Application of several game Modes of geometric pattern in c#

I have a model corresponds to the function that works well in the Vision Assistant for my images. I have create a generator or C file, and he said: I need to put the CWIMAQMatchGeometricPatternOptions.MatchMode to 7, which means that several game modes (there are 4 in my opinion. I guess they are assigned, 1,2,4 and 8 and they add up the values. 7 = 1 + 2 + 4).

In the example program, it shows MatchModes being added together:

MatchMode = CWIMAQGeometricMatchModes.cwimaqGeometricMatchOcclusionInvariant;

MatchMode = MatchOptions.MatchMode + CWIMAQGeometricMatchModes.cwimaqGeometricMatchRotationInvariant;

But it does not compile.

How can I add several modes?



You must cast the number as a CWIMAQGeometricMatchModes

MatchOptions.MatchMode = (CWIMAQGeometricMatchModes) 7;

Tags: NI Hardware

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    Hi matriax,.

    Good to know it helped.

    Come to your questions,

    -Yes, model geometric information, or even in vision assistant also will not work.

    -In my code too, it does not work. The reason is explained below.

    -Yes, model created with assistatn vision should also work.

    Coming to the creation of a model, there are two geometric methods correspondent-function based and based edge.

    -Labview code uses geometric based function while u have created the model in edge based method.

    -If you see in vision assistant, settings tab, you have the type of algorithm two options. Select the base feature and you should be able to run it and then assistant labview and vision.

    For more details on geometric matching please refer to

    Hope that helps let me know if you have any other questions.

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    I want to use Apex 2.0 listener that standalone as a print server, we installed and we changed the configuration of the print server in the administration workspace. Then I created a report query and when I have the test report, a pdf file is downloaded, but when he opens, Adobe reader tells me that is not a valid pdf file.

    Our Apex application runs in the pl/sql gateway mode not Apex listener.

    So my squestion is: "" Is it mandatory for application Apex runs in mode listener Apex to use Apex listener 2.0 as a print server?".

    Thanks for help.

    Best regards


    Khadija Khalfallah wrote:

    Thanks for your reply.

    We have an apex application that already runs using EPG and we want to allow printing of the pdf in it. So, we installed the ADR offline, to use as a print server but it does not seem possible if the Apex app uses a different web server than the listener of the Apex. right?

    Thank you once again.

    You have answered your own question... If you use the EPG, then you can NOT use another product middleware or application server until you turn off the EPG...

    Why you use the EPG in production?  Oracle does NOT recommend this (see the APEX Oracle installation instructions..)

    Thank you

    Tony Miller
    Software LuvMuffin
    Ruckersville, WILL

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    Log, activation, or connection errors. CC, CS6, CS5.5


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    The skins are correctly applied to all elements of the main application and all of its direct modules (Modules responsible for the main application). If however a module load again the modules of the child, the styles seem to no longer apply and I have to add a section of loadStyleDeclarations to these modules in order to have their style correctly.

    What could be the cause of this?


    Gen... I wonder why I always look for an answer to a problem and as soon as I ask for help, I found the solution myself.

    My custom loader component does not seem to have its 'moduleFactory' property if I used it in a module. So when the child module loading the moduleFactory has been set to null, sort of broken chain at the root-styles. Manual adjustment of the moduleFactory before you start loading my modules did the trick and the chain was restored... and presto! My styles began to work.

    That may help a chap unucky have the same problem, then perhaps this thread will be useful after all.


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    1. don't you make changes on the computer before the issue started?
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    Try these steps and check the result.
    Step 1: Turn off non-Microsoft programs, and then try to open the start menu applications.
    Follow step 1 to perform a clean boot to disable all non-Microsoft programs:
    If the problem does not persist in the boot, it means that some programs non-Microsoft is causing this issue. To find out which program is the cause, try step 2 to step 6 to find the culprit:
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    Kind regards
    Answers from Microsoft supports the engineer.
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    Basically, the situation is I develop an application that needs to support several versions of BB OS with a few changes in the code for the 4.7 + OS versions so I can't build and sign just to a JDE.  I already have the COD file for the new version of project signed by the JDE 4.7 and which works very well to register and download the cod on the device.  Now, I want to sign the older code base in the JDE 4.2 on the same computer.  I didn't think there was any way I could use the same signature keys since its technically a different cod of the file even if it is the same, so I bought another game.  I actually like 5 JDE versions installed on this computer to test different simulators, if Im not sure how the signing tool decides which version to open the files with the ITUC.  When I double click on one of the keys to the new it says the usual 'private key could not be found would you like to create a new key pair.  It somehow he seeks the JDE 4.2.0\bin which is be the JDE I want to use, but I'm not sure how she won just one, perhaps because it was the last installed?  Anyway, I click 'Yes' and nothing happens.  I can't get an any of them to go beyond this dialog box.  Is there some conflicts that he doesn't know what JDE to launch to create the key pair with?  How can I get different files COD, signed different d on the same computer?

    You can sign any number of cod files using a signing key.  And it doesn't matter what signing tool you use.

    I have an icon on my desktop that starts the signing tool, I just navigate to the directory that contains the cod I want to sign and treat them regardless of what JDE, I used to create them.

  • SS for external Applications 11 g - log mode of contribution

    Hi all

    I followed all the steps in the "Guide to the developer for Site Studio for external Applications" Chapter 4...

    When I try to enter input mode, the connection to weblogic page appears... when I enter login and password, nothing happens...
    the page posts but returns to connect again with the following error:

    [Security: 090304] Authentication Failed: User weblogic
    [Security: 090302] Authentication Failed: User denied weblogic

    I already checked web.xml:

    < security constraint >
    < web-resource-collection >
    < name-resource-web > ContributionMode < / web-resource-name >
    <>url-pattern / wcm-contrib / * < / url-pattern >
    < / web-resource-collection >
    < Role name > WCMContributor < / role name >
    < / auth-constraint >
    < / security constraint >
    FORM < auth-method > < / auth-method >
    < form-login-config >
    /WCM/Support/login/WCM-login.jsp < form-login-page > < / form-login-page >
    /WCM/Support/login/WCM-login.jsp < form-error-page > < / form-error-page >
    < / form-login-config >
    < / login-config >
    <-security role >
    < Role name > WCMContributor < / role name >
    < / security role >

    In weblogic.xml I have:

    < security-role-assignment >
    < Role name > WCMContributor < / role name >
    WebLogic < SPN > < / main-name >
    < / security role assignment >

    Can someone point me the way?

    Thanks in advance,

    Nuno Pestana


    There are two possibilities are there that can be causing this.

    1. bad password used. If you are deploying outside the site on IntegratedWLS (JDev internal weblogic) then the user id / pwd comobination is: weblogic/weblogic1

    2. check the tab of assignment of security role for weblogic.xml and check if the security role assignment is configured properly.

    Hope this helps

    Thank you

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