalRecoveryApi

    Plugin path 0: dr-external-recovery - api dll

    Absolute path of the plugin 0: C:\Program VMware Site Recovery Manager\bin\dr-external-recovery-api.dll

    Try RecoverySecondary

    Plugin path 1: dr-secondary - recovery.dll

    Absolute path of the plugin 1: C:\Program VMware Site Recovery Manager\bin\dr-secondary-recovery.dll

    Try SanProvider

    Plugin path 2: dr - san - provider.dll

    Absolute path of the plugin 2: C:\Program VMware Site Recovery Manager\bin\dr-san-provider.dll

    Try TestProvider

    Plugin 3 path: dr-test - provider.dll

    Absolute path of the plugin 3: C:\Program VMware Site Recovery Manager\bin\dr-test-provider.dll

    DrExtApi Instance of Service is initialized.

    Plugin has started.

    'SanProvider' provider has MoRef 'dr.primary.SanReplicationProvider:PrimarySanProvider '.

    Registered provider 'SanProvider '.

    'SanProvider' provider has MoRef 'dr.secondary.SanReplicationProvider:SecondarySanProvider '.

    Registered provider 'SanProvider '.

    Plugin has started.

    ' Provider 'TestProvider' has MoRef ' Dr. PrimaryTestProvider:primary - test provider.

    Registered provider 'TestProvider '.

    ' Provider 'TestProvider' has MoRef ' Dr. SecondaryTestProvider:secondary - test provider.

    Registered provider 'TestProvider '.

    Plugin has started.

    LocalSite already installed - good!

    Vmacore::InitSSL: doVersionCheck = true, handshakeTimeoutUs = 120000000

    VC connection: connection as the user "administrator."

    VC connection: logged in session F5EDC747-1344-4F98-82FB-038BB9D42933

    The specification of proxy for extension com.vmware.vcDr points to, not to this host

    Check with the local VC server is not valid

    Initialization of service content: unexpected exception 'class Vmacore::Exception' record with the local VC server is not valid

    Application error: check with local VC server is not valid. Closing...

    Unable to send the request. A new attempt. Error: class Vmacore::CanceledException (operation has been cancelled)

    VMware-Dr. service stopped

    Z OS

    I tried this on my own server and that you couldn't make it work.  I ended up just reinstall SRM, keeping the same database - NBD since most of the settings are there anyway.  Later, I came across a blog (which I can't find now) that said that VMware supports only a reinstall after changing the IP address.

  • Move a virtual center of the defense, how to change his IP address?

    Hello world.

    I need to move a VMWare virtualized Defense Center to another location, and it will take a change of IP address.  I read that license-wise there is no problem since I'm am going to use the exact same machine, hardware, MAC, addresses etc, but I need to change its IP address.

    Is there an easy way to do it? I have to add other devices? How can I do this? Did I lose the recorded data?

    Thanks in advance.


    5.4 the software version, network configuration options are available in the "Management Interfaces" option on the same page as you now shown in the screenshot (System > Local > Configuration). There you should be able to change the IP address of eth0.

    You will not lose the data stored, but do you have any devices registered it on DC?

    Kind regards

    Aastha Bhardwaj

    Rate if this is useful!

  • Change the IP address of the external Interface

    I need to change the IP address of the external interface remotely.  I have SSH in to the ASA plan and make a change.  I can't be there to make this change, since the site is out of State.  There will be problems?  The current configuration is

    interface Ethernet0/0
    nameif outside
    security-level 0

    The new IP address will be  Also, is this the right syntax?

    interface Ethernet 0/0

    no address ip


    Thank you.



    If you access the ASA via its public IP address on the external interface, and if you change this IP address, you will lose communication with the ASA.

    It's better if you can make the change from the inside.

    If you need to change remotely, you can change the IP address, and then try the SSH connection to the new IP address.

    However if a problem occurs, you cannot access the ASA.

    The syntax is correct.


  • How to change the IP address of the EBS Server


    I need to change the IP address of the server EBS R12.2.4 mi.

    I only edit the/etc/host file?

    Thank you.


    N °

    You must do several things. Take a look at this document:

    Correct the method of changing the IP address in 11i & R12 (Doc ID 751328.1)

    Kind regards


  • Cannot change the IP address of the VM, error that says: this card address is already assigned to another adapter...

    I used VMware vCenter Converter Standalone client to migrate an existing to vSphere 5.5.0 server. It works quite well as a virtual machine, but I'm still in the testing phase. I wanted to put this virtual machine on the network, so I changed the IP address, so it would not conflict with the dell still currently running on the network server. I want to now change the IP address to what it was originally, but I get an error indicating that this address is already assigned to a hidden card. I have the option to accept the change, but I don't know what effect this will have with the network. I need to change the return address to the original static address or some applications will not be able to find the server correctly. Is this ok to restore? The name of the device adapters listed in the folder network cards is VMware Accelerated AMD PCNet Adapter, not the server vSphere Broadcome NetXtreme II adapter. I have attached the reference error message window. This a virtual machine in Windows Server 2003 R2 SP1.

    Thank you


    Check this link I hope this helps

    VMware KB: Error of networking: IP already assigned to another adapter

  • Change the IP address of host turned off...


    I need to change the IP address of a host off the power.  I intend to connect a monitor and keyboard directly to the host and just change the IP address of the HOST vmware console.

    However how warn correctly my server vCenter on the host IP change without losing all the configuration changes and VMs... ?

    Thanks for the comments on this

    concerning the Tor

    If you are uncomfortable in SQL, you can change the dbo. Table VPX_HOST in vCenter to change the IPAddress field for what you want.

    Otherwise, turn on the host with the new IP address. Then vcenter, trying to reconnect (which will fail), after which you will be prompted to enter the username root and password to connect to the host. You can then use the new IP address.

    In addition, even without DNS, you can edit the file hosts on the vCenter server and use host names for servers to go forward in order to avoid this complication. Much simpler to edit a hosts file.

    Edit: Just for fun, I changed the IP address on a host laboratory while he was online and connected to vCenter, wherein he disconnected and then reconnected with the correct IP address. So, I guess it works too

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