Apex Collections update problem

Hi guys

I want to customize the API of Apex 4.1 loading data. So I wrote a simple validation process in the pages of this API standard.
Simply I get the "LOAD_CONTENT" collection, and I'm trying to update an unused column of this collection.

My code is:
   FOR rec IN (SELECT SEQ_ID AS row_num, c001, c002, c003, c004, c005, c006,
                      c007, c008, c009, c010, c011
                 FROM apex_collections
                WHERE collection_name = 'LOAD_CONTENT')
         apex_collection.update_member (p_collection_name      => 'LOAD_CONTENT',
                                        p_seq                  => rec.row_num,
                                        p_c011                 => 'valid.png'

When I try it I lost all data in this collection and I get * "No data found" * warning in my report.
What do I see? Should I loop open for the update or something?

Thank you

Hi John,.

To update the members of the collection, there are two different procedures.
-> apex_collection.update_member, for which you will need to provide any attribute that you want to update in the case otherwise they are interpreted as null values. That is why any attribute not specified in your case, becomes null
-> apex_collection.update_member_attribute, for which you need only specify the particular attribute that you want to update. It's one you should use, as follows

FOR rec IN (SELECT SEQ_ID AS no_lig c001, c002, c003, c004, c005, c006,)
C007, c009, c011, c010 and c008
Of apex_collections
WHERE collection_name = "LOAD_CONTENT")
apex_collection.update_member_attribute (p_collection_name-online 'LOAD_CONTENT',
p_seq-online rec.row_num,
p_attr_number-online 11,
p_attr_value-online 'valid.png '.

Kind regards

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  • Updated APEX collection error ORA-04044: procedure, function, package, type

    Hi all

    I am trying to update the APEX MEMBER of the COLLECTION and encounter errors:

    1 error has occurred
    ORA-06550: line 9, column 8: PL/SQL: ORA-04044: procedure, function, package or type is not allowed here ORA-06550: line 7, column 3: PL/SQL: statement ignored

    The PLSQL code are as below

    entire x;
    v_date_started VARCHAR2 (255);
    v_date_finished VARCHAR2 (255);
    SELECT c.seq_id
    WHERE collection_name = "PHASE_COLLECTION."
    AND c001 =: P41_MPM_ID
    and rownum = 1;
    v_date_started: =: P41_DATE_STARTED;
    v_date_finished: =: P41_DATE_FINISHED;

    p_collection_name = > 'PHASE_COLLECTION '.
    , p_seq = > x
    , p_c004 = > v_date_started
    , P_c005 = > v_date_finished

    The process will take place after SUBMIT and validation.

    The code I used to add a colletion APEX will work perfectly and is as below

    -Initialization Collection PHASE_COLLECTION
    END IF;
    -Add members to the COLLECTION PHASE of table PHASE_MEMBERSHIP
    FOR x IN (SELECT mpm_id, mpm_eng_id, phase_number, date_started, date_finished, date_created
    OF phase_membership
    WHERE mpm_eng_id =: P41_MPM_ENG_ID
    AND active = 1
    ORDER BY date_created)
    (p_collection_name = > 'PHASE_COLLECTION')
    , p_c001 = > x.MPM_ID
    , p_c002 = > x.MPM_ENG_ID
    , p_c003 = > x.PHASE_NUMBER
    , p_c004 = > x.DATE_STARTED
    , p_c005 = > x.DATE_FINISHED
    , p_c006 = > x.DATE_CREATED

    END IF;
    Logger.Error (p_message_text = > SQLERRM)
    , p_message_code = > SQLCODE
    , p_stack_trace = > dbms_utility.format_error_backtrace

    What I tried to use APEX_COLLETION to check the overlap between the date_range.
    The requirement is just to display a warning if the user adds a record to the new phase or update record of current phase may overlap between the order of phase together.
    Table PHASE_MEMBERSHIP script is

    'NOTES' VARCHAR2 (2000 BYTE),

    So, basically, I want to fill the documents associated with a particular to a collection of APEX called PHASE_COLLECTION MPM_ENG_ID.
    Then when the user specify date_started and date_finished, it will update/insert the APEX collection first.
    Then the rank based on audit collection date
    then display the warning to ask the user to confirm message.

    But then I'm stuck at the step of updating COLLECTION of APEX.

    If anyone has any ideas on what is wrong, please help.

    Thanks in advance.


    Your syntx error line number should give you the trick - it is not a member of the update, rather the SQL - you are referring to apex_collection, not apex_collections view dictionary.


  • In a table by using the Collection update of nulls

    I use collections to create a form in a table. However, I can't get the code to work. Could you please look at my logic and let me know what I am doing wrong?
    Apex version: 4.1
    1 process name: load Collection
    a. process Point: On Load - before the header
    Condition (b) process:
    i. the condition Type: PL/SQL expression
    + ii.     Expression:
     not apex_collection.collection_exists(p_collection_name => 'STAKEHOLDERS_COL')
    c. code:
    if apex_collection.collection_exists('STAKEHOLDERS_COL') = TRUE then
             p_collection_name =>'STAKEHOLDERS_COL');
    end if;
        p_collection_name => 'STAKEHOLDERS_COL',
        p_query => 'select id
                   , stakeholder_name
                   , stakeholder_role_id
                   , primary_contact_yn
                   , receive_notification_yn
                   , ''O'' original_flag
                   , wwv_flow_item.md5(stakeholder_name, stakeholder_role_id, 
                     primary_contact_yn, receive_notification_yn) 
                   from eba_prjv_proj_stakeholders,
       p_generate_md5 => 'YES'
    * 2.     Report on the collection:
    a. query:
    apex_item.hidden(1,c001) id,
    apex_item.popupkey_from_query(2,c002,'select user_name d, user_name r from eba_prjv_app_users order by 1', 10) name,
    apex_item.select_list_from_query(4,c003,'select role_description d, id r from eba_prjv_stkhlder_roles order by role_code', 10) role,
    apex_ITEM.SELECT_LIST(5,c004,'N','Yes;Y,No;N') primary_contact_yn,
    apex_ITEM.SELECT_LIST(6,c005,'N','Yes;Y,No;N') receive_notifications_yn,
    apex_item.hidden(7, c006) status,
    apex_item.checkbox(8, seq_id) chkbx,
    apex_item.hidden(9, seq_id) seq_id
    from apex_collections
    where collection_name = 'STAKEHOLDERS_COL'
    AND c006 IN ('O','N','U')
    * 3.     I have a button 'Add a line' add a blank line for inserts. The button "submit page" REQUEST As "ADD". *
    * 4.     The process of adding new line: *.
    a. process Point: after submit - by the calculation and Validation
    b. process of Condition: what key - add row
    c. code:
    p_collection_name => 'STAKEHOLDERS_COL',
    p_c006 => 'N',
    p_generate_md5 => 'YES' );
    * 5. I have a button Delete who submits the request page = 'DELETE '. *
    * 6.     Collection update process:
    a. process Point: after submit - by the calculation and Validation
    + b.     Condition of process:
    REQUEST != 'ADD'
    c. code:
    l_status VARCHAR2(1);
    l_seq_id NUMBER;
    l_original_md5 VARCHAR2(4000);
    l_array_md5 VARCHAR2(4000);
    FOR i IN 1..apex_application.g_f01.count LOOP
    -- Check previous status of Collection Member
       SELECT c006, c007 INTO l_status, l_original_md5
       FROM apex_collections
       collection_name = 'STAKEHOLDERS_COL'
       AND seq_id = apex_application.g_f09(i);
    IF l_status = 'N' THEN
       l_status := 'N';
       SELECT wwv_flow_item.md5(apex_application.g_f02(i)
       , apex_application.g_f04(i)
       , apex_application.g_f05(i)
       , apex_application.g_f06(i))
       INTO l_array_md5
       FROM DUAL;
       IF l_original_md5 != l_array_md5 THEN
          l_status := 'U';
       END IF;
    END IF;
    IF l_status IN ('N','U') THEN
       p_collection_name => 'STAKEHOLDERS_COL'
       , p_seq => apex_application.g_f09(i)
       , p_c001 => apex_application.g_f01(i)
       , p_c002 => apex_application.g_f02(i)
       , p_c003 => apex_application.g_f04(i)
       , p_c004 => apex_application.g_f05(i)
       , p_c005 => apex_application.g_f06(i)
       , p_c006 => l_status
       , p_c007 => l_original_md5
    END IF;
       FOR i IN 1..apex_application.g_f08.count LOOP
       -- Check previous status of Collection Member
      SELECT seq_id, c006 INTO l_seq_id, l_status
      FROM apex_collections
      WHERE collection_name = 'STAKEHOLDERS_COL'
      AND seq_id = apex_application.g_f08(i);
      IF l_status = 'N' THEN
         p_collection_name => 'STAKEHOLDERS_COL'
         , p_seq => l_seq_id
        p_collection_name => 'STAKEHOLDERS_COL'
        , p_seq => l_seq_id
        , p_attr_number => '6'
        , p_attr_value => 'D'
      END IF;
     END LOOP;
    END IF;
    * 7.     Update the collection table
    a. process Point: present - according to calculation and Validation
    b. process of Condition: If the key (APPLY_CHANGES)
    c. code
    l_table_md5 VARCHAR2(4000);
    l_collection_md5 VARCHAR2(4000);
    FOR c1 IN (SELECT c001, c002, c003, c004, c005, c006, c007,seq_id
    FROM apex_collections
    WHERE collection_name = 'STAKEHOLDERS_COL'
    ) LOOP
    IF c1.c006 = 'N' THEN
       insert into eba_prjv_proj_stakeholders
                ( STAKEHOLDER_NAME,
    ELSIF c1.c006 = 'D' THEN
       DELETE FROM eba_prjv_proj_stakeholders
       WHERE id = c1.c001;
    ELSIF c1.c006 = 'U' THEN
       -- Check the record hasn't been updated since the query
       -- Get MD5 checksum from the Table
       INTO l_table_md5
       FROM eba_prjv_proj_stakeholders
       WHERE id = c1.c001;
       -- Compare the checksum values and if they are different, raise an error.
       IF l_table_md5 != c1.c007 THEN
          raise_application_error( -20001
          , 'Current version of data in database has changed '||
            'since user initiated update process.');
      END IF;
      UPDATE eba_prjv_proj_stakeholders set
      STAKEHOLDER_NAME = c1.c002,
      STAKEHOLDER_ROLE_ID = c1.c003,
      PRIMARY_CONTACT_YN = c1.c004,
      where id = c1.c001;
    end if;
    end loop;
    apex_collection.delete_collection( p_collection_name => 'STAKEHOLDERS_COL' );
    At the end of the process, I see null values inserted in my table. The report also displays null values.

    Published by: jaouad khalifi on August 17, 2012 04:26

    Published by: jaouad khalifi on August 17, 2012 04:42

    Published by: jaouad khalifi on August 17, 2012 04:46

    Published by: jaouad khalifi on August 18, 2012 02:03


    I changed and then brought back to the State that you had.

    The problem here is that you have status and Seq_id returned with APEX_ITEM. HIDDEN, but you have not selected the Show check box for those columns attribute report tab.

    Thus there is no f06 and f09 only named elements in your HTML DOM and therefore no APEX_APPLICATION. G_F06 and G_F09. If your processes

    FOR correct here is what you do

    1. mark the status and Seq_id as indicated in the report attribute tab columns
    2. change the ACE status display hidden to report column Standard. Change display of the Seq_id also report Standard column

    Note that when a column is not marked to show in the report he becomes any and you don't see the associated items in the DOM HTML.

    See you soon,.

  • Spectrum of HP X 2 - HID SENSOR COLLECTION driver problem


    I just bougt garage a Ultrabook of spectrum HP X 2/tablet.

    Since I already have a Windows 8 N Pro license I installed it on my spectrum X 2.

    The question I am now face is that the dirver HID SENSOR COLLECTION is not woking and I can't use my sensors such as: rotation (accelerometer), light sensor, the screen...

    I can see this error in Device Manager by double-clicking on the HID COLLECTION of SENSOR:


    This device cannot start (Code 10).

    The process hosting the driver for this device was completed.


    I have installed all drivers HP of my spectrum HP X 2 page drivers and I also installed all Windows updates.

    Can someone please?

    Thank you


    I found a solution for the problem of driver HID sensor Collection.

    It seems that the driver uses something Windows Media Framework and because it can not find it on my spectrum X 2 it fails.

    This driver problem will happen on all the HP spectrum X 2 who have installed Windows 8.1 Pro N (N is the European version) because there is no Media Feature Pack installed by default.

    To fix the driver HID Collection sensor problem, I installed the Media Feature Pack for N and KN here 8.1 Windows versions:


    After the instalation just sensors begin to work.

    It is a BIG PROBLEM and HP needs to do something about it!

    A big thank you to Wiab of Lenovo Comunity forum for us to share the solution:


    Kind regards


  • Migrated collections - update issues

    Hi, I had problems with the 'Title of the Collection' and 'Image of the Collection' update for collections that I migrated.

    For my 'welcome' collection (the collection of albums in my layout) when I update the image, the update of the image does not appear on my ipad app. The new image appears correctly in the window of collection properties (screenshot below), it is not only get pushed to my application.

    For my 'report collection' (middle right in my layout) of the Migration process appears to have imported the version number (first Republic annual report 2014 V1). I went back in the collection properties and removed V1 'Title of the Collection', but the update is not reflected in the ipad app.

    I tried an edit and re-edit these different collections. I tried to remove the collections and re-migration. (and publish it again). Still no luck.

    Is there a work around? Or is this a known problem, that you guys work?

    Thank you!


    Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 10.58.13 AM.pngIMG_0402.PNG

    Yes, I got very good at the termination of the application, restart and wait for the 'update available' button appear at the top.

    I just find a workaround. I have created a new collection in the DPS cloud and added items migrated in my new collection. I updated the content mode 'open default collection'. Essentially, I re-packaged items and now my updates of the "image of the collection" and "the collection title" are reflected.

    The problem I had with collections related only to the collections that were migrated DPS 1.0 using the "Migration of Folio tool."

    Thank you!

  • Can I change my CS6 Master Collection (updated for CS3, Win) win for Mac?

    Hi all

    I want to stay with CS6 (no creative cloud not provided)...

    Due to a hardware problem I think to switch from Win to Mac. Buying a Mac not a PC under Windows...

    Is it possible, that I change the platform for my CS6 Master Collection (updated for CS3, Win) win for Mac?

    If yes - how much does it cost?

    Thank you very much and greetings


    Here is a link to a page that provides information about a change of platform:

    l http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/Policy-Pricing/Order-Product-Platform-Language-swap.htm

  • Satellite C855 - 2M 1 - AMD graphics driver automatically update problems

    I have a Satellite C855 - 2M 1 and installed windows 8.1.

    I installed the first upgrade of the video driver from Windows update (WDDM 1.2 02/11/2013
    and it works well.

    Lately on windows update has been released a new driver (Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. - Graphics)
    Adapter WDDM1.3 - AMD Radeon HD 7500/7600 Series)
    I tried to update the driver but when windows restarts it does not load the driver and restore the old.

    I tried to manually uninstall the driver and updated, but it fails.

    Any help on this would be much appreciated.

    Thank you

    To be honest I m not very well why the autopilot GPU update could not complete successfully, but I guess that the update is not out for the AMD Radeon HD7610M, which is built into the laptop.

    I also read a discussion on this issue in the Microsoft forum, and it seems that there are other people having exactly the same problem with this update.

    [Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. - Graphics Adapter WDDM1.3 - AMD Radeon HD 7500/7600 series update problem | http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows8_1-hardware/problem-with-graphics-driver-update/a7a6da38-6575-405b-86c2-71a620be06b7]

    The question is therefore probably related to wrong or incompatible driver GPU

  • p6310f: Windows Update problem

    When you try to upgrade to windows 10 I received the error message 0 x 80080005 - 0 x 90016 after watching in Microsoft support forum, I found that the problem was related to windows 7 is not not to date. I checked and found that my computer has stopped udating a couple of years. I tried to run Fixit MS that has not worked. Tried to reboot (BITS) and got ERROR 126 (module not found) I then followed the instructions at https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2700567 on how to reset the Windows Update components. During the process, I have the following errors:

    Mshtml.DLL loaded, but the dllregisterserver entry point was not found.

    Shdocvw.dll "" ""

    browseui.dll   "                "                    "                     "

    MSXML.dll Module could not load make sure that binary is stored at the specified location the specified module could not be found.

    Actprxy.dll Failed is not found

    gpkcsp.dll        "        "           "             "

    initpki.dll          "           "                 "

    wuaueng1.dll"" "

    c:\windows\system32\dllcache\wucltui.dll"" "

    wuweb.dll      "            "           "              "

    muweb.dll    "            "              "            "

    I guess my question is what I have to do a restore of the system under windows 7, before I can upgrade to windows 10? Or y at - it another way?

    Hello glockrow ;

    Let me welcome you on the HP forums!

    I read your post about windows update problems and wanted to help.

    I would that be able to say that updating to Win10 was an exact science where we know exactly how he does it, and what it should - but the flooding of this and other instances of Win10 problem after that problem indicates that, at best, we are all guessing.

    So, I think, from what I've read and done on my PC, is that you SHOULD be able to avoid the problem of missing updates by updating using Win10 created using this MS link media: 10 Windows Installer using the media - Windows help authoring tool

    After you create the DVD or USB, NOT boot from it. Instead, insert it into your PC and, if it does not auto-start, right click on the file setup.exe and run it.

    HOWEVER - and this is important - PC Win7 have a rate low success updated Win10 without problem - primariluy lack of OEM Win10 drivers.  Typical problems include display artifacts (to cause to be obliged to use the driver for the card of Microsoft Basic), not wireless and touchpad problems.  The drivers Microsoft provides have only the most basic features, with none of the extras that the HP drivers bring to the stage.

    It is further complicated by the function Win10 GoBack, whereby you can return to your original operating system, being known to be unreliable. So when your upgrade machine malfunctioning, only then you discover that you cannot return the machine to work, that you had originally!

    You can protect yourself against ending up with a damaged machine - seriously considering using a free third-party product that works for airport Imaging/restoration - Macrium Reflect.

    Macrium reflect (MR) provides a FREE version that can be used to image and restore partitions or drives together.

    What I recommend is the following:
    (1) download and install Macrium reflect (MR)
    (2) run M. and choose the option: "Create an image of the partition (s) required to backup and restore Windows" to write a full backup to an external drive or USB key
    (3) use the option to create a CD or a USB startup key

    NOW, you have the means to restore a full system that works for the external hard drive or USB key in a few minutes.

    So now you can recharge before with the upgrade, knowing that whatever happens, you will be able to return to your currently works in a few minutes.

    Good luck

    I'm a volunteer and I do not work for, or represent, HP.
    If you feel that my suggestions helped you, please click on the thumbs-up symbol to say thank you!

    If they helped to solve your problem, please click 'Accept as Solution' to help others find similar information.

  • Security update problem - trying to update from McAfee!

    try to install McAfee 2011 3 users Total Protection with installation CD.  After spending the last 4 hours online with them, they claim I have windows update problem - shows up in the history as: for.NETon of a security update windows XP, windows Server 2003, windows vista, windows 7, vista windows 2008... KB2160841.  Finally, they said that the problem of 'failure' to be fixed through windows before my McAfee can be updated? !!! Help!  already four hours online trying to fix! :(

    See Andre.Ziegler response to a previous post, involving the KB:

    Error: WindowsUpdate_00000002 when installing .NET Framework 4 (KB2160841)


  • Update problems - how to prevent an update available

    title of the debtor: update problems

    On XP, I recently uninstalled .net because it was originally a slow race. The result is a much faster computer but update Downloader insists to send me, updated net what failure then to install. How can I stop sending me these updates?

    Hi, Alan.

    You can check the box indicating do not show this message and click Ok.


    Word of warning however.  NetFramework is an application that depend on many other applications.  You may want to rethink and reinstall NetFramework.

    How to repair an installation existing.NET Framework

    You may need to repair your installation of .NET Framework, if you upgrade your operating system or if the installation of the current framework is damaged.


    How to troubleshoot installation issues of the Microsoft.NET Framework 1.1 in Windows XP or Windows 2000 (NetFramework cleaning tool includes)


  • Update problem - cannot install KB982168 & KB2539631

    original title: update problem

    I keep having problems with update KB 982168 and KB2539631

    Help us help you: start by reading this post 'sticky '...

    What information to post in the Windows Update forum

    Note: KB982168 is an optional update, not security. Feel free to hide it.


    Visit the Microsoft Solution Center and antivirus security for resources and tools to keep your PC safe and healthy. If you have problems with the installation of the update itself, visit the Microsoft Update Support for resources and tools to keep your PC updated with the latest updates.

  • Error Windows Update problem "don't shut down your computer updates being configured"

    OT: Windows Update problem.

    Why should I continue to get the message ' don't shut down your computer updates being configured "where all the updates seem to have been installed?

    Start here (ignore the title): http://support.microsoft.com/kb/949358

  • Vista update problem, whenever I search updates, it tells me that I need those I supposedly already downloaded

    I recently had to reformat and now I try to do all my windows updates. But whenever I have to search for updates it tell me that I need those I supposedly already downloaded. I don't understand what is happening at all.

    Try: troubleshoot common installation in Windows Update problems

  • KB2676562 error 80070490 Windows update problem

    original title: Windows Update problem

    I'm unable to install the "Security Update for Windows Vista (KB2676562)."  I get the error "80070490."   I tried everything, including the "fix for Windows (KB947821)" and "Automatic troubleshooting" that incorrectly shows that the problem has been corrected.

    I'm unable to install the "Security Update for Windows Vista (KB2676562)."  I get the error "80070490."   I tried everything, including the "fix for Windows (KB947821)" and "Automatic troubleshooting" that incorrectly shows that the problem has been corrected.

    Have you tried everything in this article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/958044

    Method 1: run (Checksur.exe) system update readiness tool

    If this method does not resolve the problem, go to method 2.

    Method 2: perform a Windows repair installation

  • Vista update problem - stop to update 3/3 0%

    original title: Vista update problem

    When my computer tries to finally start up, it comes to a screen that says Windows Update section 3 of 3, 0% complete.  He is sitting here for a minute or two, then restarts.  This loop continues indefinitely.  Will not start in safe mode.  Used a boot disk to get into the Windows repair and got the result, did not find any problem.  How to cross this attempt to update?  I have Vista.

    When you used the "Startup disk" was available as an option system restore? If so, then choose a restore point created before this issue started occurring.

    If the system restore is not available, then you have 2 options:

    (1) try a "in-place upgrade", aka, repair installation. This can be done by running the system with the "Startup disk" and choose command prompt - How to perform a repair for Vista Installation

    However, if Service Packs have been installed then you should uninstall everything first.

    You will need to know where the Service Pack .exe file is to be able to uninstall the command prompt, because the system does not start properly, or Mode without failure.

    See - method 3: uninstall Windows Vista service pack from the guest here - How do I uninstall Windows Vista service packs as a troubleshooting step

    (2) do a clean install of Vista.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Lenovo, when my Thinkpad S540 will support Windows 8.1? I tried to upgrade several times, but ended up each time with drivers does not or other various problems, screen black etc... According to the forums, there are a lot of issues updated to Win8.1

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