App Store broken after updating iOS 10

Any suggestions to fix my App Store which is stuck permanently in a loading State. Sometimes it will allow me to view (but only display) updated, but not any other part. This principle applies to the message apps as well

Tried to turn off and on again, soft reset and close all applications.

App Store was going well until the update of ios10

Thank you!

Hi, be!

Thank you for using communities Support from Apple. After reading your post, I understand that you have problems loading the App Store on your iPhone. I frequently use the App Store, so I know it's important to be able to see what is available for download. I'd be happy to help you!

I advise to use the following article to troubleshoot.

If you cannot connect to the iTunes Store

Even if the title of the article is specific to the iTunes Store, measures and recommendations will be the same for the App Store on your iPhone as well.

See you soon!

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  • App store disappeared after update on iphone and ipad?

    APp store disappeared with the update will not download new app?


    Go down home page ID apple itunes page delete and then add again

    You have a request of debt to work on your apple account?

    See you soon


  • IOS 9.2.1 icon update App store but no update available

    IPhone 6 IOS 9.2.1 My App store presents an update is necessary, but there is no update. Tried reset with power and "home" button. Forced to leave App store, power off with the home button, no luck. All this experience?

    Try to remove and then reinstall the application that has been recently updated.

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    What Apple ID? The iCloud ID? iTunes & ID App Store / screen unlock ID? FaceTime/iMessage ID?

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    After updating IOS 9.2.1 on my iPhone 6 and iPad, my Outlook on my PC does not synchronize my contacts or calendar, more.  As a matter of fact, they have completely disappeared from the PC.  The message I get is;

    "Failed to open all the files.  The information store could not be opened. »

    I checked my settings iCloud and sync settings are correct.  Contacts and the calendat on two Apple devices are very well and in order, but it seems that my Windows 10 - Outlook 2010, PC does not connect with the iCloud.

    Any suggestions?  I have re-installed iCloud to ensure that the software is 'repaired', restarted the PC, but no change... :-(

    Help, please!

    I had this problem when I upgraded to the office 2016.  Mine was cured by signing on iCloud and let it remove all files etc. on your PC, and then reconnect.

    Now I can sync ok with my ipad, iphone and outlook 2016

  • App Store crashes after the upgrade of the Sierra

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    NM: a reboot is authorized.

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    Unable to connect to my yahoo home page after updating iOS 10

    Hello. Have you tried to remove data from the site under settings > Safari? Could you describe the problem a little more in detail? What happens when you go to the site? You get a login screen? It takes your input?

  • I can't connect to iTunes Store since I updated ios 10

    I can't connect to iTunes Store since I updated ios 10

    Even and I am able to connect via the web with the same id / password.

  • After updating IOS 10, hands-free BMW did not work

    After updating IOS 10, hands-free BMW did not work

    If I want to launch an appeal, all thinking looks like normally, but after 5 to 8 sek. the call will be abort. so I can't use the hands-free system!  Others with the same problem?

  • No service after updating iOS 10?

    Running iOS on iPhone 6 Service MetroPCs 10.

    After updating iOS 10 lost service and signal. Called MetroPCs, but no help has been done.

    Search bar on the loading bar for hours of State.

    Do a search here on the forum. I read a post from yesterday that talked about problems with MetroPCS, and it was a problem of carrier. Something about a problem with the update of their carrier. I suggest that you remember MetroPCS and ask a supervisor.

  • Anyone Bitmoji keyboard stop working after updating iOs 10?

    Anyone Bitmoji keyboard stop working after updating iOs 10?

    jerseryjones4 wrote:

    Anyone Bitmoji keyboard stop working after updating iOs 10?

    Someone posted on another thread a tweet from Bitmoji they are currently declining, but working on the issue.

  • If connected via Bluetooth with car. Phone starts to compose himself after updating iOS 10

    After updating iOS 10: connection via Bluetooth for car, then phone (iphone more 6s) began to compose himself. My President iPhone which is not longer work well

    Hi Pharao-nael,

    I understand that after update your iPhone to iOS 10, he begins to call itself when it is connected to Bluetooth. I know it's important for your iPhone to work as expected, so I'm happy to help for this.

    Since this occurs only when it is connected to Bluetooth, the first thing you want to do is cancel the twinning of the car:
    Configure and use third-party Bluetooth - Apple Support Accessories

    Turn off pairing a Bluetooth accessory

    To disable the pairing a Bluetooth accessory, tap Settings > Bluetooth, find the device you want to disable the twinning, tap , and then we forget this device.

    When you forget this device on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, this accessory is removed from the list of available Bluetooth devices.

    Make sure that your iPhone does not seek to call itself after it is disconnected, and then you can pair the iPhone and the car again:

    Pair your device with a Bluetooth accessory

    1. On your iOS device, tap on settings > Bluetooth. Stay on the screen until you complete the steps to pair your accessory.
    2. Place your accessory in discovery mode and wait until it appears on your iOS device. If you don't see it, or don't know how to make it discoverable, check the instructions that came with your accessory or contact the manufacturer.
    3. Tap your accessory pair. You will have to perhaps enter the CONFIDENTIAL code or password. If you do not know what your PIN code or word password, see the documentation for your accessory.

    When pairing is completed, you can use the Bluetooth accessory with your device. You can pair several Bluetooth accessories with your iOS device. Just follow the steps above to pair additional accessories.

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support, cheers!

  • Unable to connect using Face Time after updating iOS 9.3

    Unable to connect using Face Time after updating iOS 9.3

    gshort319 wrote:

    Unable to connect using Face Time after updating iOS 9.3

    Use FaceTime with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

    Get help if you cannot make or receive calls FaceTime - Apple Support

  • iPad 2 - after updating iOS 9.3 Build 13E236

    After updating iOS 9.3 Build 13E236, this still does not work for me, he says "iTunes could not save"my iPad"iPad because a session could not be started with the iPad. Please disconnect and reconnect the iPad, and then try again. "I tried to reconnect and to reset my pc for several times, I even try to reset hard my ipad2, it still does not work. How can I stop the back upward?

    I have exactly the same problem, the iPad 2 with iOS 9.3 Build 13E236

  • IPad 2 could not be activated after update ios 9.3

    I can't activated my iPad2 after updating ios 9.3

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