Application of insert number


Please check this query

I get the error message


(To_Date(:P16_DATE,'YYYY/MM/DD'),: P16_DPT,: P16_SEC,: P16_EMP_CD,: P16_EMP_NM,: P16_MOB,: P16_ROUTE,: P16_WLIST,: P16_HRS,: P16_STIME,: P16_ETIME,: P16_PUR);

"ORA-01858: a non-digit character was found here where was waiting for a digital".


Name of the workspace - THERESE

username - test

password - test123

Kind regards



Hi @upen.

First of all, you tried to throw your date format "YYYY/MM/DD". If you have correctly inserted 8 December 2014 ' for OT_Date, means that the format that follows you to your database to date is "MM/DD/YYYY" format, so you need to replace To_Date(:P16_DATE,'YYYY/MM/DD') by To_Date(:P16_DATE,'MM/DD/YYYY'). Another, try converting your digital input for EMP_MOB, EMP_WHS, EMP_STM, EMP_ETM to / integer.

If this does not resolve your problem, try to print your entries for tracing. You might have missed the orders so that the values are mixed up. Paste the track here for us to see. Good luck!

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    Thank you!


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    Kind regards


    you do not miss anything, that's right.

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    This is possible by using The inputFile allows unlimited file (set the property maxFiles-1 and the uploadType "autoMultiple" or "manualMultiple"). The size of the files to download can be configured in the Web.XML ( post treatment file) then it should be possible. However, you should think about the consequences if you allow unlimited download of files. To insist on the server until the break (disk space or memory).


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    The conversation above, I conclude that,

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    (2) Dongles and smart cards are useful for effective license management.

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    Welcome to the Microsoft community.

    The question you posted would be better suited in the MSDN Forums., vsarch, vsdbg, vstest, vstfs, vsdata, vsappdev, visualbasic, visualcsharp, end

    Hope this information is helpful and let us know if you need more assistance. We will be happy to help.

  • TZO refuse my request for accommodation once I insert the MAC address of my camera!

    I tried to register with TZO for the first year, which comes for free! After I insert number of MAC address of my camera, I get an error message on the site that says: -.


    There is an error on the previous screen.

    A trial has already been created for this Mac address. Please enter the Mac address with care.

    Click back to make corrections


    I never tried to register with TZO before yesterday. Despite having bought the camera in January this year. There is nowhere I can see the TZO site to communicate with them, but in any case it is the Linksys who sold me the service. Anyone have any ideas on how to solve this problem?

    All responses welcome.

    Thank you.


    If you go to the TZO site, they have a page about us, check for contact information.

    Click on the link below and that you'll get there if you do not

    TZO About Us Page

  • Mixture of several languages in a single application


    I am trying to port my app for BlackBerry, but I'm having trouble with fonts. The application combines a number of different languages in the same user interface, for example, a list of languages in a particular language, but only one language per field. A number of languages appear as black filled boxes, which I understand other positions that means that the police does not exist on the device for these characters.

    I could provide the fonts (probably by their packaging with my application, then by loading with FontManager.load ()), but since I have a large number of languages, they would be contrary to the 60 k limit described in the API.

    I apologize for the open question, but what is my best approach? Is it still possible? If not, is there a set of languages that can be displayed on all the basic devices?

    Now, I agree limit me 6 API, but ideally, I'd like to support devices back to API 5.

    Thank you


    "When this larger limit might ask?

    If you look at the doc, there are two methods of loading of a font by name and stream.  If you load as a stream of font size is limited to 90K.  By name - 60 K.  Which surprises me because if you put fonts in your Application, you can convert it to a stream by using this:

    I missed this initially as well and someone gave me this put! See here:

    Edit corrected link.

  • multiple application for a single application icon

    Hi all

    I have an application that runs on the curve and "BOLD".

    I want icon different application for each model, I mean Curve 8330 will have different icon image and "BOLD" will have a different icon, but asking the same.

    Help, please!

    Information provided by yosoh is correct and will work for your condition.  You must carefully read the API.

    Here is an article that deals with something similar, I hope that you will be able to use this to give you some tips on how to implement your requirement.

    How - to define a rollover for an application icon
    Article number: DB-00467

  • is it possible to insert a record in the list of messages inbox BB?

    Hi all

    I heard that RIM has opened a new API to allow the third-party application to insert a record into Message Inbox with an icon to see the difference.

    Is it someone knows this and tips and example would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    If you have downloaded the JDE or plug-in in Eclipse, see the MessageListDemo. This gives you all the information you need to get started.

  • Questions CHAPTER: classname does not exist in the current application package

    CHAP, I integrated it into my application.  When you put a file in my media with the specific file extension (.xyz) map and by clicking on it, my application successfully is started and managed as expected.  That's the good news.

    However, I tried to create a separate application to test the app-to-app content handling (so that other applications can call my request).  In the application, I create my file (extension .xyz) on the handset and then try to claim it.  However, when I try and call it, I get an IllegalArgumentException saying: classname does nto exist in the package of the current application.  I checked that my main application has seen that full classname with package (com.test.ui.MainApp) and that my separate application tries to make the invocation with this same classname.  He worked successfully on the BlackBerry Simulator (4.6 Simulator "BOLD"), but it throws the error above on my actual handset ("BOLD",

    Anyone have an idea what could cause this problem?

    Please refer to the following.

    Support - Classname does not exist in the current application package
    Article number: DB-00751

  • Too many items to menu in the application will result in failure project packaging

    Hi all

    I have a problem in my application when the number of the menu in the application items exceeded a certain number of the packaging project fails.

    When I tried to the bottling of the project in eclipse, an error message was the result:

    I/o Error: Cannot run program "jar": CreateProcess = 2 error, the system cannot find the file specified
    Packaging project Myproject failed (taken 6,391 seconds)

    But when I remove one menu item package succeeded.

    What could be wrong.

    Thanks in advance.

    Thank God,

    I found the solution:

    I'm not sure but I think becaue I use (Blackberry JRE 5) so I need JDK 6 more to update 20.

    But what makes issue resolved that:

    I installed (JDK 6 update 21) and put the path to the bin folder in environment variables.

    Here is the link to download (JDK 6 update 21):


    To add the environment variable:

    Right click on my computer > properties > advanced > environment variables:

    system variables:

    Double click PATH, and then add the path to the bin folder (can be like this: "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_21\bin")

    I hope this will help one.

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