Apple ID has been hacked and a new feature added to my account

My Apple ID has been hacked by a person in China two days ago. Someone had downloaded a new game using my credit with the App store, enabled an IPAD and changed my credit card and also called in support information to find out why it could not download the game. I don't know how they managed to do all I can think is that I received an email from on a coupon because of a purchase I made, I received. I made a purchase a few days earlier and the e-mail looked very legitimate. However, as soon as I highlighted in my hotmail account, new valve opens in Orange and informs me that sounds like a malware and I shouldn't click on it. I have never but overtime I scroll down on the headers of emails and I reach the header the same thing happen. Except that all my devices are used only by me, I have nothing jailbroken and I'm good enough to keep my very secure passwords. My three questions are:

1. does anyone if this is how they managed to hack my account simply by sending an email to my hotmail account without me even to open it?

2. How will I know that they did not steal more information or other passwords? Could they possibly knew to take all of my passwords stored in Google Chrome?

3. How can I be sure that by changing my password they can no longer access my account again?

Thanks for your help people

No, you would need to open it and click a link

They have access to your iCloud, not your device account

They will have to guess your password, so make it strong. Better yet implement step 2 verification or authorization of factor 2.

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