App Tabs open as tabs complete restart Firefox 8?

I have a few pins App Tabs... and they all open as normal tabs when I restart Firefox?

So now whenever I launch Firefox, I'll have 4 small App Tabs on the left and repeat the 4 app tabs open as normal tabs, a total of 9 tabs (including my home page).

Help, please.


I just solved this problem...
The problem started when I put my homepage... with all the tabs in the application in place...
When I clicked on "use current Pages" (did not notice the ' pages), he actually put tabs everything (including the App Tabs) as my pages...
Thus, when you restart Firefox, it opens all tabs as homepage!

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    Suggestions for the creation of four app-tabs + a homepage:

    Set up your home page (do not include those that PIN you)
    Tools > Options > general

    Begins when Firefox: view my homepage
    Homepage: subject: empty (or your own page)]
    click on [|] [OK |]


    Pin the four legs you want pinned, if not already done

    When you close Firefox use file > exit (not the X in the upper right corner to close a window).

    To bookmark tabs that PIN you

    I suggest you to bookmark the 4 tabs which must be pinned so you can recall as a group at any time. The fifth tab would be your homepage according to my understanding. You may have to precede the numbers to the name so sorting will not affect the order (or use bookmark separators).

    Time-saving tip

    After the loading of pages to be app-tabs of a bookmark file I use "Multiple Tab Handler" because I have - to select all tabs loaded with the help of the SHIFT key to select the active tab to shift + click tab, then pin them all at once.

    Another tip to use:

    , I want to put a yellow marker as my last app tab tab, then when I'm done with something I click on this tab and with the help of the "Multiple Tab Handler": extension, I choose "close right tabs". The page that I use on the occasion of this line is

    While I have no difficulty in raising app-tabs from a previous session I like close all my tabs and recreate my app-tabs just to clear the cobwebs and tab history.

    App-tabs are pretty much like ordinary tabs except the tab is protected from the opening of a direct link or bookmark to another site within the app tab - which does not apply to bookmarks with javascript or substitution as they open in the same app - tab.

    App-tabs provide no protection more than normal legs against web pages like this site while composing a response where the typed text is often lost during the composition and to start.

    An article on how to use app-tabs

    The potential creation of problems with app tabs
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    Check your "Firefox start" parameters:

    • Tools (or

      ) > Options > general

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    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for letting us know about your problem. The problem can be solved very easily. Just reset your Firefox and your problem can be solved. To reset instructions, please see this article Firefox Refresh - reset the parameters and modules

    Please let us know if your problem cannot be fixed by above mathod.

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    Changes manually on the subject: newtab page are stored in the browser.newtabpage.pinned (default = [null]) and pref browser.newtabpage.blocked you can check/change on the about: config page

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    Hi jirothankyou, that sounds like an add-on, installed itself without your consent. You can try to remove the Add-ons that might be problematic since the Add-ons Manager. The process is explained here. If this does not work, or that you have never installed add-ons, or you want to have a quick fix: just to reset Firefox. This will remove all the Add-ons and put Firefox by default, but it will keep your history, bookmarks, passwords etc. Here is a description of how to do it: Refresh Firefox – reset settings and Add-ons.

    Let me know please if this helped.

  • cannot stop at several new tabs to open boxes at least three every time I have leave and return to the home page or restart Firefox

    cannot stop at several new tabs to open boxes at least three every time I have leave and return to the home page or restart Firefox

    Hi TGreybeard,

    Have you looked at the Knowledge Base article Firefox opens several times empty tabs or windows after clicking on a link ? There is some good information in there that should help you to solve the problem.

    Hope this helps!

  • Firefox sometimes crashes after restarting it app tabs disappear. 8.0.1

    From time to time, Firefox crashes.
    When I open Firefox, once again, my app tabs disappear.
    The problem is that I had more than 50 tablets of app, and I really need them back, because I can't remember titles or addresses of some sites and I can't find them in the history.
    How can I restore or at least ensure that it is not ' happen?

    If this isn't restoreable, is it legal to modify the Firefox core files?

    Can you check this problem on Firefox 9?

  • When the function customize the toolbar of the new brand of open tab which is the + sign next to the tab in the tab bar finally disappears and it remains so, even after restarting Firefox.

    Every time I have customize the toolbar, it open new tab sign which is the + sign next to the tab in the tab bar finally disappears and it remains so, even after restarting Firefox. This happens only after the update to the new version 4.0.1 it's never happened in older versions 3.x.xx - checked three times. Think it might be a bug and I didn't know where to report is not time and patience to find the appropriate page, so I'm here to improve my favorite browser.

    Did you move the button tab of the palette or another toolbar?

    You can try to click on 'Restore Default Set', which should bring back this button on the tab bar.

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  • I lost all open tabs in Firefox 4 for MAC when my computer restarts or restarts Firefox

    I lost all open tabs in Firefox 4 for MAC when my computer restart or at any time to restart Firefox. Help, please

    You are welcome!

    Please mark this issue as resolved for the benefit of other users. Thank you.

  • Firefox 4 app tab does not reappear after that I restart the browser

    I used the PIN as a tab button in a tab according to the directions that the tap water should appear automatically whenever I sign but it is not, please notify

    App tabs and groups of tabs (Panorama) are stored in session data in the sessionstore.js file in the Firefox profile folder

    Make sure that you do not remove the navigation, search and download history on Firefox clear history 'navigation '.

  • Restart Firefox and getting back all of the previous tabs

    Thus, every once in a while, I have a lot of tabs open, FF freezes and it restarts or Windoze requires a reboot. Very good except when one an update of FF is staged, or as this time I lose my tabs of 30-40 because apparently, I need to know that the Pocket came to Firefox. Restore previous sessions, greyed out, I appear to be roasted. Be sick of it by now, losing most is great but I really wanted some of them sitting there without having to be on bookmark, no way to get my tabs when this happens almost once a week now?

    Sorry for the delay in responding. Could you're looking for a historical file of session before update here:

    Open the settings folder (AKA Firefox profile) current Firefox help

    • button "3-bar" menu > "?" button > troubleshooting information
    • (menu bar) Help > troubleshooting information
    • type or paste everything: in the address bar and press Enter

    In the first table of the page, click on the view file"" button.

    In the window that launches, scroll down and double-click on folder sessionstore-backups . Save all the files here to a safe place, such as your Documents folder.

    Note: If you do not see a current (updated in the last few minutes) the file here recovery.js, then your Firefox cannot save the session correctly history. By default, Windows hides the .js extension. To make sure that you look at the files I mentioned, you can disable this feature. This article has the steps:

    I am particularly interested in finding would be most recent who follows this naming scheme:

    Upgrade.js -build_id - for example - upgrade.js - 20150525141253

    This file must contain the windows and tabs in Firefox session which was live during your last update.

    No recent data do you like that?

    This file is not human readable, but can be 'paid' for your current session history file restore the session of that time. If this sounds to it's worth a try:

    (1) upward to the main floor of the profile folder (whoever opened since Firefox, until you have clicked on in sessionstore-backups).

    (2) leave this window open, go back to Firefox and:

    (A) as appropriate, to bookmark the tabs that you will want to come back (Ctrl + d to different tabs, or save all of the tabs in the window, right-click on a tab > bookmark all tabs)

    (B) then exit Firefox completely using either:

    • "3-bar" menu button > button "power".
    • (menu bar) File > Exit

    Break while Firefox finishing his cleaning, then rename sessionstore.js to something like sessionstore.old (in the case where this all else fails and you need it back).

    (3) copy the upgrade.js - 20150525141253 (or newer of same named file) in the profile folder and rename sessionstore.js

    (4) start Firefox back up again. You may need to use history > restore previous Session if Firefox does not automatically restore windows and tabs.


  • When I run Firefox 4.0 my previously defined App tabs to reopen

    Using Firefox 4.0 under Win XP Home SP3 I do 'Pin as App Tab' to several tabs. When I restart Firefox the tabs do not open, either normally or as tabs App. What should I do to reopen automatically on reboot?

    @bakerboy: app Tabs can be forgotten if you have set your preferences of Firefox to automatically clear recent history. To check your settings, see the following article: delete the navigation, search and download history on Firefox.

    @cdatkins: you have a utility (like CCleaner) which erases your recent history of Firefox?

  • How can I get my tab open all when update my firefox?

    now I'm still using very old Firefox 3.6.12 and I want to upgrede. I always using "save and exit" to my tab all open when quitting and not using bookmarks. total approximately 300 + tab open.
    I already try to upgrade my tab and once all is lost. and because of that I do system restore and reintall with old new.

    How can I get my tab open all when update my firefox?
    Sorry my English is a mess...

    already installed, but all the connection site became logout.
    and when right-clicking, page list too...
    and when I choose open in new tab or windown and something else happened...
    loading longer become page (already stop the other tabs)
    and when I block a text/link and drag it to the input tab or the navigation text or input search nothing happenend too...

    and when I close it, no other choice to save and exit...



    1. Save and quit already solved with the help of addons.

    2. right click and drag the problem is already solved, I close firefox and restart.


    1. all the connection still in State of disconnection site (can't stay as before connection).



    2. on option, the images block list is missing.

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