Apex PA50 SPICE model used in Multisim

Below, I pasted the code of the Apex SPICE for their PA50 power amp.  I tried to use the Wizard component in Multisim, but when I run the simulation I get the following errors:

1st a popup) an error was found in the Netlist, would you like to continue nevertheless?

2nd if I proceed)-netlist SPICE checking to Apex_PA50 - Saturday, July 20, 2013, 12:54:12 -
Error of SPICE Netlist in schematic RefDes "u1", item 'xu1': unexpected '6' found subckt - too many nodes or missing name value parameter instance online.
Error of SPICE Netlist in schematic RefDes "u1", "" element: due to errors, the instance subckt 'xu1' has been omitted from the simulation
= SPICE Netlist verification completed, 2 error (s), 0 warning (s) =.

You SPICE gurus out there knows how I can get these kinds of patterns Apex in multisim?  They are really big amplifiers.

Thank you

Robert Harker


* REVISION 2 MARCH 18, 2002




. SUBCKT 1 2 3 4 5 36 37 PA50

10 1 8 JI1 J1

11 2 9 JI2 J2

12-8 1.34E + 03 R3

12 9 1.34E + 03 R4

I2 5 12 4.50E - 04

5 12 5.00E C1 - 13

5 12 + 06 5.45E R5

10 4 1.59E + 03 R1

4 1.59E + 03 11 R2

10 11 1.67E C2 - 11

4 5 2.64E I1 - 02

G1 6 15 11 10 6.28E - 04

G2 6 15 12 15 2.81E - 08

6-15 1.00E + 05 R6

6 15 DD D1

15 6 DD D2

6 7 7.50E C3 - 12

15 7 15 6 + 01 1.00E G3

7 15 1E3 R7

16 7 DD D3

18 16 + 00 5.50E V1

7 17 DD D4

17 19 5.50E + 00 V2

RE1 15 0 0.001

38 0 4 0 1 E2

39 0 5 0 1 E3

R8 7 20 50

20 15 5.80E C4 - 11

37 20 21 QOP T3

36 20 22 QO'QON T4

36 21 29 QO'QON Q5

37 22 29 QOP Q6

41 36 38 36 0.69 E4

42 37 39 37 0.69 E5

18 0 41 0 1 E6

19 0 42 0 1 E7

RY1 38 0 10E6

RY2 39 0 10E6

RY3 41 0 10E6

RY4 42 0 10E6

I3 36 21 5.36E - 03

I4 22 37 5.36E - 03

I5 37 36 1.0E - 02

29 3 8 R15, 5TH-02

29 36 DC1 DO

37 29 DC2 IS

. MODEL D (CJO = 10PF IS = 1.26E - 12 RS = 2.38E - 03)

. MODEL D DD (CJO = 0.1PF IS = 1E-17)

. MODEL DL D (CJO = 3PF IS = 1E-13)

. MODEL JI1 NJF (BETA = 4.00E - 03 EAST = VTO 3RD-16 = - 1).

. MODEL JI2 NJF (BETA = 4.00E - 03 EAST = VTO 3RD-16 =-1,0050)

. MODEL QOP PNP (BF = 2.35E + 04 IS = 1E-14)

. MODEL QO'QON NPN (BF = 2.35E + 04 IS = 1E-14)

. MODEL RLQ NPN (BF = 100 IS = 1E-14)

. MODEL SPCA PNP (BF = 100 IS = 1E-14)




I haven't studied your ad but clearly the xU1 call isn't in a SPICE compatible format. The definition of subcircuit PA50 has 7 knots. Your call xU1 has 12! Nodes U1_OPEN_11 and U1_OPEN_12 exist anywhere else in the document.


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    Hi NikoNR,

    When writing a detailed description of what I did exactly with the Wizard component, the component again to create in Multisim from scratch, I found that there are different SPICE models provided in the package for use with AWR MWO. They have a different file extension, but are normal text SPICE inside files.

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    Good day

    (The now much happier) EE-student


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    For my sim screw, I make a copy of the original VI with ".sim" added file name.  I also change the icon in a characteristic way to identify the version of the sim card on the BD. In this way the two VI have the same connector pane and are interchangeable on the BD structure. disable the diagram can be your friend here. Inside of the VI of sim, I generate the signal in any form I want.  You can also add additional if necessary controls.


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    You can find that here:


    The only problem you have to solve is to assign an id to each template button. Rather than use an id string coded hard = "buttonHide1" as in my example, you could use id = "" #LABEL # "If there are a lot of different buttons you need to display / hide on a single page." However, at the same time make sure that the processes are also conditional and follow the logic. To hide a button, this isn't a guarantee that a process can not be executed.

    Denes Kubicek

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    In addition, buy using namespaces we can import several webservices in a project that COULD have your bearing the same name.

    Now, it's probably fine for users who have just a few methods for import, but once you start bringing some Web services, each with 20 methods, the directory structure is quite messy.

    Thank you

    Hi Todd,

    No, the models used to generate the wsdl files are not editable, and for your destination will not help that much either - it is set at the location code files and not models. In addition, a proposal like this has been taken into account, but it won't really use of the function in the mxml syntax. By having more than one folder, you need to define several namespace prefixes and use - for example for service, one for the vo

    Now you can import several services, even if they have similar class names, by setting the names of different package - the generated.webservices it is just the default that provide us with when you load the wsdl of a local computer document. You must use your own package name - for example com.service_name.

    Hope that helps,

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    Thank you, if you have a.

    David B


    A balun is essentially a specialized transformer model.   As a good un bon resume summary of these types of baluns, please see this link:


    Since you can create an ideal transformer simply using sources controlled, attached is a balun 'Ruthroff' ideal, created from 2 ideal transformers (so it works in both directions) using the same technique.

    Using the modellers of Multisim (in Multisim PowerPro) or by creating these transformers with realistic values, it is possible to create SPICE balun transformer models ' real' models.   There are several previous messages which discussed the creation of models of processor to help you.


    Kind regards

    Pat Noonan

    National Instruments

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    I'm trying to upload an image file to a blob column in my table looks on apex.oracle.com (version 4.2), using the Explorer leader element.

    When I use a normal template, it works. When I use the model of mobile, my file is not downloaded.

    Is this a known bug? Or I do something wrong?

    Thanks for your help!

    Nevermind, I was able to reproduce the problem.

    I think the fundamental problem is that AJAX submit do not support downloading a file. As a solution, add the following in the attribute "Run when the Page loads" (JavaScript region) of the page with an element of type page "send file".

    $("#wwvFlowForm", apex.gPageContext$).attr("data-ajax", false);

    This will indicate to jQuery Mobile do not use AJAX to submit the data and instead perform a regular postage.
    Note: This will disable the Visual page transition effect.

    I will file a bug on this issue in the first game of patch. Please let us know!

    My Blog: http://www.inside-oracle-apex.com
    APEX Plug-Ins: http://apex.oracle.com/plugins
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/patrickwolf

  • First HP - Question of mathematical models using

    On the first HP, if I press the key of a mathematical model, I see a group of templates pop up on the screen. These models do not apprear in aid, nor that they are listed in the user manual. I know what most of them are for, but some I did not. And I'm particularly interested in is the third above the left on the top row. It's a box followed by a bar of verticcal followed a smaller box below the level of the larger box. He thinks that this template is for the evaluation of functions to a certain value. However, I get syntax errors when you try to use it. I would appreciate detailed information on the use of this model, in particular in the use of a range of values. E.g. 0 < x < 4.

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    The {} make a list for x in the equation must be evaluated.  This screen CAP's case.  If you want to do in the House, use the capital X.

    BTW, you need a box in a model with a solid square inside and an empty box is optional.

    Hope that the examples help.

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    When you use a template PSpice of an OpAmp AD8001AR of Analog Devices for an implementation of active filter, the simulator of the APLAC Trans gives me warnings below;

    Simulation - NLN:AD8001AR #2
    11:34:47 GBJT. Q1: RB<= 0,="" rb="" set="" to="">
    11:34:47 GBJT_PNP. Q2: RB<= 0,="" rb="" set="" to="">
    11:34:47 GBJT. Q3: RB<= 0,="" rb="" set="" to="">
    11:34:47 GBJT_PNP. Q4: RB<= 0,="" rb="" set="" to="">
    11:34:47 VCVS. EOS_s1: | R2 | must be greater than the minimum series, using R2 = 1e-006 Ohm resistance instead
    11:34:47 VCVS. EREF_s2: | R2 | must be greater than the minimum series, using R2 = 1e-006 Ohm resistance instead
    11:34:47 VCVS. EREF_s1: | R2 | must be greater than the minimum series, using R2 = 1e-006 Ohm resistance instead
    11:34:47 VCVS. ECM. R2 | must be greater than the minimum series, using R2 = 1e-006 Ohm resistance instead
    11:34:47 CCCS. FSY_s2: | R1 | must be greater than the minimum series, using R1 = 1e-006 Ohm resistance instead
    11:34:47 CCCS. FSY_s1: | R1 | must be greater than the minimum series, using R1 = 1e-006 Ohm resistance instead

    Looks like the Simulator to change resistance values in the model values non-null which I'm not sure will affect the simulated result. Someone can tell me if I should be concerned or not?

    Thank you very much in advance!

    Without a doubt, test the model. I joined a project that can help.

    While it is generally true that 1uOhm of resistance should not make a difference in a 'real' circuit, you're dealing with a behavioural model.  Modeling approach, the model may or may not be affected by small resistance added controlled sources.  A few branches inside these models can conduct current kA, amplify tensions 1000 x, etc..

    If the file has the extension .cir (i.e. import as a netlist PSpice and translated to the old format of netlist AWR), try to change the extension .sp, then import it a model HSPICE.  If it works, it can behave better.  Please see this chapter in our documentation for more information on importing cards: https://awrcorp.com/download/faq/english/docs/Users_Guide/importing_netlists.html

  • UIMessage customized by the treatment model using batch


    I have some difficulties, try to use the UIMessages in batchmodel, but first let me explain my situation:

    I use a PXI to test 6 DUT, knowing this, I wanto to use the model batch in teststand and send data to the User Interface customized using UIMessages, I pretend to not display data in 6 different (one for Mineral USE) charts, I a VI that atquires the current temperature, HAD tension, etc. What I do is to use the my VI RunState.TestSockets.MyIndex to get the current index and selection switch the apropiated chanel as (not), in fact right now I am able to send the voltage had TO or other data thoriugh a UIMessage. BUT my problem is that I am not able to send the real SocketIndex in the same UIMessage with the power to the instrument to TEST, and then this way my event reminder UserMessage can differentiate the test with his partner SocketIndex data and update the various graphics or custom indicators.

    I don't know if my explanation is clear, but I'd appreciate any help in this post, thank you.

    You don't need to pass it.  You can access it through your wire.  See attachment.

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    Thank you!



    Model SPICE of the LED component is contained within a .subckt.

    .subcircuit variable and the model parameters are not displayed by default. You must click on the button "Filter Unselected Variables."... "under the list of variables and check 'Show the submodules' order displays the current diode in your case.

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    I use a PL/SQL code to get a DB value, depending on the value that I need to disable the buttons on the Page.

    I tried code below

    IF : P2_FLAG == ' not THEN

    HTP.script ("document.getElementById ("SUBMIT") .disabled = false;", "Javascript");

    END IF;

    It is said screw the page saying - the/apex/f requested URL was not found on this server

    I use Apex 5.0, please need your contributions.


    However, if you want to show/hide the button, you can use conditions:

    Open the properties of the button and put Conditions such as "Item = value '.

    Point - P2_FLAG

    Value - N

    To turn on or off, you must run ajax with jquery to get the DB value before charge and then print button.

    It may be useful

    Sunil Bhatia

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