Aperture from Apple of Photos + affinity and El Capitan

Nice surprise: opening seems OK under El Capitan. Nice surprise: affinity goes perfectly with the opening, for now. Better than the Photos .

You feel relevant to migrate opening Photos + affinity (hoping that developers will improve the combo...), or is - this smart favorite LR + PS ?


Opening was a request $80. Photo is a gift. I don't see how pictures is somehow a replacement for Aperture for any user of serious Aperture.

Only you know the shooter that you, and only you can decide what is the best software set up for you.

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    See if that helps.

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  • How can I email a photo directly from the new 'Photos' (on El Capitan)? There seems to be no way to do it. Nothing is marked for example, 'share'-> 'email address '.

    How can I email picture directly from the new "Photos"?  (on El Capitan)

    In Photos, and when you are in the Photos tab, you should see the following text in the upper right or go out to the right of the photo, you select. Clicking on it should show you the selection by email.

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    Hello golden2,.

    I understand that you have a DVD picture in your SuperDrive drive, but it is not mount on the desktop and will not eject.

    Please, try the procedure described in this article using the disc is ejected.

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    the pictures on Apple tv4, there is a window "my photo gallery.

    It is to show the images that I deleted some photos on my other IOS devices & on my mac pro

    How can I delete images or all 'my photostream window' on apple tv 4?

    I have not found a way to remove images of photo stream of the Apple TV 4 yet, maybe they it will introduce in a later version. However deleted photos from mac or any other device must sync to Apple TV, it may need to update. Try to activate the photo stream and turn it back on (settings > accounts > iCloud)

  • import photos from apple?

    I have lightroom and you want to import my old photos that exist currently in iPhoto, and photos by apple.

    Went under file, plug in extras, import from iPhoto library.

    But the plug says that he supports libraries with iPhoto 9.5.1 and later versions.  It says my library is older and errors may be encountered.

    Before, I thought I'd see if anyone has a better way to do it.

    Thank you very much.

    Import folder of masters as suggested above is the fastest solution, but it has a few drawbacks: it keeps all the metadata (location is particularly important for me) and more problematic for me - don't retains the structure of the album. What I want, it's essentially to convert my photo folder/album structure in the folder structure in Lr (each year is its own folder containing albums of the year where each album also includes the datecode in the form of 'Name of the AAMM-DD').

    The only solution I found was to setup auto import Lightroom folder, then use it to export a photo album of this folder, go to Lightroom, wait until automatic importation was complete and finally to rename the new folder in Lightroom in the name of the Album. It had to be repeated for each album, so you can imagine that it is time consuming and not pleasure at least... But to help me maintain my sanity, I created 2 macros Keyboard Maestro, one for export a photo album and the other to take care of renaming in Lr. They work like this:

    1. first macro exports all photos in the album selected in Lr auto import folder and copies the album name to the Clipboard.

    2 then when Lr moved all the pictures I launched the second macro that renames newly created auto import folder using the name of the previously copied album.

    3. after each year, I created the folder of the new year in Lr and then tweaked the auto import settings so that it has generated record auto import inside this new folder (it's optional, as it is very easy to manage files in Lr later too, especially since I use datecode on their behalf, but it is still nice to have created folders to which they belong)

    That allows to import > 20000 photos of ~ 1200 albums for the past 16 years, preserving all metadata as well as maintaining the structure desired in Lr... Took me again some time, spread over two evenings, but at least the macros does all the work of painstainking of clicking, typing and pressing the buttons, all I had to do was throw them and wait to be filled. In addition, it's also fun going through old photos.

    If someone wants to try this route, I can send them my macros for good start (you must own Keyboard Maestro https://www.keyboardmaestro.com/main/ (can't quite recommend it, use all the days for various shortcuts) - and you probably have to adapt your own workflow macros)

  • How to import from Apple photo app?

    How to export pictures of Apple Photo App to Photoshop?

    Hi suhl100365,

    You can export images from the Photos app and then open them in Photoshop

    You can read this article:

    How to use an external editor with Photos for OS X | IVous

  • How to import pictures from the new Apple's Photos app to lightroom?

    The instructions in the Adobe tutorial do not work for the new application Photos of Apple.  Lightroom is also not locate my photos.

    Hi Thabiti,

    Photos app does not have any external editor to recognize directly.

    You will first need to export images from the Photos App and then import them into Lightroom.

    You can refer to this article:


  • I downloaded 5.7 LR who said that it would allow imports from Apple iPhoto. However, I still can't do it. Is this possible and how?

    I downloaded 5.7 LR who announced that he would allow imports from Apple iPhoto. I still can't do it. Is this possible and how?

    Follow these instructions: ready to go from iPhoto or Aperture? Lightroom Queen

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    I have an Imac8, using OS X el capitan, 24 ", realized in 2008. Get pop-up windows from: Advanced cleaner Mac and Mac Adware Cleaner. Are they those recommended by Apple? These come from Apple?

    No, they are not, they are horrific scams and are not in any way recommended by Apple - what made you think they were?

    Frequent jump - rises as it says have adware - try to do a scan with Malwarebytes: http://malwarebytes.org/antimalware/mac.

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    How to take a photo with my iPhone/iPad, allow it to synchronize with Photos on my Mac via iCoud, then delete from my iPhone/iPad/iCloud and removes any Photos on Mac? I want to save the photo on your computer and save space on small devices?

    I keep seeing articles on the iCloud market turn but it seems the photos all return on the devices once restarted. I want to iCloud on use as a conduit to get the photos to my computer, not as a large storage space. I want the Photos app on my Mac where all the photos are filled and stored and choose those which is left each device.

    Right now they are all in the pictures on the Mac, but I'm worried if I remove it from my iPhone/iPad that they will disappear from Photos on the Mac. I don't understand the new Photos app with all the missing features of iPhoto.

    Thank you!

    You can not that's not how works iCloud photo library - it is not a conduit but a total synchronization service whose entire raison d'etre is to keep libraries connected identical - all changes made on any device (addition, deletion or modification) are made on all devices. For devices with limited memory, using optimized photos

    If this isn't what you want then use another service - USB import, iTunes sync, MyPhotoStream for example each do different things and everyone can move photos from one device to another

    And Photos lack a lot of features iPhoto form - in fact much more features than iPhoto including iCloud library there like a bigger and better editing capability and better external editing capability and so on


  • Got a 27 "monitor from Apple, with thunderbolt (error). My MacPro can't love at first sight. Apple won't bring back the monitor. Will using a USB 3 map and then using a hard drive with USB 3 and Thunderbolt works?

    Got a 27 "monitor from Apple, with thunderbolt (error). My MacPro can't love at first sight. Apple won't bring back the monitor. Will using a USB 3 map and then using a hard drive with USB 3 and Thunderbolt works?

    N ° you need a computer logic board which has built in Thunderbolt.

  • Hacked and no help from Apple for almost 2 mos.

    Hi all

    I'm pretty desperate here. I followed beyond posts on what to do when your AppleID is hacked, and many of them ended with "call Apple's Support." Apple support has been totally useless.

    My problem started on 14 March, when I received an email from Apple Support in Chinese, who thanked me for contact Apple. Shortly after, I got a bunch of notifications that my security questions and the password have been changed on my AppleID. Initially I thought that I didn't have access to my recovery email, which came from a former employer. However, I finally got the tech Director for the my old man use ' sdomain to get access to e-mail again. I used the website of julien inconu without result - no password reset email came through, although others did, which one expert of the main Apple support (as a test to confirm that the email address works).

    Two weeks ago, I spoke with my third Technical Advisor, which once again was super helpful, but she informed me she submitted the request to engineers just reset my email recovery (I still have access to the e-mail address associated with the AppleID), which is something made a support person previous (they said no (, but I think that the person has not only explain the question correctly). Again, I start to worry not this will go down as the other two.

    So, after hours and hours on the phone with specialists, who do not have the power/knowledge/combo? to help me, I always find myself waiting for resolution. Whenever I call, and they say they need to "check with the engineers" who then do not 2 weeks at a time. The problem seems to be that Julian inconu website don't push my recovery email, so they do not have two ways to check me (they were able to send a code to my devices, but that's all). Is - what really the case where a person can can join Apple to hack my account but I can't then this person out? I'm certainly not the only person to have ever experienced.

    And all this time, the person who hacked my AppleID has access to all location data to find my Mac/iPhone (to turn off the coast, you must have the Apple ID). They would not even freeze the account! I also have not been able to update applications (which means I can't use many of them), have not updated to El Capitan (I'm behind the curve, sorry, but just got a new keyboard and mouse Magic 2 and now cannot use those).

    Don't worry, I'll change to two-step verification, as soon as I get my account!

    If anyone has any other ideas of ways that I can get a resolution or departments to call (is there anyone who can lead me to a kind of engineer), would be great. I have spent hours on this problem and have so far got absolutely nowhere thanks a lot for the help!

    Updates? I was told that the audit in two steps has been to resolve the issue, which prevented the Apple engineers. Sorry, you encounter the same problem.

  • I followed the steps from apple to restore my iPod touch my daughter locked herself on and it didn't work. Any suggestions?

    I followed the instructions from Apple to restore my iPod touch of girls that she herself locked because she has forgotten her password. The restore did not work and it is always disabled and cannot be accessed. Any other suggestions?

    What happened when you tried restoring? Have you seen an error message? If Yes, what is the exact text of this message?

  • Transfer documents, photos, movies and music on the same laptop from one session to another.

    I have a Mac Book Pro OSX El Capitan.

    I transferred everything from my administrator of my iMac to my Mac Book Pro.

    I know how to create a session, or delete, but I can't find how to transfer files from one session to the next to keep only one.

    Maybe there is no way, and I have to do it manually with a USB key.

    If anyone can help me with this, I would be grateful.

    Sorry for my English is not too good. I'm french and I is the first time that I post a message!

    Thank you

    Hi Appia,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple! I'm sorry to hear that you are having these problems with your iMac and your MacBook Pro. I'm a bit ambiguous on the specific issue you describe, but if you speak to migrate your user accounts or data from an older Mac to a new Mac, you can find information and the steps described in the following articles useful:

    Move your content to a new Mac - Apple Support

    OS X: manually the Data Migration from another Mac - Apple Support


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