Apple TV is 4th gen, faster, wired or wireless?

I have the new Apple TV 4th generation. I read that the wireless is faster than the wired way. Is this true? I have really no problem with slow speed as I have 72 Mbit/s BT 2 infinite.


The wired maximum speed for the 4th generation Apple TV is 100 Mbps. If your broadband connection is 72mbps then has no interest anyway, with or without wire regarding the streaming is going. If you use share House to broadcast the content from your computer to the Apple TV WiFi will have the advantage in using either protocol 802.11/n or/AC. Why Apple chose not to make the gigabit ethernet port is anybody's guess.

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  • How can I restart the Apple TV Remote (4th Gen)

    Hi all

    I have a relatively new Apple TV (4th Gen) and tonight after a few weeks of work perfectly, the remote control slide to the right and in other directions only intermittently. I read up before you call Apple and it seems to me that it is a new issue. Here my question is it possible to restart the remote where the little glitches occur. A poster suggested battery, it looks like there must be a pressure button to reset the remote control, if you know of one, please post. I'll try next, logout and re-pairing to see what is happening, and then from there head to the store tomorrow.

    Any ideas appreciated.

    So I solved the problem by restarting the Apple TV itself, and now the remote works again. Also amazing that my iPhone was working very well as a remote control before the reboot, so don't know why this Apple TV restarting fixed but there.

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    The slide show feature does not work when I used my Macbook with new Apple TV 4th gen. The slide show stops after that display 7 photos and display to select the options for the slide show is displayed on the screen. The selected interval was 5 seconds. If the interval is spent in 3 seconds the slide show would work for a time and then to display random images. Has worked with Apple on this issue Support Mike and he managed to reproduce the problem. Since I'm in the return period of 14 days for this product, I returned it to the Apple store

    Welcome to the Apple community.

    After returning, I'm not really clear on what your question.

  • Amazon Video and music on Apple TV Amazon 4th Gen

    Anyone can confirm, from mid-December 2015, if the new 4th gen Apple TV includes Amazon Video or music Amazon on the app store for Apple TV?

    I'm not talking about AirPlay either, I wonder about the possibility to download the Amazon to Apple TV app, as you would to your phone or tablet.

    I refuse to upgrade to a new Apple TV until the apps from Amazon are made available to last Apple TV plugged device.

    There is no video from Amazon or music on Apple TV.

  • Apple TV (4th gen) faster with 5 GHz WiFi with the ethernet cable

    When my Apple TV is connected to my network via 5 GHz WiFi it gives me a faster speed (about 120 Mbps) connections it makes when I plugged it on my network (about 45 Mbps) ethernet cable.  Why is this?  I thought that the ethernet would give me the fastest connection possible.

    The ethernet port on all ATVS (including the 4th generation) is only 100 Mbit/s. The actual speed depends on the quality of your network as the routers, switches and cables components and of course it depends on the length of your ethernet cable and if it is damaged in any way (folded or crushed). And finally, that depends on how fast you have actually measured, on your local network speed, or speed on your WAN.

  • Apple TV not 4th Gen no return quick/Fast Forward

    According to the title, recently two of my machines stopped fast shipping, or rewind by swiping left and right on the remote contact.  Checked for updates and they are to this day.  Power to bike but who has not set.  Anyone have any ideas?  In general, I use Plex and Disney Jr.

    first of all a pause the video.

  • Screen logo apple on my 4th gen iPod touch continues to Flash slowly with a black screen (as if it is off) between the two, what do I do?

    I ' v had for several years now and has tried to update in October, then the question is problem, I don't know if it works more


    - iOS: do not respond or does not light

    -Also try DFU mode recovery mode post-test

    How to put iPod touch / iPhone in DFU "Karthik doodles."

    -If failed and that you cannot completely turn completely the iOS device, leave the battery to drain completely. After loading a hour repeat the foregoing.

    -Try a different cable

    -Try on another computer

    S ' there is still not successful that usually indicates a hardware problem and an appointment at an Apple store Genius Bar is in order.

    Shop Apple Store - Genius Bar

  • Apple TV 4th gen junk? -The distance dead and menu in Chinese/Korean

    So I bought 64GB 4th gen Apple TV for the family as a Christmas gift.  A lot of excitement, right.  You can imagine the scene.  I followed the directions and the plug, it and pops up a menu in Chinese or Korean.  OK, I think I can work my way through it at random and change the language... but the remote does nothing.  I tried not matching and re-twinning of the remote control and I get any flashing lights on the Apple TV device.  I have reset all mutiple times and I tried a bluetooth connection with my iPhone but not the bluetooth option still appears on my phone.  Apple TV is 4th gen junk?

    Take it back to Apple for testing or from another unit.

  • Why is apple tv (4th Gen) using subnet different comcast

    I need to figure out if there is anything special/different regaurding how ATV (4th Gen) made the resolution DNS when wired to a Comcast cable modem only (no wifi and no router)?  I notice that my ATV selects a different subnet when ATV is set automatically resolve IP and DNS.  Example of my Dell PC Tower and Sony laptop automatically use a subnet of, but ATV uses the example below:


    ATV works great just need to know why to solve network problems not related to my home office network and at home?

    Hello. You say there is no router, but I guess that the Comcast modem is also a router and DHCP server. Are you using IPv6? You use a static IP address?

  • 4th gen Apple TV cannot pair with iphone remote app

    Click on 'Add Apple TV' selected on TV, then was invited to enter the 4 numbers matching password shown on television. However the TV shows 4 blocks of gray rectangle instead of 4 digits.

    I also checked that the apple TV and iphone are on the last OS update. What gives? This app is supposed to work with 4th gen now.

    Yes, it works. This looks like some weird glitch. Using the new application ATV 4 remote control (black), or the older version, now called iTunes remotely? Try restarting the ATV using the settings > system > restart. Then try to pair it again.

  • Apple TV 4th Gen won't play videos

    Apple TV won't play movies at home since I've updated for TV OS 10.0. Before the update has never had a problem streaming the content of my iMac on the Apple TV. I have no problems of dissemination of content on the internet.


    Apple TV 4th Gen - TV OS 10.0

    Time Capsule from Apple c. 7.7.7

    iMac - OS X El Captain v. 10.11.6

    iTunes v. 12.5.1

    Restart all the facilities, I had the same problem yesterday

  • Not able to install apple tv 4th gen as home hub

    Updated to iOS 10 yesterday. I was looking for installation up to the ATV 4th Gen as a home hub, but it is not allowing me. It works very well to set up the ipad pro as the hub, but not the ATV, which is running TVos 10, and Yes 2 verification step is on. Everyone knows about this problem? Apple is aware?

    Hello. Have you seen this cannot create Apple TV (4th gen) as Home Hub?

  • Unable to set up Apple TV (4th gen) as Home Hub

    I updated my iPhone to iOS 10 5s yesterday and today I updated my Apple TV (4th gen) to tvOS 10.

    But I can't configure my Apple TV as a hub in the home on my iPhone app - the Automation tab in the hub said "Make Apple TV (4th generation) to the center of your House...» ", but offers no possibility to do so.

    I found this article:

    Automate and remotely to your accessories HomeKit - Apple Support

    Who says:

    • On your Apple TV, go to settings > accounts > iCloud and make sure your Apple TV shows connected HomeKit.

    But there's nothing HomeKit this page of settings on Apple TV. (Yes, my Apple ID has two-factor auth enabled.)

    Does anyone have this working? Any tips?

    Thank you


    Same question here, but with 6 s iPhone more and iPad 9.7 Pro.

    No "HomeKit" option under iCloud as instructions indicate there should be.

    Only reference HomeKit that I could find anywhere was under "Privacy", with the only option being "Reset configuration" or something like that. Who comes to HomeKit forget all my devices.

    Have activated two-factor authentication, then out of the iCloud, Apple TV, and back in. No luck. Tried to reboot several times, still nothing.

    The Apple TV is clear my HomeKit Setup, because the use of the thing "Reset configuration" has had an impact on what I see on my iPhone. So I think this could be a bug in 10 TVOS. Very annoying that it breaks the new Automation features in iOS 10.

  • Apple TV (4th Gen) and HomeHub

    Literature of Apple is a little sparse on the practice of setting up Apple TV (4th Gen) as a Homehub.  They say

    That's all.  Thing is there is no settings > iCloud and check if your connected.  Is there a home App for Apple TV?  I'm missing something here.


    Too bad, that it worked.  You must go to your iCloud account and HomeKit appears. It should be activate 2FA then in the AppleTV go to settings > iCloud > your iCloud and home account is displayed.

  • Can't play music bought on the cloud on Apple TV (4th gen)

    I just started to use the Apple's music, and when I go to my music on my MacBook Air and iPhone/iPad, I can play anything I added whether through Apple music, music purchased from the iTunes Store or my own music that corresponded via iCloud music library.

    On my Apple TV (4th gen), however, I can't play the purchased songs. Apple and my own songs music songs play fine. But if I choose one of the purchased albums, the screen does is display the album artwork for every song Flash by very quickly, but does not play anything.

    Someone knows how to fix this or if this is a known bug?

    Thank you!

    You can try to reboot the device, and then disconnect the store and insert it again.


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