Application of Portege R600-10 t display driver update


I'm looking for the latest display driver for my Portege R600-10 t (to see if she would be [email protected] the value).
Went to the corresponding page on the -, and it showed the following:

30/06/09 | Display driver | Intel | Windows Vista 32 bit | | World Wide

When I checked the complete info, he showed the following:

FTP - URL _display - 20081117151809.zip_
Date of last change * 30/06/09 *.
Intel Corporation
Type display driver
Subtype (none)
Size (KB) 19568
Version * *.
Universal language
Countries world wide
Description this driver improves the functionality of display device and allows you to perform different settings, such as color management, monitor properties or control of overlay. You can also get help if you have related troubleshooting display issues.
Portege R600, Portege A600 model
Windows Vista 32 bit operating system

When I download the file, it is called _display - 20081117151809.zip_
When I install it, it's the version * * whose date of * 07/11/2008 *.

I'm sure I chose the right OS, and I tried several different ways to get the downloadable file, including letting my automatic detection system. Same result.

I don't know if I am missing something... ? Where is the of the display driver version?

Thank you

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PS - I was already on v7.15.10.1527



Average was last modified time when this package has been uploaded to the database server. Therefore, there is another date.

By the way: the last pilot, you will find on the page of Intel.
I have a laptop with Intel GPU and I use the driver from the Intel page.

By the way: the resolution of the screen depends on the graphics chip and internal screen.
If the display does not support preferred resolution for you, then you will not be able to select this

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  • Portege R600-10 q - DVD drive open / not work after the start of Vista

    Hi all

    Its my first post here =). I just bought a new Portege R600-10 q (PPR61E) and I have a problem. The DVD player does not open / works after Vista started... it works very well, or at least opens / orange light turned on, before the page of connection, but after that nothing.

    I have done't the thing of high-low values regedit to see if it works, but still nothing.

    The device does not appear in Device Manager, so I can't remove and reinstall.
    I did all possible updates to toshiba and MS, nothing helps.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?

    Thanks in advance.


    Hello Steve

    I don't know what you've done in the past, but I would like to know if everything works with the factory settings.
    Have you tried to install Vista using Toshiba recovery image?

  • Display driver update is not possible on Satellite L350

    Hi all

    I have the card view "mobile intel 965 express chipset family" with the version of the driver (13.09.2007)
    Pretty old for Vista...

    Site Web de Toshiba only gives me this driver - no updates so far!
    On the site of intel, I found a new necessary with the version

    Updated via Device Manager is not possible, that it is said that my version is the latest...?
    Update through exe is not possible, that it says that the installation was successful, but it was not validated...?

    How should I proceed?

    BTW: my laptop is L350 - 12 c

    Before update you the display driver, you must remove the old one. Then, restart the computer and install the new drivers via setup.exe or in Device Manager.

    On the Toshiba site is a newer driver for the Satellite L350 available you have ( So, you should try this one: > support & downloads > download drivers

  • HP 15 ac101tu: after the failure of the display driver update, cannot open my laptop

    my laptop's ac 101tu... I was updating the display driver, but unfortunately the network had disappeared. After that, he says that he does not. so I try to restart the computer, but I can't open that only he says there is an error had to be reset, but I tried a lot of things for the auto repair, it does not work. Please help me...

    Use the recovery flash drive you must have created now. Start-up and in the advanced choose System Restore. Choose a restore point prior to the update as dated.

  • White screen after the Satellite Pro P200 display driver update

    I installed the latest display driver ATI Mobility Radeon HD2600 (8.432, on the site of Toshiba through Tempo) on my Satellite Pro P200 yesterday. Reboot, everything seems good as much as the screen "Please wait...". "Windows Vista professional, but instead of showing the page of connection I get an empty screen (with a mouse cursor that moves around as usual). All I can do at this point is to be able to, and I'm running out of ideas on how to move forward.

    Things I've tried:
    # start in safe mode, the video resolution or last known good configuration, result the same screen empty.
    # connect to the system using remote desktop (to disable the driver) is not possible because the system has not yet loaded the network drivers.
    # I can't go back to a restore point because Vista can't find (I did a manual after you install updates windows over a couple of days).
    I can run a system command line options of recovery and prefer to use it to disable the driver + if + I knew how before the use of the more radical options.

    A search on the web ( N) reveals that this has happened on a wide range of laptops with
    previous versions of the driver, but none of the links I've looked at to give a solution which does not exist for me.

    I agree with Hairyfool, you who should solve problems using an external display. If no image appears, then something with the material might be.

    Please give some information about your situation...

    See you soon

  • Satellite L505-144 - need to display driver update


    I recently bought a new computer game, but has been dismayed to find constantly crashing. Customer support people told me to update my display drivers (version 8.653.0.0) as they are since last September. While I was told that a newer version is available on the ATI site, download the driver from Toshiba installation package tells me I have the latest version.

    Toshiba is late on the update of drivers or something?

    Thank you

    Hi Wasila,

    Page directly ATI display drivers doesn t work on laptops because they use mobile graphics cards, that they are not supported for display driver.

    If a more recent and pre-tested driver, you can get the official website of Toshiba:

    I put t know what OS you have, but for Windows 7, version 8.653 is already the latest version.

  • Re: Satellite A300-1LT - after display driver update, I get an error message

    Hi all,

    I have A300-1LT PSAGCE and a update my toshiba Download Center display driver.

    Type display driver
    Mobility Radeon HD 46xx/45xx/43xx subtype
    Size (KB) 108950
    Version 8.611
    Model Satellite L550, Satellite L500, Satellite A300, Satellite Pro A300
    Operating system Windows Vista 32-Bit

    When I reboot laptop computer error showed:

    "The Catalyst Control Center is not supported by the version of the driver for your graphics to enable. If you please update your ATI graphics driver or enable your ATI card using the display manager. »

    Cannot find Manager displayer have only man of color. What should I do?

    Help, please!



    Well, for me it looks like you didn't uninstall the old display driver software. Before installing a newer version, you still need to delete the old version. So go in Control Panel > software. Select ATI display driver software and remove it. After restarting the laptop, you must clean the Windows system using CCleaner (Google is your friend to find it). Restart again and after that, you can install the latest version of page of Toshiba.

    I hope this works.
    Moreover, what graphics card do you have?

    Good bye

  • Portege R600-101 - new hard drive internal

    Hello, is it possible to change the internal hard drive of the R600 (for a 500 GB or bigger)?


    What's your Portege comes with SSD or HARD disk?

  • Portege R600 - exchange of HARD drive

    We are very impressed by our new R600-S4201, among the first to be released in the American market. But we would like to exchange an SSD for the 160 GB conventional hard drive. CSR Toshiba says that we can do it - that it will not void the warranty - but unfortunately the disassembly procedure did not he still Manila.

    R500 instructions do not help the R600 is a unique piece, with only applies for memory, etc., but not for the hard drive.

    We have removed all the screws (really ALL), including the screw of one side, but the background is not 'free '. It is hung up by the projection of the ports, etc. on the eSATA (side not the DVD). It is too thin and fragile to take a lot of strength, then we're stuck.

    It seems that the background should move outwards if he wants to overcome these obstacles. We should remove the top panel, paved touchscreen and keyboard, but there is no obvious way to do it.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you!

    AFAIK swap the HARD drive, you must remove the cover on the bottom side.

    On this laptop it s a little more delicate and you need to remove a large number of screws to exchange the HARD drive. If you go to a local ASP and ask a technician for help.

  • The Satellite A200 display driver update do not work

    I tried to uppdate the displaydriver of my Satellite A200 (PSAE0). I downloaded from toshibas website. driver version. (vista 32 bit).
    But when I try to install the exe, I received a message that the computer do not have the minimi requirements to run the program.
    What could be the problem?

    I tried to update the driver removes I can't get any picture in WinTV, only sound. Used with the Hauppauge Nova-TD USB tv card.

    If you have installed some drivers Nova-TD or software I think you have screwed something.
    Achieve the clean OS install and you will see that you will need to install the driver to display without any problems.

    In my opinion it is certainly not a driver problem. The same driver, you can find in the recovery image and all proposed pilots are tested. So the problem must be something else.
    A few weeks ago I ve made some experiments on Satellite L500 nine friends. I tried to install the tuner TV USB Toshiba and Savvy TV software. Later, when I tried to run the software, I got message that laptop has not enough RAM or something like that.

    Something wrong with all this. Using other applications, everything works perfectly.

    So I think that there is something wrong with your software and additional hardware.

  • Satellite L650-12 q - Display driver update

    Hi everyone, I wonder if you could help.

    I recently needed to use Windows restore feature to return my laptop to an earlier time. The goal was to help me remove a virus, and it worked. I had an application that worked before restoration of my laptop, but it isn't now. I don't know if it's just a coincidence.

    I have been in contact with the program to ask what I can do to fix the problem and make sure that I can run the program. They told me to make sure that my graphics card drivers are up to date.

    This laptop has a built-in graphics card: Intel (r) HD Graphics (Core i5). I was on the Intel site and have tried to download the latest version, but I can't install it - a message tells me that he won't let me do it. If I remember well, it is because I have an integrated card and prevents me from installing the new driver protects my computer somehow.

    I've been on the Toshiba site, found my cell phone and then downloaded the drivers to display for my device. Here are the drivers to update the graphics card or something to do with the display of the screen (for example)?

    My DXdiag tells me that the driver of display devices is one supplied with the laptop Toshiba releasing those computers laptops (February):
    Driver attributes: Final retail
    Driver Date/size: 20/02/2010 08:24:24, 6523392 bytes

    Does anyone know if there is a new graphics driver as this one for my laptop model? Thank you for your help in advance and my apologies for the long post, but I felt that more information was better than too little!


    He recommended s install the Toshiba display drivers because what they are pre-tested on your laptop. That s not an update of the original Intel drivers, Toshiba drivers are the same, but they are pre-tested and optimized for your laptop.

    Driver installation happens on your own risk

    So before installing all the drivers test with original Toshiba display drivers. Usually, this driver should work fine.

    If you have any other questions, just after again.

  • Satellite P100 - 347 (PSPA6E) - need Display Driver Update

    Hi all

    Display drivers on the driver download page has not been updated in ages,
    and I want to upgrade to the latest nVidia drivers.

    When I try and install drivers from, they keep referring me to Toshiba, however,
    but the pilot, we have from there is that the version

    Someone at - it advice on the way to work around that, and can someone tell me what changes in drivers, Toshiba has occurred since nVidia redirects you instead of just updating the drivers.

    The version of windows that came with the laptop is Windows XP MCE

    Thanks in advance



    > Someone at - it advice on how to work around this, and someone can tell me what changes in drivers, Toshiba has occurred since nVidia redirects you instead of just updating the drivers.

    The point is that Toshiba own graphics drivers are not the same thing as the original graphic drivers from the card manufacturers.
    Own drivers Toshiba are modified and support a thermal protection that helps protect the equipment from overheating.
    Why? Because laptops do not have cooling huge modules like office graphics cards and so the pilot must control a part of the heat dissipation!

    As far as I know it of possible to install the drivers from the nVidia Web site using the Advanced installation procedure. You can update the driver in Device Manager and could point to the place where the driver has been downloaded.

    But note; the use of the graphics driver not Toshiba is only at your own risk and it s not covered by the warranty!

    See you soon

  • Cannot adjust the brightness after display driver update on Satellite L855-118


    I just bought a SATELLITE L855-118, with ATI graphics card today, it was between this and another of them, but I know that you have problems updating graphics drivers on a portable Sony.

    I did a restore point.

    So I uninstalled the ATI catalyst graphics card and then did a sweeper driver and rebooted and then installed catalyst 12.6, installed fine, but my screen went to the maximum brightness and I can't adjust, BRIGHTNESS osd is displayed but the brightness of the screen does not change.

    So I used my restore point.

    This time I crushed the catalyst 8.9 with 12.6 stock, still cannot adjust the brightness.

    Someone knows how to solve this problem.

    My spec full in the link below.

    Satellite L855-118 - product specifications - Toshiba

    Thank you


    You mean that you can not use the Fn or Fn + F6, F7 button combination?
    Do other combination works properly?

    Also check this doc:

    There is a that installs the additional registry key

  • Re: Satellite L855 and AMD display driver update

    Hi all
    Does anyone know when toshiba released a new driver for the graphics cards from AMD? Because the one who s for download is ONE YEAR! It s 12/12... I tried to go on the AMD website, but they say the driver they support doesn t computers laptop toshiba... I m quite sad to have an old one year for my graphics card driver.
    Thank you

    You don't have to be sad about it. There is great difference for laptops and desktop support.

    As you know for desktop GPUs manufacturers offer new versions almost every month.
    With computers portable situation is a little different.

    Due to the design and construction GPU performance must be controlled. More performance means more heat and more heat can be problematic for the material of the laptops. Cooling system is designed to provide the optimum temperature of material. It's a little complicated.

    All you can do is check for newer versions offered for new models of portable computers.

    By the way: GPU is inside?
    I would check if some newer model with the same GPU has preinstalled latest version of the driver.

  • After display driver update of my Satellite P100 (PSPA6A) is very HOT


    I've updated the here screen reader
    and my graphics card is a GeForce Go 7900 GS, but now the computer are very very very hot in the bottom/left keyboard...

    Can you tell if I have this correct update?

    Thank you


    Why you want to use a different driver which is not Toshiba? You have problems?

    As Akuma said, always use the driver from Toshiba.
    Here you can download: Support-Online Download Center-Online laptop-online-online Satellite Satellite series P-online Satellite P100 PSPA6A

    On this page you can also find the BIOS updates.

    Good bye

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