APE4 title and text Animation

I'm trying to animate a few multi line titles.  I found that the animation, Scalein, works on a single line of text. Is this OK or I'm doing something wrong.  The animation worked on a singel line, but not on a multi line title.

Thank you.

See you soon!  Phil

Nope. You are right. Text animation works on lines of text.

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  • InCopy CS4: The spacing between the "title" and "text".

    Hello everyone,

    I want to know if it is possible to add a space after writing a title, I mean after writing the title at the top of the page, when I click on 'ENTER' I want the text are far from the title.


    I have already created my stile of character costum "Title" and "Text", so if this is the way to make it more wostum, I want to add this use case in my character style "Title".

    Thank you

    First of all, your character for 'Title' style will not work correctly, you must create a title paragraph style. In the paragraph style options, you'll find controls for the spacing before and after the space.  Adding a measure in space after you give what you want. Character style controls include no space before and after. Character styles should only be created and applied when you want one or * some * of the characters to look different from the rest of the text in a paragraph. If you want to * all * the text to look a certain way, create a paragraph for text style-, they include the two paragraph * and * controls formatting of characters.

    Second, a person placing / will import your InCopy file in an InDesign layout? If so, you should probably ask the designer about the settings and style names. In fact, you can import all paragraph and character styles in an InDesign file in a stand-alone InCopy file. In this way, you can apply the real, final of styles to your text in InCopy (the styles that the designer will apply in InDesign) to get a good idea of how it will look.


  • How can I add titles and ALT text to Images that are used as fill?

    I built a site and in most cases, all images are fillings.  I want to update the title and the replacement text, but do not have the option.  It seems that I can only do this to images that have been placed?  If this is the case - how to place an image on an area I want to be filled.

    Thank you

    The work around you are use is probably the best solution because there is no way to add the alt text of an image placed in a frame.

  • Text animation hits with noise and a bit of chance

    Hi, I used this nice tutorial to animate text typed, but it does not show how the randomness of sond and schedule is defined as here , and I like the way the rendering of the letters is a bit delayed and slider also! Anyone know how it is setup? I've not found anything matching properties.

    Kind regards


    Try to use the predefined animation of text processing. You'll find it under preset animations > text > MultiLIne.

    Just add an extra character at the end of your text. It doesn't matter what it is. Then press UU to reveal all the animators. Go the last keyframe to Type on and adjust the cursor Type to a value that is less than the total number of characters in your text string. You can watch it happen.

    That's all. Just make sure that you use a font that has underscore. You can set the symbol that you use for the slider to set the value of character in text animations. is 127 the | and 95 is the _____

    This is a very common effect and many ways to do this are found by simply doing a search on Google for the cursor blinking on After Effects.

  • Insert text animation does not Captivate 7


    I need to add an animation to a title with my animation of text for the first time and I noticed that it does not at all!

    I have opened my Captivate as an administrator and I have created a few blank slide and tried a few times, but still Animation of Test opens at all.

    Is there any help?

    Thank you

    Try to kill your Preferences folder:

    http://www.Infosemantics.com.au/Adobe-Captivate-troubleshooting/basic-troubleshooting-tech wheat

    See Tip #8

  • Help, please!  Question text animation.


    It is perhaps a silly question, but this is really stumping me.  I want to animate a title using some of the predefined text animations, but I can't seem to apply an animation that makes the text appear AND an animation that makes the text disappears.  I can do one or the other, but not both.

    For example, I want my title text appear with "FocusIn", and I want it to disappear with 'DropOutByCharacter '.  How can I do this?  I have looked everywhere and lost a whole day trying to figure this!

    Thank you.


    Unfortunately, you can only apply an animation at the same time.

    However, you can duplicate your title, put both titles from end to end and apply an animation of the opening one and one fence to another.

  • How can I add text floating to a clip? (not a title, floating text that can be moved)

    How can I add floating text? Or is it possible to move the title autour text, how do I do?

    If you can not get the desired effect using the scrolling credits, the Far Far Away or the titles of Ticker,

    the only way that I can think is to create a file with the text you want on a green or blue (outside of iMovie) and put it above a green or blue background element in the timeline panel.  You can then use the image in the photo installation and creation of keyframes to move the text on the background.  See http://help.apple.com/imovie/mac/10.1/#/mova1aaa682b for more details.

    Share/export this file, then import the file and place it above your video clip.  This time, use the blue/green screen so that the text appears on top of your video.  See http://help.apple.com/imovie/mac/10.1/#/mov82da1338a for more details.

    Bulky, but should work.


  • Table of contents: linking the titles and page numbers

    Hi all

    In my paper, I created a table of contents.

    Like most books, I want to link titles and paragraphs to their pages by a dotted or dashed, just like that:

    Title - P2

    subtitle - P3


    I also use these links in checklists to connect the left side of the list to the right side.

    And this isn't something wrong: this faclity Visual really helps you recognize what's on poles on the right with the correct item on the left.

    Is there a way or a function in Pages to automatically create these links instead of typing for each item in the Table of contents (which can be very long, little time)?

    Thanks for your time.


    With your table of contents is generated, click each item in the table of contents (for example, title, subtitle, title 1, etc.) so that it appears highlighted. Your right in v5.6.2 Pages panel will show the Table of contents and a text label.

    Further down in the text tab, there will be an area of tabs. If it is not expanded, click the word ▸ tabs. Click any selector in the column Leader and the choice of your choice for your boss to fill. There is no provision to set a color of head. Here is an example:

  • Gray text animation button


    I am looking for help please, as a new to Captivate user!

    I am trying to apply text animation and the box in my menu drop-down is dimmed.  I can see 'text caption' and 'text area', but not 'text animation.  I also see the files in the gallery where the Captivate is downloaded.

    I lifted the previous questions and tried to put all the text on one line and highlighting.

    If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great.

    Thank you


    Text animations are focused on the SWF, not supported for HTML pages. In a reactive

    the project, which is still HTML, it will be grayed out.

  • How can I remove a text animation?

    I applied a 3D text animation preset to one of my text layers. But I'm not sure how to delete. There is no other option when I right click, or in animation taking place on the top menu. I would like to know this, just in case I have apply animations to different layers and that you want to remove an animation from a single layer and not the other. In this way, undo wouldn't.

    cheriserandleais wrote:

    I don't see the eye button to hide. There is no 'delete' option when I right click. When I drag and drop the it, there is no garbage to put it in. Can you show me a screenshot?

    See how I have 1 host has highlighted? Do that and then press the keyboard delete key or the back button back.

  • Emphasizing the word search only in the title and Description in search results.

    How to highlight the search word in the results of research of the Complutense University of MADRID in the title and Description?

    Any idea?

    This is possible by creating a custom search result template, assign searchresults.dDocTitle value to another variable value and querytext to another variable.

    Check if the strIndexof sought the title term is > = 0 if yes then assign the variable to search text previous to another variable adding tags and strReplaceIgnoreCase allows to replace the string "BOLD" of search terms in the title. This can be implemented on a quick search, but I don't know how this can be tried for the Standard search.

  • trace of predefined text animation

    What I am doing wrong? I want to apply an animation of type preset text path. I type in the text, in this case the word "whatever", select it in the timeline panel and then set up the trace of predefined text animation "PIPES" and drag it on the word or the layer in the timeline panel. "PIPES" and its path will appear, however they erase the word "whatever." It wont let me change the 'PIPES' place holder text with my word and even when I press play, the word "PIPES" is just there like the compostion plays and that it does not animate along its path. Any ideas?

    Here, there is a work around:

    Animation path in Presets of AE CC2015 (Win) text bug

  • How to use the text animation?

    Text animation does not work? Why?

    You should find the forum for any product it is and post your questions there.

    Here is a link to a page that provides links to all of the Adobe forums...

    The Forum links page: https://forums.adobe.com/welcome

  • Text animations works not after after affects the update

    I had CC2015 AE already and have been using fine.  Yesterday all my apps have been updated and now when I apply a predefined text animation, the path of test is is more honored.  The text, in some cases, move, but does not follow the path.  He puts on the scale and kerns.  Does anyone else have this problem?

    FWIW, I just got the phone with Adobe and they said this is definitely a bug in the latest version.  I roll back a version

  • How to set the blog < title > and < meta description = name

    I put in

    -Site Manager-> Module Templates - > Articles-> presentation of Blog Post details the following:

    at the top, with the tags < / body > and < / html > downstairs.

    < html >

    < head >

    < title > {tag_blogpostmetatitle} < /title >

    < name meta = "description" content = "{tag_blogpostmetadescription}" / >

    < / head >

    < body >

    < div class = "container" >

    < div class = "row" >

    and the rest of the body

    and at the end of the background:

    < / body >

    < / html >


    Blog-model: no title and meta description tags

    <! DOCTYPE html >

    < html >

    < head >

    <! - base - >

    < meta charset = "utf-8" / >

    no title tag or description of the blog model

    <! - Mobile Metas - >

    < name meta = "viewport" content = "width = device-width, original scale = 1.0" / > "

    <! - web fonts - >

    " < link href =" http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:300, 400, 600, 700, 800% 7CShadows + in + clear "rel ="stylesheet"type =" text/css"/ > "

    <! - seller CSS - >

    "< link rel ="stylesheet"href="/vendor/bootstrap/bootstrap.css "/ >

    "< link rel ="stylesheet"href="/vendor/fontawesome/css/font-awesome.css "/ >

    - job description do not see. the title is not the title of the post is the name of a blog.

    -J' missed something please notify

    Thank you

    You just need to check what you will.

    http://www.stagingconnections.com/events/how-to-plan-the-perfect-outdoor-event-safely-part - 1

    Nothing wrong with BC and works. As I said - check your markup and avoid doing the things of html in the editor in admin.

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