application server oracle migration to a new server with SSO

Application server: 10.1
repository database:

Old OS: Tru 64
New operating system: Solaris

We just want to migrate to the new server. We're not modernize our versions of oracle. We continue to get username / password is wrong when we try to use single sign on with the new repository. When contact us the Oracle support we work around the race. They are simple and there is no documentary research he actually did this or knows how to do a migration.

Is someone did a migration of the repository with single sign on? What metalink document did you use?
Is it possible to simply export/import data?

you might be falling into this scenario.
the version of your database is the same, you have found the similar error stack, on executing the script of ssomig.bat even.

Please see this note on Metalink2: Doc ID: 430523.1

'' Cause. ''

The standards body. ssomig script uses the import/export utilities in its $ORACLE_HOME, 10.1.x. The SSOMIG script assumes that the metadata repository database is a version that uses the same current version of SSO import/export utility. In your case, this is not true.

This causes a problem when the source repository of metadata is 9.2 versions. In a database import/export utility perspective, this is an unsupported configuration, a newer version of export cannot be enforced against an earlier version of the database. An earlier version of export can only be run on a later version of the database. It is documented in the Guide of the database utilities.

To implement the solution, please perform the following steps:

On the source server
1. run the House against the 9.2.x 101202 fight database catexp.sql.
2 copy files/directories SSO and Perl 101202 House Home 9207
3. run the ssomig-export of 9207 House
4 copy the ssomig.dmp resulting and the ssoconf.log to the SSO target
5. run ssomig - import.


If that does not solve your problem, then look in this note.
DOC - ID: 372328.1


Tags: Fusion Middleware

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    Thanks LucD, I now have a CSV containing on the same line

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    There are 2 cmdlets that allow you to move a virtual machine and it's hard, Move-VM and Set - hard drive.

    As you have discovered, the cmdlet Set-hard drive does not move the .vmx and another VM of the linked files.

    The cmdlet Set-hard drive lets you move a hard disk.

    One way to do, is use the Move-VM and then the Set-virtual hard disk for each hard drive.

    The downside is that the files on your drive hard twice will be moved and you need storage space enough on the data store the virtual machine specified in the Move-VM cmdlet with guests full.

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    At the moment we use the services of forms & States 10.1.2 on two machines in through Web Cache for load balancing, and it works like a charm.

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    thanking you :)


    There is no support yet as server integrated into JDev Glasfish currents


  • 10.1.3 application server


    I have to install Application server 10g and include it in the R12. And as for 10.1.3 update.
    I can't install THAT 10g on Sun SPARC 10, which has installed R12.
    I never installed the application server. I read some messages responded by legend Hussein, got an idea of why you need to install the application server.
    Could any please give some docs metalink for Application server installation and upgrade to 10.1.3.
    What is the concept of stand-alone installation and the other. :).


    Published by: user11970143 on February 6, 2010 02:35

    Published by: user11970143 on February 6, 2010 02:40


    It is not possible to install a new 10g AS server and use for forms/States. You can use the other features of 10gAS and integrate it to R12 as explained in these documents.

    Note: 415007.1 - Oracle Application Server with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 FAQ
    Note: 261914.1 - integration Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i with Oracle Internet Directory and Oracle Single Sign-On

    Kind regards

  • Cannot log into PeopleSoft, through application server

    Hi, I'm almost finished installing and currently at the trial stage of connection 3-layer by the application designer after you have configured the application server domain.

    Here are the details of app server configuration:


    Fast configuration menu - field: HRDEMO


    Characteristic parameters

    ==========                    ==========

    (1) pub/Sub servers: No. 16) DBNAME: [HRDEMO]

    (Server 2) Quick: No. 17) DBTYPE: [ORACLE]

    (Query servers 3): n ° 18) username: [PS]

    ((4) shock: Yes 19) UserPswd: [PS]

    ((5) Jolt relay: No. 20) Networkid: [TESTSERV]

    ((6) WSL: No. 21) AddToPATH: [C:\app\Administrator\product\11.


    (Debugger 7) PC: Yes 22) ConnectID: [people]

    (Event notification 8): Yes 23) ConnectPswd: [peop1e]

    [(Serveurs de 9) MCF: No. 24) name of the server:]

    (10 assembler) Perf: No. 25) Port of WSL: [7000]

    ((11) Analytics servers: Yes 26) JSL Port: [9000]

    (Bridge 12) areas: No. 27) Port of JRAD: [9100]

    In the configuration manager, here are the values I gave:

    Name of the server App - HRDEMO

    The computer name or IP - address localhost

    Port - 7000

    Password login area - PS

    Confirm password login area - PS

    But when I try to log in the application in mode 3 designer levels I get following error:

    Could not connect to HRDEMO (//localhost:7000) application server.  Possible causes are: the server name/IP address and port for application server alias is incorrect, the application server is not started, or the network is inaccessible.  Contact your system administrator or see Tuxedo log for more information.

    I checked the connection to the application server with telnet as domain

    telnet localhost:7000

    but he did not, got this message-

    Connecting to localhost:7000... could not open connection to the host, on port 23

    : Connection failed

    I don't have where where I am doing wrong. Could someone please help me here.

    First, you should enable the option 6) WSL.

    Did you try to replace "localhost" default IP You don't have a fixed IP address?

    In addition, 'localhost' is to be replaced with the name of the server that is present in the C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\host file, such as myservername

    I don't know your exact OS (ok, it's windows but which), but what about disabling the firewall for the moment of the test?

    And not tied directly but most likely you don't want PC debugger, Event Notification and Analytics Server, do you think? If not, turn them off.


  • How to run 2 different applications of the same Application Server


    I would like to know how to run two different applications of the same Application Server with different databases?

    We use
    Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release
    Oracle Application Server 10g

    Kind regards


    You can have as much as you want, just your applications should have different names or URLs and point to a specific database (using data sources).


  • Application server is down at the moment

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    I installed Peoplesoft 9.1 PT 8.5 on a stand-alone PC. Whenever I start my PC, I start the database, the application server, process and Web Server Scheduler, and it works very well. However, I noticed that if I leave open my PC without touching Peoplesoft for awhile and when I try to log in the back, he always says "the application server is down at the moment" and if I try to start the Server Application again, it says "already running."

    From now on, the only solution I've found so far is to close the application server and start it again.

    Please guide.

    Kind regards


    Hi Mohsin,

    Looking at the error, I think that you are using Windows server for the application server. Can you please try to start the application server with the admin account, which automatically disconnect after a certain time.

    Thank you

  • Discoverer and application server 10g R2.

    Hi all.

    I installed the application server with the discoverer, but I found no dicoverer it
    It is nothing else but a batch file.
    Please guide me what should I do?

    Do you have what version of the application server installed? Not only 10g but you install and or, patch or have you installed a different version of basic?

    Discoverer 10 g R2 will be available if you use the application Server and then patch or If you have installed a different version of the application server you won't have the engine installed discoverer.

    To test simply launch a browser and call the URL for the home page of the server like this: http://yourserver.yourdomain:7778

    If the discoverer is installed you will see links to launch more Discoverer and Discoverer Viewer. You can also try to call direct using Discoverer: discoverer/more/http://yourserver.yourdomain:7778 or http://yourserver.yourdomain:7778/discoverer Viewer

    Another way to see if the discoverer components are installed is to locate the root for the ORACLE_HOME in which the application server has been installed. From there, if you have discoverer, you will see an ORACLE_HOME\discoverer with Sub-folders folder of config, deploy, lib, newspapers, mesg, doc, plus_files, secure and util.

    In addition, if you browse here: ORACLE_HOME\j2ee\OC4J_BI_Forms\applications you should see a folder called discoverer

    If you can't find the files above, you have installed an application server which does not support the discoverer. You will need to uninstall it and then install and it patch. You can also find this post on my blog to be useful:

    Best wishes

  • Application server will not start when Oracle ProcMGR connection goes to a network account

    I'm building a new PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2 with 8.54 Peopletools environment.  Initially, I created my application server and ORACLE ProcMGR service account was set to local system account.  I need to change this user to a network account.  I have the network of the local system administrators group account.  I did that the user has read/write access to the home of PS and PS config directoies.  After changing the user in the ORACLE ProcMGR service, I can no longer boot my app server.  I get a message that "internal error: CMDTUX_CAT:1098 error: cant create queue.  If I change the local service account, the application server will start.  What should I do to be able to change logon service to a network account?

    The security policies of Windows required to launch Tuxedo domains as a service are:

    1. log in as a service

    2. Act as part of operating system

    3. replace process level token

    4 increase quotas

    Please add these policies for the Local Administrator account or network Admin created for the user ID Manager of Proc Oracle and PeopleSoft. This information is from the Km Doc: E-TUXEDO: unable to start domains on the server as a Windows Service (Doc ID 1623062.1)

  • Installation of Oracle Weblogic Application Server distributed environment


    It's like when we install in distributed environment (Windows and Linux). Oracle Weblogic application server is installed automatically on all servers.

    Or we can install on a server and on other servers when you perform the configuration that we can point to the first application server configuration server.

    What are the benefits of installing Oracle Weblogic server in every server and Weblogic server in single server.

    In what scenario we must install and create the new instance of the oracle weblogic application and configure products in each server.

    Please notify.

    Oracle Weblogic application server is installed automatically on all servers.

    It gets only installed, but you need to configure/deploy WebLogic admin server on 1 server. namely the Foundation Server.

    WebLogic is installed on each server, because the common component of EMP products rely on components of WebLogic.

    Kind regards


  • Install oracle 11g Client in an application server (HP - UX 64-bit operating system)

    I'm going to install oracle 11g client in an application server (HP - UX 64-bit operating system)
    I have to create the new mount for client installation point?
    Through the application server, I will access (rac) database server.

    I have enough space available in / or root mount point.
    I have space in / opt mounting point, can I make a directory in/opt/OU1/app and install the client at this place in the access database?

    Thank you

    876149 wrote:
    I'm going to install oracle 11g client in an application server (HP - UX 64-bit operating system)
    I have to create the new mount for client installation point?
    Through the application server, I will access (rac) database server.

    I have enough space available in / or root mount point.
    I have space in / opt mounting point, can I make a directory in/opt/OU1/app and install the client at this place in the access database?

    Thank you

    You can install in any desired point of installation/directory. Oracle does not give a flying fig this topic. Just put it somewhere that makes sense.

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