Application of Satellite L300 PSLB2E update Bios

Hello. I'm sorry but I don't know where to ask for a request for update of the Bios.

As we all know that x 3100 is a new graphics chipset and Intel is developing to make it worked better and better.
Currently, the site of intel, there is a new driver 15.9 but it has not been updated on the Support from Toshiba site.

But I managed to install the driver manually, I can't update the Vbios version * 1588 * such as suggested by Intel (Vbios can only be updated by the TSR and the main bios version) to fix the bug of corruption of the memory and BSOD that exist in 1436.

I hope Toshiba will have a new update of the Bios (Vbios is sufficient for just) to fix the current bugs caused by the Intel Chipset.

Thank you.

Are you talking about the chip for desktop PC Intel or chipset for laptops?
I m not a L300 owner but to my knowledge, the L300 supports the Mobile Intel GL960 chipset.

You know that Toshiba portable computers are equipped with the BIOS that has been specially configured for the only series from Toshiba. Thus, it also manages its own characteristics.
You know that Toshiba use own graphics drivers.
Original published by graphic manufacturer (Intel, nVidia, ATI) graphics drivers are not the same as drivers Toshiba.
So Don t mix it. It s recommended to use the graphics drivers from the Toshiba page (not Intel)!

With regard to the update of the BIOS;
I noticed that from time to time (any series of notebook) BIOS updates are released, then published on the page of the driver. I think it's only a matter of time when the new update will be available.

See you soon

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  • Satellite L300 - after update BIOS BSOD appears

    Hello world

    I have a question about it. I have a Toshiba L300 with Intel GM965 chipset. I've been works very well with this laptop after using the Bios v1.40.

    However, recently, after an upgrade of the Bios to v1.50, I started to get the BSOD (quite often) in Vista that I had in v1.30 bios.

    If you have this problem and find the solution somewhere, please let me know. Much appreciate.

    Moreover, there are some problems with BSOD caused by the chipset GM965 reviewed on the site Internet of Dell and Intel. Most people say it's because the Vbios (video bios). The fact that after upgrading my bios to 1.50, the Vbios from my toshiba is always (most recent intel is 1572) 1436.

    If you have a newer version of the vbios, please let me know when you bought your laptop. Much appreciate.

    Here is an exchange of views on Intel and Dell website:

    Moreover, for those who cannot upgrade the driver Intel site, please uninstall the previous driver and install the new driver of the installation file (or do it manually). Contact me for more details if you need.

    I'm looking forward to having good and clear on your part answers. I don't like the answers- and made-up. (I'm not a fool).

    Thank you


    I'm still looking for answers about Vbios. Hope can hear someone here.

    In the meantime, I would like to use this thread to discuss chipset GM965 and question, you can meet with her. Obviously, the driver supported by Toshiba is an older version and is missing many features. Some people say it is not safe to use other pilots, but it is false. There is nothing wrong if you use the original equipment manufacturers, as they know more of 3 companies.

    Intel has released a new chipset GM965 - X 3100 driver to:

    Covering memo:

    with many correction of bugs (including for the extended monitors).

    To get the best performance new driver. You must uninstall the current driver on your machine manually from the Device Manager. You can then run the whole upward.

    Don't forget to add a light T & L SW for some software to improve their performance. (Look for how to improve x 3100 perforamce on this site support or the answer that and I'll show you how). For x 3100, SW mode will allow you to have some executives rate more and you can play your games as well as make your graphic works.

    Kind regards.

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  • Satellite L300 - after the BIOS update I have a black screen

    Welcome! I have a big problem.

    I improve my Satellite L300 BIOS to the old version that I download on the official website of Toshiba. I turn on the update program and after about minute, the system will shoot down and on the screen I see black screen only. The light on the drive flashes green and the led in the DVD-ROM flashes orange. I have no idea what's going on.

    Please help me!


    It sounds like this during the update of the BIOS, that something was going wrong. I think that the ROM module must be reflashed or in the worst cases, the motherboard should be replaced.

    In any case, you should contact an ASP for help. Technicians can try to reflash the ROM module and solve this problem.
    If you don't know where is the nearest ASP, you can search on the Toshiba site: decision-making supported downloads & => find an authorized service provider

    Good bye

  • Satellite P20 S203: update BIOS after version 1.70

    Hello! I have a Satellite P20 - S203 BIOS is Ver1.70, published on 20/11/2003. I think there pretty outdated now, but there has been no new versions for years and I think that this great computer, despite the old, should be more supported. What I don't understand is why they made an exit for the PSP23E and not for the PSP20E, that make the differences that they should deserve to be updated bios different?

    Does anyone of you know about BIOS versions after 1.70 which allow the laptop to boot from SD cards or removable media? And that the problems of the management of multiple USB devices?
    Thank you


    I use P20 over two years, without any update of the BIOS. If your device works well I recommend you to leave. Boot from the SD card is not possible and update the BIOS will not allow this.

    What problem do you have with the USB devices?

  • Re: Satellite L300 - cannot access BIOS

    My daughter has a Satellite L300 suddenly failed so that on the net. Computer suddenly locked with the whitewashed display picture. Computer could not be shutdown and the task manager would not meet Alt, CTRL, DELETE.

    Laptop was forcibly stopped with a 5 seconds press the power button followed of a reboot. The unit began to start the system, showing the "f2" Toshiba bios or f12 for boot selection, but not details. The "f2", or the f12 key had an effect - i.e. the parameters of the BIOS could not access with f2 & startup option has not posted with f12. Have a set of Toshiba Vista recovery disc I inserted the disc 1, forced another followed stop of a reboot. The disk ran upward and displays "Windows is loading files...". "with a progress below bar that gradually developed 100%, followed by the"Microsoft Corporation"logo with the loading above bar. This lasted a few minutes, but then only shows one arrow big mouse controlled. Disc 2 has never been called for, no program loaded and none were available.

    The loss of access to the BIOS me was more concerned the inability to load Vista, but none are good.

    I'm calling on the cell phone of the guru to help me with this baffling problem - HELP!


    Normally you can access the BIOS if you press the F2 key once you have turned on your laptop. Press on and hold this key until you are in the BIOS menu.

    If you can boot from the recovery disc, it should be possible to access the BIOS because it passes the BIOS self-test and until there is no hardware problem.

    If you connect an external keyboard, you can access the BIOS? An alternative you can also try to press F12 for the boot menu.

    You can also try this, if nothing else works:
    [What steps must be followed if your Toshiba laptop does not start? |]

  • Satellite M40X: After update Bios keyboard keys do not work correctly

    I have a Satellite M40X and I had updated the Bios to v 1.60. and now the keys u, m, 7 and the up arrow will not work correctly. The problem is that there is not another version of Bios to use.

    How can I solve my problem?
    Can I get the old version of the bios?

    Thank you


    No won´t you be able to recover the old BIOS. The only two options are:

    1. try to update BIOS and check if it work s
    2. in the case of no success, please visit the [ASP Locator |] to search for the nearest ASP in your country and ask them for a checkup of material and repair.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro A10: update Bios without floppydrive?

    On my A10 SP I have bios version 1.20 now I found 1.30 on this Web site.
    But I can only update with a disk according to the Web site. And the problem is that my A10 is not a floppydrive. How can I update my bios to 1.30? Can I boot from the CD or USBkey and try to update the bios?
    When I download the bios on this site, with that I get an executable file wants to write sectors on 1, 44 mb diskette.
    (it's a bootable diskette)

    What can I do to make it possible upgrade of bios?


    Fist question: why you want to update the BIOS?
    Have you had problems with your unit?

    I use my laptop for 6 years and I've never update of the BIOS. It of not necessary for me because everything works fine.
    If you have any problems you shouldn't t update the BIOS because the BIOS upgrade procedure is dangerous.

    Wrong or bad BIOS BIOS can damage the motherboard.
    If you want to know how to update BIOS please check the Toshiba FAQ:

    PS: You must use the FDD drive because it of not possible to use a CD or USB key

  • Satellite L300 - 03C - updated to v2.2 BIOS update then fail to boot on XP

    The L300 BIOS - 03C v2.2 update does not boot on XP
    Model: PSLB8C-03C01X
    Help, please
    My OS is WinXP SP3, BIOS was v1.4
    using the latest BIOS V2.2 windows file to upgrade (v1.4)
    Progress is normally finished, however it fail to start.

    I still can get into the BIOS Setup, but cannot run Windows XP at the login screen.

    So, what can I do?

    Thank you

    What happen exactly when you start your laptop?
    HARD drive is recognized correctly in the BIOS settings?

    You can boot OS in SafeMode (F8 at startup)?

  • Re: Satellite L300-11V - updated after the BIOS no longer start

    Hi guys, I've updated my BIOS today with 'InsydeFlash' with nothing open and everything looked perfect, said the program was a success and restarted.

    Now the laptop looks like its broke, it lights up but nothing. However, it tries to read the CD in the status bar that resembles his tent to recover himself. Any ideas? The problem is that it's barely out of warranty


    Akuma may be good but try this workaround too:
    Remove the battery and the AC adapter. Wait an hour and after that connect the two devices again. Now, you can try to restart the laptop.

    If it doesn t work it seems that, during the BIOS update something goes wrong and the module ROM needs to be reflashed. But it is possible to an authorized service provider

    Good bye

  • Satellite L50 - C - update BIOS 1.50

    I recently received the Toshiba Software Service message I could (have) to update my BIOS. (1.20) to 1.50 BIOS. My L50 - C Satellite is just a few weeks. Do someone recommend me to do or is not necessary to take such a risk that my laptop does not work after the upgrade?
    Thank you very much and best regards from the Austria

    Well, I have a L50D-C and updates to the BIOS solved some problems that I had at the start. Your model is slightly different, so I don't know what questions you have if any. Unless your system suffers from a kind of I/O software problem that I wouldn't recommend it. Each BIOS behaves differently from everything and you can upgrade your hardware later. You will probably need to match it with the best available BIOS if that happens and it is important to note that you can not downgrade your BIOS (not easy at least). So keep the BIOS that you have for the moment until you notice some from hardware in the hardware or software drivers update.

  • Satellite M10 and update BIOS


    trying to make my first laptop BIOS update on my BIOS 1.40 M10. Date of 2003.
    I downloaded version 1.50 updated windows and where to extract the zip file and it starts to run I get "Toshiba common modules is not installed.

    But back to the driver downloads and download Modules common cmod-en20071113104042 and install. Run the BIOS update and I get the same common Modules not installed.
    Anyone can shed some light on my problems?

    The machine performs a clean install of XP Professional Service pack 3 and has BIOS version 1.40 and 512 MB RAM.
    I want to upgrade the RAM and have read on Toshiba takes the M10 supported 2 GB of RAM with the bios update.
    At the minute when I go to and scan the system tells me max supported is 1 GB.

    No answers or help would be welcome.


    At first, I must say that the BIOS update will not change with the support of RAM. It depends on the hardware platform and not update the BIOS. So it's not going to help at all. Your laptop can handle with 2 GB of RAM maximum end of the story.

    Satellite Pro M10 is old enough laptop model and I am 100% sure, update the BIOS, as a file is OK, but right now, there is no SP3 and I can imagine that there is the problem.
    So if you are satisfied, how does your laptop leave and enjoy this good old classic. Don't don't need BIOS update at all.

  • Satellite Pro 490 update BIOS

    My Satellite Pro 490 Notebook refuses to start recently and demanded an update of the BIOS. I checked on the Toshiba site for advice and downloaded the correct BIOSware on another computer. I created a bootdisk BACK (on advice) and saved the BIOSware to this, and I started the laptop with the parallel diskette in the external floppy drive.

    He whirred and buzzed and seemed to do its thing, but when I stopped and restarted for WinXP, it was not recognizing my kepboard or integrated mouse. He sometimes recognizes a USB external mouse, but he doesn't always know what I want to do : o ( )

    So I did it once again, this time, after you restart with the floppy in the drive, he bed 'to go '. "and shows me the gubbins of copyright of Microsoft Corporation and then takes me to the A:\ command prompt and still does not recognize my kepboard or the mouse, just the weird key here and there.

    Before I got the ban at the end og the garden, is - someone give me advice? Is there anything else I could try? Anything? =o r


    I have yesterday activated download site and new version is now. I tried it on my computer and it works fine.

    Good bye

  • Re: Satellite M30 604: update BIOS to disable checking of fan/temperature

    Hi all!

    I am a (satisfied) owner of a Satellite SM30-604.

    It chanced that the internal fan broke and I managed to provide enough air "fresh" with other fans of two. Let me point out very well on this point: there is no overheating problems. But no fans are now connected to the motherboard (Intel odem i855pm-333, I guess).

    Then, it appens when CPU reached 70-72 ° C (this is a normal temperature for this architecture), the mobo to slow down the processor, centrino M (1600 MHz) at a frequency which, roughly speaking, one quarter (400 MHz), leaving the laptop useless.

    So my point is: is there a BIOS (also unofficial, modded or what else...) which can turn off checking of the temperature/fan motherboard?

    I'll help apriciate!


    PS: my current BIOS is Phoenix v1.70. I can't find an official update.

    > So my point is: is there a BIOS (also unofficial, modded or what else...) which can turn off checking of the temperature/fan motherboard?
    No, there is no such BIOS.
    What you can do is change settings in Toshiba Power Saver for energy savings (I assume you are using Win XP).
    So Toshiba Power Saver you can change the method of control of the CPU to fixed and processing speed of the CPU to the next level.

  • Satellite M30 742: update BIOS issue


    I have a Toshiba Satellite M30-742.

    The BIOS does not recognise my new NEC optiarc DVD RW AD - unit 5540 a. so I need to do a BIOS upgrade.

    Can someone tell me where can I get BIOS more recent (I currently v1.40) and how the procedure is done?

    Thank you in advance.


    Maybe you don't need to update n the BIOS but a CD/DVD player compatible and taken in charge? ;)

    Not all CD/DVD slimline drives are compatible with laptops due to different master/slave/c-salt settings.

    I is recommended; buy a compatible player and don t flash BIOS because this willnot help!

    A hint more; If you try to update the BIOS with the bad BISO or bad procedure the laptop motherboard could be too bad!

    So be careful dude!

  • Satellite Pro U200: update BIOS - Toshiba common Modules is not installed


    When I install update of the BIOS P0044v370 I have an error "Toshiba Common Modules is not installed.

    My laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro U200 with Windows XP Prof

    Pleas help me

    PS. I Don t have a Toshiba Recovery disk

    The message is pretty clear!
    The common Module is not installed and therefore you can not update the BIOS.

    Visit pilot European Toshiba, download the common Modules for Win XP and install it.
    Then you should be able to update the BIOS.


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