Apple security cannot reset the Security Questions? Flaw Apple ID

(I just got the phone with Apple security and I'm a bit puzzled and annoyed that they cannot 1) reset security of an account, or 2) purely and simply delete. Here's the scenario:

(1) a person to the Viet Nam created an Apple ID, password, security questions, etc. by using the my mother gmail account. He is a perfect stranger, and they have no access to my mother gmail account so they can't check it out. I don't know when this has been done, but it is registered in the account of Apple.

(2) I bought my mother its first product Apple, the iPad, we are in the Canada. I can't create an Apple ID, so I reset the password... I'm confused that this account should not exist. Reset the password successfully, and when I login, name, name, birthday are all foreigners. I have change the name, but I can't change the anniversary without answering the questions of security in Vietnamese. ???  I try to reset the security questions, and he again invites me to answer security questions I have not create nor I can read.

(3) I call, the security team is unable to reset the security questions or delete. I went back and the Manager cannot do either, they get these guests, so she gives up and tells me to abandon ship and use a different email account or use iCloud. I don't want to use iCloud or a different e-mail address...

So I wonder, how in the world is this possible? How a foreigner can sabotage someone's potential or future Apple ID? And why Apple cannot fill this gap?

PS: Here is the reference. It makes no sense, I requested when I try to put security issues...

If you forgot your Apple ID - Apple Support security questions answered.

Wow! Bad luck!

Out of curiosity... how far to the top of the scale grew? (I went actually 5 levels and fone 7 transfers once - a different matter, of course)

The reason I ask is that you may have left speechless last specialist, but there may be another even more experienced. In the end, each Apple ID is simply a database record and CAN be obtained on the level of the "table" - that is, it looks like a worksheet where you can make anything happen at all if you have the permission of the "Save".


The latter is a ROYAL PAIN for Apple. They may believe that the problem is not worth and not say?

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    Hello my dear

    -J' forgot my account security questions, but I remember password

    And I'm changing my Security Questions, but show me this sentence

    "Cannot reset Security Questions."

    We have insufficient information to reset your security questions. "

    -I want to solve this problem as soon as possible if permitted

    You should contact the account of Apple security team. To join, click here and choose a method; If this page does not list one for your country or if you are unable to call, complete and submit this form.


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    Somehow, I managed to set the message board in the Message Viewer from Apple Mail to zero height (Classic view) and so the detailed content of the message selected in the list is not visible. The "handle" - a grey point is palpable but not draggable and so I can't resize the messages pane.

    If I switch to the display of the 'new' unconventional columnar messages the far right of the column is not and while the little by dragging the slider appears (looks like a vertical bar with an arrow attached left) it's so powerless.

    That seems like a reproducible bug for me. I can create an account on the Mac, but I don't know any incantation which will remove.

    There must be a work around - does anyone know it?

    OK I found a solution of sorts, although I'm sure that it is just a workaround for a bit ugly of coding.

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    I have reset the bios by disconnecting the battery, but the password remains still.
    When I enter the password wrong 4 times the system BIOS is locked, but I'm not giving any number or key.
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    Unfortunately, business machines such as Probooks or EliteBook have more strict security consumption patterns - they do not produce "stop codes", the password cannot be derived from the serial number and the code is stored in a nonvolatile memory to remove the RTC cell does not reset the password in this case.

    If you Contact HP Business support they should be able to send you a file custom SMC.bin that you can use to reset the password at startup.

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  • Router WRT54G3G-ST - no internet connection - cannot reset the router

    Hello.  Some longer story certainly not short (I apologize for the length of hiking...  I don't know what is and isn't important, will scan, please...  I'm sorry...) : recently my computer (Dell XPS 400, Windows XP Service Pack 3, Internet Explorer 7 with phishing filter and pop-up blocker on, SiteAdvisor, up-to-date McAfee Anti-virus and Firewall and a router Wireless-G Linksys WRT54G3G-ST with its AC adapter plugged into the wall power outlet and a network cable directly connected to my computer.) received a drive-by generic.DX!12536d125737 Trojan horse without me download whatever it is one of the few sites I visit every day.  My internet connection has crawled, and I have now no connection at all.

    I've been making McAfee good volunteers forums help quick and very helpful...  They recommended Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for me, I downloaded my own second computer (a laptop) on my flash drive, then on my infected computer.  I ran, tried adapting so recommended, and only then discovered the Trojan horse killed my broadband entirely.  I scanned with it anyway and he quickly found and deleted / quarantine 11 Adware.MyWebSearch related files, but nothing else.  Then, they gave me a link to a patch off updater file and tells me scan in SafeMode until nothing else has been found and check if it has fixed my lack of broadband access.  I did, Malwarebytes found nothing else, but unfortunately I still had no broadband.

    Then, they recommended WinsockXPFix.  Which I ran and he did all his OK registry changes, I restarted if necessary but still no broadband unfortunately.  WinsockXPFix using make things worse for me with the registry changes, did he?  I used the backup of the registry to save the registry before changed files before running.  Should I come back since I don't always have a broadband connection?  McAfee volunteers kindly then told me that I had to hard reset the router, but I tried many times with no fortune.  I'm at a loss as to what, if anything, do we hope to get my broadband, please...

    It is very confusing with many different variants for resetting routers, and what should I do to my router model (Variations: unplug this cable/adapter exactly where; pressed the reset button between 5 and 30 seconds, the computer restarts, or no, 1 or 2 minutes between different steps, waiting or not - and for all these exactly when in the restart procedure.).

    I have reset once before with the reset button, page of routers to admin password, then it changed to security, etc. but this time I can't make it work.  I'm happy as possible to try once again to get an appointment by perhaps, something please...  When I go to now, or to any other address, Internet Explorer gripes at me that I am offline, which is annoyingly correct.  I do not have and never had Zone Alarm, but disable my McAfee Firewall does not help.  IPCONFIG at the command prompt gives me an address of 169.254.X.X assigned Windows

    I was going to use the routers Wizard installation CD to try to reset the router, and if that didn't try to get its firmware version number to perhaps upgrade.  But I was going to ask here first of all for expert advice because I read a lot of things that can go wrong during the upgrade of the firmware.  However, analysis the CD (without launching the CD). McAfee found the virus W32/HLLP. Philis.ini in the file "D:\_desktop.ini" on the CD.  McAfee didn't delete the file, I don't know why.
    I scanned my computer together several times and no infections have been reported.  I downloaded the file several times, both (39 online antivirus) and (20 online virus scanners) and every time each virus scanner didn't report any possible infection.  My updated virus scanner McAfee reported a false positive and still Jotti and VirusTotal 2 scanners from McAfee report the file as own probable?  Is "_desktop.ini" a file legitimate Linksys?  I have not found any information on Linksys forums about this.  My problems just keep multiplying... mentioning problems more...

    Find this suspicious file on the CD I decided to download instead the Linksys Setup Wizard
    (Router product page: )
    my flash drive, then on my infected computer that is connected to the router.  I ran it (downloaded the version of the file: - original version CD Setup Wizard: 4.0 print on CD front) and immediately gave it 1 of the 3 options: Mobile broad band only, high flow only WAN, or WAN high throughput and high speed Mobile.  I don't know what damage, if any, I caused by continuing.
    It seemed that he was trying to go in the entire router configuration process.  I thought it would take me to some options to reset the router, as I read in the user's Guide, and besides - it is my understanding.  The installation process stopped at only 30% done "router not found, make sure that the router is connected correctly and try again."  How many Overwrite original router configuration files I did continue?  I'm quite confused.  The wizard does not check if the router has previously been set up before setting up again?  Unlike version caused my router to not be detected by the Setup Wizard?  Is the horse of Troy generic.DX!12536d125737 who killed my trash to wide band my computer settings so badly that my router is undetectable/essentially not configured?

    Update of sorts: I tried one last time to reset the router, and I unplugged/plugged the network cable.  The fact that I had still no broadband on my Dell XPS main use computer that is connected to the Linksys router.  However, my laptop, with map data in the router, was for the first time able to find network - constant connection and speed is great, it's what she allways has been on the laptop (the Trojan/router problems, my laptop only for broadband with the data in the laptop card.).  Perhaps the cable network was simply not re-connected properly/entirely for 1 of the many attempts of resetting, indeed, it could also explain the downloading, installation wizard is not able to find the router/only get 30% done.

    Laptop prompt IPCONFIG/all with data card Sprint inserted into the slot of your laptop:
    IP = 174.158.XX.XXX (Sprint)
    Subnet mask = = DNS servers

    Laptop prompt IPCONFIG/all with Sprint data card inserted in the router: = IP address
    Subnet mask =
    Default gateway =
    = DHCP server
    Servers DNS =

    Since my laptop started to work with the data card into the router, I have not tried again to reset the router and I tried the downloaded installation wizard.  I don't want to spoil anything about it any further as I have (?) / the Trojan has, and I need expert advice, please, about which of the 2 if not more, I do (first?).  On my laptop, typing in Internet Explorer Gets the ToolTip for the user name and password, but I did not.  I read that you should not reset the router or (?) Is it just 1 or two please?) upgrade the firmware unless the computer is connected directly to the router - that is not my laptop.  On my other computer that still has no broadband, Internet Explorer still says I am offline when you type in.  My IP address on it is still a 169.254.X.X assigned Windows and a command PING prompt returns with 'Destination host unreachable.', as it has been always and even with all the other addresses (with the exception of 169.254.X.X).

    Boring 2nd "update" of all kinds, my apologies for the length, as always: I've been so focused on the horse of Trojan/broadband killing that cluelessly largely forgot I switched with AOL.  Try AOL dial-up does not work, madness thickens...  Software AOL tells me to check my connection, but all the phone cords are connected as should be.  I plugged a phone directly into the wall jack and I get the tone, I can call OK and the phone rings and receives calls OK.  State of the devices-Modems-Properties-Device Manager says that the modem is not working properly, and "resources" tab shows no conflicts.  Query Modem on the diagnosis tab seems OK to me, as does the journal, but I'm certainly not an expert like allways.  I change all the settings from anywhere.
    I noticed and that check IPCONFIG it says that my IP address is it lasts maybe that someday (then goes back to 169.254.X.X), maybe more, I don't know - I don't check that often to define (should I?).  Meanwhile my broadband, or my works switched.  I can PING, but nothing else.  I am convinced the wrong killed Trojan horse my broadband and dial-up - I've never had a problem with my prior V.9x DFVc Modem 56 K Conexant D850.  In addition, I am not convinced the Trojan horse is not still lurk everywhere on my computer, I think that it's...

    Any help with the restoration of my high speed/dial-up is greatly appreciated, please...  Thank you!

    Hello.  There has been entirely too long since I answered, I'm sorry.  There is no excuse, and it is terribly rude to me...  You took the time to read and answer me, and I appreciate very much that in effect.  I apologize for being late, I'm sorry...

    After that I left my message, I downloaded several virus/spyware scanners, etc from my laptop on my USB key, then my other computer for some in-depth analysis necessary.  Was one I downloaded Network Magic that somehow, some way fixed both my high speed/dial-up internet on my main computer is connected to the router WRT54G3G-ST.  I don't know what/how he fixed my connection, but the connection high speed flow works brilliantly since...  Network Magic has worked for me, and I highly recommend it to all those who have stubborn lack of internet problems (caused by Trojans to this) that I did.  There is no guarantee this will work, but it did for me in my amazement.

    Network Magic, as is the Linksys is owned by the parent company Cisco.  Respectfully to all the knowledgeable experts here (which clearly I'm not), I don't want to venture out of the limits.  I'm trying to simply hope to be useful and save a few headaches for both you volunteers and users... buy a new router or the computer was in my mind, with all due respect, I recommend suggesting to try Network Magic users if the reset of the router/all other fails, please.  I used WinsockXPFix/WinsockFix utility before using Network Magic, I don't know if it matters.

    I also upgraded my package of McAfee, I installed on my old software rather than uninstall the first, which caused errors in all things virus scanner a critical need.  I install right now, but it caused some delay to refocus my time.  Some virus scans found many Trojan horses, some were same / in the same folders that killed my broadband - which stopped me in my tracks to ensure a clean uninfected.

    Certainly, it doesn't fully explain the long time, and I'm sorry, once again.  It's just that I'm being cautious and slow in all this.  To answer the first very good idea, you did: Unfortunately, there is no room on my other computer to connect the router in to, which even so caused frustration (at the time).  I forgot to include this in my post new length of countless things to see / do not forget...  It was a brilliant idea, however, I thank you...

    Thank you for your time and your help, I appreciate it sincerely...  Thank you...  I think and hope that this matter is resolved.  It seems to be, the router works perfectly as it always has, and I am positively happy as can be in this regard.  Thank you...  Peace...

  • Account blocked Hotmail cannot reset the password

    Hello, my son hotmail account has been locked as when he went to get it old, that he had been compromised and that it could not use its password to reset it. Unfortunately, he cannot answer enough information on the form to reset password to confirm the account is his, and so won't let him change it. He can't answer his question because he doesn't remember, it may not send a password recovery to another email that he used is a veteran of my friends that I have disabled now, it doesn't have an x - box live account and it is not send emails to it. Only emails he receives, if any are those of a very few specific games that he has downloaded to receive codes playable. Unfortunately, he cannot even do more. He has only to set up the account for the games.

    He wants to reset his password so that he can get the codes for downloads and playable content in the games there.

    I have so far chatted with after-sales service that recommended I have contact support using a climbing form. I did and they said they can't help that I had to fill out the password to reset (insult to my intelligence to think that I had not tried) and then contact an online forum since it was "established public moderators Microsoft Account can better address your concern! I read a few threads and yes there is a reference to contact online support so have that filled again, but y at - it other advice out there on how it can reset the password to access his account? Thanks in advance.

    There is nothing we can do here, we don't work for Microsoft and do not have access to all accounts and systems.

    If you have already tried the password reset functions and cannot verify your account, then the account cannot be unlocked.  It's a good idea to keep your phone number added to your accounts so that they can always check it out by calling you.  Unfortunately, if you have the lead, you're out of options.

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    My problem is similar to that link there, I try to use Pandora, but there the words blocking buttons saying my browser is out of date or doesn't support SSL/TLS
    I found that this can be solved by reseting the useragent, but the 'reset' is grey so I can't do that
    In this link, they said maybe it's Blingee but I searched on my laptop I do not see anywhere

    Please and thanks for the help

    This looks OK.

    You can delete all data stored in Firefox with a specific area through "Forget this Site" in the context menu of a history entry ("" history > view history "or" view > sidebar > History "") or via the subject: permissions page.

    Using "Forget this Site" will delete all data stored in Firefox in this area as bookmarks, cookies, words of past, cache, history, and exceptions, so be careful and if you have a password or other data from that domain you don't want to lose then check that back up these data or make a comment.

    You can't recover from this "forget" unless you have a backup of the files involved.

    It has no lasting effect, so if come back you on such a 'forgotten' site, then the data of this Web site will be saved once more.

  • Cannot reset the P of Satellite series to factory settings

    My recetnly of the computer has been infected with the virus, omiga more.
    I tried to reset it with the usual Start 0 out and 0 switch on but when I select the reset option I get the message "cannot reset cannot access partition...". "or something like this - any ideas?

    May I ask what model of laptop and what system do you use?
    Have you changed anything on the HARD drive (partition table) in the past?

    Obviously the recovery cannot start because the partition cannot be found.

  • Failure of Hotmail - compromised account and cannot reset the password. The server is down, and the moderators are not admit it?


    I tried for five days to access my hotmail without success. Wednesday, December 14 I accessed my account the morning normally. However, in the afternoon, I found that my account has been blocked, apparently due to receive a large amount of spam. I followed the link in the window that asked me to provide a mobile number, so a code can be sent to me, and I would then be able to unlock the account. I provide my number, but received no codes for this date.

    I then entered the hotmail Help Center and asked a question asking for my account to be unblocked. I got a response the next day, saying the account was then unblocked and I could use it normally. However, I was unpleasantly surprised to discover that I couldn't open my hotmail, my password was not recognized. I tried to reset my password, but if you follow a link sent to an alternative email, every time since Thursday, the result was a page saying:

    There is a temporary problem

    There is a temporary problem with the service. Please try again. If you continue to receive this message, try again later.

    I tried to reset my password more than 10 times in the last four days and nothing. I tried different browsers, tried to optimize the browsers, tried five different computers - AND NOTHING.

    I reported this problem on several occasions in the Help Center, but I got repetitive suggestions or 'solutions' that didn't work. Whenever I post an entry in my open question, I get the same suggestions over and over again. I realized that I'm only receive automated messages, and that no one really looking to my problem to offer assistance of effetive.

    Can anyone help me please with a decent and effective action?

    S ' Please don't ask if I tried different browsers, if I optimized browsers or if I tried other computers. I tried all of these options.

    S ' Please don't tell me reset the password. Your system says "there is a temporary problem" every time it has been 4 days, so it is not temporary, of course.

    -I would like someone to reset my password for me and send me a link to open my email. I have to open my email! I used it for over 14 years now, and this has never happened before!

    Please do not ignore this. Read it carefully and help me!

    Moreover, the account in question is the * address email is removed from the privacy *.

    Hi annao,.

    I don't know if you've already been on this link, but just in case, please see below:

    Also, as Windows Live has it's own Forum I'd followed with your other thread you posted in for assistance.

    Thank you!

  • cannot reset the computer to factory setting, there is no repair your computer in advanced boot options, help

    try to reset the computer to factory, computer settings broken, lost all my icons on the desktop, pictures computer guide laptop dell inspiron 1525 was told to go to boot options advanced and scroll down to fix your computer ect, and there is no such key. any other ideas?  Unfortunately, I'm not under warranty, so I can't even help from the dell support site

    Restart your PC and hit the F8 key several times (once every second must
    work) until you get the menu Advanced Startup Options. Select ' repair your»
    computer"then select system recovery and Startup Repair Options.
    If you don't see the "repair your computer" option, you will need start
    from a disk recovery or your Vista installation CD. If you do not
    an installation disc, you can create a disc of recovery of these directions:
    "Tuesday9876" wrote in message news: c4ee6fb1-6e86-415a-ad9c-1e13c9322ae7...
    > try to reset the computer to factory settings, broken, lost all
    > my icons on the desktop, photo ect, told computer guide laptop dell inspiron 1525
    > to access boot options advanced and scroll down to repair your
    > computer, and there is not this button. any other ideas? Unfortunately I have
    >'m not under warranty anymore, so I can't even get help from the dell printer
    > support Web site
  • Conductor 3.0 with 10.5 of the Complutense University of MADRID - cannot get the AdHoc questions work/TLS record

    I'm working on a laboratory configuration to prepare application a client driver 3.0 with 10.5SU1 of the Complutense University of MADRID.  I have the base line everything up, but I can't get the Ad Hoc conference bridge to enroll at the University Complutense of MADRID by the conductor, nor I can SIP trunk to become accessible.  This all points to a TLS problem, which is reflected in the newspapers of the Complutense University of MADRID:

    Pre-verifie SdlSSLTCPListener::verify_cb = 0, cert check errno = 20, depth = 0
    00269848.000 | 22:41:54.023 | AppInfo | HandleSSLError - verification of the certificate has no:(Verification error:20)-Impossible to get the certificate of the local radio station for

    This repeats for the Ad Hoc and appointments of the intellectual property on the driver.

    I followed the conductor with the guide of the AAU ( as well as the deployment of certificate ( guide.  I have a root certification authority I use (lab.local), I installed the root certificate and the certificates of the host on both devices.  OpenSSL gives me the verification of the return code: 0 (ok), at once UCM and conductor during validation to the root certificate.

    I think that I followed the guides and double-checked against them.  Someone else has seen this? What Miss me?

    Hi Ryan,

    I think that I am running into the same question... The TAC engineer gave you a bug ID I can follow?

    Thank you


  • Cannot reset the user password e-Business suite

    Password reset is allowed (field is grey out in the form of user). Is it because of logon Oracle SSO (approx registered 10gAS)?


    Please check below note that should be useful on your question:

    Cannot be reset everyone's [ID 430001.1] system administrator password
    After SSO implemented the URL of Notifications Sourcing is routing incorrectly [ID 1088093.1]

    Respect of

  • cannot reset the password

    I created an account to sync with my phone. I may have miss-typed the password, I'm not sure... but I can't sign in Firefox Sync in the desktop browser. I tried to request a password reset, but the email never happened. It has not arrived after several requests.

    What I'm missing here?

    HI mburtens,
    Thank you for your question. Please check your spamfilters to the password reset request and please make sure that you are on the same version of sync on both devices. Firefox Sync troubleshooting and tips
    Please post back with your results.

  • LaserJet Pro 200 M276nw: lost password cannot reset the printer

    Several others have had the same problem with enter the menu of the printer, but lost the password. Help someone please this person (me) happens stupidville and reset or what should I do to get my printer go?

    Hello and welcome to the community of HP @MsBz,

    I understand that you have forgotten the administrative password for your HP LaserJet Pro 200 M276nw MFP color. I'll do it is happy to help you.

    To remove the password, you will need to perform a special reset. I'll message you private instructions you need to do. Note that reset will clear your wireless settings, then you may need to reconnect to your network when you have finished resetting. (It's like the printer out of box at that point).
    Let me know if it helps. If it helps, will testify of my answer by pressing the 'thumbs up' below, or click on the button "Accept as Solution" if I helped you reach a solution.

    I hope this helps and have a nice day.

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