are not send messages

Hi, so I was tryung to send messages to people using the desktop version of Skype and messages don't send, they are just saying that they are not delivered even if im on a call to the person, but they send on my phone, so I have no idea whats courses on =)

IM using windows 8 and im using version Skype

I fixed it I went in %appdata%/Skype and deleted it - DbTemp file.

She took all my away messages, but I was able to load Skype and was able to send and receive messages (like 60 during the period of as a second) but I had all saved messages and all sent too

At soon Sattious

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    Hey Keithkohrs,

    Usually, this means that outbound connections to the server are not properly Setup. Try contacting your email provider to ensure that your server settings are all correct. We can try to help you get the server settings appropriate if you let us know who provides your email address and what program you use as an email client.

    Hope that helps.

  • Messages are not send to non-Apple users, is no longer syncing with iPhone

    I can't use Messages to send messages to non-Apple users ("your message cannot be sent.'), or it syncs with my iPhone. I have all the settings in place, it has just stopped working.

    Hey Tux Kapono,

    I understand that you have updated to macOS Sierra, and now you can not send SMS messages. I know it's nice to be able to have continuity in your messages on devices, so I'm happy to help you.

    There are a few settings that should be checked to make sure that everything is correctly configured for this feature. This article has more information on the subject:

    Use continuity to connect to your Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch - Apple Support

    Set up SMS and MMS messaging

    Use this feature with any Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that satisfies the requirements of continuity system. Make sure that your devices are configured as follows:

    • Each device is connected to iCloud with the same Apple ID.
    • On iPhone, go to settings > Messages > Send and receive. Make sure the Apple ID at the top of the screen is the same Apple ID you use for iMessage on other devices. Add a check to your address, phone number, so that you can be reached by both iMessage. Do the same on your iPad or iPod touch.
    • On iPhone, go to settings > Messages > transfer, text messages, then choose which devices to send and receive text messages from the iPhone. A verification code and then on each device. Enter this code on your iPhone.
    • On Mac, open Messages, and then choose message > Preferences. Click accounts, and then select your account from iMessage. Make sure the Apple ID shown here is the same Apple ID you use on other devices. Add a control to your phone number and email address.

    Use the SMS and MMS messaging

    To use this feature, simply start conversations as usual in the Messages application on any of your devices. Alternatively, you can start a conversation by clicking a phone number in Safari, Contacts, calendar, or other applications detecting phone numbers. All your incoming and outgoing messages on all your devices.

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple. See you soon!

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    2.4 GHz Intel Core i7, 8 GB of DDR3 1333 MHz memory processor

    I have two accounts in Mail Version 9.3 (3124) - my iCloud email and my Yahoo email. 90% of all works, I can receive messages, delete messages, move messages, etc. However sending my Yahoo account does not work to Send Mail app in my iCloud account doesn't work (even if it's not instant - just sent a test and he was sitting in my Outbox for about 6 minutes;) I got my iPhone running stopwatch, but it resets twice as it is wont to do since download iOS 10, but that's a topic for ANOTHER post), however anything sent from my account Yahoo is located in the Outbox for DAYS (usually until I realize that I forgot the problem, silently curse me and copy - paste the message via the site Web of Yahoo in Chrome).

    I tried Yahoo to disconnect and reconnect it. I tried to remove the 'sandbox' suggestion of Linc Davis here: Mail is stuck in my Outbox?

    I really want to plan a Genius Bar appointment for this but I'm frustrated because I use the Mail App every day and often forget I can not send him, and then e-mails sit for days before I noticed the small Outbox (1) in the sidebar! Please help me Apple community, you're my only hope.

    Mail > window > connection doctor

  • M iPad mini would not send messages or FaceTime. I turned off the and signed re, but all I get is 'varifying' nothing happens, any ideas

    MY mini iPad has continued to send messages and facetime.  I turned them off and back on.  Then to connect at the same time.  Then only got "check". Does not further. It has worked well for many years.  I was using a wifi hotel overseas when this happened. Ideas please use iOS 9.2

    Lesley Hello,

    I understand that you're stuck with checking iMessages and FaceTime on your iPad. Let's see if we can get smooth it.

    Now it may take up to 24 hours to activate, but this isn't always the case. Now if she still not active then take a look at the article below for more details on what to do. You may need to contact the Apple Support for assistance.

    If you get an error when you try to activate FaceTime or iMessage

    Take care

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    See if you can access your account via webmail.  This way you are not blocked.

    Most e-mail providers don't allow you to send from a location which you are not connected through their service.  So if you leave the House and connect, then they block to prevent spammers to send through their service.  Many have a way around this in the account settings, but only your e-mail provider may indicate what are the appropriate settings, because they are specific to the provider.


  • Can not send message from Outlook Express 6, can receive ok.

    I can't send messages.  I have Outlook Express 6.  I can receive.  When I send it crashes, there is no error message, if I move the box (click and drag the blue banner) is like a ventilated on card game.  No way to process, I need Ctrl alt dlt on Outlook.  I have Service Pack 3.  The "sent" box is empty.  I have Comcast, I have called them and went throgh their Checklist (incoming & out of the server settings will and everything is correct.)

    Thanks, I'm back in business.  In addition to what you show in "General Precautions for Outlook Express" to understand why this happened.  I got a lot in the deleted items folder.

    Once again, thank you.  I really appreciate your time.

    You're welcome and thanks for posting back.

    The default main identity can become corrupted very easy because there a few registry keys more than user created files that work very well.

    The dbx file system is very fragile and also prone to corruption. By creating new identities, each single dbx file is new. Which have been the cause of the problem could have been determined by their replacement one at a time, bur which would have been a lot more time and a new identity is deeper.

    If you comply with security measures, you are much less likely to have this kind of problem in the future.

    Bruce Hagen ~ MS - MVP [Mail]
    Imperial Beach, CA

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    could you tell us what email program are you using?

    If hotmail, read this

    I'm sorry, but we cannot help with hotmail problems in these forums in response to vista

    Please repost your question in hotmail in the hotmail link below forums

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    In Photoshop comp 11, when I want to share, Adobe is supposed to send an email to my address and provide a verification number. If I choose Windows Live mail there are an error message that there is a problem in the completion of the process and that I should try Adobe Mail. I uninstalled and reinstalled the program without modification. I downloaded a program of 11 El from adobe. No change. Adobe engineers ask verification number comes from the server.

    I put the Live mail by default.

    Did you use the .reg file? This sets a different key than Windows normally affects.

    unless a response actually solves your problem, please don't brand is like answer. Please apart my previous answer to help other users find this thread in the future 

  • do not send messages

    I have four accounts on Thunderbird gmail, everything worked fine but now all of a sudden I can't send all messages to any account, it only shows 'connecting to'but nothing happens. I can receive emails normally and even see the email that I just sent directly from google. But not to send at all. All suggested troubleshooting has been done, everything seems to be ok, please help me

    I'm not one of these... but I just tried to send e-mail and it works again, of all 4 accounts. I guess it was a temporary error from google. Although I did find an article on this subject

  • Hotmail are not sent messages were sent 22 no

    22 messages are waiting in my hotmail account

    Can't send?

    How do I send them?


    After all the Hotmail issues in the appropriate forum found here:

  • I can not send messages, but I can receive

    Hello world.

    I have an account that I've run with these settings on my mobile phone.

    try to use thunderbird because the web mailer spamfilter is horrible and more I would like to organize yourself better yet (which is pretty hard on the webmailer). I had some problems with outlook and so I wanted to use thunderbird.

    in any case, download the software to receive messages but it cannot send.

    I tried basically all possible combinations (STARTTLS and SLL/TLS) connection security, the method of authentication and ports (25, 465, 587)

    I have as little turned off the avira scanner, but it did not help...

    don't really know how to go...

    BTW. just tried it on outlook again and it seems to do the same thing

    Re: Coming OUT:,, alwaysSTARTTLS, passwordEncrypted, true

    Check if port 25 is blocked. Many now to block port 25 ISPS. The link below has good help on how to check this.

    What results did you get?

    Suggest you try: outgoing SMTP server settings: server name: several names servers use smtp 'mail' or ' in front of the domain name. Keep it as you already have '', and change other settings as shown below.

    • port 587
    • Connection security: STARTTLS
    • Authentication method: Normal password.

    Click OK

    Restart the test Thunderbird sending an e-mail of "write".

    If no joy... So to keep the same settings but changing the name of the server at:

    Restart the test Thunderbird sending an e-mail of "write".

  • The required fields are not displayed message when left blank


    I set fields as required in the value, the field Type as user entered - required tab. Also, I entered a message in the empty Message field. When the user fills out the form, they are allowed to send the form without fill in the fields.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    Use the preSubmit event to check required fields / required before sending...

    Check the wire for ideas below.

    Usually, if you use the required field and submit the form, it will display the warning message that the required fields are missing, and continue to submit the form. It is therefore preferable to use the programmatic approach for the control on the form submission.

    When you search for the values of field programmatically, you must set the Type property of the value type as input by the user - option.

    Thank you


  • Thunderbird will receive but not send messages.

    I have been using Thunderbird for a year with no problems until now. It seemed to start right after that I downloaded an update for Thunderbird. The server settings and port seem just. I don't know what else to check. Can I re-enter my account password?

  • my mail on the computer is not my mail server need to change my e-mail address, returned in error, if I'm to some Web sites and will not send message from the internet.

    I tried to fix it but don't change things unless I know exactly what to do, need directions. The computer belongs to my son and his name appears on the files still too, I have no manual, if you know where I could get one let me know please. I'm not very good with this kind of problem on my computer. Thank you


    Link above has an easy to follow Guide to set up Windows Mail.

    Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

    They offer your broad band/Dial-up connection.

    Ask them to:

    password for your service account to wide band/Dial-Up with them

    Server of incoming POP3 mail
    outgoing mail SMTP server

    The above information is required to set up Windows Mail.

    ISPS are usually happy to help you set up your email account.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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