App problems iOS 10 music on iPod Touch

After you download 10.0.1 on my 64 GB iPod Touch iOS, I type the music app, and it shows a white screen. I can slide the bottom and get a player with no options to access playlists or music. What settings or specific measures are needed to access my pc downloaded music and playlists on the iPod Touch?

Skydiver119 replied to question another person and explained the reboot. I held the sleep and the keys to the House until I am silver apple (a restart from) and got the app music to work!

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  • FLAC file sharing between music on iPod touch apps?

    I want to put music files FLAC on my iPod touch so I can play the same music in different applications to compare the apps.

    iTunes allows you to move files to an iPod so that these files belong to a certain application. But with most large FLAC music files, I don't want to load a copy of sylvie in the appA and appB - would take a lot of disk space.

    Looking for a way to put a file FLAC in a place where it can be seen by two applications.

    Music applications that I have for this audit, the musical library of Apple, but iTunes won't import FLAC and I don't want to convert the files.

    Simple suggestions for someone who is relatively new for iOS would be welcome. Thank you!

    I don't know any way to do it since Apple really sandboxes every app.

  • Problem of gyroscope with iPhone/iPod Touch 4th generation with iOS 6

    We have built an application using AIR SDK 3.4 and are faced with questions only with this device configuration - iPhone/iPod Touch 4th generation with iOS 6

    Anyone has had similar problems. For the Gyroscope data, we use this native extension - /

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Yes, the problem is that the Gyroscope consumes lots of CPU, if the update interval is set to a low value.

    We managed to solve this problem recently by using the extension of Gyroscope by Distriqt - and by setting the interval to update to SENSOR_DELAY_NORMAL ( ope.html #SENSOR_DELAY_NORMAL).

  • Just updated to ios 9 and my ipod touch is stuck at 'update of the iCloud parameters.  I can not restore from iTunes as I have to disable 'find my iPod toch' and cannot do the iPod is blocked with the message to update.  Will not work force a stop down.

    Just updated to ios 9.2 (from 8 something) and my ipod touch is stuck at 'update of the iCloud parameters.  I can not restore from iTunes because I have to disable "Find my iPod touch" first of all, and I can't do as the iPod is blocked with the message to update.  Forcing a stop down does not work that for some reason, I am unable to turn off my iPod touch manually.  I tried to turn off my wifi to see if that stops the iPod touch, but he always keeps on the message to iCloud.  Do I just wait until the battery sinks so that it forces a reboot?

    Place your iOS device into Recovery Mode and then connect to your computer and restore via iTunes. The iPod will be erased.

    iOS: I forgot the password or disabled device

    If the recovery mode does not work, try the DFU mode.

    How to put iPod touch / iPhone in DFU "Karthik doodles."

    To learn how to restore:

    iTunes: restore iOS software

    To restore backup see:

    Restore your device from an iCloud or iTunes backup - Apple Support

    If you restore from a backup of iCloud apps will be automatically downloaded. If you restore from backup iTunes, applications and music must be in iTunes since synchronized as music media library and apps are not included in the backup of the iOS device what iTunes does.

    You can re-download most of iTunes purchases by:

    Download after purchase from the App Store and iTunes Store iBookstore

    If no problem what happens or doesn't happen, and when in the instructions? When you get the iPod into recovery successfully mode and connect to iTunes on the computer should say that it found an iPod in recovery mode.

  • My collection of CD music on iPod Touch

    I'm considering the purchase of an iPod Touch 128 GB to copy/store my collection of music - of which 95% is currently downloaded on my Macbook from my own CD collection

    1. like the iPod has iTunes, this will cause any conflicts caused by the source of my music collection?

    2 will I be able to wire a copy of music to the IPod that was purchased Amazon Music and downloaded on my Macbook?

    Kind regards

    Mike Brown

    Strictly speaking, the iPod does not have iTunes. iTunes application runs only on computers. iTunes on a device mobile is the iTunes Store and you play the music with the music app.

    As long as they use no protection against copying DRM (most do not now), you can synchronize music from any source.  Commercial films are another matter, because they tend to be protected by DRM.

  • iOS not available on iPod Touch 5 9.3. It is said "up to date" on the version 9.2.1. How is it?

    iOS 9.3 is not available on my iPod Touch 5. I'm going to check the update and it says 'update' even if it's on 9.2.1.  How is it?  Thank you!

    Because Apple has released updated iOS 9.3 for the older models. He had problems with the activation of the devices after the update, then you will have to wait until the new version is available. Be patient and watch here for more information from others or watch for an announcement from Apple.

  • IOS 9.2 allow iPod Touch to be used with iTunes 9.11?

    iPod Touch running IOS 9.0.2 cannot be used with iTunes 11.4 on a MacBook with OS X 10.6.8.  9.2 IOS solves this problem?  (Cannot downgrade to IOS 8).

    It is not a problem to solve.

    9 IOS and above is not compatible with iTunes 11 and there is no reason to believe that he will never be.

    You must update your iTunes on your computer and your operating system on your computer, if your computer is fairly new to upgrade the software.

  • Apple music on iPod touch


    Friends and family have the iPod nano and shuffle, but apparently only the iPod touch supports the Apple music?

    Thanks in advance!


    Apple's music is not compatible with the iPod other than the fifth and sixth generation iPod touch.


  • Cannot play music on ipod touch without wifi

    Can someone help, set up the new ipod touch 6th generation but can not play music without being connected to wifi.

    iPod - Muisc without wifi

  • Oh no. They ruined the app in iOS 10 music

    Can't rate songs and also you can rearrange is no longer the top then you can only remove songs. It's terrible.

    They have ruined on the last update! This update just kills it!

    its just shocking in the eyes, operation and configuration.

  • Problem IPOD Touch Kbps

    In recent weeks my Itunes and Ipod gave me royal fits. Finally, I worked on most of the questions, with the exception of one of the major problems. I have an Ipod Touch 4th generation running IOS 6 (the most recent who qualifies for 4th gen iPod.) I have Itunes 12 (the most recent eligible for Vista.) ITunes works well. I have about 6 500 songs in my music library. All my songs play fine on the Itunes library. I have finally been able to get my Ipod to sync and connect and went ahead and transferred all the songs of 6500. NOW, I can tell you that I have the option selected to convert songs from Kbps higher than 256 (from 320.) Any music that's in my library that comes from a real store Rameau CD are 320 Kbps. So, all of these songs (320 kbps) converted to 256 Kbit/s, when I transferred to my ipod. When I access the Ipod, all these albums seem to be on it, and the transfer seems to have been successful. HOWEVER, at least 1 song or two ON EVERY SINGLE ALBUM that has been converted to 256 Kbps to 320 Kbps no IS NOT PLAY. To try to explain it, imagine opening an album on your Ipod. You see the album art and track ads all (say from 1 to 12). You listen to the album, and the first two songs are playing very well. Then happens to present a track, and it does not play. The small GAME jumps from a second icon, then disappears. You go to the next song and the play icon reappears and she played normal. Every single album that was to be converted to 256 kbps to 320 Kbps for this and has at least one or two songs on the album that makes it. The funny thing is, I can delete one of the songs that doesn't work on any particular album, go into my library, re add it, and then it works. I could do this for each song, but God knows that there must be at least 1000 songs like that. ALL my music which was already 128 Kbps on my Itunes library was just fine, without errors or problems while playing. It is a weird problem it seems. Any help would be appreciated. I have already restored my Ipod twice, re installed Itunes, checked to make sure that the files were not damaged, etc. I don't know what else to do. Thanks in advance.

    The following steps should resolve things assuming that all of the content you want in your library.

    (If it is not see recover your iTunes from your iPod or an iOS device).

    1. Backup device.
    2. Restoration as a new device.
    3. Restore the backup that you made earlier.

    If that doesn't work try without conversion and synchronization less.


  • can iPod Touch to iOS 6.1.6 - I switch to 10.0?

    I have a more old iPod Touch to iOS 6.1.6 - How can I upgrade to 8.0 or higher?

    6.1.6 running iOS device is an iPod touch fourth generation or 3 g iPhone. Any of these can run iOS 7 or above.


  • Transfer between Zune and iPod Touch music

    Transfer between Zune and iPod Touch music

    Does anyone know how to get the Zune music on iPod touch?
    It is requested before, but that was over 2 years ago.  Maybe there's a new solution?


    The question you posted would be better suited to support zune.

  • Update iTunes 12.1.5 broken ipod touch sync

    ITunes does not recognize my ipod touch after that put 12.1.5 update today.


    IOS 6.x on iPod Touch

    If iTunes does not recognize your iPhone, iPad or iPod - Apple Support

  • How to get free GarageBand on iPod touch?

    I Googled it and came to this Web page:

    Get free Apple apps on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Apple Support

    According to this, my 16 GB iPod touch 6th generation is eligible to get GarageBand. But when I go to the App Store, he always comes back with the price (note this is in AUD)

    How can I get free GarageBand?

    * To download GarageBand, you need a device that has been activated or bought the or after September 1, 2014.

    has been your device purchased the or after September 1, 2014? If so, you will need to contact Apple using the link at the bottom of this page and learn how to get this software. Otherwise, your device becomes ineligible for this software.

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