App installs on Z10 when the icon & Splash Screen images are added to the handle Bar

HI - don't know if it's an unusual question, but my app not install/load on my Z10 when one or both of the pictures icon and Splash Screen are added in the descriptor of Bar.  I development mode and have an installed debugging token and it is still valid.  The strange thing is that the application will be installed on the Simulator without problem.

If I remove the splash screen images & icon in the Bar descriptor file, the application load on my Z10 with success.

The images are the right size: 114 x 114 px for the icon and 768 x 1280 px for the SplashScreen.  The Momentics IDE accepts two files by activating beside them.  I also tried to add the images to the Q10 & PlayBook and still no luck with this loading on my device.  I even tried to go back to the image by default for the icon, and who does more either.

The error I get when trying to install my application on my Z10 with icon images & Splash Screen is:

Failure of deployment: Info: request shipment: install and launch
Info: Action: install and launch
News: Native debugging: on
Info: File size: 414105
Info: Installing com.example.ProfitCalc.testDev__ProfitCalc9866a36a...
Info: Treatment 414105 bytes

Someone has any ideas why this happens?

Thank you.


It is a known problem with certain versions of BlackBerry OS 10.1.  This article explains the problem and provide a workaround.

Deployment of applications may crash or not after OTA 10.1 update.

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    OK Dayton I would first check your serial number is valid by checking, it is listed under your account.  Please visit for more information on how to locate your serial number under your account.

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    I did mine in 1024 x 600 (full screen) because the charger of the splash screen does not Center it nor does support transparency.

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