Apple Watch with broken touch screen

Hello, community.

I bought my 42 mm watch with stainless steel on January 4, 2016. And a few weeks ago I damaged it accidentally. Him came bracelet cancelled and the watch fell to the ground. Thus, the glass is broken. Touch screen works, but the broken glass is too high and can damage the fingers.
On 7 September, Apple announced a new series of Apple Watch 2.

Is it now possible to give them my watch, pay with a discount and make a NEW APPLE WATCH Apple Watch 2 series, or new sport? without a bracelet, that a case is necessary.



Apple does not currently offer a program of recovery for Apple Watch, whether in work or damaged condition.

For compensation for your damaged watch, contact the Apple Support (mail service may be available) or make a booking Genius Bar to establish your available service options, the likely time and cost:

Prices for the United States information service, for example, are available here:

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    I can not pair my Apple Watch with my iphone 6 s so true the automatic procedure freezes the app on my iphone. If manually matching the 6 digit code will appear on the Apple Watch. I have the current ios 10.0.1

    does anyone have a solution to this?


    The following steps can help (try again after each):

    • On your iPhone, in the application of the watch, go to: Watch My > general > use > software update - remove any file update, if one is displayed.
    • Delete all profiles beta (on your iPhone and/or the watch), then restart both devices (this applies only if you have already participated in a program of Apple Beta software).
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    I replaced my original Apple Watch with a watch of S2. When I install and associate the new watch and my iPhone 7 more, is there any way I can restore all applications, configuration info and data between the original and the new shows, so I don't have to start from scratch?

    Try this procedure

    Cancel the twinning of your iPhone - Apple and Apple Watch Support

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  • I have an iMac 27' 2012 with macOS Sierra and Apple Watch with watch OS 3, I can use the function "Log?" in Apple Watch

    I have an iMac 27' 2012 with macOS Sierra and Apple Watch with watch OS 3, I can use the function "Log?" in Apple Watch

    Hi John 2078 Tito.

    I understand that you have updated your iMac and Apple Watch and now you're curious about unlock your iMac using your Apple Watch. I know that it is a nice feature to be able to quickly and safely unlock your computer, so I'm happy to help you.

    This feature is available on 2013 iMacs and later versions, which means that your iMac won't be compatible. You can see more info on this feature here:
    Unlock your Mac with Apple Watch - Apple Watch user's Guide

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple. See you soon!

  • Is it possible to use the Apple Watch with bluetooth and data celular (for example in a remote area withouth wifi)?

    Apple Watch with bluetooth


    Apple Watch can still be used in conjunction with the matched iPhone (which is based on cellular services) in places where there is no Wi - Fi network.

    The availability of some built-in and third-party applications can vary, depending on your cellular data settings and a network of cellular data speeds.

    If your question relates also to longer term, it is not currently possible to update the software on Apple Watch unless the paired iPhone is connected to a Wi - Fi network.

    Some built-in functions of Apple Watch can still be used even when the pair iPhone is not available via Bluetooth or Wi - Fi.

    More information:

    Bluetooth and Wi - Fi on Apple Watch

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  • Can I synchronize Apple Watch with iPad or blackberry

    CCan I have sync Apple Watch with iPad or blackberry


    I'm not afraid - you need an iPhone 5 or later running iOS 9 or later to associate and set up Apple Watch.

    It can be combined or synchronized with any other device iOS (including iPad) or with any other Apple device (including the iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, etc.).

    More information:

    Set up your Apple Watch - Apple Support

  • Anyway is to pair an Apple Watch with an iphone 4S?

    Well, I'm really looking forward to buy me an ancient sport of Apple Watch 38 mm gold with white band and my upgrade isn't due for a period of 5 months. Is there anyway that I can pair the Apple Watch with my current phone of Iphone 4 s?

    N °

  • Problems with the touch screen of HP all-in-One after upgrading Windows

    I recently updated my version of Windows (64-bit) with system updates and then a full version updated to version 8.0 version 8.1.  After the update is complete, I started to experience a strange problem with the touch screen on my HP Envy Rove.  The screen would flash repeatedly one set of points in the right lower quadrant of the screen as if the simulation random screen button.  There is no way to stop this.  If the screen on a keyboard was pulled up, letters in the place of the flashes would be broadcast in the fields on the screen.

    The only way to stop the flashes of screen has been to go into the Device Manager and disable the HID-Compliant device driver.  It stopped (system generated keys) flashes, but also disabled my touch screen input.  So now the system is usable, but without the benefit of the touchscreen.

    Here is the information on the driver:

    HID-Compliant device

    Date: 21/06/2006

    Version: 6.2.9200.16851


    I tried updating the driver, but this seems to be the latest version available.  Go back to the previous version of the driver, could solve the problem, but I could not locate on the support web site.

    Any suggestions on how to solve this problem and re-enable the ability of my touch screen?


    Downloaded drivers from the manufacturer will be the most tested and up to date available. The best place to download a driver is directly from the manufacturer of the equipment.

    So I suggest you to install the driver that is available on the HP website for your model.

    Troubleshooting of touch screen in Windows 8

    Just reply with the results.

  • 320 HP - 1190 has: the hp all-in-one (hp 320-1190 has) have they a vga to the back as Ive broken touch screen?

    I have unfortunately broken the touch screen on my disabled son all-in-one, I think it's an hp 320-1190 has (or similar No..). I can't tell you the exact model No. as he is now deceased under repair. I was just informed that the screen is no longer available and so they cannot provide me one to fix the pc. The pc above has a vga / digital Jack on the back? If so, I can almost certainly plug in a new screen to hold it for a little longer. Or, as it is not so much the touch screen, is it possible to replace it with a plastic or glass front?

    Any help much appreciated.



    No, many HP AIO machines don't have VGA port at the back, including your:

    The back of the system
    Figure: Return of the system

  • Apple TV using a touch screen monitor

    I would like to use Apple TV 4 in class. However, I was wondering if for my setup, I got a huge TV touchscreen on the front of the classroom and a Apple TV connected to the touch screen, the touch feature would work with Apple TV 4?  For example, if I'm mirroring the screen of my iPad for the touch screen on the front of the classroom, could I tap on the touch screen to provoke things on my iPad (open an application or select the text, etc.)?

    N ° TvOS has no touch controls based as iOS. Remote Siri, Apple MFI remote controllers, remote app are currently the only way to navigate using the ATV.  In addition, AirPlay only broadcasts the display / audio - control would be always done through the iPad...

  • Apple Watch Shake to alarm screen function

    This is a feature request.

    Imagine yourself in a metro/bus holding a bracelet with your Apple Watch on this wrist.

    Plus you have a bag or an umbrella in the other hand. Now, you have two options to find out what the time:

    1. let pass the strap, put down your arm and raise it to see your watch dial.
    2. you could ask someone

    If I could only shake my watch to see my face of the watch while I still hold the strap.

    The solution is obviously a function "shake to reactivate the display. Is it not?


    It is a community of support based on the user.

    If you want to send any suggestions or feature requests to Apple, you can do it here:

  • There is no feature to unlock by Apple Watch with the Mavericks


    I've updated my Mac Mini (2013) to the Mavericks but found no line under 'Security' in 'System Preferences' which gives me the option to unlock by Apple Watch? I have re-installed the software but still nothing appears. I've updated my iCloud with the "two factor authentication" settings and still nothing...

    Can someone help me please?

    You say in your post that you have a Mac Mini in 2013, but your lower signature, color gray, says you have a Mac Mini from 2012.

    Who is this?

    In any case, the unlock feature requires any model 2013 and later Mac running the new macOS Sierra (NOT OS X 10.9 Mavericks) using a Apple Watch, running watch OS 3 with an iPhone 5 or later.

    Time for either to update hardware and software!

  • How to start syncing music to Apple Watch with watch OS 3?

    So I try to implement my new Apple Watch series 2 and I want to load 250 songs on it. I created a playlist and set the playlist in the App shows-> my watch-> music. Then, as indicated on the screen app, I put my watch on the charger. The setting of synchronized music just says, Sync pending...

    Don't know what I have to do to turn on. Anyone have any ideas?


    Follow the steps here, including ensuring that no matter what cloud music in your playlist (for example, from the Apple music tracks) has been downloaded on your iPhone:

    Listen to music on your Apple Watch - Apple Support

  • My Apple Watch has a black screen and will not load.  I have it odd, but I can't seem to pair again.  Any ideas?

    My Apple Watch appears to be dead.  The watch screen is black.  I have not matched the watch and we tried pair again, but the iPhone doesn't seem to acknowledge that she and I can't manually pair either.  Any ideas on what's going on?

    Charge the watch first. Instructions here > check your battery and load your Apple Watch - Apple Support

    If necessary, restart the Apple Watch.

    You should force reboot your device as a last resort, and only if it does not. To force the restart your Apple Watch, press in and hold the side button and the digital Crown for at least 10 seconds, and then release both buttons when you see the Apple logo.

    Try the assistance provided in this support article > If your Apple Watch does not load, or it will not turn on - Apple Support

    And here > set up your Apple Watch - Apple Support

    Apple Watch user's Guide will be useful >

  • Firefox works with the touch screen technology windows 8?

    Plan to buy all-in-one touch screen pc and want to know if Firefox browser works well with this technology.

    Yes it is on the right. as the article linked in my response earlier said that the touch interface is currently available in early development builds, which are mainly for the developers and users very advanced and not recommended for daily use. Firefox 26 will come on the aurora in mid channel one to beat late October - these build would give you the opportunity to test and to discover the new format in a more stable form (provided that the calendar holds).

Maybe you are looking for