AppleTV with Yamaha Receiver: no Airplay video

I have the Yamaha TSR-7790 (identical to the RX-V779). This receiver supports natively (audio) Airplay, and which works very well: it appears in iTunes and automatically to the broadcast mode when I have audio stream. So far so good.

But I'm not interested in audio Airplay, I am interested video Airplay.

So I got an Apple TV (3rd generation) and he hooked to one of the receiver's HDMI inputs. Now, when I try to configure Airplay from an iPad, I can see the AppleTV and the receiver as targets. I select AppleTV, and then play a video to the iPad. At this point, I can see that the video starts playing on the TV, when suddenly the receiver switches to the source of airtime, which is audio only, so I can hear the video tape, but I lost the video.

For me, this looks like a bug in the receiver (after all, I chose AppleTV, not the receiver of the list of targets of the Airplay). I try to get help from Yamaha, but I doubt I will get anywhere.

So my question is, is there a way to avoid this? I could of course unplug the receiver from the network. But in doing so, I would lose a lot of useful features like internet radio, Pandora, auto-updated to firmware and audio Airplay.

I have the receiver on a static IP address. Is it possible to configure the router as it deprives the ports required by the antenna to the receiver? Any other idea?


There's no intuitive solution: you must configure a password for the connection of the antenna of the receiver. After that, AppleTV will ask a password once. Simply close this window and ignore this request. Subsequently, the system works perfectly.

I always consider it a bug of the Yamaha receiver.

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    Do you buy the Apple lightning to HDMI adapter and an HDMI cable and eliminate your ATV to the system.  Then, you can listen to now.

    For Airplay work both the phone and ATV need to be connected to a wifi network.  They do not need to be the same, but with the phone using this content, it must also be connected to the internet.  To be connected via the cellular network and wifi enabled, the phone must act as a hotspot which charge extra to use cellular companies.

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