Are the keyboards of the Satellite Pro A300 and A300 Satellite the same?


For the moment, I am here in France, and I plan to buy a Satellite Pro A300 with a QWERTY keyboard (which is not exactly a problem for me at the moment). The problem starts when I return to my country where the layout of the keyboard is QWERTY. I intend to sell the laptop when I return (I love not hooked to a laptop computer for a very long time). The thing is that the Satellite A300 is officially sold in my country, but not the Satellite Pro A300. I wonder now if the keyboard for the A300 is compatible with the Pro A300 (looking at the discussions of the forum for older models suggest they are compatible, but I'm not completely sure).

Can someone provide a definitive answer to this question of compatibility?

Thank you!


The button of keyboard layout doesn't depends on Satellite Pro or series of satellites, but of the country where the phone was purchased.

Different countries need different keyboards button and that's why the buttons are assigned to different positions on the keyboard.

But the keyboard itself could be used in Sat Pro or Satellite phone too.

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