Apple devices on the charging mode

He will be very grateful if Apple can produce an accumulation in the system on all Apple devices, which is to have a system of automatic disconnection or a program as to the user once the unit is fully charged and with such tools, it could prevent the device been too busy during the night and could also have the built-in battery to dispelled or damage. See you soon



All Apple devices that can be loaded already have this ability.

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  • Device is in charge mode?

    Hi guys,.

    How do I know if the unit is in charge mode? Or the unit is in Tethered Mode?

    Thank you


    If ((DeviceInfo.getBatteryStatus () & DeviceInfo.BSTAT_IS_USING_EXTERNAL_POWER) == DeviceInfo.BSTAT_IS_USING_EXTERNAL_POWER)

    on the other


    You can also test this on simultor.

    Thank you


  • That means "another device on the network use the IP address of your computer"?, that means "another device on the network is using the IP address of your computer?

    That means "another device on the network use the IP address of your computer"?, that means "another device on the network is using the IP address of your computer?


    Most likely, the computer becomes a network address of a router. The assignment of an address ("lease") expires and must be renewed after a certain period of time, which could be an hour or a day. The lease expired without being renewed because the device has been disconnected at the time. Meanwhile, the address has been leased to another device on the network, or maybe the router has not updated its list of addresses the leases. When the device offline comes back online, a conflict results. Depending on the type of router you have, the conflict can resolve itself automatically. If not, then in the menu bar, select please

    ▹ System Preferences network ▹ 

    If the preferences window is locked, click the lock icon in the lower left corner and enter your password to unlock it. Click the Advanced button, and then select the TCP/IP tab in the sheet that drops down. Look at the menu option

    Configure IPv4

    If the selection in this menu is

    Using DHCP

    Click on the button

    Renew the DHCP lease


    Make sure that you have more than one DHCP server on the network. That could happen if you have more than one access point Wi - Fi, or if you have a router and broadband a wide device distinct in connection mode sharing.


    Less likely, you have a network address that you assigned yourself and another device is itself by assigning the same address. In this case, the selection to configure IPv4 menu will be either manually or using DHCP with manual address. This kind of conflict will not be resolved automatically. You have the following options to solve:

    1. Change the selection in menu using DHCP.
    2. Change the address assigned manually to one that is not used by another device.
    3. Change the address of the other device.

    Which of these options you choose depends on the details of why you use a static IP address. Any changes you make to the network settings is necessary before taking effect. To do this, click OK, and then click apply.

    If the router is also your device at wide band, then he may be operating in bridged mode. In this case, only one customer at a time will be able to connect to the Internet. Consult the manufacturer or ISP documentation for how to reconfigure the device in the connection mode sharing.


    According to a report a "DirectTV" receiver can cause the problem. If necessary, disconnect the device from the network, or power off and test. Consult the support services provider.

  • Is it possible to pair the Apple Watch with the iPad mini?

    I really want to get the Apple Watch 2 when it comes out, but I'm sure that you must have an iPhone and I did not. My iPad mini has LTE and iOS 9 However and it is implemented with iMessage.


    I'm not afraid - you need an iPhone 5 or later running iOS 9 or later to associate and set up Apple Watch.

    It can be combined or synchronized with any other device iOS (including iPad) or with any other Apple device (including the iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, etc.).

    More information:

    Set up your Apple Watch - Apple Support

  • DGN1000B and Apple devices


    I have some problems with my apple devices and the DGN1000B router. It happens with the iphone 6 and macbook pro.

    The connection is always set in place, but a few times when you surf the internet, safari cannot resolve the address. Not only in safari, also what update emails, apps...

    I changed some settings on the router, but nothing happens. In the Protocol of the router is no error or anything listed.

    I have no problem on my Windows 10.

    The firmware of all devices and the router is up-to-date.

    Can anyone help? Thank you

    Thanks for your reply. I think I solved my problem by disabling the upnp feature.

    In case new problems, I'll test your suggestion.

  • Printer and Apple device ceased to communicate.

    This is a post for members who have an apple device, who worked previously with their printer and nowhere, they have stopped working.  They are now no longer able to AirPrint.  Here are some basic steps to take to the printer and the Apple device on the rails. The following steps assume that the hads printer paper in the tray, and the printer, the device and the router are with the correct range / distance or in the same room.

    1 check the settings of devices Apple to make sure that it is on the same network as the printer. This is required for AirPrint feature.  To check the settings of an iPad:

    • Press the settings icon
    • Tap the Wi - Fi option
    • Check to ensure that Wi - Fi is on makse
    • Check that, under Choose a network that is activated by the same network you know the printer is on.
    • Make sure that ask to join networks is on
    • Although not necessary if you go through all the steps and find that it will not be printed, you can also disable Bluetooth
    • Clear the print jobs from the print queue on your device iOS by tapping twice on the home button. The Print Center should appear at the bottom of the screen. Select Print Center and clear print jobs by sliding your finger on each job and select 'delete '.
    • Try printing again

    2. If it still does not, make sure that they will not get out of sync. Turn off the router, printer, and device from Apple. To do this, follow these steps:

    • Turn off the router. You will need to pull the power cord out of it, because many routers do not have a power switch.
    • Turn off the printer by pressing the power button. Then turn off the Apple device by holding the sleep/wake button (on top when the home button is down) until a Red slider appears on the screen. Once the slider appears, move the slider to the right to turn the unit off.
    • Wait a minute then turn the router on the 1st, and wait until all the lights on the router are back on.
    • Then turn the apple device and printer.
    • Once everything is back on and functioning, try to print.

    I hope that the community find this is useful if their Airprint fails. Good impression!

  • Tried to use iTunes to restore iPhone 5s, but the 17 error happens: "this device is not eligible for the requested build". No problem to enter the mode of recovery, apple server and the internet. Help?

    I tried to use iTunes to restore my iPhone 5s, but the 17 error happens: "this device is not eligible for the requested build". No problem to enter the recovery mode, connection to the apple Server (the software update download was complete) and internet connection. Help? I do an Apple store to restore?

    Error 17 refers to network problems. Take a look at these articles and try the suggestions:

    Solve the iOS update and restore error in iTunes - Apple Support

    Get help with iOS update or restore errors - Apple Support

  • Companies in the country of residence, said Apple devices can send sms from one country to another unless the owner knows. If it's true there at - it an explanation why and how to stop this shit.

    Recently, in Albania, I have an mobile number, and normally they have offers and their packages on calls and sms. the sticky thing is they also have the option to go short of the amount you paid. But that's only if you activate and I know that you can go out, even if it's a prepaid number, strange o my eyes and strange i just that apple can send sms to the United Kingdom without I know and this power use iPhone like at the beginning, but never seen anything like this.  Mainly I mind because of confidence in the company and the product, not because it s a small amount of monye, but because I have no idea and I'm checking all my sms with this strange issue that i don't know who he is.

    How ever I'd like to know can´t it possible to a iPhone can send sms without I know number that I have no idea as I have registered it in my cell phone. So what to do, before I report it to the authority and the Police because it seems like a fraud. And I don't want to pay for something I've ever used.

    If your device sends an SMS to the United Kingdom, it seems that you are referring to the SMS activation for iMessage and FaceTime. It is a text Message hidden so check with the Apple server to the United Kingdom. If you are using media supported for the iPhone, they normally do not charge for these SMS, so I think that you are not using a supported carrier. If you have tried to enable iMessage and/or FaceTime, which is the cause. You should contact your operator to find out if they support iMessage and FaceTime. If this isn't the case, then you can not use these features.

  • Apple TV signals Siri remote control as support when it is disconnected from the charger

    I just finished my Siri to load remote - it was down to about 50%, so I loaded for about 6 hours with my iPhone 6s charger.

    I now have it unplugged from the charger, but the Apple TV still shows the State remotely like loading when it obviously isn't.

    I tried to reset and re-twinning of the remote with Apple TV, but the State has not changed. Is there a way to fix this, or does take some time to update (maybe needs battery to drain a bit with use)?

    I have corrected this now.

    There seems to be two conditions for State of charge reliably updated when you have finished filling and want to disconnect-

    (1) make sure that you are on the Bluetooth - screen remote controls and devices with the battery icon on Apple TV

    (2) make sure that your charger is turned on when you unplug the connector of the remote control lightning

    I found that if the charger is turned off before I log out (which is something I usually do think its safer), the icon is not always up to date.

  • Significant problems with the wrt 160n and an apple device.

    I just bought a new apple ipod touch 4g unit and for the life of me I can't it to connect to my network whne it is in safe mode.

    If I reset or if I reboot my wrt160n I can get the apple device to connect to the linksys beautiuflly in unsecured mode, but my HP computer will not connect. When the linksys is fully initialized upward and running in safe mode, my HP laptop works perfectly and my apple device cannot access the network.

    is there something I can do? I reset, rebooted and updated the linksys setting several times during. Is there a setting somewhere that doesn't let an element/computer connect to the linksys at a time?

    Thanks in advance

    It's DSL connection

    How do you have the modem online?

    Do you have a u/n and pword? or you were connected immediately withou u/n and pword?

    If you have entered a u/n and pword first before you have the modem online, do as the ff:

    Connect modem > router on the internet port of the router

    Turn off modem first. Your modem may create conflict with the router ip address, since some modem have the same IP with your router

    Access the router's web user interface

    Value your PPPoE Internet connection type

    Enter your u/n pword ISP

    Click on keep alive, recomposition duration 30 seconds

    Save the settings

    If it still does not.

    change LAN ip - router on the shelf to the top of page

    If you have not u/n and pword to get online from the modem, do as the ff:

    Connect Modem > router

    Turn off modem first. Your modem may create conflict with the router ip address, since some modem have the same IP with your router

    Access the router page

    Let the type of internet connection for DHCP

    Change ip LAN router

    Save the settings

    Stop the modem and router

    First turn on the modem, wait until all lights are stable

    Then turn on the router, wait until the power light is steady

    then try to access the internet

  • Apple devices like iPads don't leave caches in the system? Yes or no.  If yes how system caches can be deleted?

    Apple devices like iPads don't leave caches in the system? Yes or no.  If yes how system caches can be deleted?


    IOS or system caches are called "Documents & Data" or D & D for short and 'others '. They can be seen by plugging your iOS device on iTunes - on the Summary tab down there will be bar display accurately. They cannot be deleted. The only way to reset is to do a system restore. A restore will reduce the size of D & D and others, but they will start to grow again. However, applications have caches that can be deleted. Safari for example > you can delete all Cookies and data. For other applications, it depends on the application.

    The system restore. First save your device via iTunes. Also import your photos on your computer and copy all the data if possible. Reconstruction of the support first test and test. If this does not help, you may need to restore as a new and reconfigure from scratch as the backup may be damaged. It is important to have your photos and your saved data separately from the backup. Here are the steps for a restoration:

    These items also help explain the caches:

  • Can I delete all the pictures of all my Apple devices and keep my albums stored in iCloud

    Hi all

    I've been Googling everywhere to try to find the answer to this, but I still have no clear answer.

    I want to delete all my photos (which are already stored in iCloud), all my Apple devices, it's ok for me to access photos of the as long as I can use this space for other data in my cameras.

    If you delete photos from iCloud they are also removed from the devices who consider them, so no.

  • My verse ATT modem (non apple devices to use this modem} is connected to the ATT line, Time Capsule (iPhones, Macs Time Capsule use) via ethernet Uverse.) Non apple devices can collect data from iPhones or Mac using the time Capsule?

    My verse ATT modem ({use of devices not apple wifi of this modem} is connected to the ATT line, Time Capsule (iPhones, Macs use the wifi of the time Capsule) and connect to the Uverse modem via ethernet.)

    Both devices are set to the highest security and each uses separate passwords.

    Non apple devices can collect data from iPhones or Mac using the time Capsule?

    With a bit of work by someone who knows how to do such things, not Apple computers could read some files on the Mac if file sharing is configured on the network... devices non-Apple and... He knew the device passwords or administrator for Macs.

    Mac could also play the files on other Macs if file sharing has been implemented and the device password or admin was known.

    If you ask if a PC can read the files on the Time Capsule, the answer is Yes, without doubt, assuming that the PC knew the password of device for the time Capsule.

  • I woke up this morning and my iPhone 6 does not light. I tried to reboot it by holding down the button market / stop and the button "home" but the apple logo never appeared and I had on the charger for a while and still nothing. Please leave suggestions!

    I woke up this morning and my iPhone 6 does not light. I tried to reboot it by holding down the button market / stop and the button "home" but the apple logo never appeared and I had on the charger for a while and still nothing. Please leave suggestions! Thank you

    You can make an appointment at the Apple Store - Genius Bar store and bring it into service. You can also search an Apple Store - find a store - Apple.

  • My Apple Watch will not charge on the charger.  I cleaned the back of the watch and the charger.  Any ideas?

    My Apple Watch will not charge on the charger.  I tried to clean the back of the watch and the charger more used several points of sale, but in vain.  Any ideas?


    When you reload your watch, check that:

    • All the plastic film was removed from both ends and both sides of the cable support (consult closely on the head of the charger).

    • On the back of your watch and the head of the charge cable are clean and dry (clean with an abrasive, lint cloth).
    • The head of the load is properly aligned with the back of the watch, with the concave side / curve touch fully:
      • Some docks of watch, brackets, cases or protectors might hinder it.
    • You use a real Apple magnetic Charging Cable or a certified Apple module magnetic charge.
    • If you reload your watch by plugging into a power outlet:
      • Check that the magnetic charge cable Apple USB connector is fully engaged in the USB power adapter.
      • Try to use different maps of the following:
        • The real Apple USB Power Adapter that came with the watch, or;
        • A true 5W Apple (iPhone) or 12W (iPad) USB power adapter, or;
        • A third-party certified 5W (MFi) Apple USB power adapter.
      • Try to charge via a USB port (see following).
    • If loading via a USB port on a computer, make sure that you use a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port, the computer remains turned on and awake, and the cable is plugged directly into the computer (not on, for example, an external keyboard).
    • If your battery is very low, you may need to wait a few minutes for the green lightning appear (confirming that the charge has started).

    Once the load has started, you can tap on the screen at any time to check the progress (leave a few minutes at the beginning, where the watch is in charge of a very low battery level). A green lightning bolt symbol indicates that your watch is being loaded. It is normal the screen back to sleep while continuous load.

    More information:

    Check your battery and load your Apple Watch - Apple Support

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    I'm trying to download Firefox and Thunderbird for a friend (who already operates two programs on XP) to load from a CD I create on its new computer Windows 8.1. There can be no broadband. Is there a way to do this?

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    I recently bought an iPad pro, and the new update is due. I tried several times to do it, but it keeps telling me that it cannot connect to the Internet to do it, once I go through the process agree to the terms. However, I am here, on the internet v

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    Until the media player last week had no problem identification and synchronization with our Sansa e250 Sansa Clip.Now the media player not recognized either of these players.  The drivers are all up to date.  Device Manager gave me this information"W

  • How to activate my Windows 7 hidden and disable the administrator account?

    I can't see and activate my Windows 7 Administrator accountWhen I type in the command prompt "net user administrator / Active: Yes". I see this"The system 5 error has occurred.Access is denied. » Do you know guys how can I fix this :(Please help me..