Application of Don blackBerry Smartphones?

How can I gift an app now after the update?

Don has been removed from this version of AppWorld.

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  • Application icon missing blackBerry Smartphones

    Mine is a BlackBerry Torch 9800. My password Keeper icon disappear suddenly. Problem is that I stored too much in there that I use every day. Help!

    Connect to your BlackBerry Desktop Software > Applications and you don't see it listed as disabled?

    If so, check it out now to re - install.

  • Update of the applications of "Apply" blackBerry Smartphones does not work

    I have a Blackberry Storm.  In the desktop software, I select the Application Option.  In the screen of the Application it says that I have to update the kernel.  I select it.  When I press the button 'apply' nothing happens.  When I get the desktop software it tells me that I have not updated all my applications.  Why the 'Apply' does not work?  Desktop Sotware is  I use Windows 7.

    I really don't think worries of Blackberry.  I know not why this Forum exists since Blackberry doesn't seem all repair, place on it.  I don't know that they read all this.  I sent the following to Verizon to convey my feelings ONLY.  Verizon put me right back in the loop of Blackberry Web.  Hope you have better luck.  I'm heading to another provider.


    To Verizon:

    First of all, I don't need help. I send you just at this address because I have no idea who to send it to who would care. Last year, I bought a Blackberry Storm at Verizon Wireless and to this day, I hate it.

    I'm just a lonely individual (NOT corporate) and by looking for any kind of help, I determined as soon as they don't care unless it is company.

    I have all the typical problems of the Blackberry plus many other problems. Some problems have been on the Forum and never resolved.

    Here are the problems that continue with my phone:

    -Constantly having to pull the battery to recover memory.

    -Battery requires a draft because of many blockages.

    -Request for changing the settings of Blackberry have nothing change.

    -Alerts such as alarms and applications ringing with no way to silence (all ALERTS OFF).

    -Voice dialing does not recognize name if the contacts name.

    -Applications to the daily updates.

    -office takes forever to connect.

    -office says that it is a necessary kernel update that cannot be selected for the update.

    -No way to search in the calendar.

    -Too little Blackberry allows applications to exist on the device.

    -Phone OS has never had an update to fix anything (that I know).

    -Touch is impossible!

    Again, I DO NOT ask for help. I want someone to know RIM, why I, like many other non-corporate people, will move to the iPhone when my contract on the Blackberry is up this coming June. If RIM maintains this, companies will soon do the same.

  • Applications available for blackBerry Smartphones

    Can I buy for my Curve 8520 newly gifted GSP? And what other useful applications should I look for? I'm 81, retired and nothing else to do but to be thrilled by the possibilities of this wonderful instrument.

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    Browndot513 wrote:

    Can I buy for my Curve 8520 newly gifted GSP?

    See this page of product specifications:

    The 8520 has no internal GPS radio physics no software can overcome this physical limitation. You be relegated outside devices only, connected either via USB or BT, they are on the market, but I have no idea which are compatible with your specific model BB. You should look in GPS units that you like and then inquire of these manufacturers, if they are compatible with your BB.

    Browndot513 wrote:

    And what other useful applications should I look for?

    It is a difficult question... "useful" is a personal and subjective thing. I suggest you install AppWorld and browse here to see what would be useful to your different needs, desires and tastes.

    I also suggest that spend you some time at this place:

    Good luck and welcome to the world of BB!

  • Applications "BOLD" of blackBerry Smartphones BBerry

    What is a good site to get blackberry apps? or at least a site with information about blackberry applications that are compatible with the "BOLD".

    Thank you!

    Two good ones:

  • Applications of the blackBerry Smartphones home screen

    I lost my messages, e-mail messages, applications of volume control on my homescreen. I pressed menu and they are gone as well.

    How can I get them back, and how can I make sure that I can not lose them again?

    In the menu, I also lost my icon to respond to text messages

    Someone please help?

    On your home screen, press Menu > SHOW ALL and make these icons have been hidden, or accidentally moved to a folder. Check them all.

    If still nothing, go to options > advanced > Houst Routing Table > Menu > register.

    With the BlackBerry device powered time, remove battery for a few seconds and then reinsert the battery to restart.

    A little luck?

  • Applications pre-loaded blackBerry Smartphones

    Hey people!

    I have a quick and a little ridiculous for you. Is there anyway I could get a list of applications preloaded on the 8220? I googled around but get only offers to download new content.

    Thanks in advance!


    Some carriers could pre-install or push links to install other applications, but the basic BlackBerry comes always with...

    Phone, address book, notes, tasks, calendar, browser, BBMessenger, Media Player, BBMaps and a little more.

  • Icons of Application for downloads blackBerry Smartphones


    I upgraded from a curve to a tour today.  I downloaded the app Store, APP News and USA Today.  On the curve, it would put an ICON on the phone's desktop.  In order to access applications on the Tour, I have to go to the download folder in the theme of Verizon.  Is there a way to get the ICON on the phone home screen without having to navigate to the folder?  Also, I'll be happy when they come out with a theme, because I don't really like the two provided with the phone.

    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    Highlight the icon, the menu key, select move to folder, select homepage.

    Thank you


  • My voicemail application Visual lost blackBerry smartphones

    Don't know what happened, but I really got into the habit of this (too expensive) convenience.  It is one day, the next day it was gone.  If anyone has experienced this?  When I connect to the Verizon site, they tell me that demand is not available for purchase online (with a price of $0.00) for my phone model, which makes no sense.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Go to the center of the Application on your phone reinstall & connect again. I had to

  • Application downloaded from blackBerry Smartphones and not on my playbook

    I downloaded the app of bards tail and I have receieved a receipt saying I purchaes app, but this isn't about my playbook?  If I check my app world, it's not on there and if I click on the app, I have to buy it again.

    Looking for help.

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    Please try to clear the cache of the AppWorld:

    • KB24714 How to clear the cache of BlackBerry App World

    Good luck!

  • Applications of screen blackBerry Smartphones today

    After a week or so, I finally got my Storn put in place on the network (long story).  In any case, I added my email accounts, but now my today screen has 5 icons of the application ('Messages' icon and one for each email address).  How can I change the order or remove icons "extra"?

    Thanks in advance.

    How I organized my own after having the same problem has been to create a folder and called it "emails. (you can do this on the menu bar)  You can then move all individual e-mail accounts to this folder (also performed through the menu bar).  Now whenever you receive an email you can just look in your 'messages' folder and check them.  It emerges also from space on your screen.

  • Applications on device blackBerry Smartphones install to SD card?

    How can I do this?  I think I either apps too much or not enough internal memory.  Any suggestion is welcome.

    No, you can't 'install' them to map of Meda.

    You can use the application loader Aerize which stores the file installation on your map and then installs the application on demand, but this is the best you will get.

  • Application PhoneRemote of blackBerry Smartphones

    I installed PhoneRemote app on my Playbook and my flashlight. Annoyingly, when I try to launch the application on my Torch I receive the following error message "exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException Eception. Anyone could offer me please some tips to correct the problem?

    Thank you guys. just to tell you the creative applications support team worked all day for a week and solved the problem. It's a cool app and useful, I just downloaded the new version of office.

  • Applications of disappearing blackBerry Smartphones

    For some reason, many of the application installed on my 8830 disappeared.   as BB Maps, password Keeper, BBM... disappeared from my phone.  How can I reinstall all the applications that came with my phone?

    It is not a backup/restore, as I tell you... It should be re - load applications.

    It has nothing to do with a new PC... or backup.

  • Question on the Application Google Talk blackBerry Smartphones

    When you use Google Talk to IM with someone appear on your Bill as do normal texts?

    My Verizon bill shows what time each of these texts has been sent and to which they were sent.

    Given that Google Talk program is based on the internet I can't imagine he would show a monthly statement as phones texts would be but would like to be sure before using it.

    Thank you for your time.

    Hello! With the help of Google Talk uses data that are different from a text message that is sent using the same gateway as a phone call.

    You will not see specific information on the use of data on your Bill. Depending on your data plan, it will show you how much data you used for this period of fact.

    Hope that answers your question!

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