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How can I remove the entry that I received by SMS... I received a couple of text messages with apple used address cards and now it stuck there under favourits and I can't work out how to remove their help appreciated.

I got a location of text from a random person, and I clicked on this site before I realized what I had done. Now, it is not clear when I delete the history. The history of some contacts is also where they sent me their location. Please help me remove these items from the history. I use iOs on iPhone 9.3.1 6.

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  • Apple's maps takes place a wrong address

    I've moved the pin code, reported the error several times (over 12).

    When research apple 9200 Calumet Avenue, Munster, Indiana 46321 cards sends people on the street on the other side as well.

    However, when searching "dermio dermatology", the exact location is stated (with the same address as above).

    I don't know what else to do. No phone, no e-mail number, several memory error...

    This is a forum for a user to... I suggest > Contact Apple Support - Apple Support

  • How can I remove the old roads of the map on the cards of apple?

    How can I remove old apple maps map directions?

    • Apple Open Maps
    • Click in the oval 'search for a place or address.
    • Click on 'Favorites' on the resulting list
    • Click on the "recent" at the bottom of the screen as a result
    • Click 'Clear' at the top left of the screen resulting
  • Cannot change the partition map you GUID...

    (in Swedish)

    Information enhet:

    Enhetens namn: Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500 GB

    Medienamn: SSD Samsung 850 EVO 500 GB Media

    Typ av average: SSD

    Protokoll: SATA

    Intern: Ja

    Partitionskarta Typ av: APM (Apple Partition map)

    S.M.A.R.T. - situation: Kontrollerad

    Cannot read Swedish but you need create a new partition (which replaces what is on the SSD now) and in the Options, choose GUID Partition Table and under Mac OS extended (journaled) Format.

  • No map showing "Find my iPhone" (iPhone 6 s more iOS9.3.2)

    Nice day! Help, please!

    No display card in only to find my iPhone

    I can see other phone & distance between phones, but not card.  Only the empty boxes

    iPone 6 s Plus 128 GB iOS 9.3.2

    You see a card if you open Apple's Maps application?

    Depending on the network connection it can take a while to load the map data. You're connected to Wi - Fi?

    Have you ever tried to force reboot the phone by holding down the button sleep and home for 10 seconds, until the Apple logo comes back again?

    You won't lose data, but it can cure a few glitches.

  • Create a mapping of partition will delete all my data?

    I have serious problems with a hard disk. I have vital data and do not lose them. After much research, I have concluded that the partition plan is down. My question is: create a map of partition will delete all my data? "I found this app ' iPartition" who is able to create an apple partition map but warns me that my data will be lost. I remember from my research that people were saying that the data will be fine. Could someone help me! I think I'm losing it: p

    Creating a new partition map will not physically destroy the data on your HARD drive, but it will make it inaccessible. You need to start some recovery/restore software tools to recover your data. But the 100% success is not guaranteed. You are most probably going to lose some or all of your data in this process.

    Before trying anything, get an another HARD drive of the same size as the original, and create a clone (e.g. using dd in the Terminal). It must be a clone like that would give you an exact copy of the original, including the partition table broke and all the data on all partitions.

    When you have your clone store the original HARD disk in a safe place and carry out all repairs and attempts at recovery on the clone. In this way whatever you do degrades the original HDD already weakened.

    An alternative to the above process would be to find a company that specializes in restoring the data. But who can become very, very, very expensive.

    BTW, if you do not have a backup of your data, it cannot be so important. I suggest that start to implement a backup procedure now.

  • 3D in iOS 10 cards gone?

    The 3D satellite view feature are removed in the latest version of Apple's maps? I'm not finding an option for him.  I liked this feature which is the equivalent of google street view.

    Me too... How about it, Apple?

  • IMovie project is error-remove-43

    Always use my G4MDD to use iMovie HD and love it. I have a problem with 10.4.x tries to delete a file from project iMove «My great movie 1» I want to delete the entire file but when I try I get an error-43 "operation cannot be completed because the elements 1 or more required is not found.

    File is located on an external drive Mac OS journaled Ext. Format: Apple Partition map

    Ive tried:

    3 X restart.

    Remove the clips and rampage from inside of iMove HD (which brings up to 387 K file size). No clips or content to the left.

    Trying to hook up on INTEL based mac. Cannot trash. Same error

    fnfErr = - 43, / * file not found * /.

    Do a Get Info on it in the viewfinder, it is an Alias or what?

    Get Info shows a way to do this?

    In the Finder Menu, select menu go > go to folder and go to "/ volumes. (without the quotes)

    Volumes is where an alias on your hard disk (' / ' at startup) is placed at the start, and where all the 'mount points' for auxiliary drives are created for you to access. This folder is normally hidden.

    Disks with an additional 1 on the end have a side effect of mount a disk with the same name as the system already think exist. Try trashing the duplicates with a 1 or 2 if it is not real files in them and restart.

    If it does not contain data...

  • Options of 'Regime' Erase disk utility

    I want to erase a flash drive. A menu offers options of 'regime '. What does that mean?

    It probably refers to the partition map to use in your USB. If you want to use the flash only drive with Mac, use GUID Partition map by default, but if you want to use it with other computers (or as a boot drive for the old PC), choose the Master Boot Record. Apple Partition map is reserved for the Mac with PowerPC processor.

  • Cannot start to OSX after using boot camp

    Hey everybody

    I have a Macbook pro 13' (2015) with display of keratina, 2.7 i5, 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB Flash storage.

    The problem started when I decided to run the boot camp on the device, everything went well until the installation of boot camp on windows 10. The installer got stuck in the process, so I left it. Then I went to the OSXRESERVED partition and I found the boot camp folder but when I tried to open it to re-run the installation program, I got an error message saying that the file cannot be opened and its corrupt. Then I formatted this partition using windows (how stupid on my part). And now I can not start back to OSX.

    I tried to go to the recovery of the Internet then disk utility. I see that the partition I made for windows that is only 40 GB. And there's "virtual whole disk", which is written in red. When I click on check, he said that the drive should be repaired, when I clicked on the repair. The same warning showed once again that the disc must be repaired.

    Also I tried to restore using time machine backup, but as I mentioned it won't give me access to the other partition is the 80 GB one. Instead, it shows only the 40 GB one and its not enough storage to restore the backup with.

    Sorry I took so long and I appreciate everyone's help, thank you.

    Hi Tayar98,

    Please visit Apple support communities. Congratulations on your new MacBook Pro!

    It seems that you cannot boot to OS X or restore from a backup Time Machine after that a partition has been formatted using Windows install.

    You should maybe erase and repartition your hard drive MacBook Pro before restoring from Time Machine backup. You can use the procedure described in disk utility (El Capitan): partitioning a physical disk:

    Erase and repartition a device

    You can delete all volumes on a device and create new ones. For example, if you want to change the plan of partition of a USB key, lightning or other storage of Master Boot Record Partition GUID carte device. If you just want to delete a volume, see to delete a volume.

    WARNING: Deleting and partitioning device destroys all data on all volumes of the device.

    1. Select the device in the sidebar you want to erase and re-partition, then click the Erase button .

      Note: You cannot erase the device that contains your boot volume.

    2. Enter a name for the original volume.

    3. Click the context menu of the card, and then choose a format for the initial score.

      For MS-DOS, and ExFAT partitions, the name must be 11 characters or less.

      • Map of Partition GUID: Used for all Mac computers with Intel processor.

      • Master Boot Record: Used for partitions Windows will be formatted under MS-DOS (FAT) or ExFAT.

      • Apple Partition map: Used for compatibility with Mac computers with PowerPC processor.

    4. Click clear, and then click done.

    Best regards.

  • EMac G4 Desktop disappearance!

    Firstly apologies to the Mods if wrongly placed wire box: don't know if the problem is OS X or the hardware itself. Please move as you wish.

    The computer is a very, very gently used g4 emac 1.42 ghz, 2 GB ram. HD has 25 GB 79 gb free space. OS X 10.4.11

    Last week my personal office froze on a few occasions that require a start/stop hard - never saw this before. While working, I checked and repaired the disk and permissions of the drive just to be sure. Past.

    On the next day to have no office; just a clear blue screen with a mobile cursor. No menu. Nothing to select. No "BONGS", no unusual sounds of HD, no rattling or complain - just not pale blue screen.

    Stopped and restarted in 'safe' mode '-all right; eMac works very well but with the limits of normal "safe" mode

    Q. where is my office, how can I access it once again, will be what happened to my personal office also reach the mode 'safe '?

    A lot of reading later... things I've done:

    OS X Tiger DVD starting > disk utilities > repair and check the disc and new permissions > some corrections needed and done > PASSED.

    Still cannot start the office staff.

    Use of external HD and Macbook Pro core i7 with intention to start test eMac Tiger OS X on an external drive and perhaps clone off existing eMac material before wiping and new OS install acquired.
    Have deleted and partitioned Touro EHD on both eMac and Macbook Pro, as 1 Partition and Apple Partition map and then using OS X DVD tried to load on Touro. Won't - implements the error message saying OS X is 4.7 GB and there is not enough free space on selected external hard drive. There are 499 GB free!

    I don't know how plu eMac lasts and I can't remember what to do for the better – I am a week older and not further on...

    Any help would be appreciated massively. Thank you.



    Looks like the drive to install 10.4 pre - 10.4.6, which does not include 4096 sectors of the new Advanced Format of Byte.

    I would start safe mode & try your current install the external disk cloning... most eMacs can boot from USB drives into the ALT on startup.

    My Notes on the secure boot thing, bolded the 2 biggest suspects...

    One way to test is at the start of the HD, (now shift key at startup), run utility disk in Applications > Utilities, then highlight your reader, click on repair permissions, test for problem in Mode safe...

    PS. secure boot can remain on the gray radian for a long time, let go, he's trying to repair the hard drive & trash/rebuild the cache files

    Reboot, try again.

    If she does only regular boot, then there might be a hardware problem as Video card, (Quartz is disabled mode without failure), or the airport, some USB or Firewire devices, or the module in part 3, Check System Preferences > accounts (users and groups in later versions of OS x) > login items window to see if she or something relevant is listed. Or a stray process eating RAM.

    Check system preferences > Other Row, for the 3rd part Pref panes.

    Also look in these if they exist, some are invisible...

    / private/var/run/StartupItems

    / Library/StartupItems

    / System/Library/StartupItems

    / System/Library/LaunchDaemons

    / Library/LaunchDaemons

  • EL CAPITAN-change hard drive in GUID Partition

    I read the previous posts and utility assistance from disk on the evolution of the GUID to load El Capitan. To this day he used the Apple Partition map and trying to update I received the message GUID.

    Unfortunately, the solutions do not work for me.

    In disk utility, I can access the drive, then the Partition screen. I can create a new Partition in the Partition box and manipulate the size, but there is no way that I can turn on the Options button to choose the format GUID.

    Any ideas?

    You cannot change the plan of partition on an active system. You must boot from an alternative media (such as a USB key). Re-partitioning a disk is to erase all existing data. So be sure that you have a recent backup of all your apps important and files.

  • IOS 9.2 GPS problems

    iPhone 5 s

    iOS 9.2

    Error of GPS tracking

    As soon as I upgraded to ios 9.2 last week, I noticed that all my Apps of the map had trouble pointing to my exact GPS location, either Waze, Google Maps, or even the default Apple's maps. I can't find a solution to this.

    I can't even to downgrade to ios 9.1.

    I use cards daily! So that I can as soon as possible a solution to this problem.

    Thanks the Apple community.


    Try a reboot press & button hold & menu button hold both down until you see the apple logo.

    Merry Christmas


  • New external hard drive is of poor quality


    Gotta new iMac 27 "El Capitan running and I am trying to transfer my files from my old Windows on my Mac machine. The player in question is a Seagate 3TO disk that has been formatted as NTFS on my Windows machine. I never partitioned and formatted when it displayed 2.32 TB of space available in the Windows 10.

    I connected the player via an external enclosure and USB (2.0) cable. OS X says it couldn't read the disc, so I transferred all my files on another external drive on my windows machine, connected to my Mac and formatted to the Apple standard. He did format, however it says I only have 801,57 GB of capacity, 801.44 available. I ejected the drive, he reformatted and chooses the "Apple Partition map" as an option and still the same. I hope that I have covered all the bases?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

    -Jon K.

    In disk utility, make sure that you select the physical disk, and not on a partition. What capacity would you say? You will need to repartition the disk.

  • Fusion 7.0.1 is * not * difficulty problem version keys switched 7 introduced

    As the subject says: I've updated yesterday to the latest version. Update the VMWare Tools on my guests, restarted, but the keys are always turned on. Is there something special that needs to be done so that it can be fixed?

    I use a Spanish keyboard layout (Mexico) on the guests and have the Spanish keyboard from Apple (Spanish - mapping ISO)

    Hi rgomezc,

    In Fusion preferences > keyboard & mouse > maps of key for the profile currently associated with this virtual machine is the checkbox "Activate specific language key Mappings" checked? If so, you should see at the bottom of the list of mappings of keys on the same screen, you should see a few maps below a divider who set the exchanged keys. I have attached a screenshot so you can see what I mean.

    Could you also tell me which characters you expect to see when you press both keys in question?

    Thank you!


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